Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 223

For this week’s prompt, take the phrase “Entertain (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then, write your poem. Possible titles include “Entertain the Thought,” “Entertain the World,” “Entertain Guests,” and whatever other creative ideas everyone creates. I’m sure it’ll be “entertaining.”

Here’s my attempt:

“Entertain Mint”

I wish it always left a fresh aftertaste,
this fumbling with words, this attempt
at connecting. I wish it would lead me
to fame and fortune, but often, I try
producing entertain mints to find my
readers wondering “entertain meant?”


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139 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 223

  1. Julieann

    Last week is over; but, albeit late, here is my offering.

    Entertain the Queen

    In our neck of the woods
    One would need to invite
    The Queen to supper

    This isn’t just any ol’
    Supper, but a supper of
    Leftovers, Auntie’s leftovers!

    These leftovers aren’t the ones
    You don’t ever remember eating
    The original from

    They are the ones
    You couldn’t finish on the
    First go ‘round

    So the table’s laid with
    The least chipped plates, mismatched
    Flatware and glasses

    Then come the bowls and platters
    Of fried fish, pot roast, ham,
    Chicken, potatoes and gravy

    Peas, corn, butter beans,
    Collards and turnips, if you
    Could think it, it’s there

    Add to the mix a fresh batch
    Of biscuits and cornpone
    This is the stuff of dreams

    Dear old Auntie always
    Said we eat better than the queen
    So let’s invite her

    And find out what she
    Has to say about
    Leftovers at Aunties

  2. foodpoet

    Entertain Your Muse

    Entertain your muse, take
    Nothing for granted.
    Talk to your muse daily,
    Ever mindful of jealousy, never
    Reach for an alternate muse,
    This is the way to disaster.
    Always have gifts in hand.
    In no case think for yourself.
    Nothing displeases the muse more than

    You thinking –
    On your own. It is
    Useless to try,
    Reality is that your words are hers.

    Muse, alone,
    Unites your words,
    Slips her thoughts your yours, an
    Echo of her control.

  3. PressOn


    When Paula made pole-dancing plans,
    she expected appreciative scans;
    but she treasured the dances
    and stares and fond glances
    while prancing in front of her fans.

  4. Schrodingers cat

    “Entertaining the Simple Joy’s”

    I sat there beside him, so young and full of awe,
    question after question, for dear ole pampaw.
    Why is the sky blue, and clouds with different hue?
    Why is the grass small, and trees so very tall?
    Answer after answer, as best I could recall.

    He sat there beside me, so young and full of grace.
    Hugs and kisses all over this ole mug, sitting in that place.
    How do you get wrinkles, on your hands and your face?
    How do you get rid of them, has science found a way?
    Growing old, and sadly no, but maybe some day.

    We sat there together, so young and tired, he yawns,
    so as he slept there in my lap, I thought of days now gone.
    Where did I find the time, I wondered while I yawn.
    That gave this simple gift, that can not be replaced.

  5. calicocat88

    “Entertaining Cain”

    Killing them all would be self-destructive.
    I’d rather the burning of cold metal,
    Freezing the Mark of Cain on my forehead.
    At least then they would have the guilt stained black,
    Crisping their downy feathers into ash.
    Revenge, sibling hatred—it’s a cliché,
    One that has through time never really worked.
    Nothing is certain, not even death when
    Tattooed like raised branded skin before God.

  6. nessajay


    Forget safety warnings and Parenting Magazine’s Toy of the Year Award. I like to watch barefoot neighbor kids turn a rusty shopping cart into a rocket to the moon – Zoom! Crash! (Repeat.) – and not cry if they pinch their fingers and not pout if the whole thing overturns. Another time they invented a game with a pebble and a flip-flop that didn’t hit the high score ’til the sun disappeared behind the last house, the ice cream truck turned off its loudspeaker, and everything hushed down soft and purple.

    Do not cut off the crusts. I like seeing these packs of kids squatting on sidewalk squares eating ramen noodles from the package or scooping rice from a giant bowl with their fingers, feeding the little ones.

    And one of the best things I like is when a kid almost too old for diapers holds a baby cousin or sister or brother also in diapers on her hip, carries that baby like the most precious thing in the world is something you can be easy with. Like she could juggle the sun if she had to because life’s bible is nestled snugly behind her belly button and there is an invisible spider web like a safety trampoline embracing us all.

