Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 257

It’s been a little quiet at Poetic Asides the past week or so–but that’s only because I’ve been getting all my ducks in a row for the 7th Annual Poetic Asides April PAD (Poem-A-Day) Challenge. There is some truly exciting things coming together for this year’s challenge, and I hope to be able to share them all in an official guidelines post tomorrow.

For today’s prompt, write an announcement poem. Either document the announcement of someone else, or share your own announcement. Announcements can be true, fictional, or somewhere in between. Have fun, and look for the April PAD Challenge announcement later this week (hopefully tomorrow).

Here’s my attempt at an Announcement Poem:

“Ash Wednesday”

Last night was pancakes, sausage, and soda pop;
tonight, it’s fruits, vegetables, and water–
only 40 days to go, 40 days left.


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Robert Lee Brewer

Robert Lee Brewer

Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and giving up soda pop and processed foods for lent. He’s the author of Solving the World’s Problems and editor of Poet’s Market. He’ll be a featured reader at Poetry Hickory (NC) on March 11 and at the Austin International Poetry Festival April 3-6. Read some of his recent poems here, a recent interview here, and check out his remix challenge here. Also, follow Robert on Twitter @robertleebrewer.


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93 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 257

  1. veronica_gurlie

    Title: A triolet poem announcement poem for when my father dies and we have a meeting for his funeral.

    He won’t be back, he won’t be with us anymore,
    father just died, and left us nothing.
    Though we never knew him, we are still sore,
    He won’t be back, he won’t be with us anymore.

    We need someone to serve, someone to watch the door,
    someone to help when the people start coming.
    He won’t be back, he won’t be with us anymore.
    father just died, and left us nothing.

  2. manthabemis

    I left a piece of my heart with the ocean, lost myself in its endless motions. Stretching as far as my eyes can see how can something so vast relate to something as infinite as me? As the frothy waves caress my feet i feel secrets and mysteries sing to me from the deep. soothing and calm full of wonder and promise giving life and inspiring sonnets, giving birth to adventurers and artists. the sea in storm is beautiful and reckless an awe inspiring tempest . So much of me reflected in subtle blues and greens, it runs through my veins it whispers we are the same.

  3. manthabemis

    Live a life steeped in meaning, am i awake or am i still dreaming? Every second teeming with feeling, souls collide sending me reeling. Each human you meet give them all of you from your head to your feet. Your demons may taunt you, your devils may haunt you but keep in mind your time is fleeting everyday your time receding. So embrace each day with who you can, give all of you to your fellow man. Put it all forth hold nothing back. a simple kiss can explode from within blinding inside and out with a soul searing hiss, whispered words followed by subtle fingertips. What you give to others is an extension of your own bliss

  4. manthabemis

    we are seeds, if i nurture you will you grow with me? who we are is who we need to be. Back, before, behind, between, beyond. Seen, unseen, ethereal, infantile. Old mens stories, babies smiles. A warriors brow, a ladies elegance. We are human ancient intelligence. Time, space, the human interface. Who are we but stardust misplaced? We create, we shape, with every thought, action, opinion we make. You can be the one to cause others to wake. Nurture, foster, care,glow. Give a piece of your heart plant it in everyone you know. Blossom let your colors show. If you shelter a seed it will soon grow, spreading to others then everyone they know. If you plant seeds that nurture the world, imagine how the earths beauty could unfurl. Imagine a world full of flowers blooming with creativity, imagination, and power. Thoughts give birth to ideas you create a reaction.Losers, freaks, hippies, geeks ,nobodies, so called human errors. The strong control the world but it belongs to the meek. millions and billions of us walk the earth half awake awaiting rebirth. Little tiny seeds sewn into you. A soul, a seed, a heart, a hearth.Love others not because you have to, only because you would be truly glad to. Forever changing the world with the seeds we sew,hearts for humans watch it grow

  5. msmuffintop

    Door Post

    Post on my door
    In seven languages
    what context is this?

    I am not a Catholic
    Church and this is
    Not from Martin Luther

    This is the sale on
    the county courthouse
    steps of all my dream

    No more life, no more
    home – rooted up and
    booted out. Bereft

  6. james.ticknor


    This morning at the market I bought a fuzzy dog
    But at dinner it seems like I bought a noisy hog
    At nighttime it seems like I bought a wooden log
    Yet in the morning, he turns back into a fuzzy dog.

    (I wanted to write something really simple this time)

  7. cmariee


    I am not just Irish, not just my father’s daughter,
    And I thought I was.
    Growing up in ignorance.
    I remember my father’s words.
    “Slavery…” he’d say. Our family wasn’t even here.

