Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 229

Sorry for the late prompt this morning. The Brewer family car nearly didn’t start when we took Tammy to the bus stop–so after dropping her off, we took a family trip to the local AutoZone to get a new car battery. Now the car starts fine again; yay!

For today’s prompt, write a charged poem. Maybe the poem has an electrical charge or a charge to a credit card. Or maybe there’s a charge from a bull or a battle charge. I’m sure there are any number of ways to charge the old poetic battery with this prompt. Have at it.

Here’s my attempt at a charged poem:


will it start
or won’t it?

i’ve willed it
to go, so
why won’t it?

i will it.
you won’t it.

how goes it?
here we sit.


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124 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 229

  1. LissaThePoet

    I just found this site today but this prompt inspired me 🙂

    Flash Flood

    an absence of birdsong

    red skies at morning
    sailors take warning

    thick dust bunny clouds
    racing hesitating sun
    it’s left in the dust

    uprising cumulonimbus towers
    clearly indicating showers
    to drown growing flowers
    and flood the ground with their power

    wind blowing from the east
    cold and warm air mingling
    static clinging socks in a dryer
    the air feels fuzzy and strange
    something is coming

    curling leaves and swelling wood
    the trees can feel it too
    in their roots and in my blood
    quickly pushing its way through
    this is not good
    the storm is beginning to stew

    rain announces its arrival
    on pitter-patter stomp stomp feet
    whispering gently from the sky
    before knocking loudly on the window
    begging to come in, and it is here
    flooding my doorstep with darkness
    eyes open

    lightning volleys down from the sky
    searing my eyes with its image
    so bright I don’t know myself anymore
    what is light and what is dark
    my lungs are being crushed from the inside
    I am falling I am falling
    let the currents take me
    eyes shut

    beautiful unknowing
    no harsh flashing
    the clouds are receding
    trees are not reaching now
    no more water between my fingertips
    no more knowing what I might lose
    welcoming the cool shivers and soft echoing ripples
    I drift back into dreamland, into darkness, into night

  2. buffalois

    The Charge

    He glanced again at the picture
    then tucked it into his pocket.
    Ever so much did he miss her
    and prayed again that he was back.

    “Fix bayonets!!” came the dreaded call
    his gut wrenched with primal fear
    amid explosions and cries of pain
    Fix bayonets! he could clearly hear

    The mud, the blood, entrails mix
    in a dark macabre tapestry.
    Acrid smoke swirls all around
    the wicked wretched cacophony.

    “Charge!” He hears above it all.
    He and his men obey.
    Charge they do – up and out of the trench
    directly into the fray.

    When the charging stops,
    above the smoke, moans for help arise.
    Using his rifle to help himself stand
    he winces and closes his eyes.

    His dear sweet molly appears to him
    and in her most comforting tone
    says “Be strong my brave lonely soldier
    soon you will be home.

    – by buffalois

  3. De Jackson

    Caveat Emptor

    Who’s in charge here? Not the poet.
    Though sometimes she doesn’t know it.

    The Muse is boss, and she’s the worst.
    Mark my words and get your purse.

    What? You thought this poem was free?
    Nope. That’ll be $1.03.

  4. Amy

    the stalks of wheat leaned together
    as a flock of starlings pearlescent
    against the divergent shades of dusk
    the horizon enticed the sun’s decline
    and ripples of rose and gold were left
    in his wake upon his descent a shift
    occurred as children of the night
    emerged from hollows and grottoes
    unknown to daylight’s touch
    a pulse began in the beating of wings
    and plodding of feet against the
    lingering heat of pavement
    the atmosphere of transference
    was electric charging every blade
    of grass to stand on end in alert
    as moonlight catalyzed the
    fever pitch of nightfall

    1. PressOn

      This piece has a “fevered pitch” to it, helped, I suppose, by the lack of capitals and punctuation. I certainly get a feeling of energy from the lack of both; was that part of your intent?

      1. Amy

        It was. Those things are automatic for me in a poem, so I don’t normally leave them out, but I wanted to try something new and felt the “charged” atmosphere was the best place to do it.