    * * *

    Shirtless and barefoot
    you are equipped for this adventure
    Trust yourself, swift runner
    not to step on splintered glass
    When wolf shadow comes to menace
    shout the name of your tallest cousin
    Whatever block corners you go round
    return to your unlocked door

  7. PKP

    Awww – Thank you guys – hope you do realize how much your words mean to me! – as delicious as fresh grass in early morning :). Life has been a bit hectic – I will redress getting back to commenting more ! Your poems – ah your poem – play on – please accept my thanks and apologies…

  8. PressOn


    For pleasures that could not be beaten,
    the geniuses, Chaplin and Keaton,
    brought laughs and spread joys
    with a surfeit of poise
    as grand as the grandest Grand Teton.

  9. EfrainThePoetK1n9

    Entertainer Slain:
    A poet Labeled “rapper” Murdered ever after.
    A prisoner to convention
    Sentenced prior to capture.

    Entertainer Slain:
    A poet labeled “rapper.”
    His speech would flow like ink as each performance formed a stanza,
    A mantra such recited,
    He decided this’s art.

    Entertainer Slain:
    A poet labeled “rapper”
    Cadences would change, every time he spoke into open hearts of microphones,
    He rose from tombs, he spoke his truce
    And bared his soul
    And spoke to you.

    Entertainer Slain:
    A murdered culture crafter
    Traced in chalk a figure framed and labeled him a “rapper.”
    Entertainer slain; a poet labeled “rapper,”
    His epitaph, a quote; the words, Nina Simone’s
    Before he left the stage
    He would be murdered by his own.

    Entertainer Slain: a poet labeled “rapper.”

  10. Glory


    beauty unending
    listen, smell, and feel
    the magic.

    feet bare, wind blowing
    hair, the restless,
    rushing noise of the
    glorious sea.

    either blue or misty
    grey to match sky, calm
    or quickening, to
    meet golden feet,

    or wild as it roars,
    crashes against rock,
    drives hard to reach
    glistening sand.

    magic, ever found,
    when you listen, smell,
    and touch beauty

  11. Iain Douglas Kemp

    Entertain Yourselves

    Entertain yourselves for a minute, won’t you?
    I’m having a moment. Don’t worry about me.
    It happens all the time, easily distracted,
    the slightest little thing and off I go;
    staring into the middle distance and dreaming
    of far aways and once upon a maybes.
    A curse or a gift? I couldn’t really say.
    Perhaps a touch of both – or neither,
    hard to say. The early summer smells so fine
    and the outer limits of the mind’s eye peruse
    stars unfound by Hubble and fathom mysteries
    beyond the ken of mortal men in ways
    that only day dreamers might comprehend

    …oh, sorry! You’re still here. Well now,
    who would like a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake?
    Home-made you know; my grandmother’s recipe.
    Ah! That reminds me when I was a boy and we lived
    in the East – the Orient I mean, not East Anglia,
    although we later did, my Nanny used to make a cake
    that would send my taste-buds soaring along
    with my imagination…

    ….oh! Here I go! Talk amongst yourselves, do you mind?


  12. julie e.

    ….and because I’ve worked with my personal trainer twice this week….


    Entertain these aching muscles
    with a rubbing of Ben Gay
    Entertain these pulsing calves
    they’ve had a big workout today.
    Entertain or maybe “shush” them
    make the pain all go away!
    Why’d I feel so proud when working
    out always ends up this way?
    Maybe now a good massaging,
    maybe just some Vicodin,
    I’ll feel better when the aching
    somehow meets a timely end.


  13. julie e.

    Entertain me with your whisp’ring
    fingers running down my spine,
    entertain me with your presence
    looking deep into my eyes.
    Entertain my need for comfort
    resting myself alongside,
    entertain my need to hear you,
    keep your words both soft and kind.
    Entertain my need for touching
    graze your lips carressing mine,
    entertain my needs and always
    we shall remain intertwined.

