Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 177

For this week’s prompt, write a poem about something small. It could be a small baby, small town, or even a small gesture.

Here’s my attempt:


Out back are bullfrogs and crawdads,
dragonflies and back swimmers, and
even a fat groundhog working
its way through the weeds. It ain’t no
river, but it’s still full of life.


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201 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 177

  1. taylor graham


    Jagged enamel
    with a drop of blood at the root –
    on the bedspread this morning

    pre-molar, mini-Sierra:
    The Sisters, Spires, The Needle –
    sharp rock of puppy-tooth.

    Geography of peaks and passes.
    Take her out on leash,
    she pulls me toward horizon,

    aspiring to know Earth’s
    whole landscape by scent, by
    taste, by tooth, a world

    entire to a dog’s mouth. Teeth
    that itch to grab
    and hold – tug-toy, my hand.

    Teeth that ache for news-
    paper, my left boot, this very
    moment, Life. She leaves

    scant evidence on the bed:
    sawtooth puppy fragment. Fossil
    of her time already past.

  2. Bruce Niedt

    Late, late, late. I wasn’t inspired by the prompt until I read about this recent astronomical phenomenon:

    Transit of Venus

    A little black spot
    crosses the face of the Sun
    once in a lifetime,

    from our perspective.
    We point filtered telescopes
    toward the blazing light

    as it crawls across
    our star’s southern hemisphere.
    We remind ourselves

    this small black dot is
    a planet almost as big
    as our own. Perhaps

    we, too, are a small
    black spot against the bright face
    of a medium

    yellow star, from yet
    another perspective. So,
    who is watching us?

  3. priyajane

    Yesterday and Today

    The place called yesterday is no more
    Me, in yesterday is also gone
    Today I am another me
    Tomorrow, who knows what maybe??
    We live and die—just trying to be—

    And yet the ‘I’ in me is free
    Forever green, in you and me

    PriyA Jane

  4. Juanita Lewison-Snyder

    salt lick
    by juanita lewison-snyder

    he drops
    the heavy block of
    exposed salt atop
    a small platform and
    they come by the dozens,
    red and white heifers
    – some with calves alongside,
    eager for a chance to run
    long pink tongues across
    the grainy crystalline surface.
    a small gesture on
    the human’s part really,
    but for cows, one worthy of
    traveling twenty miles or better
    just to quiet the hunger

    © 2012 by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

  5. taylor graham


    The puppy spins to bite her tail,
    her teeth nip deep in fur, her breath
    in belly-rumbles.

    Just now, I told her “No!”
    as I withdrew my hand from those
    baby-teeth. Sharp, bright,

    What has she to nibble but her-
    self, remembering

    the flea that lives by her own blood,
    young and hot; that itches
    like every unnamed thing she wants

    to seize between her teeth
    to chew and taste, to know. How
    else does a puppy grow?

  6. Debbie

    What is small?
    Our eyes behold
    To each his own
    Silver and gold.

    I cannot tell
    What you may think
    For I am searching
    Straining not to blink.

    I thought I knew
    What dwells within
    My heart and head
    Conflict again.

    What is small?
    Again I say
    The depth of all
    Only we portray.

  7. Mr. Walker

    How Much

    Molecules are small, and atoms are smaller,
    yet they are made of even smaller particles.
    As we ponder these objects, there is great uncertainty.
    We can know the position of an electron,
    but we can’t know it’s speed at the same time.
    We can know the speed of an electron,
    but we can’t know it’s position at the same time.
    Electrons jump from position to position,
    and they give off photons, which we can see.
    It is because of photons that we can see.
    But are those photons particles or waves?
    And why can’t we see both at the same time?
    This is the problem when we get small,
    that nothing is completely definite, only probable.

  8. Dyson McIllwain

    Wee Bonnie Kairn

    My darling daughter you stir me,
    with love and pride inside.
    Your were born to change lives;
    grow in your beauty, be a good wife
    or partner, your heart is unbound
    and had found its place within
    my very own. Nothing small about
    the feats you will perform. I am warmed
    by your brilliant glow. And I know you can be
    all that you aspire to as you step assuredly.
    But, don’t be in a bloody hurry to leave just yet!
    You are three hours old and we’ve only just met!

    I’ve tapped the feelings I had on the day Kairn was brought into this world. She graduates from University and I couldn’t be any more proud and inspired by her intelligence and beauty.

  9. tunesmiff

    (c) 2012 – G. Smith (BMI)
    A smile in the morning,
    A light touch at the door;
    A look that is shared
    Across a crowded dance floor;

    The tone of the voice
    That answers the phone,
    That tells you’re treasured,
    And not truly alone.

    It’s the small things…
    That life is made of,
    The little things,
    That make a big love;
    It’s those tiny things,
    You may not notice day to day,
    That will leave a large hole if you
    Take ’em away.

    A shared cup of coffee
    As the new day begins;
    A kiss that defines you
    As lovers and friends.

    The words that are chosen,
    The words left unsaid;
    The smile in the eye that says,
    It’s time for bed…

    It’s the small things…
    That life is made of,
    The little things,
    That make a big love;
    It’s those tiny things,
    You may not notice day to day,
    That will leave a large hole if you
    Take ’em away.

    Diamonds are nice,
    So are big fancy cars,
    But they can’t beat the beach
    With the moon and the stars,
    Or sitting on the front porch
    Watching the rain as it falls,
    With the one and the only,
    You love most of all…

    With the one and the only…

    You love most of all.

