Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 185

For today’s prompt, write a plea poem. Of course, a plea can mean a few different things. First, a plea can be an allegation leveled at someone. Second, a plea can be the defendant’s answer to the accusations (for instance, guilty or not guilty). Third, a plea can be an appeal.

Here’s my attempt at a plea poem:

“Summer, Don’t Be So Mean”

Summer, don’t be so mean
the grass turns yellow instead of green.

Summer, don’t be so hot
the blood boils like it’s in a pot.

Summer, don’t be so quick
the children all miss you like a trick.

Summer, don’t be so sweet
when Winter comes down I’ll miss your heat.


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96 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 185

  1. Zenthra

    Sorry for the late post, but I just figured out about this.

    Here’s my attempt. I hope you enjoy it.


    For give me please
    For give me please
    I didn’t mean to break your heart
    All those Stories
    All those stories
    That’s what caused our love to break apart
    I wish I’d told you
    I wish I’d told you
    How much you were worth, from the start
    I want to rescue
    I want to rescue
    Our love we had before, sweatheart
    No amount of pennies
    No amount of pennies
    Will buy the love we had in the start
    So, for give me please
    For give me please
    I didn’t mean to break your heart

  2. JWLaviguer


    They suddenly snap
    Can’t deal any longer
    Nowhere to turn
    No one makes them stronger

    We all have problems
    Some more than others
    Don’t hurt my sisters
    Don’t kill my brothers

    All it takes is a gun
    And then things get worse
    Then you take your own life
    Should have ended yours first


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