  14. Bruce Niedt

    Entertaining Thoughts

    I entertained a thought,
    invited it over for chips and dip and beer,
    and we watched the baseball game.
    But soon that thought began to wander,
    and got on the phone to call all its friends
    who said they weren’t doing anything,
    just some idle thoughts. “Come on over
    and watch the game!” it said, and before I knew it,
    I was having a second thought, sitting on my sofa
    and eating my chips – food for thoughts.
    Two more arrived soon afterward,
    with no forethought other than to hang out.
    Within an hour random thoughts came to me,
    until I had a houseful of disturbing thoughts.
    They began to horseplay – thoughts racing
    around my living room. The place was packed –
    I was lost in thoughts – I couldn’t even find
    my way to my own bathroom. Then it hit me:
    I had to organize these thoughts, collect them,
    and show them all the door. “Party’s over!”
    I shouted. “I’m not giving it another thought!
    And no more booze!” The sobering thoughts
    left reluctantly, glaring as if they wanted
    to hit me. I was thought-provoking.
    But they’re gone now, my house is quiet,
    and I’m alone. Alone with my… thoughts.
    What a thoughtless thing to do.

  15. Connie Peters

    Entertain Yourself

    I had a babysitting gig,
    three children,
    five days a week,
    arrive 7 AM sharp.
    I took my three-year-old son with me.
    One morning
    the kids still slept in their beds,
    their toys in their rooms with them.
    To my son, I said,
    “You’ll have to entertain yourself.”
    Undaunted, he dropped to the floor,
    curved his fingers, made zhhhh noises
    and ran them across imaginary highways.
    That’s when I knew he had a vivid imagination.

    1. Marie Elena

      Isn’t that just so cool? Last summer my little then-one-and-a-half-year-old granddaughter Sophie was trying to jump into the air, flap her “wings” and fly; right after watching a bird and clearly saying “wow.” I caught the whole thing on video. To my knowledge, that was her first pretend moment. Or maybe it wasn’t pretend. More likely she was really trying to fly. 😉

      Love the poem.

  16. Peggy

    Entertaining the Cat

    She found her notice gently pulled in
    lazy waves between the cat and boy
    who sat in opposite, absorbed, eyes
    fixed and fully glazed, attention held
    in contest fought with feathered foe and
    chasing little balls in tiny maze.
    The kitten, in a cardboard box, would
    leap and grab the feathered flick, then crouch
    and wait to fend the next assault.
    The boy, thumbs flying, pushed the ball through
    tangled gates, 2 inches square, to reach
    the Orc and send him to his fate.
    On whim she flicked the feather at his
    nose, then laughed, “You used to love a box,”
    she said, “When you were just a kitten too.”
    He rolled his eyes and shot ‘THE LOOK’ that
    youth perfects, to age that will ignore.
    “You used to be so easy to amuse”
    she added wistfully, tapping on
    the kitten’s box. He watched a moment,
    sighed, returning to his game, “How boring
    to be entertained so easily.”
    his fifteen years declared, then snorted
    “Really mom, a box!” She nodded, yes,
    then teased the cat again, immensely
    entertained once more, “How boring.”

  17. uneven steven

    Entertain the impossible

    with a rum, perhaps
    on a chaise
    in the sand
    waiting for a
    way off your
    deserted isle – the
    skippered ride
    two turtles
    tied together a pop
    cultural icon
    manufactured and made
    suntanned and basking
    in the
    of a never letting on
    and a never letting go
    of a never to be existing and

  18. Never2L8

    Entertain the Grand kid for the Day

    I’ve made ridiculous faces
    ran myself ragged with relay races
    played Monopoly and Uno
    video games, movies, till, you know,
    I’m worn to a frazzle.

    We’ve done crafts by the dozen,
    even invited a couple of cousins
    to come over and play,
    then, got out the modeling clay.
    We’ve even made sugar cookies.

    I hate to admit it but I’m ready
    for them to go home. I’m unsteady
    on my feet. But, I get my second wind,
    and am fine until to my chagrin
    I realize they only been here an hour!

  19. deringer1


    Sing—-dance for me.
    Go ahead–you do it.
    I’ll just sit here in my recliner.

    Talk for me—tell me what to think,
    what to buy, what to believe.
    I give you carte blanche on my brain.