  10. PKP


    I remember not how big he was
    but how small my hand felt
    covered completely by his
    as we sat
    and listened
    to the tide
    of the sea
    of music
    to the simple
    symphonic sonata
    of life
    rising on
    the stage
    he introduced
    my hand

  11. PKP

    Small talk

    There is nothing small about
    small talk
    when it is not of weather or
    films or the latest fun fare

    There is nothing small about
    small talk
    when the talk is about
    someone not there…

  12. PKP

    Wednesday on Saturday

    I could not believe it
    could not see it was true
    it was a Wednesday
    the prompt up and
    nothing there I could do
    I logged in and logged out
    and waited a bit
    but nothing would post
    although there I did sit

    There I did sit and
    small ideas grew
    but finally tick tocking
    and tocking and tick
    with a final try deliberate and slow
    I raised from my seat and just had to go

    I could not believe it
    could not see it was true
    it was a Wednesday
    the prompt up and
    nothing there I could do

    It came up later
    later in that same day
    not quite the same
    I was by then away

    Four years each Wednesday
    observed religiously
    and here now on Saturday
    Humbled it seems the
    world truly did go on without


  13. DPOakley

    The little things between friends

    Heel and toe
    The way we go.
    I’ll stop to tie my shoe
    You wait for me, as I would for you.
    Our steps may have a different beat.
    Laughter kept while pace we meet.

  14. Marie Elena

    Micro Poetry

    Infectious little pathogens
    Are roaming everywhere.
    I touch them on each surface;
    I breathe them in the air.
    Resistant little microbes
    Are out to make me ill.
    But they don’t scare me half as much
    As my physician’s bill.

    1. PKP

      Oooh terrific Marie… why don’t you post a link over at PA Poeming Friends… I think that you and I are the only ones left reading! (Maybe I’m wrong)… This is too GOOD not to share!!!

  15. foodpoet

    One small word with big fears
    Inner scarring
    You whisper truth
    Try to find your inner peace
    But mediation peace calm is shattered on small fearful news
    I cannot rewrite your history but keep open time for you call
    And help you face your crossroad back to health and touchstone peace

  16. Dear Dean

    The minute olive green body shimmers
    while it hovers over the nectar feeder.
    Its a dragonfly exclaims my 3 yr old grandchild.
    Hummingbird perches on a cedar branch overhead.
    She listens to it hum and tries to imitate.
    Must be a baby bird, Grammy. Where is it’s mommy and daddy?
    In vast expanse of universe I am blessed
    with fellowship of small child and hummingbird.
    Small packages to yield such gigantic blessings.

  17. RASlater

    Small Guesture?

    It seems such a small thing
    Or so it seems
    But in today’s economy
    300 dollars for a car that runs
    Really is a small amount
    What it represents is so much more
    Freedom and independence
    Trust and confidence
    An ‘I love you’ without the words
    And so much more

  18. De Jackson

    small matters

    they tell her it’s wee
    the size of a pea
    which sounds innocent
    unless you’re waiting
    with a lump in your
    for the phone to ring
    and declare this thing


  19. seingraham

    Little Men

    How is it two of the most significant beings in my life
    Don’t weigh thirty pounds between them
    And only one of them has words with which to speak —
    He’s not making full sentences yet but he does make sense
    How is it that I can be feeling as low as grass-seed
    But if one of those little boys lets loose with his big goofy laugh
    I’m lifted like a hot-air balloon … floating high
    Wee wonders wrapped in babyhood … wow.


  20. Mike Bayles

    A Moment’s Call

    an instant
    living small
    must be noticed
    before it passes
    or it is lost
    without recollection
    for the next second
    it is no more

    yet with a mindful spirit

    an instant
    living large
    when noticed
    as it passes
    is kept
    with recollection
    an eternity
    it is

  21. RJ Clarken

    Not So Small

    Isn’t it astonishing how
    the tiniest speck makes you blink
    or tear and furrow up your brow?
    Isn’t it astonishing how
    the slenderest dream makes you vow
    to go beyond what others think?
    Isn’t it astonishing how
    the tiniest speck makes you blink?


  22. Walt Wojtanik


    I met a girl, so…

    I gave her a little something
    and she smiled right back.
    The attraction was there
    and her reaction told me
    she felt the same. So…

    I gave her a little something
    and she told me her name, too!
    A name befitting of her smile,
    and while we stood with ridiculous grins
    we each took a step closer. So…

    I gave her a little something
    and then she wrote her phone number
    on a seperate piece of paper.
    We exchanged small talk
    during short walk. So…

    I gave her a little something.
    The kiss was short and sweet,
    but it came repleat with heavy breathing
    and a feeling this could go somewhere.
    We stared at each other. So…

    I gave her a little something
    and on the next date, she thanked me
    for the flowers and we continued
    to grow closer and learn more
    about each other. So…

    I gave her a little something
    and that bauble set me back
    four months pay but I’d say
    she was crazy about it and me.
    And she agreed. So…

    I gave her a little something
    and the exchange of vows
    was the culmination so far
    of lives intended to share
    and celebrate. I could hardly wait. So..

    I gave her a little something.
    And nine months later,
    she gave me a little something.
    It’s true what they say.
    What goes around, comes around! So?


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