Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 207

For this week’s prompt, write a fragile poem. That is, write a poem that’s either delicate in its construction or is about a subject that is delicate–literally or figuratively or whatever-ly. I expect this prompt to take off in several different directions.

Here’s my attempt at a fragile poem:


along the river
clinging to a stick
leaf-blown & sinister

snake without a head
he didn’t know whether
to snatch or release

the body purposeless
current sure & triumphant
rock clenched

he decided to throw
rock & let the body wait
something else to claim


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122 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 207

  1. stepstep

    Soft Emotions

    not always thick-skinned
    but may suffer from sensitivity
    having to deal with all of life’s challenges
    rocking, reeling, ducking, bobbing and a-weaving,
    in a massive attempt to stay on course.

    soft-spoken emotions are curled under
    a sea of bring me out
    to create a sea of tears
    in times good or bad
    regardless of the consequences.

    every effort has been made
    but there is absolutely no resolution
    for true maturity to endure
    everything which comes your way
    and make a home to house these feelings.


  2. Juanita Lewison-Snyder

    stray on eighth street
    by juanita lewison-snyder

    he came to me
    forged in fear and bloodshed,
    limping, carrying a leg
    tucked awkwardly underneath
    his brindled skin, scarred
    and clinging to his bones
    like wet tissue.

    eyes downcast
    upon first approach,
    i can feel the suffering
    in his hoarse whimpers,
    gauge the cruelty of his life.
    he begs that i look past
    the imperfections.

    ready to bolt
    even at first kindness,
    he is trembling in his bravery
    and drooling at the sight of
    my ham & cheese offering,
    torn between hunger and trust
    just inches away as i broker
    this fragile peace between us.

    come sweet, invisible stray,
    be invisible no longer.

    © 2013 by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

  3. BDP

    Seed Corn: Rondelet

    To eat the seed’s
    dumb, one grows many, but we have
    to eat the seeds.
    The trick’s to plant beyond the needs
    of seven billion. Starving, buff,
    or in between: it’s not enough
    to eat the seeds.

  4. ClaireFSM

    Behind their park bench
    diamond dew outlines each strand
    in morning’s hopeful web.
    Here, he says, I’ll brush it away.
    No, she says, it’s beautiful.

  5. Veronictoria

    Brittle bones in shaky countenances.
    The straw the camel never asked for
    and now attends a chiropractor
    years after her
    Doilies and lace and petals of flora
    cannot withstand harsh conditions
    and that’s understandable
    because it’s always
    the beautiful
    that are
    and the most worth while
    are breakable

    But it is a tender heart
    young innocent naïve
    that ultimately appears
    tenuous vitreous precarious
    when in a situation
    threatening it’s constitution
    yet here is the absolute truth of the matter:
    it is those who risk
    that in turn
    make us

  6. PSC in CT

    This Frangible Heart

    This frangible heart
    sifts fragile feathers
    from eggshell fragments,
    weaves gossamer dreams
    with translucent dewdrops,
    imagines iridescent magic;

    trying on translucent wings,
    ascends a flimsy stairway
    fancying flight,
    but taking a leap of disbelief,
    slips, trips, fails,
    falls a broken butterfly

  7. rustydude


    Torn apart, alienated, not by choice,
    Silence in place of loving voice,
    Hearts broken, unable to mend,
    What was love, now is end.

    Others whisper their support or decent,
    Who would you believe or represent?
    Stories told; some folly, some true,
    Everyone wonders, what of you?

    Time is void, days eternal in length,
    Pain and tears, replaces strength,
    Darkness casts away the light,
    Sleep vanishes, curse the night.

    Morning light brings sorrow anew,
    Eyes closed still present same view,
    Alone and cold, the heart beats fast,
    Grasping for love, memories of past.

    Another day alone, crushed to dust,
    All temperament, feelings, lost of trust,
    What blade, shreds the heart today?
    Will it be by sight, or what they say?

    Lord, how long, to tread this valley of loss?
    Hold me, carry me, back to the cross,
    Grant me peace, peace of mind,
    Shelter my thoughts, make it grace I find.

    I know You’re with me, holding fast,
    A love eternal, forever to last,
    Fold me in, carry me forward,
    Renew me; steadfast, whole, and stalwart.

    When all is said and done in Christ’s name,
    Your promise, your word, grant the same,
    In Christ’s name, hurl this pain, deep into the sea,
    And if not, still my God, my Savior, forever You’ll be.

  8. HandHeldWriter

    A fragile thing

    Many words said, eroding his core
    All of which belittles his self-worth
    Now he surrenders his own assurance
    Succumbing to low self-confidence

    Everything he once knew of himself
    Only doubt and insecurity remains

  9. Stacey1989

    Child’s Dream

    Dreams spun from a child’s wonder
    torn by thunder.
    Left all alone
    chilled to the bone.

    In need of arms to hold her tight
    all through the night.
    To feel the warm
    after the storm.

    A seed of hope grows from within
    blossoms a grin
    with it new dreams.
    The whole world gleams.

  10. Ber

    Between the Cracks

    As fragile as a tiny flake
    her shadows of the past
    began to rush and race
    making her gentle heart go at a fast pace

    Images of yesterday
    caught up in time
    flashing words became her call
    lightening bolts pushed her from her feet

    Staring into the emptyness
    the nothing that was there
    salty tears
    clung to her face
    along her soft curls of hair

    Reflections of herself
    looking back at her
    who is this person
    she has become

    Once the road
    was paved with dreams
    that seemed to true
    now the road was dark
    nothing there , nothing new

    Tunnels of dancing light
    found there way through
    into a icy presence
    of someone she never knew

    Stop the hurt
    stop the pain
    when it comes
    it surely rains

    Following dreams she once knew
    now seemed so crystal clear
    now seemed
    so true


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