National Federation of State Poetry Societies: Poetry Spotlight

One goal of these poetry spotlights, for me, is to share different things happening in the poetry world. After all, one of the great strengths of poetry is its diversity. After at  the Haiku Society of America, let’s look at another poetry organization: National Federation of State Poetry Societies.

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National Federation of State Poetry Societies: Poetry Spotlight

National Federation of State Poetry Societies

The National Federation of State Poetry Societies (or NFSPS) is a non-profit poetry organization that ties together several state poetry societies. More than half the 50 states have their own state poetry society (click here to see if your state is on the list).

The NFSPS website says that it’s purpose is “to recognize the importance of poetry with respect to national cultural heritage. It is dedicated solely to the furtherance of poetry on the national level and serves to unite poets in the bonds of fellowship and understanding.”

The NFSPS publishes a national newsletter called Strophes and sponsors more than 50 annual poetry contests. It also hosts an annual convention for poets to share poetry, ideas, and inspiration. The 2017 convention was held in Fort Worth, Texas.

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Robert Lee Brewer is the editor of Poet’s Market and author of Solving the World’s Problems. He thinks some of the strongest poetry groups are home grown. Follow him on Twitter @robertleebrewer.


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One thought on “National Federation of State Poetry Societies: Poetry Spotlight

  1. bryanpitchford

    Thank you for the Poetry Spotlight! I love to advocate for state societies, which are all members of the National Federation. I can’t believe there are only 29 States with societies listed on the website. We’ve got to get the other 21 States on board! The more the merrier!


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