Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 208

For this week’s prompt, write a forever poem. The poem could be about things that last forever, take forever, or play on the concept that nothing lasts forever. So many possibilities exist that I’m sure some poets could write on this prompt forever. However, I promise a new prompt next Wednesday.

Here’s my attempt at a forever poem:


I’m still paying the 2007 rates
on stamps. The packaging says
Forever, because they can be
used on simple envelopes as long
as the postal service operates.
The prices just went up one cent
this week, and I think what a great
investment–these stamps, these
beautiful stamps that I never send.


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118 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 208

  1. Juanita Lewison-Snyder

    ghost print
    by juanita lewison-snyder

    long after
    this body has sprouted mushrooms and truffles
    in a woodsy area on some long forgotten hill,
    that painting i loved so much —
    the one in the blue-green oils
    and crackles of swirling white sky,

    will have suddenly appeared
    in a far corner stitch of haunted canvas,
    my ghost print
    — along with a dozen others
    proof of our existence beyond
    this mahogany stained frame,

    adoration, measured
    forever immortalized
    in a museum or private collection
    hundreds of years from now.

    © 2013 by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

  2. stepstep


    Eternally…will it really last?
    At night I cry myself to sleep
    And wonder is it real, an illusion, or is it true?
    My tears illuminate like the morning dew.

    Nothing matures, nothing comes around
    The world is in a turmoil, silent, where is the sound?
    It’s become a mere habit as I also shed a tear today
    Though I bridle my tongue I yearn for you to stay.

    Each ounce of freedom is locked into a morsel of potential
    Webbed by a blanket of entanglement
    Censored by hugs and kisses
    Christened by a pillow of comfort.


  3. BDP

    Life Cycle: Ad Infinitum

    One well-timed glance, I would have caught the act
    while sitting in my second story aerie,
    enjoying homemade muffins, culinary
    dreaming. Instead of viewing the attack,
    I woke from tasty musing slowly: hawk
    atop—what’s that? Bright green head. Mallard prey?
    So why do others of the species stay
    near him on shore, paddling in place? Get back,

    fools—your time’s coming! But I’m guessing three
    apt grounds for ducks to court more jeopardy.
    They mourn. Perhaps their group has total recall
    of, say, ten seconds, so the real, sensed peril
    that was felt, now isn’t. Or Bird Who Eats
    is full. Me? Just not hungry after all.

  4. my hearts love songs


    “fear not for the future
    weep not for the past”
    the only advice my mother ever gave me…..
    if she had known what i would do in the future
    she would surely have wept

    as young as four
    i radiated a charisma
    heralded as divine
    i followed my intuition
    never seeking permission

    i prayed with wolves
    to grant faith and understanding to humanity
    i consulted with ravens
    about omens and mysteries
    i felt no need to conceal my actions

    my father dismissed my beliefs as fantasy
    my mother pretended nothing was amiss
    some were certain it was deception or at least delusion
    there were those who whispered it was daemonic
    others worshipped me as though i were a god

    indifferent to them all
    i immersed myself in the arcana of the universe
    until i understood my purpose
    i bade the ravens fly around the world
    to gather every shadow, high and low

    having no choice but to accede to my destiny
    i swallowed the shadows brought to me
    including those belonging to the ravens
    until the darkness disappeared
    and me with it
    leaving the earth in light forevermore

  5. penney


    The illusion of forever, gives the insight of the never ever.
    But, trying to figure out where life ends is impossible when it bends in.
    Like a roll of toilet paper, box cars, or skyscrapers.

    Or, housing projects that line a nation, and railroad tracks with many stations.
    What ever the inclination, I am bored with this contemplation.

    It is with faith that I believe, that there is such thing as infinity or an eternity.
    I watch the endless horizon looking for enough time to spend, finding my
    beginning and end.

    I am the planet that spins. A globe of curves at all ends.
    I circulate and ovulate. My calendar is a twelve month rotating trend.
    I will always be a dizzy swirl with the sun and moon fighting for the girl.

    I will go on forever like my oceans, and stars in heaven.
    I can’t stand the thought of being alone, forever lost in a black hole,
    full of a desolate never ever.

  6. PressOn


    “Like is, like, lazy,
    “like” is, like, dumb;
    “like” drives me crazy
    and makes my mind numb.

    “Like” is annoying
    when used all the time;
    it sounds so, like, cloying
    and drives one to crime.

    “Like” can stop speech
    stone dead in its tracks;
    it opens a breach
    that begs for an axe.

    “Like” can be stopped
    with this rule of thumb:
    its use can be lopped
    with an “er” or an “um,”

    but these days, it seems,
    some like to be clever
    and use “likes” in streams
    that last, like, forever.

    From Millies to Maisies,
    from Sparkies to Spikes,
    I don’t like the lazies
    who like all their “likes.”

  7. priyajane


    A moment frozen, cerebration, forever?
    A feeling, a realing, a healing, forever ?
    Distance, resistance, existence, forever?
    A heartbeat that’s inside the heartbeat, –forever?
    Everything is changing- so what is forever?
    Changing and changing, that is forever—-

    PriyA Jane

  8. SamanthaHolloway

    Late to the party, but better late than never, no?

