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Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 211

In April and November, the Poetic Asides blog is all about writing a poem each and every day of the month. During the rest of the year, we prompt and poem on Wednesdays.

For this week’s prompt, take the phrase “Don’t Forget (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then, write your poem. Example titles might be: “Don’t Forget to Leave on the Light,” “Don’t Forget the Alamo,” or “Don’t Forget to Enjamb Your Lines.” I’m sure everyone will have fun with this one.

Here’s my attempt:

“Don’t forget to call”

Don’t forget to call and hang up
before trying to call again.
Dialing once is not enough–
don’t forget to call and hang up.
Make me stand and set down my cup
only to hear the ringing end.
Don’t forget to call and hang up
before trying to call again.


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The poetic form I used above is a triolet. Explore these other poetic forms on Poetic Asides:


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108 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 211

  1. Juanita Lewison-Snyder

    Don’t Forget Me
    by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

    I know we’re blood,
    but I don’t want that to be
    the only thing that binds us
    long after I am gone.

    Never mind that we were
    raised together, yet separate
    from older brothers,
    flawed and disjointed this family be.

    I would gladly stand
    my Vanilla next to your Chocolate
    and follow you into any battle
    you asked of me.

    Take care to always remember
    how we fought Pirates and
    Demons throughout our short lives,
    and later Ghosts with agendas.

    “…a Falcon on your right arm,
    a Dove to your left,”

    let that be my final Epitaph
    when the last of my remains

    kiss the dappled blooms of
    wild rhodies vining lazily
    around the edicts of
    your heart.

    © 2013 by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

  2. taylor graham


    You’ve climbed this high to look
    the snow-queen in the face,
    here at the crown of Cornice Mountain.
    You’ve herringboned up slope and aspect,
    over wind-drift flakes woven,
    ermine to drape the Queen of Snow.
    Look her in the eye – fierce blue glitter
    in a certain sun-glare shifting –
    spirited white horse about to plunge.
    Ever-changing, no moment
    the same. She rolls the ice-dice,
    graupel strewn underfoot. How her glance
    pulls against your gravity.
    With a gesture invisible as wind,
    she could set the whole mountain tumbling.
    And yet, you’d swear she’s
    weightless in lace-white snow.
    Gaze one more time into her deep blue-
    shadow eyes. It’s time to find
    your way back down to trail-head.
    She bids you stay. Trust her
    no more than a one-night lover.

  3. JRSimmang

    Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush

    But if you do,
    we’ll be here for you,
    waiting behind this marble countertop,
    standing beside the fern
    and rubber tree
    with a smile on our faces,
    with our hands on your toothbrush.

  4. DanielAri

    “Don’t forget it (with Curly Weaver)”

    Teenagers on the public playground set
    hold crawlplace shadows big enough for two.
    (Whatcha gonna do? Watcha gonna do?)
    Sky’s getting dark, and as it’s getting wet
    bodies too grown for slides find something new.
    (Something so new, new things so new to do.)

    Time has come—not yet! Time to go—not yet!
    Press and promise, Beth, one last taste of you,
    of you, Beth, of you, Beth, of you, of you.
    We unrumple, climb down the jungle gym,
    walk to your front door. Can’t deny the moon,
    the bom biddy bom a-dang-a-dang moon

    that wanes and waxes some three hundred time
    since the last shadow-heated time we met
    one teenager’s night on a playground set.
    While I’m certain I could find you online,
    who I’d find in you, friend, I wouldn’t bet
    (not the girl from the playground tête-à-tête).

    Beth, I hardly ever hear you callin.’
    My emotions are no marionette.
    My heart’s no longer my hormones’ puppet.
    Yet some wispy trigger has called me to
    a feeling I knew I’d never forget
    (or if I will someday, I haven’t yet).
    Teenagers on the public playground set.

  5. noobpoet

    “Don’t Forget to Think About Tomorrow”

    Don’t forget to think about tomorrow.
    While the things of today seem important,
    They can quickly be tomorrows sorrows,
    And soon all your plans will be discordant.
    Though to revel in yesterdays fancies
    Is quite alright, at least to some extent,
    For theres no amount of apologies
    That can bring back lost time already went.
    But if a memory can bring you smiles,
    Call it to you when today has you beat
    And tomorrow looks to be off by miles,
    Think of when you triumphed over defeat.
    When today seems to hold naught but sorrow,
    Don’t forget to think about tomorrow.