    I’d say nothing. But I’d think, “Yeah, I like that.”
    We were in Ireland enslaved or starving.
    Not heroic or glamorous, I know.
    Still a less barbaric truth to be sure.
    So… “Yeah, okay. My family wasn’t even here.”

    My family wasn’t even here.
    And how fascinating I find genealogy. Anyone’s.
    I don’t know a lot,
    But I know that I am many people’s choices.
    The result of suffering and of love.

    And I know that I am Irish.
    That I wish I’d met my grandparents.
    Oh what a different world…
    Oh how interestingly time goes by.
    How insignificant we are and yet essential for the next.

    I learned my mom is English, Dutch, but wait…
    Dad would say, “Slavery?” I pause. Because my family was here.
    “But Dad,” MY family was here.

    Mom’s family was here.
    And I am the result of that.
    The result of land treaties with the Native Americans.
    The result of histories of greed and abuse.
    I am from the slave owner, and no he wasn’t Irish.
    And I am not just Irish.

    I am White American
    A product of so many choices.
    A history with roots in blood.
    I’ve learned.

    Finally a person worth writing down.
    Born on the plantation of a grandfather—
    Sovereign Truth
    But I am not of her.
    And Dad, the history of me is not a Hallmark card.

  8. Brandi Beck


    He slips an arm around her shoulders
    and pulls her to him.
    She nestles against his chest
    and steals a sideways glance at him.
    Silence settles about them
    as the lights are dimmed to darkness
    and heavy crimson drapes are drawn
    for coming attractions.

  9. livvyrose8

    Severing ties with you is going to be hard
    you promised to help me get skinny
    instead I’m a tired lump of lard
    you enticed me with comfort
    in my darkest of hours
    you’re very alluring
    with your addictive evil powers
    I smell like a ogre
    I look like a troll
    being friends with you
    has taken a toll
    I used to sing like a sparrow
    carrying every note
    now when I open my mouth
    there’s a frog jammed in my throat
    my teeth are stained
    my sense of smell is gone
    I can’t taste a thing
    that I feast upon
    my skin was rosy
    my eyes had passion
    now my hue is gray
    my sparkle is ashen
    It’s over with you I’m totally done
    no longer your slave my freedom won
    I’m asking others to walk beside me
    yet stay out of my way
    I might get a little crazy
    I’m quitting smoking today

  10. LeeAnne Ellyett

    I’m going to be an “Apple”,
    a day, everyday,

    At the end of August,
    you will arrive,

    Welcome little one,
    Congratulations new mom,

    And I will be,
    Granny Smith,
    Your Apple

  11. Mike Bayles

    Snow Melt

    snow melt warm spell sun shines on weary town
    dog walks sniffs at ground story to behold
    new light new hope promises to be made
    ground waits for seed and summer growth
    greening of memories

  12. julie e.


    I’m just letting you know
    our son-in-law is picking me up
    I’m done with your
    threatening body position
    blocking the door
    and that please-slap-me
    smile on your face.
    Thats right, go back upstairs
    to hide. It won’t just be a
    Woman in the house.

  13. ewdupler

    An Eagle, New

    Hear ye, Hear ye, don’t you know,
    you’ve been invited, to the show.

    Our Boy Scout, true, who worked so long,
    will be presented, to the throng.

    We’ll gather yonder and celebrate.
    If you’re not there, it will devastate.

    So bring your friends and meet at three,
    he earned his Eagle, for all to see.

  14. bclay

    Red Flags

    Red skies in
    morning eyes…

    our fingers felt them first,
    when we kept from lingering
    because touch had gone cold,
    and when you were pulling away
    from mine running through your hair,

    or when our missed calls and voicemails
    sounded like ripping/tearing of sown fabric;
    we should have heard them against the wind,

    but we waited till eastern horizen was fullly – Red,
    to see we were not meant to be beneath these eyes.

  15. PSC in CT


    Bare limbs, black
    abut sky
    silent, still
    palest pinks join in,
    adagio, poco a poco,
    the perfect proem –
    a prelude to sunrise:
    Twilight heralds Dawn


  16. lionetravail

    “New Governmental Job Posting”

    Bigger’s not better, since tighter the sweater,
    as well as the jeans at the waist.
    The calories passing the lips are amassing,
    ’cause most only run when they’re chaste!

    Burgers are fatter and the french fries’ batter
    are adding much more to us all.
    Yesterday’s 2X, because we’re all health wrecks,
    happens to be today’s small.

    As such it is clear, that, for all we hold dear,
    that obesity’s virgin’s ephemeral.
    Therefore we must choose one to help us lose:
    A Bariatric Surgeon-General!

