Happy Harry Potter Epilogue Day (& Writing Prompt)!

Today is a very special day indeed for muggles (like myself) who’ve read and loved the Harry Potter series of books: It’s the day on which the epilogue to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows happened, or as I like to refer to it—Happy Harry Potter Epilogue Day! Yay!

Before I go any further, I want to warn any unsuspecting muggles and wizards that I’m about to spill the beans on a few events that happen in the epilogue. So if you want to avoid spoilers in the same way any self-respecting wizard would dodge Knockturn Alley, then read no further (until you’ve finished reading the books; then, come on back here).


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Happy Harry Potter Epilogue Day Writing Prompt!

Still with me? Great!

As you may remember (or as you are now learning for the first time ever—spoilers!), the epilogue happens on September 1st 19 years after the final battle. Any Hermione-Granger-know-it-all could tell you that means September 1, 2017. Today!

As you may also remember, there’s a new generation of Potters, Weasleys, and Malfoys loading on to the Hogwarts Express to begin a new year of wizarding school. So here’s where the prompt comes in: Write 500 words or fewer on what happens to the new generation once they depart the platform.

Your story can take place on the Hogwarts Express or begin at Hogwarts proper. In addition to sharing what happens to the new generation, consider this: Are there any original characters who are now teachers? Do any of the ghosts have anything to say? Are there weird and wonderful creatures on the loose?

Have at it! And if you feel so inclined, please share your magical mini-manifesto in the comments below. Us muggles would love to read it.


Robert Lee Brewer

Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community, which means he edits Writer’s Market and Poet’s Market, in addition to writing a poetry column for Writer’s Digest magazine, speaking at events around the country on the craft and business of writing, and so much more.

He’s also the author of Solving the World’s Problems and the Writer’s Digest Guide to Poetic Forms.

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3 thoughts on “Happy Harry Potter Epilogue Day (& Writing Prompt)!

  1. JRSimmang

    -Fan fiction by JR Simmang
    Credit to JK Rowling

    Lucius Malfoy wasn’t unaccustomed to nightmares. Nor was he unaccustomed to hearing the Dark Lord’s voice over and over again in his head until he awoke, screaming, in a fit of sweat and palpitations. The Unbreakable Vow he took as a Death Eater had lasting effects, and though Voldemort had been vanquished by Potter, his grip was still icy and tight.

    “Now, now, darling,” whispered Narcissa. “It was only a dream, Lucius, and nothing more. Lay back down.”

    “No. I think I’ll get some water.”

    After Dobby staged his escape, the house elves stood united, and the Ministry of Magic openly condemned the slavery of house elves. Lucius had to get his own water now.

    Down the hall, Draco and his wife and child slept in the spare bedroom. Lucius, never sentimental, felt the urge to peek in the door. Soon enough, he thought, Scorpius would find out why the Malfoys never get caught.

    He paused, put his hand on the door, and whispered an apology. It was in the ancient tongues, and it was a powerful apology, one that would last beyond his death. It was an apology that would hopefully restore his family’s name. It would hopefully wipe clean the anger and resentment and strife. He wanted Scorpius to know Lily, Albus, and James. He remembered Harry, his compassion even for Draco when the Second Wizarding War brought down the portcullis of Hogwarts.

    Harry’s parents, the do-good Potters, always infuriated him. Muggles, he thought, then stopped. His chest tightened, and he knew there was no spell he had in his vast mental library that could stop death. Voldemort himself couldn’t stop it.

    Lucius Malfoy dropped to his knees outside his child’s room, and collapsed in a heap of tears and regret. He died wishing the Unbreakable Vow couldn’t transcend generations, and that Scorpius Malfoy wouldn’t be the one that would have to destroy the Potters once and for all.

    -Fan fiction by JR Simmang

  2. peregrine2005

    As James Sirius Potter stepped in the Hogwarts Express, a million thoughts were running through his head. “What will my dorm look like?” squealed a voice in his head. “Will the work be hard?” said another. James waved his family goodbye and lugged his trunk to the nearest compartment he could find. In the compartment sat Lorcan Scamander and his twin Lysander. “Hey!” He exclaimed. “Hi, James. Isn’t it so exciting!” exclaimed Lorcan excitedly while Lysander rolled his eyes. Lorcan and Lysander were James’s best friends. Their mother, Aunt Luna was supposedly great friends with his parents when they were at school and followed his father on adventures with Aunt Hermione and Uncle Ron. James could tell that Lysander was excited too but he just didn’t want to show it. He set his luggage down next to theirs and got comfortable. The wheels of the train started to chug and after what seemed like hours of Lorcan’s endless talk about the magical creatures they’ll study at Hogwarts, the chugging finally stopped. The boys heard a familiar voice crying ” Firs’ years this way!” James ran towards Hagrid and embraced him in a big bear hug. ” How yer doing James?” He looked down and smiled. He told Hagrid all about how excited he was as the twins climbed into their boat. It was going to be a great first year.


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