  6. shinnokami03

    “Don’t Forget to Think About Tomorrow”

    Don’t forget to think about tomorrow.
    While the things of today seem important,
    They can quickly be tomorrows sorrows
    And soon all your plans will be discordant.
    Though to revel in yesterdays fancies
    Is quite alright, at least to some extent,
    For there’s no amount of apologies
    That can bring back lost time already went.
    But if a memory can bring you smiles,
    Call it to you when today has you beat.
    And tomorrow seems to be off by miles,
    Think of when you triumphed over defeat.
    When today seems to hold naught but sorrow,
    Don’t forget to think about tomorrow.

  7. Lisa PK

    Don’t Forget Your Dreams

    Don’t forget the dreams you had
    Before life changed your plan.
    You knew exactly what it was
    Before it was crushed by a man.
    Don’t forget what you put off
    Or gave up to raise your kids.
    What you reluctantly swept under the rug,
    That thing you never did.
    Life is short and time goes by
    The kids grow up
    And say goodbye
    So you sweep the floor and paint their rooms
    And remember who you were.
    Then it’s not to late to live
    And dream your dream again.

  8. PressOn


    Don’t forget this wisdom, dear,
    that life is ripe when love is near;
    that nights are possibilities
    and days, fulfilling as a breeze
    that whispers wonders in your ear.

    Love carries its own atmosphere:
    an ambience of joyous cheer
    that casts a glow through winter trees.
    Don’t forget

    that worldly wealth is but a mere
    appurtenance, a passing bier
    of promises that never please.
    But love is more than auguries;
    it’s made of gold that stays the year.
    Don’t forget.

  9. shinnokami03

    “Don’t Forget to Think About Tomorrow”

    Don’t forget to think about tomorrow,
    While the things of today seem important,
    They can quickly be tomorrows sorrows,
    And soon all your plans will be discordant.
    Though to revel in yesterdays fancies
    Is quite alright, at least to some extent,
    For there’s no amount of apologies
    That can bring back lost time already went.
    But if a memory can bring you smiles,
    Call it to you when today has you beat,
    And tomorrow looks to be off by miles,
    Think of when you triumphed over defeat.
    When today seems to hold naught but sorrow,
    Don’t forget to think about tomorrow.

  10. HandHeldWriter

    Don’t forget that thing that you once forgot.
    It may turn out disastrous. My goodness, I hope not!

    Now I know it’s something that I’ve forgotten before.
    Maybe it’s my house keys dangling from my front door.

    Was it a bill I was suppose to pay? The water or electric?
    If it wasn’t so dark in here, I could probably think of it.

    Let me go for a walk. Maybe that will jog my memory.
    Trying to remember that thing I forgot has become something of a mystery.

    The ability to remember things usually happens when I’m gone.
    Now I’m beginning to wonder: Did I leave the stove on?

    Perhaps it was an anniversary. Was it someone’s birthday?
    Hmm, is that why my best friend is not talking to me today?

    Did I check the mail? Am I expecting anything important?
    Do I need to call and cancel something? Do I even have an appointment?

    I try to retrace my steps, which do not go very far.
    Did I leave the gas cap off again after I filled up my car?

    Maybe I left the stove on. Oh. Sorry. My bad.
    I forgot… I had already mentioned that.

    I think it was a live or death thing. I got this feeling inside.
    It’s not coming to me. Hey, why’s my goldfish floating on his side?

    Anyway, I’m going to bed. Maybe I’ll remember in the morning.
    Man, what’s that smell? Is something burning?

    I’m wide-eyed and awake in bed. I’m lying very still.
    I can’t sleep. Did I… did I take my sleeping pill?

    Don’t forget that thing that you once forgot.
    It may turn out disastrous.
    But I hope not.

  11. Ber

    Don’t forget us

    I remember the days
    when i would go and see you
    a loving hand
    you would hold out
    and teach me my times two

    A gentle voice
    a loving heart
    a wonderful person
    right from the start

    Always having time
    for others
    never thinking of yourself
    pushing back the housework
    to make a conversation and help

    At meal times always a place set
    everyones for tea
    laughter and chat filled the room
    you were as busy as a bee

    Never ever thinking
    that one day would come
    that we would watch over you
    now it is our turn

    Your loving smile still touches us
    at will we wish you well
    the happy times we remember
    not on the illness that you have
    we don’t want to dwell

    Your heart is strong
    your mind is too
    were so lucky
    to have someone like you