    Digging in the mud this cold day long
    Hoping to find some long forgotten lore
    I come upon the fragile bones line songs
    Struck by the beauty, try not to think “score!”
    The same sun shines on me that shone on them
    Though we’re both a bit older than these youths
    They hold each others hands, bones mixed like gems
    Love their eternity, cold cash my truth
    It’s a shame to disturb their hallowed grave
    But cash keeps the heart beating more than love
    I’ll document the site, their embrace save
    And some museum will preserve them, sort-of
    But when the dark falls and the money’s spent
    There still lies eternity’s sentiment


  9. JRSimmang

    I have found myself at a crossroads,
    sandwiched between folds of cloth
    and yards of flesh.
    Do I gently tug or do I begin to disappear?
    A silly thing, flesh.
    They say it is the greatest organ,
    and when pressed so rightly,
    when stroked so tightly,
    it does sound a homily,
    glancing the narthex and singing its praises
    to God.
    God what I want to do to you
    under the yards of flesh.
    I want to practice ingenuity.
    I want to stitch and sew myself to you.
    I want to become that which is filling this void
    between us just so that I may inch that much closer.
    And closer still.
    I can feel your breath on my breath.
    I can see your eyes in my eyes.
    This distance is driving me mad.
    I am ready to listen.
    I am ready to listen with my calloused fingers,
    which stand crossed at the lower of your back,
    and wishing, God, wishing there were some way
    I could feel more of you at once!

    Can we just get on with it?
    I stand/ sit/ puddle, suspended
    from your fingertips,
    waiting and wishing for this time to end
    so we can finally
    see what it means to fall.

    I am melted and you are the artist.
    This space between us stretches and pulls
    at my muscles, moulding me and sculpting me.
    This one moment,
    this one time where we become joined
    cannot take but a moment.
    But, you, in this halcyon dream,
    forget time.
    And because we are sewn together,
    I forget time too.

  10. Michelle Hed

    Forever (Double Acrostic)

    For my love is great, I will shelter you with a rooF
    Of stars over your head and the crescendO
    Rising through our lives will run like a riveR
    Emptying into a basin for the next adventurE
    Verily singing our story with a changing improV
    Exchanging hopes, dreams and ideas, yes my lovE
    Remains true, strong and for you, always singulaR.

  11. PowerUnit

    Busses take forever to arrive
    and longer to get you to where you are going

    Taxis never satisfy at
    achieving linear harmony for their passengers

    Jets are too much trouble
    unless you are a business traveller
    with nothing really important in that briefcase

    Walking is the only sure way
    to travel with your feet on the ground.

  12. Yolee

    Auto Pilot

    When “I do” was zapped of color
    under the glass of time and the glare
    of fiery moments, the quicksand
    of broken bank, dreams
    and faith buried love.

    Good times were snapshots
    framed by a rearview mirror
    in our aging vehicle. We went
    forward for the most part
    facing opposite sides of the road.

    Smudged windows were always
    rolled up. O the dry and bent
    vegetation, stripped of gala
    their gowns!

    I don’t remember the time,
    because I lost the only working
    watch I had, but fatigue
    had tangled my hair, beliefs,
    and wishes way too long.

    I turned to look at the profile
    of the brown and silver bearded
    man whom when I first sensed
    a strange stirring, desperately
    searched for a restaurant
    he passed many times
    because we were starved
    and on a first date.

    Somewhere in our important
    papers file there was a big envelope
    containing the day forever began,
    though the dna of marriage
    was in our will. I asked my
    tired husband: “are you hungry?”

    He made a U-turn
    and headed home.

  13. Connie Peters


    F ather, forever is a long time and worth whatever preparation it takes.
    O pen my eyes to what I need to be doing here on earth.
    R emind me that this life is temporary and that heaven is my real home.
    E ternal life is mind boggling to think about. And very exciting. The
    V ariety of things you can do if you live eternally is awesome to contemplate. And
    E verlasting love, joy, peace, all things good. No sickness or death. No worries about
    R ight and wrong and guilt. Help me acclimate to heaven now by loving You and others.

  14. Ber

    Forever Young

    Looking into he light
    where he once lay
    he used to be her braken dawn
    he used to be her day

    Scented flowers that lay by her side
    tears that fell to far
    touching every part of where
    used to fall his arm

    Spoken words that once filled
    a fun filled room
    now that nothing was there
    only a slight scent of perfume

    Holding the past in her arms
    holding him close
    knowing who she was then
    would never be close

    looking at his picture
    deep in the granite stone
    words scripted in time
    this man she once held
    never ever crossed the line

    Wind blowing slightly
    moving memories away
    he came to catch her hand
    as he light filtered out the day

    As her families salty tears
    filled the room that was once filled with fun
    she had now gone with him
    to the run the pathways of the sky
    where they would dance and feel the love
    that was once in each others eyes.

  15. Misky

    Forever Cake

    Take cake, just as an example.
    Forever is a long time. Do you
    really want to eat cake
    that long?

    Seemed wrong to me, to just eat that
    and nothing else, that forever –
    but she thought it was quite

    To forever after never
    eat more than cake. Heaven’s sake, said
    I, no fruit, no veg, not
    a wedge

    Of bread, no pasta, no meat, just
    sweets forever after? She roared
    with laughter: carrot cake,

    Pineapple upside down cake, bread
    and butter pud, minced meat pies
    and creamy layer cakes.
    And then

    Her eyes glazed quite dreamy as she
    breathed, Cheese cake and butter cake, and
    she ate cake, and only cake,

  16. seingraham

    Forever Is…

    Forever is
    the time it takes
    The doe to draw
    her last breath
    after being struck
    By the bullet
    fired from
    The hunter’s rifle
    After he sights her
    through his scope,
    Lines up the crosshairs
    Squeezes the trigger
    very quickly as his
    breath escapes
    a beat too fast
    And he hits her high
    – in the throat
    Instead of
    in the heart
    As planned…


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