  5. swatchcat

    I’m revved up and mauled over
    I have no control
    The surges hit hard like a tumbling bolder
    Its strikes me hard, It almost knocks me out
    I’m a puppet on strings when this thing comes out

    You’re all on hold, I can’t control it
    You’re locked out until my brain fizzles,
    all dried out and useless
    It’s crazy, it’s scary, it won’t refrain or leave me
    It keeps coming
    It rushes like a geyser,
    exploding with power
    It’s orgasmic
    It’s highly prolific

    Nobody cares
    It’s all mine, I can’t share
    Don’t look
    It’s not ready
    It’s fledgling and petty

    It’s waning,
    It’s dimming and fading
    I got it out before it zipped past in a frenzy

    What was it
    What did you miss
    How could you not see it, it’s blinding but brisk…
    I had an idea.

  6. Bruce Niedt


    He was so negative
    and she was so positive
    that all their friends were shocked
    when they started dating.
    They expected some resistance from her,
    but no, they both were charged up for this,
    two dynamos generating a romantic current,
    flowing through the social circuit,
    lighting up and heating up the town,
    till one day the insulation wore thin
    and their wires crossed.
    It all transformed pretty quickly –
    he blew a fuse and sparks flew.
    She found him revolting and didn’t know
    what she ever saw in him.
    So she cut off his power, pulled the plug,
    and turned out the lights when she left.

  7. Cin5456

    Aurora, Sol & Sea

    Coruscating violet filaments,
    curl across dark firmament.
    Rosettes whirl the endless horizon.
    Turquoise veins skate an icy mirror.
    Bright blue ions surge and
    Twist into an iron blue fist,

    Fields, coherence, imperatives;
    mysterious terms distant from
    the emerald-ribbon-wrapped sky.
    Magenta clouds blush,
    impelled subatomic matter.
    That invisible vigor
    wrapping Earth with intangibles.
    Life knows;
    from arctic ice flows
    to ancient jungle groves,
    infinite species, compelled,
    undertake epic journeys once more.

    Massive fields of induction.
    trillions of magnetic Jovian-sized
    semi-solid spheres twisted
    into liquid bands and banners
    incubate below Sol’s corona,
    surging oscillations of potential.
    Rippling upward, outward from the core,
    those warring waves of heat flash
    skyward to flow in orange arching swells
    fiery filaments climb to prominence,
    connecting in arches a hundred-million
    miles above the corona, opposition
    breaks the bonds so flowing fires
    snap and whip and fade below
    the seething surface. Energy
    thrown higher than planetary orbits,
    nebulous as gossamer space dust
    holds the power to energize planets.

    Tossed outward, electrons
    impact Earth’s ionosphere
    where magnetic fields shepherd
    particles into patterns
    that squirm across the sky.
    Ropes of radiant vigor
    captivate vibrate, shine.

    Spiked indigo columns
    stab a white ice mountain
    floating on a moon dark sea.

  8. RJ Clarken

    Concert Rondel

    It’s a highly charged atmosphere.
    There’s so much anticipation,
    and intense infatuation
    (all due to the concert’s veneer.)

    They’re on next: it’s kind of high gear
    filled with mass exhilaration.
    There’s so much anticipation.
    It’s a highly charged atmosphere

    waiting for our band to appear.
    Feel the magnetic vibration?
    Spontaneous cheers? Ovation?
    Then, someone screams, “They’re here! They’re here!”
    It’s a highly charged atmosphere.


    1. PressOn

      This captures the charged feeling, all right, and :”magnetic vibration,” for me, is the heart of it, probably because of the association I make with electromagnetic fields. Great piece.

  9. priyajane

    ake sure to refresh
    and recharge
    one may harden
    and crust up

    If not,
    dry skin will crackle
    tearing open
    old wounds
    making it harder
    to move on
    keeping you
    In circles—-

    1. priyajane

      Sorry – typo–
      Here it is again–

      Make sure to refresh
      and recharge
      one may harden
      and crust up

      If not,
      dry skin will crackle
      tearing open
      old wounds
      making it harder
      to move on
      keeping you
      In circles

  10. foodpoet


    Bag or plastic
    Cash check charge
    Plastic piles up in landfills
    Charges pile up debt
    And I am left to wonder
    While pile is bigger?