    Tell me stories about a world that isn’t mine.
    What do I care if they are true?
    What of it if they’re mindless trash?

    Show me skin, show me sex,
    talk dirty to me baby.
    I’ve no time for real people.

    Entertain me, for you are my god.

    1. PressOn

      Your “carte blanche on my brain” phrase reminds me of why some old folks used to like radio better than television: the pictures were better.

  20. PoM

    Entertain you no more
    The computer it said
    My electronic gizmos
    They’re all in disarray
    Compiler, objects,
    Processes and threads
    Nothing is functional
    Blue screen of death

    Two weeks now
    All writing done
    With paper and pen
    My computer I think
    Is definitely dead
    I kind-a I like this writing
    The old fashion way

    If only I could write
    As fast as the thoughts
    Speed through my head
    For when I try
    My penmanship
    Is unreadable at best
    For even I
    Think It but gibberish

    Cannot revise
    When I must surmise
    What my own hand has written
    Cannot edit
    If I cannot comprehend it

    No neat font set
    Nor Cut and paste
    Spell check, thesaurus
    No world wide web
    All at my finger tips
    With a simple click
    My computer is dead
    Two weeks now
    Been writing the old fashion way
    With paper and pen
    But I do not mind
    With pen in hand
    I’m at my best
    I seem to be more in touch
    With my creativeness

    Entertain you no more
    The computer it said
    Pick up a pen
    And remember when
    From whence you came
    And return again

  21. Andrew Kreider

    Entertain the thought

    Dear Grandma,

    I understand that you recently received
    a gift package from Amazon containing the DVD:
    Pole Dancing Exercise for Beginners.
    Whatever the packing slip may say
    I want to assure you that this was not intended
    as a gift from me. I blame the computer.

    Furthermore, while DVD states that the program is
    “a safe and easy way to get toned
    and put some spice in your love life”
    this is in no way to be taken as a
    reflection on the direction of your life
    since Grandpa sadly passed away.

    Should you have already viewed the program
    you may be curious as to why our little Gillian
    is featured sliding slowly around a large chrome pole
    in nothing but sparkly underwear. You have to admit:
    she’s got a great sense of balance. We’re proud of her.
    And maybe that Kansas City part of you will be, too.

    Ain’t life grand? Love,

  22. Misky

    Entertaining Pity-Pat

    Entertain and tame my heart
    so I might contain myself.
    So I can rope, tie
    and constrain its

    off-the-rails loco-
    motion. Its

    chicane blazing,
    and nose-diving aeroplaning.

    Calm me down
    just a notch,
    just a touch – pity-
    pat my excited heart.

  23. Sara McNulty

    Entertain Me, Television

    Sitcoms? Seriously? I think not.
    All the shows that made me laugh,
    at times to point of tears, are gone.
    There is only, The Big Bang,
    with its nerdy but brilliant scientists
    who possess zero social skills.

    Yes, I am capable of being
    entertained by dramas,
    if they are engaging in characters,
    and emerge with solid, bright
    writing. Those are rare.

    Hospital shows are not entertaining
    to a person who has to look away
    at every other scene due to blood,
    organs, and autopsies. Also, I do not
    want to look up new diseases,
    which I know I must already have.

    My boundless imagination entertains
    me–sometimes to the point of attention
    deficit to more mundane matters.

    1. PressOn

      We were thinking similarly, it seems. Your last line recalls for me a TV program from about 1950, called Mr. I-magination. There was a time when television was creative, mainly when it was live and uneditable, I think.

  24. Sondie

    Entertain Elephants

    They sit large and round as
    a harvest moon
    amused by our absurdity
    pretending they don’t exist.

    All space between us absorbed
    by their sheer mass
    Feeding and breeding until
    conversation suffocates.

    Heels dug in refusing to
    believe that we were being
    overtaken by the beasts
    living in our home.

    Once I saw you steal
    a glance at a wrinkled
    hind quarter as furrowed
    as a farmer’s field.

    Quickly you turned away
    from them, from me
    naked fear on your face
    and my hope was lost.

    Now years later they
    remain happy, entertained
    and we live in regret that
    elephants defeated us.

    1. Marie Elena

      Wow. The elephant in the room. This is excellent. It grabs attention and forces the reader to see in pictures exactly how hideous, obvious, and consuming that elephant can become.

