Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 175 (Dessert Poems)

For this week’s prompt, write a dessert poem. The poem can be titled as a dessert. The main characters could be eating or waiting for dessert. Or dessert could just be hinted at in the poem. Of course, I’m expecting a variety of desserts to be mentioned. Happy poeming!

Here’s my attempt at a dessert poem:

“Strawberry Cheesecake”

Most pictures don’t do the real thing justice,
but there you are–in your airbrushed glory–
smiling straight into the camera (some
lucky photographer who got to say,
“smile,” in person) with your hair suspended
around your face like fire ready to burn
a house down (or something) and my hunger
couldn’t be any more piqued than right now.


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236 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 175 (Dessert Poems)

  1. Juanita Lewison-Snyder

    Ode To Blue Bunny
    by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

    Calling all Bunnies
    Calling all Bunnies

    Blackberry and Vanilla
    Toffee and Cherry

    everything Nutty
    and Chocolatey goo,

    gather round this Splenda heaven
    while I go fetch me a spoon!

    © 2012 by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

  2. Marie Elena

    Goodness. It’s almost time for a new prompt, and I’m just now getting over here to collect THIS one. And no time to read/write at this point, so here’s an old one. This, in fact, is the first poem I wrote that Walt praised. I’ll never forget it … made my poetic year! 😉


    Today I baked
    A gorgeous pie.
    Very proud of it,
    Am I.
    My crust is fluted,
    Tender, flaked.
    And might I say,
    Perfectly baked.
    Meringue turned out
    Exactly right;
    A mountaintop
    Of fluffy white.
    It smells like heaven,
    Looks divine.
    I proudly boast
    That it is mine.
    My company
    Heaps praise on me.
    I soak it in
    I cut each perfect,
    Lovely piece,
    Flair and expertise.
    I watch as guests
    Take their first bite.
    My pride quite quickly
    Turns to fright.
    As lips now purse,
    And eyes now tear.
    I know what I forgot.
    Oh dear.

  3. foodpoet

    Farmers Market

    First day a long dry winter without
    A cold delight, lemon sorbet with spiced Jamaican
    Rum. I revel in the abundance of fresh herbs.
    Mint, basil, lemon verbena all now planted and the first
    Evening on the patio with wine and the smell of roses and lavender.
    Rays of the sun sink into the brick and grass as I savor the first tang of lemon. Hmm

    Mmmh next week I will dip into double Belgian chocolate with Kahlua.
    And each week of the season will bring the sorbet or ice cream with
    Really fresh berries and
    Maybe Kettle corn.
    Each week I will
    Touch the stars with bursting tastes.

  4. AC Leming

    I adopted two soldiers deployed in Afghanistan about a month ago. I’ve been emailing one almost daily for about two weeks now, since that’s how he prefers to communicate. I have not yet heard back from the other one, but he may be ground-pounding out in the boonies.

    Adopt-A-Platoon said it could take up to 3-6 weeks for them to get their mail, and even longer to respond. I’ve been thinking about our servicemen & women a lot more lately.

    This poem is for them…contact me if you want more information about supporting the troops. I need to post a link on my blog.



    You’re rich,
    like chocolate mousse.
    Just a taste should be enough,
    but I gorge myself.
    Return to thoughts of you —
    again and again.

    And I lick
    my lips
    in anticipation
    of you doing the same.

    I touch
    the skin
    behind my ear
    where your breath
    caused me
    to shudder in pleasure.
    And my skin prickles
    in remembrance.

    I look at the photo
    you left with me,
    to tide me over
    until your return.

    I touch
    the glass
    covering your face
    as I last
    caressed your skin,
    the night before
    your deployment.

    The night before
    the best part of me
    left with you.

  5. tunesmiff

    Herewith follows a little blue-grassy thing I call…


    Everybody needs a little sweet potato pie,
    Sweet potato pie, my o, my…
    Everybody needs a little sweet potato pie,
    From their lil’ Sweet Potato…

    After a hard day out in the field
    Head to the house for a home cooked meal;
    Meat ‘n’ three, ‘n’ cold iced tea, followed by
    Sweet potato pie…

    Everybody needs a little sweet potato pie,
    Sweet potato pie, my o, my…
    Everybody needs a little sweet potato pie,
    From their lil’ Sweet Potato…

    Once we’ve clean up we break out the strings,
    Find some songs that everybody sings;
    Daddy’s down low, Mamma’s up high…
    Then we all have another slice of sweet potato pie…

    Everybody needs a little sweet potato pie,
    Sweet potato pie, my o, my…
    Everybody needs a little sweet potato pie,
    From their lil’ Sweet Potato…

    Half-past midnight and everyone’s asleep,
    I get out of bed and to the kitchen I creep;
    Open the ice-box and what do I spy???
    One last piece of sweet potato pie.