  11. PowerUnit


    Charge into Iraq, up San Juan Hill, and at Little Bighorn
    Charge the mound
    Charge it on your credit card
    Americans are all about charging
    Rushing in head first
    Mind last
    Merica charges the rest of the world for sinning
    With empty words backed by empty plastic
    What use is a tank when you cannot afford the fuel?
    Who hears the voice when everyone is gone?

  12. Iain Douglas Kemp

    Guilty as Charged (Hush now!)

    ‘Twas I, I cannot lie
    I plead my case as self defense
    You smiled and stole my precious heart
    I sent you flowers and wrote you notes

    ‘Twas I, I will not deny
    Still on my knees I mercy beg
    You said good morning and made me swoon
    I sent candy and a ribboned bear

    ‘Twas I, I shall not deceive
    I could not love you from afar
    You dropped a letter from your bank
    I moved in just across the hall

    ‘Twas I, I freely admit
    I stole your keys and made us dinner
    You stared at me in stark disbelief
    I cut the phone and barred the door


    ‘Twas I? How could that be?
    I was out of town, I have receipts
    You charge me with this heinous crime
    I saw her once but never spoke

    ‘Twas I who lived in fear
    I’m sure that I was being watched
    You see, it must have been a mistake
    I live in 94 while she had 94a

    (‘Twas I, ‘twas I, but hush! Wait now
    I will not confess to such dark deeds)
    You know that you have scant proof
    I walk free, (to love once more)


  13. seingraham


    Some lightning leaps from the ground to the clouds
    electrical charges being set off magnetically
    according to scientific findings…
    as well as the more typical cloud to cloud
    and cloud to ground…

    There’s no charge for that information,
    just saying … some children, in my charge
    doled it out when I charged them
    with the task of telling me something I might
    not know…It was how we began talking
    about the word itself — charge, that is…
    How it has so many different meanings

    Then the kids asked me if I’d ever been
    Charged with anything — I mistakenly
    thought they meant, had I ever sold anything
    when of course, they wondered if I’d ever
    broken the law? Had I ever been charged
    with a crime, been arrested?
    And if so, what was the charge…
    Happily I could tell them that no, at least
    up until this point in my life
    I was free from a life of crime —

    Let’s go for lunch, I said,
    I’ll put it on my credit card…
    that is to say, I’ll just “charge it”
    They all thought that was funny
    being so young, the only things they charge
    are their iPhones and the like, and that started
    a whole new conversation about the blamed
    It’s really quite something, yes?

  14. Heather


    electrostatic charges
    vibrate just below
    the skin.
    simmering, shuddering,
    secrets slice the edge
    slashing the surface
    looking for
    a weak point.
    new charges
    whispers of insights
    true or false.
    emotions energize entities.
    turbulent storms
    ignite electrons,
    the storm threatens
    the tiny vessel
    to hold it all in.
    one more charge
    until the boundary breeches
    and the turbulent electrons
    strike whoever is near.

    ~ also posted with an image at:

  15. Sara McNulty

    Your Turn (double shadorma, forward and back)

    United were we,
    impassioned flames,
    marched with signs on Washington.
    You must end this war.

    Hope that our values
    passed on the next generation.
    You must act
    You must speak
    or prepare to live with war.

  16. elishevasmom

    Free of Charge?

    You see them all over—in
    the paper, on the billboards,
    the sides of buses,
    covering the front windows
    of the stores.

    They even have special
    acronyms BOGO.
    Buy One Get One (free)
    or (one-half off)
    (of equal or lesser value).
    You see them on the tv,
    (with all of that really fine print)
    (describing all of the extra charges)

    And don’t even get me started
    about those info-mercials.
    “This is the last set of knives
    you will ever buy. They never
    need sharpening. And even
    after cutting this penny
    in half, look how this knife
    slices a ripe tomato!”

    “And… this full set of
    kitchen knives includes
    steak knives, kitchen shears,
    and a butcher block
    holder, all for only $89.95.
    (plus shipping and handling)”

    “But wait, if you call now,
    you’ll get another full set
    at no extra charge
    (just pay the extra S and H).
    Call now; operators
    are standing by.”

    BUT, when you call,
    said operators are
    so amiable while taking
    your order, including your
    “free” extra set, (that
    you plan to give your
    son for Christmas),
    that you forget to inquire
    the specifics of the
    extra shipping and handling.

