Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 204

It’s time to poem like it’s 2013, because, well, it’s 2013!

For this week’s prompt, write a resolved poem. The poem can list new year resolutions, show a person resolved to do something, or any other unique angle you resolve to write.

Here’s my attempt at a Resolved Poem:

“Here We Go”

Another year, another list
of promises to myself from
myself. Write more and quit eating
too much. Run more than every
so often. Save money and pay
attention to the internal
voice I usually ignore,
though it’s nearly always correct.
Here we go. The first step a trip.


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75 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 204

  1. Juanita Lewison-Snyder

    New Year Resolution 2013
    by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

    This year
    I resolve to
    eat my weight in chocolate and gummies,
    empty the clip of my favorite air soft on
    my neighbor’s marauding peacocks more often,
    and stop habitually poking my poor Rott
    in the eye when doling out free facials.

    This year
    I aspire to
    wax poetic on my new porch glider,
    learn to edit and burn video with gusto,
    and take that well earned vacation to
    Hades hotbed, Craters of the Moon.

    This year
    I promise to
    get around to decluttering the place,
    pruning the fruit trees, and reclaiming my
    outdoor living space so that the mailman
    can find the path to my front door once more
    when the checks finally start rolling in.

    © 2013 by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

  2. bclay

    — Happy belated New Year to all, trying to get this year off to a poetic start since not having written much for a while now, —-

    Don’t Drop The Ball

    “I will confine my dreams
    to their restless place, Sleep.”

    all the little lights,
    bulbs flashing the ideas,
    the dangers of emitting
    diodes,like suffocating stars
    a-blinking from an almost
    asphyxiation – holding my breath
    inebriated those last seconds,

    pride scoffed superstition,
    toasted the cheers unbelieving,
    if we are cursed to spend more
    time partying so be it – these
    midnight hours to come – we have
    already resolved to do so, making
    and keeping resolutions – the easy half,

    What is harder is admitting –
    kissing your owned shortcomings,
    untill eyes stream a dry forgiveness;
    realizing you failed – dropped the ball –
    the previous year; now seeing it symbolically
    drop on screen – three, two, one – countless pieces.

    1. Teresa

      Making It easy

      While I meditate on the new year,
      I resolve to fall more in love with life.
      Let me count the ways.

      Take my poets eye and open it further still,
      To higher ground.
      Know what makes my heart sing,
      As I make a contribution.
      Poetry is everything!

  3. SharoninDallas


    Vegetables, yes, Eat!
    Sleep, yes, More!
    Exercise, yes, A Chore!
    Water, yes, Drink More!
    Patient, yes, Try!
    A better me, a better life?
    Well who knows? Sigh.

  4. bxpoetlover


    Do not argue with the powers that be. There is no point
    unless you are willing to engage in revolution. I don’t think
    I have the stomach for the violence it would entail.

  5. The Wired Journal

    A resolved poem
    A new year is here but my resolves are not clear
    I yen for many things but many things yen not for me
    I have little to say on this forth new years day
    No pretty mellifluous words to speak, write, or say

    No resolutions shall I claim, I’ve yet to make a one
    That I did not break within a few new years days
    A few perhaps have lasted a month or so
    But always get undermined by old lazy ways

    There is one resolve though that I am thinking of this day
    A coming to terms if you will perhaps is a batter way to say
    A writer I am not I must honestly say but I hope to resolve this a little each day
    This writing thing I hate to say is not as easy as some have claimed.

    But I resolve to not give up and write a little every day
    inch by inch I’ve heard it said this makes it a synch
    but yard by yard they say that makes it hard
    so my resolve as I close this poem
    is to write a little with each new day
    and that is all I can say on this forth new years day.

  6. JWLaviguer

    Nod to Emily aka Gilda Radner

    What is all this talk of New Years Revolutions?
    So many people making plans
    and breaking plans
    but not joining together
    as one
    for the fight
    let’s get it together!