    Everybody needs a little sweet potato pie,
    Sweet potato pie, my o, my…
    Everybody needs a little sweet potato pie,
    From their lil’ Sweet Potato…

  6. Mary Mansfield

    Sweet Nothings

    Peachy pie,
    Candy girl,
    Sugar lips,
    Apple of my eye…

    Is any wonder love often devours us?

  7. PSC in CT

    “Just Deserts”

    It was funny — really! He’d probably laugh about it
    later… tomorrow… maybe later, just… not right now.
    But, he wasn’t about to cry over spilt milk either.

    She always claimed he wouldn’t cry
    if his life depended on it. Who knows?
    Maybe he wouldn’t. Maybe he couldn’t.

    But, he always knew she wouldn’t stay. He blew
    hot and cold, she said, and his grammar sucked
    (the worst sin to her English major mind).

    But hell, she couldn’t spell worth a damn
    and he’d never held it against her,
    until now.…

    Dry, gritty eyes, sandpaper throat; still,
    he wasn’t shedding any tears over her desertion.
    (Almost) laughed at her scribbled promise — ‘just deserts’.

  8. Lynn Burton

    Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

    I seldom leave room for dessert
    except for the time when
    I tried a new plate
    from an unfamiliar menu
    and was disappointed
    to the point of thinking,
    with each of the few
    regrettable bites,
    that we’d stop for dessert
    on the way home.
    And we did.
    Dessert was ice cream –
    mint chocolate chip.
    I savored the cool, crispness
    and let the chocolate pieces
    melt on my tongue.

  9. cstewart

    Banana Split

    Sophomore year in college,
    Never having had breakfast –

    We would go to Brazier burger
    On Jackson Street for lunch:

    Through the aluminum radio-like speakers.
    We would order a banana split
    (Sometimes with just chocolate)
    But usually, my childhood friend:
    KayKay, would say No! And,
    Since I had been in school
    With her since first grade,
    And we were dance friends,
    I would have to “get it natural” –
    With the pineapple, strawberries
    And chocolate.
    Then we would share and
    Think about the marshmallow
    cream we forgot to order.

    But we could get that for dinner,
    After classes, – at Burkee’s Drive In
    In a vanilla coke.

  10. vlz

    Sublime twinkies

    Full of twinkies,
    I am sated,
    my middle consumed by sweet cream perfection.
    My toasted shell is dense to the touch
    as anxious fingers pluck me from the box.

    from the book: When Listening to Diamonds.

  11. RASlater

    A Child’s Dilemma

    Save room for dessert
    Says my mama
    But then tells me
    To clean my plate
    I want to be a good girl
    To make mama happy
    But I want a piece of cake
    And a scoop of ice cream
    And I’m afraid if I eat all this
    That I won’t have room for dessert

  12. Marianv

    The all you can eat bakery bar

    ( some lines loosely taken from a poem “Sweet Dreams”)

    Resides in dreams, in cookbooks and menus
    In do-it-yourself to plan and prepare
    For a feast of goodies you are willing to share
    With friends and relations on special occasions
    Low-fat? Low calories? Never a care

    Three layer cakes, banana cream pies
    Apple crisps, jelly rolls, breads of pumpkin and apple
    Await the slice of a knife and whipped crème and maple
    Flavored syrup on angel food cake
    Fritters of fruits to fry or to bake-

    Over all a supply of cookies rains down
    Some with chips of chocolate brown
    Others with icing, choose your own tint
    Fudge of vanilla, chocolate or mint.

    The best thing of all, (at least it’s for me)
    This heavenly feast is calorie free!

  13. Bruce Niedt

    Just Desserts

    He had a Napoleon complex
    but she was no cream puff.

    When she found out that he was
    running around with some tart

    who saw him as her sugar daddy –
    well, she was no one to trifle with.