  17. Benjamin Thomas

    Spring’s Slow Coil

    Bring the rain
    Bring the waterfall
    Bring the BANG, the seasonal BOOM!
    Turn that dial
    Change the channel
    In our hearts
    We’ve already made bloom
    Turn the corner
    Hit the gas
    We’ll ditch winter’s bug
    Be free at last
    From December’s noose
    Her dreary cast
    Spring’s a slowww coil
    Somebody please cut her loose!

  18. Azma

    The Little Mother

    She lay besides her baby sister
    and watched her sleep.
    So tender, so adorable.
    She remembered the first time she saw her
    so preciously tucked
    into her mother’s arms.
    And now two weeks gone by,
    the baby meant the world to her.
    When she felt the tiny hands
    so delicately twined around her thumb,
    being just three years apart
    felt like a lot longer.
    As if being her protector
    her little mother.
    And then one day,
    the baby gave her the most precious gift.
    It made her squeal-
    ‘Mom! Dad! She smiled at me!! She smiled at me!!’

  19. Benjamin Thomas

    April’s Feast

    Hear ye, hear ye!
    Come one, come all!
    To the two thousand fourteen
    April PAD poem-a-day

    Calling all poets!
    And all who dare
    Participate in this
    Grand poet feasting!

    Take a prompt a day!
    Gobble it to pieces!
    Pen your heart out!

    Come hungry!
    Come ready to eat!
    And come, to feast!

    (At poetic asides blog. Beginning April 1, 2014).

  20. Cin5456

    News Report

    More things happened today.
    Somewhere, someone
    did something important.
    Someone wrote about it
    and a man and women talked
    for three minutes on the topic
    on the screen of my TV.
    They think I should know
    what they think,
    and what others think
    about the important person
    and his important problem.
    I’m just waiting for Jeopardy.

  21. lionetravail

    “Fit for the Emperor”

    Every outfit unique!
    Perfect tailored fit,
    right off the rack!
    Come on in,
    and get the ROYAL treatment!
    Let our ‘clothing technicians’
    help you choose your new look:
    – eye-opening!
    – stunning!
    – and now moisture-wicking!
    All our fabrics are organic,
    that airy feel!
    Every outfit produced with a
    next-to-nothing carbon footprint!
    Never be overdressed again!

  22. Chris

    Our New World

    Leaving work I get the call,
    she says she has some news.
    From her sweet voice and southern drawl
    come other subtle cues.
    My thought process was slow at best
    while I listen to her say,
    she had run some tests and her best guess
    is she is pregnant today.
    The news had struck a couple chords
    inside me that conflict.
    How can we make this possible,
    when we are far from rich?
    But happiness was also there
    along side fear and doubt.
    Could we really do this,
    and make this thing work out?
    She waits for me, and my response
    to what she had just said.
    I think about how it will be
    when someone calls me dad.
    Truth be told, the news was such
    that gave me great great joy.
    I began to think of different things
    like if it’s girl or boy.
    Excitement grew within my soul
    each day towards her birth.
    As my wife grew from feeding two,
    I too had gained some girth.
    Ultrasounds and other tests
    all along the way.
    The baby’s breached, cesarean,
    we choose our special day.
    That day is here! We’re in the room,
    our daughter soon will come.
    She comes out backwards, the doctor said,
    “my dear you’ve birthed a bum.”
    She’s lifted up for our first view,
    and what a sight to see.
    It’s our little girl, our new world,
    made from my wife and me.
    As it relates to important dates,
    this one, it is the best.
    But everyday with Rebecca Renee
    proves just how much we’re blessed.

  23. elishevasmom

    You’ve Been Warned

    the sign said.
    And I’m thinking, like,
    an attack cat. Right.
    What a joke.
    What’s he got for himself,
    a tiger or something?
    More like some little kitty
    that soaks up the sun
    and sleeps better than
    I do.

    So, it’s like I’m going
    around back by the pool,
    back to the glass
    doors, like, the dark
    is better for my
    line of work, like.

    Now, I’ve picked the lock,
    and like, with knowing
    the alarm code and all,
    like, I’m stepping through
    the door—and like,
    I am feeling it but good!

    I hear the sound,
    and all at once like,
    I turn to see
    these two yellow eyes
    against pure black.