  7. Ber

    Breaking Point

    To say there is a right or wrong
    to say there is wrong or right
    to understand what others do
    to see them stand up and fight

    Taken time
    reflecting back
    over what has come and gone
    the loved ones that have stayed with you
    the ones who have just moved on

    A new start
    a new beginning
    where everyone is fighting and winning
    new plans and deals to make
    some will last
    some will break

    Be gentle along the way
    of how you dance and play
    be careful with your steps
    don’t try to upset

    Gentle hearts and gentle minds
    curious adventures
    stealing rhymes
    clover wishes
    beating drums
    whispering fields
    oh here she comes

    Be your own destiny
    not follow in that of others
    hold onto the hands that hold you
    especially your lovers

  8. tjholt


    A song wants to be sung through me,
    measure for measure my heart’s rhythm
    promises uncertain lyrics. Each beat
    a hymn of praise, a dirge of lament.

    Earth embraces the seed, a redemption
    waits revelation to reveal its secret,
    green, yellow, red, lavender, blooms
    which will parish for another redemption.

    Is merit dependent on color or source
    or is the act of disclosing enough
    for my song to adequately nourish
    flowers to seed and bloom again?

    What else is the heart good for
    but to ache for love, for loss?

  9. foodpoet


    Resolved 101 –
    Each year a new page, a new
    Only the start always falters
    Last years resolution lies in empty
    Vaults unfinished,
    Echoes of years past this year,
    Doubts of future so I solve nothing – again.

  10. Werewolf of Oz

    This is the final poem from the Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps, when Grey had resolved its epic travel quest across Australia by Google Maps:

    We swam side by side
    until he dived beneath
    to turn around
    at top of Barrier Reef;
    my original Oz
    landmark brief;
    we happily said goodbye
    finality’s welcome relief.

  11. PowerUnit

    The seasons change
    Friends move out of range
    Distance turns intimacy cold
    But we can still be bold

    New friends will be made
    They are hiding in the shade
    We don’t need to resolve
    To make a promise to be involved

    Friends are friends are everywhere
    Just don’t show up in underwear
    Say hello or buy a drink
    Tell him or her what you really think

    We don’t need to live alone
    To sit upon our lonely throne
    Just get up, put on your shoes
    You have nothing more to lose

    Seeing friends move away
    Opens doors for others I say
    Life is life and it’s too gold
    To sit around, getting old

  12. PKP

    Embrace the Shadows

    Today was his birthday
    He always loved this day
    Black eyes shining
    As a boy though he
    was my father

    Today, the early morning
    Still dark and silent
    In the kitchen
    warm air
    in the laughing

    with no customary
    cardinal he was
    Today was his birthday


  13. stepstep


    Every day presents itself as a challenge
    As I choose to honor, to act upon
    Putting pen to paper,
    Come up with an idea and write each day.

    I will set aside precious time
    Fill my head with interesting characters
    Who entertain that insatiable thirst
    Created by a vivid imagination.

    Writiing begets writing
    And I beget to complete a full manuscript
    Locate, hire an agent
    Become published.

    No one can convince and motivate yourself but you;
    I resolve
    Whole heart, soul and body
    To stay motivated.


  14. PSC in CT

    Resolution Dissolution

    Happy New You!
    Let’s cease this
    insane insistence
    on improvements.
    Stop trying to be someone
    else, someone better; we’re not
    cut out to be seamless, faultless.
    Let’s just resolve to cut ourselves
    some slack, embrace our im-
    perfections, wholly
    accept ourselves – flaws and all

  15. taylor graham


    This resolution: thinking I could save my dogs –
    search partners for life – and never say goodbye.

    Walking Prissy to the vet, I threw sticks for her
    along the way; walked home under lonesome sky.

    Roxy, full of cancer – one last outing in the woods,
    then I drove her to the vet. In the end, I let her die.

    Cowboy’s almost ten now, slowing down; muzzle
    turning gray. What on earth’s forever but a lie?

    And this brave new puppy, Loki, partner for my
    life – what shall I resolve as years of dogs go by?

  16. Jane Shlensky

    Big Plans

    List trifling and doable deeds
    to boost your sense of possibility.
    Not outcomes, like clean the house,
    but dust a chair, then dust another one.

    Don’t hanker after saving the world.
    Save pocket change, save your errands
    for once a week, save a friend from drowning.

    List what you do already. That stuff gets done.
    Build in quiet time, a nap, a book,
    an hour to write, a glass of wine,
    a cat on your lap, a talk with a friend
    who makes you laugh, who forgives you
    for being yourself.