    So all that you have taught us
    we hold deep inside
    we know that you are an angel on earth
    your wings you choose to hide

  12. Earl Parsons

    Don’t Forget …

    Don’t forget to do the laundry
    I need clean underwear
    Don’t forget to check the tires
    I think one’s low on air
    Don’t forget the cat box
    Fluffy just dropped a bomb
    Don’t forget to call the vet
    That stink means something’s wrong
    Don’t forget to pick up milk
    Can’t wash down cake with Coke
    Don’t forget a birthday card
    Your brother like a good joke
    Don’t forget to exercise
    That tummy needs to shrink
    Don’t forget to check your email
    Don’t open unknown links
    Don’t forget to thank your stars
    You live in freedom’s land
    Don’t forget to pray to God
    And hold on to His hand

  13. Earl Parsons

    Don’t Forget the Sacrifice

    The willingness of so many
    So many that came long before us
    Before we were even a gleam
    A gleam in our father’s eye
    Our fathers and theirs before them
    Before them laid the future
    The future that they would make better
    Make better for all that would follow

    The future they worked to ensure
    Ensure for the future of all
    All were expected to sacrifice
    Sacrifice was just part of the plan
    The plan put America first
    First in all actions and endeavors
    Endeavors that would raise the nation
    The nation at the top of the heap

    The road to America’s greatness
    Greatness in the eyes of the world
    The world so envied our success
    Success derived from the many
    The many that saw what was at stake
    At stake was the freedom of millions
    Millions that came for one purpose
    One purpose, one nation, one America

    Lest we forget what they gave
    They gave their blood, sweat and tears
    Tears shed now as we head the wrong way
    The wrong way toward the abyss
    The abyss that will take this nation down
    Down to the depths of utter ruin
    Ruin that we may not recover from
    From the ashes we may never rise

    The question: Is it too late
    Too late to save the Great Lady
    Lady Liberty is crying for help
    Help that can only come from the people
    The people that still love America
    America: land of the free and brave
    Brave that must again turn to sacrifice
    Sacrifice before it’s too late

  14. SharoninDallas

    Don’t forget the ones you love,
    A simple word placed here and there
    A gesture, a smile, a listening ear,
    Just to show you care.
    For those you know, for those you don’t,
    Love them all the same.
    Use your time for others too,
    Not for every whim for you.
    For those you know, for those you don’t,
    Love them all the same.
    Love them all and love yourself,
    Because you love them in His name.

  15. Tracy Davidson

    Don’t forget to defrost the turkey

    like you did last year
    when we enjoyed beans on toast
    for Christmas dinner

    Don’t forget our anniversary

    like you did last year
    and I smacked you round the head
    with a five iron

    Don’t forget the way to the hospital

    like you did last year
    when I was forced to give birth
    on the hard shoulder

    Don’t forget that last year was crap

  16. Nancy Posey

    Don’t Forget Who You Are

    Dad always called out as I left the house,
    and though I knew exactly what he meant,
    I feigned ignorance, not amnesia.

    We’d watched Days of Our Lives together
    back then, something he never admitted—
    Was Phillip really Mark? The nun he loved,
    could she be his sister? Stay tuned next week when …

    What he really meant: Don’t forget whose you are,
    a truth I’m learning, watching my own children
    growing up, leaving home, finding their own place.
    I know now how small the world is, everywhere

    bumping into distant kin and old family friends,
    certain to call and say, You’ll never guess
    who I saw. . . . Maybe he meant what I want
    to cry out now: Don’t forget who loves you,
    and please find your way home now and then.

  17. Amy

    Don’t Forget Your Family

    Don’t forget to step lightly,
    as you sneak in silence
    down the stairs.
    Past the family photos-
    pieces of our lives frozen
    on the wall.

    Don’t forget to turn off the
    light, leaving us in the
    darkness of denial.
    The delicate moonlight will
    illuminate all that you
    have hidden.

    Don’t forget to lock the door
    behind you, pulling lightly as you
    turn the key.
    Secure us in our house of
    deception; we will anxiously
    await your return.

  18. Sara McNulty

    Don’t Forget How To Love

    When your heart hardens
    from wounds with no pardons,
    don’t forget how to love.

    When your tears have dried,
    you are hollow inside,
    don’t forget how to love.

    When you see someone new
    turn to look straight at you,
    don’t forget how to love.

    When you think you’re unique
    in hurts suffered, life bleak,
    don’t forget how to love.