      EXCELLENT write.

  25. ewdupler

    Entertain This Philosophy (Roundel)

    Entertain this philosophy, just for a while,
    pretending to listen is my simple plea.
    Your distractions abound, while you smile
    entertain this: Philosophy –

    it’s basis of thought and quite the decree
    of your morals. And sadly the thing you call style
    will benefit greatly from one simple key.

    Using your manners is more than worthwhile,
    and might help you to muster some courtesy.
    Now study up – I’ve reached the limit of what I’ll
    entertain – this philosophy.

      1. ewdupler

        Thank you! I really like this form because it lets you play with different meanings of the same phrase. Plus, it didn’t hurt that I felt like reminding a few people to be nice on the day that I wrote it 🙂

    1. PressOn

      I like this, but you’ve made me want to read up on rond- (pr round-) forms. I get them mixed up easily. Some seem to repeat single lines; others, pairs of lines; and others, parts of lines. My head often spins round and rond as a result.

  26. JackStride

    Entertain me

    A song or dance will do
    But in the event it does
    Not satisfy
    My need, I will ask you
    To entertain me now
    And yet again
    But never will it be
    Sufficient for this mad
    And awful hunger
    Entertain me, I’ll be glad
    For no entertainments
    Can satisfy
    If satisfaction is the end
    This playful dance will not
    Satisfy me
    For entertainment never
    Does; not alone, nor in
    Any context
    Of different genre or
    Of different plot
    Entertain me
    But of course you can’t
    Do that at all, it won’t
    Entertain me

  27. priyajane

    All night, the moon entertained us
    In countless forms, of same old laws
    Invoking and provoking thoughts
    With hushed swaying silhouettes
    A soaring secret world of kites
    And continuos cricket chants
    Tales from silent starry lands
    And imaginary patting hands
    Feeding us with silvery glands
    Rubbing healing balms
    under our newborn skin—
    The curtain draws too soon

  28. priyajane

    They came in hordes to be entertained
    Dazzled by her fake smile and gyrating body
    Effervescent celebration of silk
    Revealing invisible strands of possiblities
    they thought could be bought in green
    While she dug herself
    deeper into the mascara
    and the crevices of her lips
    Cacooning her butterfly wings
    Entertaining others
    With her decorated cage
    This world believes in make believe
    spectacles of entertainment

  29. Domino


    LOOK and see!
    Come soon, don’t go!
    And watch the fun
    one (wo)man show!

    Her bold high dives,
    her cries and calls.
    She does far more than
    climb the walls!

    She rants and raves
    and runs amok
    and throws things; don’t
    forget to duck!

    Watch her head
    spin as she tries
    to get a grip
    on all the lies.

    Watch her heart
    break, watch it crack
    as she pulls knives
    from out her back!

    This entertain
    -ment’s surely more
    than you’ve ever
    watched before.

    Come one! Come all!
    You must attend!
    Today is the
    final bitter end.

    Diana Terrill Clark

  30. cstewart

    That’s Entertainment

    Jumping prana spread over living room,
    Highlights breaking out of the bubble,
    Sparkling, bouncing, explosions,
    Head stands and minor supporting
    Elements finish the balloon lift off.

  31. taylor graham


    She nibbles at the edge of furrow.
    Is this a dream?

    All night the moonshine grazed
    outside our windows,

    tweaking my eye before I was waking
    up. Morning takes its time.

    And now, full daylight, I look out
    the pane and there she is.

    She’s found a sheep’s way, again,
    to the forbidden side

    of fences. A fine lady, not soon
    to be forgotten. Rosy,

    black-face ewe who thinks
    the world is hers for the tasting.

    Did God not tell her
    that fenced field is mine?

  32. laurie kolp

    Entertain Tough Love

    You call and blab
    on and on about
    your problems.

    Same old excuses
    same old blame
    same old denial.

    Why you drank again,
    the pity pot you sit upon.

    Then you won’t let me go
    when I say talking
    to a drunk is no good,
    call me when you’re sober.

    But you keep on and on,
    a sick victim.

    Same old excuses
    same old blame
    same old denial.

    And I keep loving you
    even though I hang up.


