Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 199

For today’s prompt, write a creepy poem. Then, get some rest, because the November PAD Chapbook Challenge begins tomorrow.

Here’s my attempt at a creepy poem:

“Right Back: The Cabin Poem”

The first teenager, a football lineman,
left to grab a beer, said “I’ll be right back,”
but that was an hour ago. Since then, Han
and Leia (costumes) slipped off for a “snack,”
though everybody knew what they meant,
and they said, “We’ll be right back.” Most people
had heard the rumors (about the kid sent
past the edge of madness and church steeple),
but an empty cabin deep in the woods
is a bear trap. The final two teens heard
the screams outside, the wind shaking the shack,
and Johnny, the high school quarterback, stood
(trying to be brave) and revised the words
for Jane, the smart girl: “I won’t be right back.”


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76 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 199

  1. JRSimmang

    Is this love?
    I ask myself this question every time I get this close to someone.
    She has laid herself bare for me.
    She has done wonderful things to me.
    She laughed,
    let little twinkling tears of sorrow
    quench the parched dimples
    in her porcelain cheeks.
    Red though they were,
    they were always thirsty.
    She snored, on occasion,
    which was just a symbol of her sublime femininity.
    She tiptoed through her apartment
    because she lived on the second floor.
    So conscious of others.
    She left her door unlocked

    So, is this love?
    As she lays on my table,
    her bright red whimsy
    draining under her,
    I can’t help but think that her
    flesh took so long to lose its heat
    because of me.
    Her eyes still trained on me.
    But, then again, they always will be.
    They always will be.


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