    She’d studied tort law, but never practiced.
    They say the proof is in the pudding,

    so she decided to file for divorce,
    and the icing on the cake

    was when she drew up the papers herself.
    He was in a real jam, so he had to settle

    for a smaller piece of the pie.
    “Like candy from a baby,” she smiled.

    “Aw fudge,” he grumbled.
    That’s the way the cookie crumbles.

  14. claudsy

    Chocolate Truffles

    You came to stay a while,
    Checking to see my status.
    With you came an idea,
    A gift for memory making.
    With bags and bottles,
    You toiled in the kitchen.
    With love you fashioned

    A treat for my pleasure.
    With laughter you presented
    Into memory a dream, fingers
    Still chocolate covered,
    Placing a delicate morsel
    On my waiting tongue.
    Framing my thoughts so

    Bliss could come with sweetness
    Rapidly melting essence of truffle,
    Ever hinting at forbidden places,
    Always expecting with inhalation
    Thoughts of further actions,
    Heated to the melting point,
    Supported by eyes that cling.

  15. Mike Bayles

    Double Chocolate Sundae

    chocolate on chocolate
    ice cream
    and syrup
    doubled delight
    stirring my tongue
    tongue, my stirring
    delight doubled
    syrup and
    cream iced
    chocolate on chocolate

  16. Mike Bayles

    Double Chocolate Sundae

    chocolate on chocolate
    ice cream
    and syrup
    doubled delight
    stirring my tongue
    tongue, my stirring
    delight doubled
    syrup and
    cream iced
    chocolate on chocolate

  17. Andrea

    Chocolate Man

    I made you out of chocolate,
    my terracotta delight,
    your rusty, tactile members
    of overly ripe oranges,
    they barely move,
    in the evening sun.
    You melt, ooze
    in sepia strips
    of delicious delectation.
    I am in love, electrified
    by a metal spoon,
    in my left hand.
    May I partake
    of your ambrosial ardor?
    Melt, but you shan’t dissolve,
    melt, and i will
    canoodle you with my spoon,
    until we become one…

  18. uneven steven


    Fishing for browned
    marshmallow perfection,
    the licking flames
    and beating heart of
    the coals
    draw us in, ever closer,
    until all
    is one flaming,
    huff puffing
    creamy centered
    of children
    while the gathered adults
    look on

  19. seingraham

    Words to Live By …

    Life is short and uncertain … eat dessert first

    Because you just never know
    You could get hit by a bus
    A building might fall on you
    A massive cardio infarction
    Could take you out suddenly
    There are just so many things
    That might, maybe, perhaps…
    Why take the chance? There’s
    Always time after you’ve had
    Your dessert to eat whatever
    Else you care to have – why
    Worry? Why sweat it?
    After all – you do know what
    Desserts is spelled backwards
    Right? Exactly … stressed
    So don’t get all – eat it first …


  20. dandelionwine


    Dinnertime summer dessert, and Daddy keeps
    the bowl close, wisely watching
    pits accumulate on our plates, preparing to cut
    us off. She chooses this moment
    to skillfully extract the pit from a juicy back,
    present it beside the hollow cherry
    creating a deceiving deficit on my poor plate.
    I cry red-lipped for a recount, extend
    dessert by one more cherry. Tag team, she devours
    her pit-less fruit and echoes the injustice.
    In fairness, he doles out enough round beauties to
    square us up, but sweet victory is quickly
    consumed, fades long before the crimson stains
    tinging our conspiring sister tongues.

  21. Sara McNulty

    Simplicity Serves

    Pretty ordinary, some might say,
    fudgy brownie, ice cream on top . . . but
    what about the brownie particulars?
    Thick brownie, no icing, possibly
    baked with chopped pecans . . . but
    what about the ice cream particulars?
    Two scoops balanced, top center
    of brownie. Light colored ice cream
    for contrast–coffee or french vanilla
    will add class.

    Mirage (a shadorma)

    Deep in the desert,
    sere, sandy,
    dessert calls
    as mirage of metal cup filled
    with chocolate malted.

  22. Michael Grove

    Death by Chocolate

    Give me liberty
    or give me chocolate.
    Choose life
    by the spoonful.

    I’ll have some chocolate
    wrapped in chocolate
    drenched in chocolate.

    If I die at the hand
    of this concoction
    it will be well worth it.

    By Michael Grove


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