Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 218

For this week’s prompt, write a chapter poem. This could be the first chapter of a book…or last chapter. It could be the chapter of an organization. Or a chapter of your life.

Here’s my attempt at a chapter poem:

“the book”

this old book i can’t seem to read
offers two chapters for each scene

if i choose one my tale moves on
but the other leads to my doom

choose your own adventure is fine
but a bit too much like real life


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155 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 218

  1. TwiztedWingz

    As the genius slept,
    His dreams ran rampant,

    his feet tip toed across
    all the ways to cure cancer,
    how to fix world hunger.

    he watched stars form into
    elephants being pierced by spears,
    acres of wildlife being condensed into large rectangles

    hungered children,
    skin stretching over glass bones,
    burnt-out-cigarette pupils gazing into the unknown of a new day.

    As he awoke,
    sun streaming across his face,
    he fell into a routine,
    and the ideas of the genius
    began to fade.

  2. Juanita Lewison-Snyder

    by juanita lewison-snyder

    and when the dark came
    and stained itself against
    the crimson gown of sunset,

    brain and belly running on empty,

    a menagerie of characters
    gather and line around the
    rim of my cold coffee cup,

    stretching and yawning from
    the margin of my manuscript,
    eyes pleading to lay this
    chapter to bed.

    © 2013 by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

  3. RAfrica000

    Life for me is waiting still
    love might come, but it might not
    everything i dream to feel
    everything i dream or want

    Waiting for the moment, come.
    waiting for a burst of light
    light that brings a brand new dawn
    of change and song and life.

    Life for me is all a climb
    still i reach for everything
    but everything will come in time
    time will show what life can bring

  4. stepstep

    The Bible

    Daily I am inspired , encouraged,
    Pushed to go on and not give up
    Filled with joy, ready to spread glad tidings

    Each chapter, full of useful information
    Prayers, guidelines for our lives, soul-searching,

    No matter what, you’re able to find
    A chapter that talks to your situation
    You can always find a chapter
    That speaks only to you


  5. seingraham


    A symphony of swallows scissor-slash the sky
    Sending shards of memory on this first
    Mother’s Day without you, surprising me
    So sharp they are, and like the feathered ones
    Swoop and soar with such rapidity I find
    I am unable to keep track of them…

    Like tiny, perfect dark angels, the birds
    And my thoughts of you, appear as if out of clouds
    Then gather in flocks and are gone again
    In a chorus of discordant song and whooshing
    wings and I wonder at what it is you are trying
    to tell me, much as I did while you lived
    The last chapter of your book, it seems,
    remains unfinished.

    1. PressOn

      I think this is wonderful: the interplay of title and concept; the captivating opening line, especially the brilliant “scissor-slash”; the underlying rhythm. Superb.


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