    Make music, play games,
    cry when you need to,
    curse inventively,
    have adventures,
    bring order to something,
    love somebody.
    Be true.

    Make big plans
    out of little bitty

  17. Michelle Hed

    A New Year

    A chance to start again,
    a chance to rein
    in the raging beast of weight,
    the ravages of advancing fate.

    A time to make a difference
    shrug off that clingy indifference,
    one person is all it takes
    what’s within are the stakes.

    Yes it’s a new year
    but let’s make one thing clear,
    every day is a new day
    so if you stray
    don’t wait for another year!

  18. Andrea B


    I wake up to bananas with bruises —
    bright sunny fruit just days ago

    Walk through doors
    born to open and close,
    not revolve

    Math no longer calculates
    when it allows
    planets to be subtracted

    My Backseat Bingo card expired
    when cement mixers and cattle guards
    went out of style


    I resolve to spend less time
    turning my head—
    the horizon is straightforward
    and fantastic

  19. chickweed

    gang way

    not so quiet riot in my head
    says write right,
    as much as you can.
    another channel screams
    there’s so much
    more important stuff to do.
    riot, rumbles, screams
    let it be: who cares besides you?
    continue, continue,
    get the words down.

    words don’t care if you suffer frowns.
    sit down there right now,
    reach long
    for accomplishment’s crown.

  20. RASlater

    In Need
    By: R.A. Slater

    I am in need of a revolution
    As it is the New Year
    And I have now resolutions!
    I am either happy with my life as it is
    Or I have given up
    Too defeated to hope for something better
    Too scared to even try
    Maybe next year!

  21. RJ Clarken


    Resolved: I will try harder to
    stick to goals I’ve set for this year.
    Become some country’s new Premier.
    Compose an étude for kazoo.

    Dye all my pets in shades of blue.
    Try to swing on a chandelier.
    Stick to goals I’ve set for this year?
    Resolved: I will try harder to

    learn to be an auctioneer
    and try to not sound insincere.
    And then – to space. The new frontier.
    Well, that’s the stuff I plan to do.
    Resolved: I will try harder to…


  22. Domino

    To problems resolved! (My cat, Suzie, went missing on December 19, and came home December 26. I have my theories as to where she’d been.)

    I just wonder where my cat went.
    We found she was gone at meal-time.
    (To her to miss meals was a crime
    yet, we missed her hungry lament.)

    No hair we found, or sign or scent.
    We called and searched the ally grime.
    We found she was gone at meal-time.
    I just wonder where my cat went.

    And, at last, eight days later, rent,
    scarred nose, hungry, fur-begrimed,
    No sign of where she’d spent her dime.
    To Narnia? To Time-Lord lent?
    I just wonder where my cat went.

  23. Nancy Posey


    I yearn for more than resolution—conflict over, win or lose.
    Instead, by year’s end, I long for denouement, threads
    of my life unraveled, each strand untangled, unknotted,
    smooth as the hair on a brand-new Barbie doll.

    In my year’s plot, pitting man—or woman—versus man,
    nature, fate, the gods, the machine or—most likely,
    versus self, I hope not merely for any resolution,
    but happy resolution, the little angel on one shoulder
    knocking the little devil clean off the other,
    silencing his foolish talk once and for all.

  24. Nancy Posey


    I yearn for more than resolution—conflict over, win or lose.
    Instead, by year’s end, I long for denouement, threads
    of my life unraveled, each strand untangled, unknotted,
    smooth as the hair on a brand-new Barbie doll.

    In my year’s plot, pitting man—or woman—versus man,
    nature, fate, the gods, the machine or—most likely,
    versus self, I hope not merely for any resolution,
    but happy resolution, the little angel on one shoulder
    knocking the little devil clean off the other,
    silencing his foolish talk once and for all.

  25. elishevasmom

    Count the Beat

    Time is calculated.
    60 seconds/ 60 minutes/ 24 hours/ 7 days/ 52 weeks/ year.
    Move forward, move backward
    in time. You can always
    calculate it.

    Life is not calculated.
    Life is measured, counted
    by heartbeats.
    So many/minute – so many/hour – so many/day – so many/year.
    So many/life.

