Nonet Poems: WD Poetic Forms Challenge

Time for another WD Poetic Forms Challenge. This time around, we’ll be writing nonet poems. Click the link for the rules related to this type of poem. Nonets are pretty easy to figure out. Start with a 9-syllable line and lose a syllable in each line after–all the way down to the 1-syllable 9th line.

If this is your first time participating in a WD Poetic Forms Challenge, here are the guidelines:

  • Write as many original nonet poems as you wish and paste them in the comments below
  • Please include your name as you would like it to appear in print (just in case you win)
  • Deadline for entries is 11:59 p.m. (Atlanta GA time) on July 29, 2012
  • Have fun!

Why participate? Well, for one, it’s fun to write poems. For two, it’s free. But for three, the winning poem and poet will be featured in a future issue of Writer’s Digest magazine as a prime example of the nonet form in my Poetic Asides column.

So these challenges incorporate the three F’s: Fun, free, fame

Next week, I’ll announce the winner on this blog.

Until then, have fun poeming!


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192 thoughts on “Nonet Poems: WD Poetic Forms Challenge

  1. Bruce Niedt

    Robert, thanks so much for picking my nonet for the top 10. But – yikes! – I just realized that “Geometry” is not the final draft because line 3 is a syllable short, and I needed to use symbols to keep the “concrete” nature of the poem (with “=” read as “equals”, of course). This is the final version:


    Pythagoras gave us all the rules:
    the formula works every time.
    A squared + B squared =
    C squared. Hypotenuse,
    the long sloping side,
    connects it all.
    One angle
    makes it

  2. Linda.H

    Saw this post right before leaving for vacation. Wrote a nonet while in the middle-of-nowhere-Italy. Couldn’t post because our hotel didn’t have internet. Just got home..a day late and a dollar short. Sigh. 🙁

    Wishing luck to all my friends who took part.

  3. Khara House


    For a time she pooled inside an egg
    whirling like a ghost through a rain
    that tickled the core of you
    with fingers barely formed
    yet just strong enough
    to wake you up
    so deep, so
    in. Then—

  4. Khara House

    “How to say goodbye”

    I leaned heavily into your side,
    so deep your heart was almost mine.
    I knew that we, for a time,
    were the same. Your lips—mine.
    Your tongue and throat—mine.
    Your whisper—mine.
    Your breath—mine—
    And time—

  5. Khara House


    That night we were young, against the brink,
    curling skin like pebbles, breathing
    soft beneath the torn sky, rain
    pooling between our hides.
    Underneath, what we
    are is newborn—
    fresh and clean,

  6. Jane Shlensky

    Death of a Jazz Musician

    I see music move behind your eyes,
    your stringed bass heartbeat plucked, throbbing
    behind the staff of your ribs;
    your breath flutes and flutters,
    pulse’s percussion
    thumps in your ears
    body jazz—
    death sings

  7. Jane Shlensky

    A Study in Painting Peppers

    My peppers wax themselves each morning.
    Like provocations on each stalk,
    their shine taunts artists to match
    them if they can for gloss,
    color and sheen, shape
    and size, their seeds
    grinning at
    their slow

  8. Jane Shlensky

    Storm Song with Light Show

    Mumbling cloud masses drum, their rhythm
    raising the call to lightning’s flash,
    to jazzle, dazzle, splash of
    rain riding swooshing wind
    to pitter pat down
    onto dry earth,
    music’s birth.
    Sing, birds,

  9. Bernie


    You said, you hit him. I said, not so,
    the thump was his palm on the trunk.
    I had driven the wrong way
    on a one-way street. Yet
    we see he can walk!
    With no more talk
    I slow but
    do not

  10. rangeltitanium

    “No More”

    As of this day forward, it is I
    That will decide what my fate is,
    Because there isn’t a soul
    Out there that will decide
    What I will become
    Or what will make
    Me happy
    In the

  11. rangeltitanium

    “Bottom of the List”

    What is my number one fear in life?
    It is the biggest fear that is
    Always placed on the bottom
    Of the list, so I will
    Place it on the top,
    For my biggest
    Fear in my
    Life is

  12. Michael Grove

    In Paradise

    Why are things still the way that they are?
    You ask yourself repeatedly
    as you erase all the lines
    that had been drawn in sand
    on the sunny beach
    in paradise
    beyond the

    By Michael Grove

  13. Michael Grove

    Well Lit

    Don’t dwell in darkness any longer
    as the footpath you must follow
    is well lit for the journey
    onward to the bright light.
    You will feel yourself
    starting to drift
    off to a

    By Michael Grove


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