    When eyes meet, if pulse quickens,
    face flushes, stomach sickens
    you did not forget how to love.

  19. taylor graham


    The snow came down in waves
    and curtains, white lace dimming
    to dark velvet; then alien, mousy-
    gray – daylight as through a tunnel;
    snow to bury us. But you just kept
    on stoking the fire until the kettle
    steamed. You asked for bread. So
    I pushed and prodded dough, I felt
    the yeast come alive between my
    fingers, flour gritty with grains.
    I kneaded in rosemary, chopped
    chives. I watched it rise. Baking,
    it smelled of summer. It warms
    every winter corner of the house.

  20. Connie Peters

    Don’t Forget to Write

    You have a gift
    that can be regarded as frivolous,
    a waste of time,
    a gift that can so easily slip
    through your fingers.
    You have a gift
    to take people places
    they cannot go,
    to help them experience everything,
    from flying on silver wings,
    running with the bulls of Pamplona
    or receiving an angel’s kiss.
    You have a gift
    to express things on their hearts
    they can’t express themselves.
    To incite them to love, hate,
    become indignant, take joy,
    learn what’s important.
    You can enable them
    to see the invisible
    and hope for the eternal.
    You have a gift
    that transcends time and space
    and has the potential
    to affect generations to come.
    You have a gift
    designed to give.
    Don’t forget to write.

  21. priyajane

    Dont forget this, please

    Forget what you think you know-
    Let embryonic thoughts overflow
    Catch then with a fishing net
    Encrypting, your inner cadet
    Blooming, haunting, Forget-me-nots,
    They smile at the edge of larger pots
    Not all can grow like perfect roses
    Find the beauty in ordinary poses
    Simple petals can tint your marrow
    Arching, silver poetic arrows–

    PriyA Jane

  22. Mike Bayles

    Don’t Forget the Sun

    clouds darken skies and moods
    rain and snow comes
    unwelcome guests
    a change of weather
    while I think of another day
    more temperate
    and more forgiving
    warmth to warm my heart
    a time of clear skies remembered,
    don’t forget the sun

  23. mattlee

    Ruxton Avenue

    Don’t forget the uphill climb,
    left at the Loop, up the historic mountain,
    trudging past quaint stores smelling of thyme.
    Don’t forget the uphill climb,
    where, gathering outside the Mate Cafe, voices grind
    like the motor of the Cog, churning through Englemann Canyon.
    Don’t forget the uphill climb,
    left at the Loop, up the historic mountain.

    Don’t forget the gifts of time,
    glowing like porch lights domed in snow.
    Holding the tiny fingers of new life,
    don’t forget the gifts of time.
    Your snowshoed path swirls behind you like vintage wines,
    from rustic fires to cozy bungalows.
    Don’t forget the gifts of time,
    glowing like porch light domed in snow.

  24. Amy

    Don’t Forget to Play Pretend

    Don’t forget to savor
    these small fleeting moments.
    Amidst the chaos of diapering
    and feeding time, the tedium of
    scrubbing and scheduling,
    don’t forget the wondrous joy
    that exists within these
    tiny fragments.
    For if you do,
    you will miss the simple pleasure
    of a precious smile or
    the pure delight of innocent laughter.
    Too soon, these moments
    are replaced with drivers’ licenses
    and dates.
    Don’t forget to play pretend,
    or lick the batter from the spoon.
    Remember to stay in your pj’s
    all day and eat ice cream
    for dinner.
    Don’t forget to cherish
    those dear little ones.

  25. Sitka Larry

    Don’t Forget to Let Go

    Don’t forget to let go at the right moment.
    Just then, at the peak. At that moment when movement stops
    and you’re suspended, weightless, high above us.
    Let go. Don’t forget. Just let go.

    Don’t forget the feeling of release.
    The brief bit of frozen time when the rules you knew stopped
    and life left you with a new one, immutably real.
    Let go. Don’t forget. Ignore the danger and let go.

    Don’t forget to stick the landing.
    Feet meet ground. Knees flex, arms out. The center of you
    finds the world again. You touch. Reconnect. Rejoice.
    Let go. Don’t forget the time and place. Let go.

    Don’t forget that letting go is not an ending,
    it is a beginning and a middle.
    And sometimes a glorious all. Complete.
    Let go. Don’t forget. Just let go.

