Austin International Poetry Festival: Poetry Spotlight

This week’s poetry spotlight shines on a super fun week of poetry that happens in the heart of Texas each year: the Austin International Poetry Festival, or AIPF.

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Austin International Poetry Festival

My first appearance at AIPF talking to Del Cain.

I’ve experienced the fun and excitement of the Austin International Poetry Festival first hand as a National Feature in both 2011 and 2014. I’ll be there as a feature again this year as well, and I couldn’t be any more excited.

While poets will have books with them to sell, the point of AIPF is not selling books as much as it’s about a celebration of everything poetry. This 4-day festival in Austin, Texas, brings together local, regional, national, and international poets of traditional forms, free verse, haiku, slam, experimental, and more. It’s really a whirlwind adventure of poetry every single time.

Austin International Poetry Festival Robert Lee Brewer

Here I am reading at the 2014 festival.

The festival features readings across the city in a variety of locales. For instance, I’ve read poems in coffee shops, bookstores, college lecture rooms, bars, high school classrooms, and the basement of a retirement home.

In addition to the poetry readings, poets have the opportunity to attend poetry workshops on topics as diverse as getting your poetry published to figuring out how to drum up inspiration. And did I mention the all-night poetry open mic that also puts together an on-the-spot poetry anthology?

If you’re interested in living poetry, this is one of those events that is worth adding to your bucket list. Come for the poetry and stay for the amazing food trucks that are pretty much everywhere.

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One thought on “Austin International Poetry Festival: Poetry Spotlight

  1. tripoet

    I have attended the Austin International Poetry Festival and loved it! So glad that you are featuring this wonderful event. The deadline is past now but each year AIP invites poets to submit for consideration to their anthology di-ver-sity . These poets then read their poems in a fun event. The year I attended a lovely Chinese poet and Master’s student at UT in Music read her poem in both Chinese and English. A star was born in Austin that night. And it is true, Congress Street houses amazing food cites and don’t forget your boots and/or Tom’s shoes.


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