Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 254

Duluth, Georgia, is shut down for the second day in a row. Yesterday, it was for the threat of ice; today, it’s for the actual ice. It’s pretty, but I’m not going out in it–and I hope my power doesn’t go out as a result of it later today.

If you haven’t seen it yet, Jessie Carty posted an interview with me yesterday on her blog. In it, we discuss Britney Spears, the Almost Famous movie, the Harry Potter series, and more. Okay, when I said “we,” I should’ve really said, “I” discuss that stuff. But despite all the pop culture, we do talk a lot of poetry too. Click here to read.

Okay, then… I guess that’s it…

Oh, wait! I suppose you want a poetry prompt. Well, here it is…

For today’s poetry prompt, write a hair poem. It could be all about hair or hair accessories. The poem could just mention hair in passing. Or you could write an ode or eulogy to a specific hairstyle.

Here’s my attempt at a hair poem:

“Beauty and the bully”

She had the longest hair,
but he always got a buzz cut.

She was thin as a rail,
but kids said he had a big butt.

She had so many friends,
but he would wander home alone.

She always liked to talk,
and he always picked up the phone.


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Robert Lee Brewer

Robert Lee Brewer

Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and author of Solving the World’s Problems. People often comment on his hair, because he doesn’t stick to one length. One week, he may have hair in his eyes; the next, it may be shaved to the skin. If you see him with a beard in January, he’s likely to be clean-shaven in February. And though he’s not big on mustaches, he did participate in Movember a few years ago (here’s the evolution of that). Follow him (and his hair) on Twitter @robertleebrewer.


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141 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 254

  1. cstewart

    The Price of Hair

    As a political issue
    As in short or long
    As in heterosexual or..
    Questionable, or other.

    The long cascading hair fell over her shoulders,
    A vision of what a man wants to see as a symbol
    Of beauty
    And yet, short hair is so much more evidence based –
    As an easier-to-take-care-of choice,
    But – you have to pay the price.
    People see you as suspicious,
    They are wary, they are questioning why the hair
    Is so damn short, what is going on there?
    Rebellion, Age, Rejection of Heterosexual Standards!?
    Not particularly, some people just look good in it and
    Some don’t.
    But all women know
    You do have to pay the price.
    And it is easier to be the advertisement for all that society
    Approves of rather than what it does not.
    Hair cut.

  2. Clae

    Rapunzel’s Hair

    It grew even longer than a tower is tall
    I’m sure it gave her migraines
    All that weight- plus the climbers and all

    It was never cut, not even trimmed.
    Couldn’t have been healthy,
    Probably loaded with split ends.

    Too long to brush, too long to wash-
    It suddenly occurs to me,
    Rapunzel must have had dreadlocks.

  3. Scaife


    I have one thing I must declare.
    This thing I hope will clear the air.
    Some say this thing is quite unfair.
    But as for me, I do not care.
    Such a thing is far from rare.
    In fact it’s found most everywhere.
    Its normalcy is real I swear.
    From homeless up to millionaire.
    The pros and cons we can compare.
    But just a couple here I’ll share.
    You never use a Barber chair.
    For there is nothing to prepare.
    But not to fear, do not despair.
    You will not spend your money there.
    Although it lacks a certain flair.
    There is naught you must repair.
    Nothing there that can ensnare.
    Not a thing that will impair.
    Just one thing can cause a scare.
    The luster from the sun’s bright flare.
    It helps provide a shiny glare.
    This glare can hurt so take good care.
    Just find something that you can wear.
    Or let it breath the nice cool air.
    Take no precaution if you dare.
    You have but one and not a pair.
    Those with more get lots of stares.
    I could go on, for you I’ll spare.
    Justifying my lack of hair.

    -Chris Scaife


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