    SO…when the charge
    hits your bank account,
    and you see that it has
    over-drafted it, because
    added up to half as
    much as the cost of the
    set of knives,

    you end up back on the phone
    with those operators
    (not so amiable this time),
    and you tell them that
    you don’t want the
    extra set, and they
    tell you it is all part
    of the package,
    (in the really fine print on the
    screen during the info-mercial).

    And, by the time you add
    in the cost of the
    the over-draft charges,
    the “free” set of knives
    ends up costing nearly as
    much as buying it outright.
    But the info-mercial was
    right about one thing.
    They are sharp—you were
    Ellen Knight 7.24.13 write a “charged” poem

        1. elishevasmom

          It was funnier that way. Maybe a Freudian slip? btw, the stuff in most of the
          ( ) was much smaller type, but I don’t know how to capture that here.

  17. Julieann

    Guilty as Charged

    I stand before Saint Peter
    Outside the pearly gates
    What do you believe? He asked
    Where do you stand?

    I stand before you a charged man
    Facing eternity in a frying pan
    “The Good Book” I chose to ignore
    My life I lived for neither God nor man

    By all rights, I was an evil man
    I rarely followed the law of land
    I never rested on the golden shore
    I answered to neither God nor man

    And now you ask me where I stand
    Point to any chapter, verse, or plan
    From legal law or “The Good Book”
    I stand before you a condemned man

  18. Michelle Hed

    Charging the Beach

    You could picture
    the ocean waves in the midst of raging tempest
    crashing onto shore with the force and sound
    of ten thousand white stallions…

    it could just be
    the hundreds of children
    building castles, finding shells, body surfing…
    you know, making memories –
    on a sunny day at the beach.

  19. Azma


    The battalion knew
    Of the wars to come
    And that ther was no scope
    For weakness or for being numb

    But there was one question
    that troubled their minds
    That who would take charge?
    Who was the best of their kind?

    Then a young soldier emerged
    At first a little hesitant
    But he was strong willed
    And did what he truly meant

    ‘I will take charge!
    I will take the army forward
    I’ll take full responsibility
    You have my word!’

    They did better than they hoped
    They came through victorious
    They applauded the leader
    Whose taking charge proved glorious

    -Azma Sheikh

  20. JRSimmang

    Gather ’round,
    my men, and feel the
    wind rattle.
    In battle,
    the steel hardens, points sharpen,
    hearts must harden first.

    We are here,
    my men, on the front.
    Soulless rage
    await us.
    Fangs and fur and blood and guts
    burn and yearn for you.

    So, what shall
    it be, my brothers?
    What shall be
    of our day?
    Shall we run back home to flames?
    Or shall we charge on?

    1. RJ Clarken

      Haha! And guess what? You inspired me:

      Guilty as Charged

      He typed, “Babe, guess what’s here in my pocket?”
      She thought,‘Hmmm. Evidence for the docket?”
      Then she typed, “A game changer,
      but too bad, Carlos Danger.
      Want a charge? Go and find a light socket.”


  21. taylor graham


    Sky was charged electric on the horizon,
    if we’d known; hidden from view
    by bog-spruce and the flight of terns.
    We’d portaged to the lake, broad splash
    of blue across the rectangle of topo-map.
    The Great Land, that phrase repeating
    in my head; the great unknown.
    What did I know of Kenai waters?
    At the bow of our canoe, Kerry sat
    like the statue of guardian-dog. But just
    a puppy; what did she know beyond
    the everlasting pester-itch of mosquitoes?
    If she knew weather, she couldn’t tell
    us. She was on guard, but we were
    in charge. Wind direction, speed; or calm;
    clouds. I might have paid more notice
    to the sky, before the lake twitched
    into waves gathering a force we couldn’t
    ignore, pushing us ever farther.
    Thundering – or was it my imagination
    enhanced by cries of loons, their
    great storm-wings over water?
    We paddled harder; gained an island’s
    small solid ground; made camp.
    Can night be everlasting under the whip
    of wind through tent-flap? Its memory
    outlives the next morning’s calm.

  22. Jane Shlensky

    What Attracts

    Was it electricity that she built up
    walking across carpet
    that shocked him so
    when he touched her hand?

    Or the way shivers still
    run down his spine when
    she whispers at his ear, her nose
    and lips just brushing his neck?