  26. Karlie

    Don’t Forget To Remember

    Don’t forget to remember,
    Dancing in the yard with the trees on fire
    In Autumn’s blazing glory
    Don’t forget to remember
    The feel of my hand in yours
    How forever tasted on your lips
    When you lied that winter morn
    Don’t forget to remember
    Wherever you may be
    You’ve moved on to summer
    But I can’t even see the spring.

  27. JWLaviguer

    Don’t Forget the Brain

    Shoot and stab
    Crush and beat
    Do all you want
    they’ll keep coming at you
    the zombies
    the undead
    dragging their intestines
    they’ll keep coming
    you remember
    to kill the brain.

  28. Jane Shlensky

    Don’t Forget the Road

    He says he knows the road to wherever
    he has a mind to go, his old car like
    a horse he’s trained—he tells her,
    puts a firm hand on her steering
    and a steady foot on her gas pedal,
    and she does the rest. Sometimes
    it’s almost magic that he’s riding,
    his mind wandering back roads of years
    long past in the dust and haze of dusk
    when suddenly he’s arrived,
    parked at the place he’d forgotten
    he was going, delivered of himself
    and roused out of his thoughts.

    Oh, he’ll say then, always delighted
    to find himself at his destination,
    only occasionally wondering if this
    is indeed where he was headed.
    He doesn’t second-guess himself.
    He left home and followed many
    a road in life, some paved and some not,
    watching the trees run past him,
    the dashes of the lanes flashing by,
    the morning giving way to sunset,
    arriving every time somewhere,
    pleased and surprised that his wife
    has not called a silver alert.

  29. Yolee

    Don’t Forget

    now they’re young women
    whom never heard an affirming
    expression from their carbon-based father.

    They know of him but know
    nothing about him except
    that they don’t rock on
    the easy chair in his heart,
    except that one has his face
    and irony tracks them down.

    For patriarchal sake they cannot thumb
    through history like pages of a fairytale
    that keep exact accounts with words
    that exhibit a good character.

    He never called contributions
    to say “come see my daughters’ gifts
    they will enlarge the pockets of your soul.”

    He did not give them building blocks
    with which they could stand
    taller than their imagined significance.

    They look to you with surrogate hope
    from breaks in strawberry shortcake
    curtains still hanging in the cluttered
    room of their souls.

      1. Yolee

        One of the reasons I love to write is because of the common ground many of us have walked on. Thank you for stopping by.

        Your kind words are greatly appreciated, Sara.

  30. PKP

    Don’t forget there is always time

    don’t forget
    as you reach for excuses
    lying littered as scattered
    paper napkins at your feet
    that there is always time

    time – that stretches like
    taffy when pulled in the
    direction of a child’s open
    arms, or a papyrus hand
    reaching for another touch

    there is always time
    don’t forget
    when winds of yearning
    call and dreams beckon
    brightly and love is possible
    there IS always time
    while the sand still slides
    down sides of glass

    clear the tissue paper
    excuses – they will not protect
    you from your regret
    when the last grain falls


  31. PKP

    Don’t forget me ….

    the days will pass
    and winds of whispers
    and wandering and
    wondering will come
    and go fluttering like
    white wash on a clothes
    line on a summer day
    the days will pass
    and I will be gone
    live, love, dance
    do not dwell but
    please if possible
    don’t forget me

  32. elishevasmom

    Don’t Forget to Smile

    If you could only see the light
    that you ignite
    with your smile,
    how little sparks rise up
    at the edges,
    and reach to the stars
    to join in the conga line,
    da-da-da-da-da kick,
    weaving in and out
    of galaxies,
    from outer space
    covering all of creation
    like pixie-dust
    back to inner space,
    to the place
    within my heart,
    you would never
    forget to smile.

    Ellen Knight

  33. Domino

    Don’t Forget

    Those ones you treasured
    while they were here
    the ones that passed before;
    Their memories hold
    and keep them near
    for they won’t pass here more.

    The things they taught you,
    both good and ill,
    can guide you in your life.
    Remember well
    each pain, each thrill
    their lifelong joys and strife.

    If you keep them close
    and in your heart,
    they’re never far away
    Their lessons shared,
    their life, their art,
    will bless you every day.

    Diana Terrill Clark

  34. Sitka Larry

    Don’t forget

    Don’t forget this memory I have.
    Its one we share, though I wonder how close to mine
    your version is.

    Mine has to be the more glorious vision, because it has you in it.
    Yours only has me, and that is a measurable difference.
    Always has been. Always will be.

    Differences and memories.
    Visions and versions of visions
    perhaps not forgotten by one of us at least.