    Now, I’m like thinking back—
    like, man that pool fence
    is like, HIGH!
    And like, who needs
    an electrified pool fence

    Then I’m thinking like,
    anyone dumb enough
    to ignore the sign,
    and the fence,
    and the alarm—
    And I’m thinking
    OH SNAP!
    It’s like, that’s no tiger,
    like, that’s a
    Nice Kitty…

    (c) Copyright Ellen Evans – 2014
    [3.5.14 an “announcement” poem for PA]

  24. Connie Peters

    What Works

    I remember why I don’t write all day.
    I work myself into a stupor.
    I turn into a lazy lunk.
    I just want to sit and eat,
    let everything else slide.
    Some writers can sit.
    I need to mix
    feet-work with
    seat work.

  25. taylor graham


    Wake up, it’s almost daylight.
    Wake up before you forget your dream.
    Wake up to the rhythm of dog-tail wagging.
    Wake up, the first sparrow’s singing morning.
    Wake up to French roast with a hint of hazelnut.
    Wake up, there’s a poetry prompt on the web.
    Wake up and hear the wild geese calling.
    Wake up and make a meander-trail through dew.
    Wake up like a seasonal creek after rain.
    Wake up and count your sheep, your blessings.
    Wake up! What will you do with this day?

  26. Arash

    Overhead Announcement

    by Arash

    When I display my poetry
    To their empty and prodding eyes,
    They say there’s no soul in your lines,
    They say there’s no voice in your verse,
    They say all they see is mostly
    Words gathered by glamor and guise,
    And sense too, though it’s most perverse,
    As if it means all and yet naught:
    Murmurs, cries, merry and distraught,
    Like in a loud crowded market,
    Rhythm and rhyme displayed and bought,
    Overhead announcement unheard.

  27. lionetravail

    “The Results of the Beauty Pageant ”

    (Or, “Though she thought she’d won, Miss Perception was only runner up.”)

    In pursuit of fine beauty, were invited all cuties,
    to come for a fierce competition:
    To enroll in a pageant
    ff divergent talents,
    from poise to poetic rendition.

    From quite far they assembled (such to make the knees tremble!),
    as arrived they from disparate places.
    from Hawaii to Maine,
    and from seacoast to plain,
    representing among them all races!

    From all over they came, seeking fortune and fame,
    the hundreds of misses who prayed,
    to take home first prize
    with one batting of eyes,
    and their bountiful futures be made.

    But of all of the masses, just a handful of lasses,
    were passed in the first round of choosing.
    Miss Taken, selected,
    amidst many rejected,
    along with the naughty Miss Using!

    The next of the cuties, chosen for beauty,
    aas the quite enigmatic Miss Terious.
    The luvlie Miss Spelled
    was selected as well,
    as the judging went on fast and serious.

    Miss Understood handled pressure real good,
    and impressed all of those who did see her.
    But stealing the hearts,
    with her villainous smarts,
    was the high-spirited Miss Demeanor.

    The juggling tricks with a set of five bricks,
    killed a bystander watching Miss Handled,
    while Miss Represented
    was truly resented,
    by the judges with whom she had ‘scandaled’!

    Increasing the tension was Miss Apprehension,
    who was miserable when she performed.
    And though she was pretty,
    and moderately witty,
    she knew less than poor Miss Informed!

    Miss Managed was lousy, Miss Givings too mousy,
    Miss Trusted was busted, as well.
    She had collided
    with an errant Miss Guided,
    and both of them tragically fell.

    Miss Construed was imbued with too much attitude,
    when she lost, well, her manner was scorchin’.
    The mendacious Miss Leading,
    was caught out while cheating,
    as was her accountant, Miss Fortune.

    On a flute, gold inlaid, a shrill piece by Miss Played,
    While Miss Laid never made the select- no!:
    she was found with a judge
    and a basket of fudge
    in what’s known as “flagrante delecto”!

    Much interest was piqued by the covert Miss Tique,
    as the final ladies were assessed.
    Hasty conference was held,
    as an eager crowd yelled:
    “So which, after all, was the best?”

    They had them all pass, watching footwork and sass,
    as the judges pursued their decision.
    The blocks for the winners
    were wheeled in on spinners,
    and placed in ascending position.

    The ladies reviewed, were then on the stage queued,
    to learn who had won to each station.
    But the first prize and crown
    were being fenced downtown
    by the wicked Miss Appropriation!!

  28. De Jackson

    Cue the Hallelujahs,

    the fear nots and ta-das.

    Hold your opinions
    and your applause.

    Break out the trumpets and
    let the angels do their thing.

    Signal the sirens:
    we’re ready for spring.


  29. De Jackson

    Proclamations of Blue

    The sky is falling! The sky is falling!
    some Little bird claims,
    and sure enough when we slosh
    our tired feet about, we can see
    ourselves in indigo cloud puddles.