    Every second is yours to choose.
    Every minute belongs to you.
    Your life-beats are not
    calculated, but counted,
    because they count.

    The calculation of time
    continues long after we are gone.
    But the counting is ours,
    and ours alone.
    This year, I choose to make them count.

    Ellen Knight 1.2.13

  26. taylor graham

    photograph by André Adolphe-Eugène Disdéri, 1867

    Where is he going,
    on this odd vehicle?
    boys shout “boneshaker!” as
    he whizzes by far
    faster than
    the man in top
    hat and frock coat
    rapping sidewalk
    with his umbrella – but
    who cares for rain,
    when one
    propels himself
    on wind and pedal
    power, faster than the
    hansom he
    passes as the driver
    curses and the horses
    shy. So
    strange this animal that
    skims the ground without
    lifting a
    hoof, a sort of
    metal-flesh alloy centaur
    with a
    pulled-down cap. And
    in that man-shaped head,
    what thoughts,
    this bright uncertain morning?
    Where is he speeding
    as if
    impatient for his future,
    as if resolved to
    propel himself
    into his fleeting life?

  27. julie e.


    Usually I resolve not to resolve,
    hating the gravel pit of failure,
    the scattered, broken bits
    of promises made to myself
    then left to the elements to
    crumble in the company of
    other broken bits of promises
    made to myself.
    So this year, again,
    I resolve not to resolve,
    but simply to gaze
    more outwardly than inward,
    to breathe deeply
    in the cold or the heat,
    to celebrate this body
    with its (mostly) working parts,
    to treat myself as kindly
    as I treat others.
    In other words,
    this year I choose
    to live.

  28. claudsy


    Some exist for mood,
    Others for status,
    One moves a body up
    To heights demanded below.
    A problem’s fixer has no
    Need for explanation,
    But comes from itself—
    An opposite of its target,
    Regardless of restriction.
    To resolve is to solve again,
    Which tells me fixers are
    Only temporary at best.

  29. Connie Peters

    I’m going to cheat a bit and use this one I wrote for Poetic Bloomings the other day.

    Wedding Vows to My Muse

    My darling Muse,
    I promise
    to nurture you through the bread of the Word
    and wine of the Spirit.

    I promise
    to strengthen you by reading works of other poets
    and poetry how-to books (including doing the exercises)
    and continuing to write a poem a day.

    I promise to
    make you happy
    by increasing my skills
    in the use of metaphor, details, meter and rhyme.

    I promise
    to strengthen our social life as a couple
    by participating on poetry blogs and challenges
    and by helping and encouraging friends through poetry.

    I promise
    to not hold you back,
    by publishing poetry books and
    submitting poems to magazines and journals.

    This I promise, for better or worse, in 2013.

  30. Walt Wojtanik


    I bring my game
    along with this name
    I’ve inherited and honed.
    Determined to use this time given
    to be driven to success,
    and this mess of a muse
    will refuse to falter.
    Standing tall with all
    who aspire to poem,
    I’ve shown them and have nothing
    to prove; my grove is never my rut..
    With a glut of words yet to use
    I will choose them wisely
    and be surprised by my resolve
    to solve the puzzle.
    I am grounded.
    I am steeled.
    I am resolute.

  31. Andrew Kreider

    Francis in January (resolved – PA, a rondel)

    Saint Francis had it right, you know
    in letting go what he held dear
    to find that God is always near
    in loving acts – as his words show:

    “Where charity and wisdom go
    live neither ignorance nor fear.”
    In letting go what he held dear
    Saint Francis had it right, you know.

    What struggle and reward to grow
    in simple gifts. Yet it’s my clear
    resolve to bathe in grace this year
    by letting love set me aglow.
    Saint Francis had it right, you know.

  32. Billie


    renew (definition to resume activity after an interruption.)
    my commitment to:
    dieting, running, walking, writing
    cross out dieting, running, walking.
    .renew. commitment to
    writing, passion, poetry. beauty.

  33. laurie kolp

    2013: A Year for Love

    Paint the new year red
    with two-thousand thirteen
    people side by side, ankles
    crossed, thumbs and forefingers
    forming hearts in the sky, then

    let go, in unison,
    a wave of love across our land

    join hands in prayer
    for love and peace–
    paint the new year red.


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