  35. Hannah

    Don’t Forget Benjamin

    As frost buds and blooms on steel bars
    he finally succumbs to the freeze,
    fed to the hungry night;
    zoo keepers-his plight givers
    forgot him and he’s left out-of-doors.
    He may have forgiven them,
    in the morning, he may have
    but zero degree weather is not forgiving
    and this mistake won’t be corrected;
    for their negligence an entire species pays.
    Last of his kind, Thylacine, the Tasmanian tiger,
    Benjamin has his last breath stolen brutally;
    strangled by the frigid air of winter,
    barred from his sheltered sleeping quarters
    an amazing creature is sacrificed in vain.
    Silently the woods grieve-
    openly, Mother Nature weeps.

    Copyright © Hannah Gosselin 2013

    There’s footage of Benjamin here: http://wordrustling.wordpress.com/2013/02/20/dont-forget-benjamin/

  36. PressOn


    Don’t forget to change your underwear
    before you travel; for you never know
    the turns of fate that might await you there.
    Don’t forget to change your underwear
    in case you crash and then they strip you bare,
    to find your BVDs from long ago.
    Don’t forget to change your underwear
    before you travel. For you never know.

  37. foodpoet

    Writers digest 2013

    Don’t forget me when the winds blows
    In the silence of blankness
    In grass in morning
    I now walk alone
    Dew wet I retreat to my den, my lair of safe thoughts
    I will think of you on soft mornings with damp hair
    And mind meditated, I head to work to weave
    Our memories for another day.

  38. Nimue

    Don’t forget to remember

    not once
    but every passing day,
    how words have lifted you,
    your spirits,
    your smiles,
    in times
    of cold silence,
    and lonely

    not once
    but every passing day
    to spread
    the same words
    and few more
    to souls around,
    we all need
    them alike.

  39. De Jackson

    Don’t Forget This

    Press it on your heart, a dry
    flower waiting. Hold it on
    your tongue, acrid and sweet
    and staining. Mind its long
    trailed tail and the tide
    foaming in to erase these
    footprints, falling sand
    sifting soft like rain.


  40. Angel Villagomez


    Cold War, forgotten, left behind
    mad arsenal built by hot nations.
    The warheads hiding in deep bunkers
    await the Middle Eastern signal.
    Revivals resurrect old blood
    feuds and future grafted to fate.
    Oh, Calvary! Ascends the heavens.
    The herald beckons Christ’s return.
    Hosanna! Our hearts melt in the flames
    fanned by the love of the Lord.

  41. Jane Shlensky

    Don’t Forget to Medicate

    The plastic pill carrier has separate
    compartments labeled by day,
    a gentle nudge toward her daily dose.
    There are placed the vitamins, the calcium,
    the pills for pain, for sleep, for memory.

    She watches as her son distributes the pills
    admonishing her to remember when
    each is taken, reminding her not
    to take the sleep pill before bedtime,
    but time hangs on her like a dolman sleeve,
    drooping and puddling in her lap,
    minutes just another space to fill.

    Let’s take the memory pill now, her son says,
    placing the small blue dot into her hand
    and offering her water. This will help you
    remember to take the other pills on time,
    he laughs. What is funny about this?
    She has no problems with memory.
    It’s the forgetting that concerns him.

    She sits in her chair and observes the yard
    the trees beyond the window frame,
    their leaves aflame, and reasons
    that it must be fall with winter coming soon.
    She has all the time in the world
    to remember her childhood and home place,
    a dog she once loved named Dan,
    a man who smiled at her a certain way,
    a man she might have married,
    holding a baby that might have
    been her son, the fleeting words
    to a wistful lovely song.
    Pills don’t come to mind.

  42. JWLaviguer

    Don’t Forget to Remember

    Do you remember
    when I held you in my arms
    rocked you to sleep
    made you feel safe

    Do you remember
    when we went rollerblading
    riding bikes
    playing games

    Do you remember
    when you cried
    and I told you
    everything would be okay

    Do you remember
    I tried to be there
    but I couldn’t
    for one reason or another

    Do you remember
    that I love you
    and you’ll always be my little girl
    no matter what

  43. Walt Wojtanik


    A poet, rooted in Wood.
    A good place to begin.
    In the passage of time,
    a heart hits it stride
    when the pride of from
    whence it came and gave
    it a name, blossoms within.
    A memory lasts when deeply
    rooted. One grows with its flourish.