    Get your galoshes, Love. We’re going
    for a sky walk, and for once I am going
    to stay up late enough to singe
    my toes on a star. From afar, mid
    -night looks like a valley all her own,
    swathed in misty moonlight and
    sapphire stone. Heavens

    spilled to feet, we’ll treat ourselves
    to this cobalt far-flung feast for the eyes.

                 Tastes like Chicken.


  30. Clae

    Warmer Days

    citrus blossoms open
    soft white wonders wake
    to warm a winter world
    announce with vivid fragrance
    our coldest days
    have nearly ended
    announce with scented splendor
    the bold bright fruit to follow
    when flowers fall

  31. writinglife16

    A telegram from Heaven

    I am fine.
    Heaven is sublime.
    Please don’t cry.
    Love, just pray.
    When you call my name, I hear.
    Tears disrupt the link.

  32. Jane Shlensky


    You have to take the bullhorn by the tail,
    look out across assembled crowds that swell
    and jostle, runners waiting for a bell
    or shot to sound, adjust your posture well,
    make still your thumping heart—you must not quell
    to do your duty; lesser men might fail,
    but they let fear infuse their thoughts pell-mell.
    You are not them; you have tidbits to tell,
    announcements of import, export, resale.

    You clear your throat, “Ahem!” You did that well.
    They lift their eyes to you, expectant, frail
    from waiting for the news you’ve come to tell.
    You feel the power like some holy grail;
    they’re listening, impatient as a snail
    must feel forever followed by his trail,
    silver and shining like a comet’s tail.
    “Get on with it!” they mutter. “What the hell!”
    They’re surly, time is turning on you. Bail!
    But you are brave and start to speak, but fail
    to turn the bull horn on. Why must they yell?

  33. jasonlmartin

    Tall, Round Tale

    “The world is flat,” said the Earthly Gazette.
    Imagine the cruisers were quite upset.
    Perplexed, really, that their round trip round-
    the-world would merely result in a refund in around

    seven to ten business days, minus the flight
    to get to the port. Imagine the sources sought out
    for that story, to confirm the truth, round and round
    the debates, the reporters sent out to be first on the ground.

    But you know it just didn’t seem right, the sight, the thought, despite
    conclusive Facebook posts, tweets, the television news report,
    so Neil stepped foot on that ball and proclaimed he found
    nine floating balls in space, including one wound to the sun.

  34. Susan Schoeffield


    Beneath the frozen lawn,
    the bulbs long to arise.
    The buds await spring’s dawn
    to clean out sleepy eyes.

    And it will be here soon,
    those weather folks predict.
    We’ll sing a joyful tune
    when winter’s butt is kicked.

    © Susan Schoeffield

  35. priyajane

    Another take on Spring —-

    Spring has announced
    that children can
    come out and play,
    But Jack Frost
    is still sulking
    And can’t see
    past his nose

  36. Nancy Posey

    The Curmudgeon’s Weather Report

    When I was a kid, we didn’t get out of school for snow.
    Sometimes we had drifts all the way up to my waist—
    and I’m talking Alabama—but we got on that big yellow
    bus and rode it to school, sliding all the way.

    Black ice? We didn’t have black ice back then. Never
    ever heard of it ‘til lately. To tell the truth, look up close
    and it’s the same color as the other ice; it’s the road
    that are black. They just told us to take it steady
    and don’t slam on your brakes. All this nonsense

    of two-hour delays and early release, kids too soft
    to stand outside waiting for the bus in the cold—
    no wonder they can’t go off to college without
    their mommies and their blankies. Give them coats
    and gloves and hot cocoa. Make them do jumping jacks.

    Today’s weather report: It’s still winter. It’s still cold.
    Deal with it.

  37. PKP

    The End of Youth

    It is so proclaimed that
    in concert with the claims
    of gravity and the stacking
    of years – finally youth
    has officially closed
    No return engagement
    shall be scheduled
    any time soon

    1. Cin5456

      Very Nice! I especially like your line, “No return engagement.”
      For some reason this reminded me of my favorite announcement verse Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band:

      “It was twenty years ago today
      Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play
      They’ve been going in and out of style
      But they’re guaranteed to raise a smile
      So may I introduce to you
      The act you’ve known for all these years
      Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.”

  38. PKP

    TBA Baby

    Arrived just as was planned
    Rosebud lips and strong shoulders
    Newly minted love

    Congratulations to S.e Ingraham on the birth of her grandson
    who joins his two older brothers and a host of other loving arms.

  39. PKP

    Hear Ye Hear Ye

    The time has come trappings
    to be dropped
    as cages in cool clear water
    waiting patiently bobbing
    under the waves
    for all to swim together
    and be lifted as one into
    the sparkling sun connected
    laughing, and spilled onto
    the white shores of family


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