  33. elishevasmom

    Entertain the Child

    Let me entertain the child in you,
    once put to sea in a wooden shoe.

    Always laughing at a joke,
    without my giving your ribs a poke.

    Ever ready to beg me please,
    bite a face into a slice of cheese.

    You were the first to mount debate
    what kind of tree house we’d create.

    When my choices were colliding,
    it was you who helped me in deciding.

    And when my actions filled with folly,
    you always managed to keep me jolly.

    If pains and troubles I had feigned,
    I never heard of yours complained.

    You inspired me that dreaming,
    was always more than it was seeming.

    With stretching mind and open hands,
    I lived my life in foreign lands.

    I haven’t seen you for some time,
    but since our lives so intertwine

    if it’s you I really want to see,
    I need entertain the child in me.

    Ellen E. Knight 6.12.13
    (write an entertain ____________ poem)

  34. SharoninDallas


    Entertain this!
    A gauntlet thrown down.
    A line in the sand.
    The final straw.
    I take a stand.
    Entertain this thought.
    Let it be clear.
    I will not be moved from here.
    Beyond this point I will not go.
    Now it is you who consideration must show.

  35. identity

    Entertaining Time

    Time is a fickle visitor
    Demanding to be entertained
    He will sit still for lively plays
    And fidget through those more mundane
    Do not neglect to play your part
    He’ll leave and he’ll not come again

  36. Nancy Posey

    Pardon the cynical tone today. I just read an article about how students are reading (and being assigned) fewer and fewer challenging texts.

    Just Entertain Them

    We could have read the signs
    when the cafeteria fare switched
    from a well-balanced meal
    of meat and vegetables
    to pizza and chicken fingers.
    (Chickens have fingers? Who knew?)
    The mantra: Give them what they want.
    Then they won’t waste.

    Now in think tanks they ask us
    to imagine the students
    of the future, what will motivate them?
    How can we embed the learning
    we prescribe in electronic games
    (like hiding the dog’s pill
    in peanut butter)?

    Can’t you make learning fun?
    they ask—or worse—make
    class time fun? Meanwhile,
    don’t forget to build self-esteem.
    Give everyone a trophy, a plague,
    a blue ribbon—or give no one.
    Set Shakespeare—the bowdlerized
    text—to rap music. Assign art projects
    and Powerpoint instead of essays.

    Just think, says a voice that sounds
    as I imagine Satan must sound,
    they will be so much easier to grade.

    1. ewdupler

      Well said, Nancy. Gone are the days when the products of our educational system put men on the moon using slide rules – but it’s “easier to grade”, now.

      Though I have to admit, I had a crazy urge for peanut butter covered chicken fingers after reading your poem. I think that voice at the end is got to me!

  37. RJ Clarken

    Entertainment as a Shakespearean Comedy

    “All the world is a stage,” he said.
    So, on the boards, the actors tread
    reciting lines ‘til curtain call.
    They take a bow and that is all.

    Reputation as a bubble
    sets the scene, but can be trouble.
    Seven acts? Time can’t forestall.
    Each takes a bow and that is all.

    A childish treble pipes a sound.
    The audience cheers all around.
    But as we age, no more enthrall.
    We take our bows and that is all.

    A strange, eventful history
    is not the stuff of mystery.
    The critic writes upon his ‘,wall’
    “Just take your bow, and that is all.”


  38. dextrousdigits

    Entertainment for Kittens
    A rubber band
    piece of yarn
    a paper I’m writing
    a broom sweeping up debris
    or the debris
    an open closet door
    a spider crossing the floor
    another cats tail
    or their own

    all in less than five minds
    quick agile minds

  39. De Jackson

    Enter: Tainted Heart.

    You come in all suave
    and sly, and I can just
    hear the saloon doors
    fwap closed behind you.

    Name your poison
    the wind whispers,
    and embracing skull
    and cross bones, forgetting
    bitter aftertaste

    Pour it to the top
    and keep it comin’

    says a voice not quite
    my own. She’s known
    ’round these parts for
    sharp shooting
    and blurry vision.

    Decision time:
    take this wild ride
    to the end
    or holster this for good.

    Everything I am
    knows to go.
    But your eyes beg me to stay




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