    What causes his palms to sweat
    watching her reach for a dish
    in the cabinet or bend to pet
    a purring cat at her feet?

    The air has been crackling
    since the day he first saw her,
    the night sky in his head
    shifting, lit up, terrifying.

    After all these years, this little woman
    still strikes him in the simplest ways,
    a current running between them
    at once exciting and dangerous.

    His nerve endings, skin, and muscles,
    his hair and throat and eyes
    inform him all the time that
    she is in charge.

    1. PressOn

      I enjoyed this, and it gave me an idea. I hope you don’t mind:


      There once was a sprite of a pion
      who said to a hydrogen ion,
      “We ought to discharge
      and thereby enlarge
      this space so our kindred can fly on.”

  23. Andrew Kreider

    Gert’s day out

    I should have known something was up when my
    phone rang at midnight. I was greeted by
    a complete stranger asking if I knew
    that my credit card was being used to
    book flights in South Africa. What’s more, I

    was informed that I had racked up well nigh
    half the Irish national debt to buy
    a place in Cape Town with an ocean view.
    I should have known

    better than to give my card to a guy
    at the Borkholder Amish Gifts and Pie
    stand in the mall. His beard looked a bit too
    short and his hands were soft. The biggest clue,
    though, was his odd name: Gert. I can’t deny
    I should have known.

  24. PowerUnit

    Hypocritical verbs

    Charge your credit card but not the enemy
    You’re sorry but don’t hug the victim of your misdemeanor
    Write off the encounter but don’t bother writing a thank you letter
    We’re all so bloody righteous
    But nobody gets it right

  25. ewdupler

    a randy prize.
    There’s no escape,
    she tightly grips.

    Our soulful wants,
    begin to rise.
    Passions forming,
    moral eclipse.

    That Raven hair
    and sparkling eyes.
    An electric touch
    of silky lips.

    Emotions wild,
    perhaps unwise.
    Charging forward
    willpower slips.

  26. JRSimmang

    12 young men,
    all of them hung,
    swinging from the scales of justice,

    judged with their eyes
    lost in contention,
    wearing the badge of the righteous.

    The gallows-swain,
    brute force in his arms,
    poked and prodded their chests,

    checking for
    a semblance of breath,
    while they wait for the villain to confess.

    Round and round they swing,
    their ears begin to ring.
    A witness to the stand,
    a witness to their hand.

    They stare, they do
    with their milky eyes,
    right into the hanging head.

    fingers pointing,
    their whispers he does dread.

    Round and round they swing,
    their ears begin to ring.
    A witness to the stand,
    a witness to their hand.

    When all is said,
    and the verdict demands,
    in unison they break their jaws,

    Justice deferred,
    is justice denied,
    end his life, devoured, bloody claws.

    -JR Simmang

  27. Domino

    Kind of stream of consciousness thing today and I’m not sure it will mean anything to anyone but me. ^_^


    the fuel of many science-types
    for torture or for other uses,
    mad scientists of different stripes
    firing up their angry muses
    from Dr. Frankenstein, begowned
    (in turn of the century doctor fashion)
    to Marty and (young) Doc Brown
    using it with all compassion
    and to Star Wars Jedi forces
    for good (or ill, if they are Sith)
    using lightning reinforces
    their strongest wills beyond their myth,
    and to the strangest doctor’s lair,
    test tubes bubbling, steam arising,
    with someone hogtied to a chair,
    plasma globes in various sizing,
    all their minions ill-advising,
    never, never compromising,
    in the night, peasants uprising,
    lightning striking, plots devising.
    and no easy end surprising
    anyone at all.

    Diana Terrill Clark

  28. vjohnso1

    Electrical lighting charged from my heart
    A spectacle or debate one jump made it start
    Fighting off sparks the intensity is deep
    My feelings no longer work the horn no longer beeps

    Electrical lighting I thought it would work
    Charged it for many years and then I got hurt
    Loving the new car there’s nothing more to see
    Loving my emotions while my emotions are loving me.

  29. PressOn


    The poet at the open mic
    got all excited at the sight
    of people coming every night

    to hear the words he might recite,
    so then a thought began to spike:
    he mused, “If this is what they like,

    pretty soon I’d better start charging.”


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