2018 April PAD Challenge: Day 3

Before we get to today’s prompts (Two-for-Tuesday prompts today!), I just want to note a couple things: First, long-time April PAD Challenger Anders Bylund reports his free search tool for the April PAD Challenge is still functional. Just go to http://gowrite.me/pad.pl throughout the month to look up poems/comments by yourself or other favorite poets. Thank you, Anders!

Second, a few folks have had problems getting the comment function to work specifically for the Poetic Asides blog. One solution that’s worked for a couple poets already is to try using a different browser (for instance, Chrome instead of Firefox or Safari–or vice versa). Another is to try clearing your cache (Google it) and/or rebooting the computer. Now, back to the poeming!

As mentioned above, today is a Two-for-Tuesday prompt, which means you can pick one prompt or the other, do both separately, or mix both together. Do whatever makes you feel good. Here are the prompts:

  1. Write a stop poem.
  2. Write a don’t stop poem.

Remember: These prompts are just springboards; you have the freedom to jump in any direction you want.


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Here’s my attempt at a Stop and/or Don’t Stop Poem:


stop playing games with my heart
eternal sunshine
& smother me in nothings

sweetened by your french kisses
refracting the light
surrounding our soft embrace

& kiss me bonbon kiss me
don’t you ever stop


Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and author of Solving the World’s Problems (Press 53). He is lucky to be married to someone who he can write poems to throughout the year and over the years without end.

Follow him on Twitter @RobertLeeBrewer.


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440 thoughts on “2018 April PAD Challenge: Day 3

  1. mlibra

    Stop/Don’t Stop

    Every time my auntie says
    Don’t stop working
    Stop being lazy
    And my grandma tells me
    Don’t stop running
    Stop eating so much
    My father criticises
    Don’t stop going
    Stop quitting everything
    So I tell myself
    Don’t stop believing in yourself
    Stop giving up.

  2. CJminnesota

    I want to stop
    To stop this

    I need it to stop
    Stopping these
    Unknown answers
    To all the
    Flying around
    In my head

    I got it to stop
    Slowly but surely
    The questions
    Were answered
    The frustration
    Has Stopped

  3. writinglife16


    The lilacs
    drew the bumble bees
    and people.
    The nectar
    and the scent
    were highly treasured by them
    for a brief moment.

  4. Angie5804

    (This is a Blitz poem)

    Leave or Be

    Don’t stop
    Don’t leave
    Leave me alone
    Leave it all
    All for nothing
    All I ever wanted
    Wanted dead or alive
    Wanted now
    Now I know
    Now I see
    See for yourself
    See to believe
    Believe me
    Believe it or not
    Not again
    Not forever
    Forever and ever
    Forever young
    Young and foolish
    Young love
    Love me tender
    Love you
    You send me
    You are my sunshine
    Sunshine and shadow
    Sunshine in my soul
    Soul mate
    Soul search
    Search your heart
    Search the sky
    Sky dive
    Sky blue
    Blue streak
    Blue moon
    Moon over Alabama
    Moon river
    River runs through it
    River of tears
    Tears me up inside
    Tears of joy
    Joy and sorrow
    Joy in the morning
    Morning and evening
    Morning glory
    Glory days
    Glory be
    Be there for me
    Be yourself

  5. Fanny Pad

    listen to the sounds around me
    see people on the telly perform amazing deeds of athleticism. which I know I could never do.
    This is good because once I thought I too could do such things as prance along a four foot bar.
    STOP! my family told me and it is just as well they did.

  6. mschied

    in this room

    I started this

    I was the one
    who wanted to
    come to break
    down walls and
    barriers to

    I asked
    you acquiesced
    a contract
    of mutual
    and acceptance

    and so we started
    in a torrent of
    torment on my
    part reservation
    and candor
    on yours

    but it got real
    raw real quick
    and I fasted
    pulling back
    pushing away
    faster than a

    but I can’t let
    go I turn away
    while clinging
    fast to the life
    line of your eyes

    i want
    this to
    will it

    how hard you
    will try to
    keep me
    and whole
    it hardly seems
    fair yet
    I yearn to yen
    for you



  7. sincerescribe

    Unstoppable Acrostic

    Unwavering, I am about my goals.
    Needless is it to douse my burning coals.
    Sparks from my ambition light’s blare on doubt.
    Tending my passion is my daily route.
    Only hear I voices of well-wishers,
    Protecting myself from dream-death dishers.
    Progress steps toward my destination,
    Aid my steady forward fascination.
    Belief in possibilities breeds hope—
    Leaves me with vigor to climb up the slope
    Ending with arrival at winners’ scope.

  8. AC Leming


    I thought I was over
    the dissolution of us.
    But I never heard the reasons why
    you poured yourself
    into every other problem but us.
    Why you poured yourself
    into every 100 proof bottle
    of scotch or vodka
    to dissolve the inhibitions
    which stoppered your words.

    I fought your boozy kisses
    and clumsy hands.
    I could find drunken hookups
    stumbling out of any bar.
    But I didn’t want dunk sex
    in my martial bed.

    You once said I left long before
    you stopped trying,
    before you left me lonely
    as I sat right next to you.
    I had to exit the dead end
    which detoured our marriage lines.
    I had to escape the endless loop
    and step into the life you left behind.

  9. hohlwein

    The truth is – I can’t stop.

    Is that the truth of it?

    I choose not to stop.
    I choose not to.

    I say I will.
    I don’t.
    Then I do.
    I do!

    But not forever.

    I choose to think it’s okay.
    I choose to think no one is getting hurt.

    The truth is – I’m lying.
    The truth is – I chose to not stop.
    The truth is – I will choose that again.

    The truth is – I look forward to it
    to embracing my weakness

    and its reward.

  10. Ivy_Lane

    stop, please
    teasing me

    with whispers
    with wishes

    your elbow
    easing me

    into your space
    my heartbeat

    syncs with yours
    every time

    rhymes my words
    with your name

  11. Kimiko Martinez


    It was another good date
    We went back to his place
    I pulled him close

    we kissed
    we groped
    we fumbled

    It was a good time
    Until things went too far
    I pushed him away

    he groped
    he fumbled
    he persisted

    It was no longer a good date
    Back at his place
    He pulled my legs apart

    I fumbled
    I flailed
    I cried

    he persisted

    Copyright Kimiko Martine 2018

  12. jmowrites


    When you see the dot
    come to a full stop.
    Every respectable sentence
    has a beginning, middle and end.
    Commas make pauses between clauses
    and add clarity to lists.
    Proceed with caution before using a semi-colon.
    This period/comma mash-up is advanced grammar.
    But perhaps my favorite punctuation
    is the mixed marriage of question mark and exclamation point.
    When you see an interrobang
    stop, drop and roll.
    I love the smell of gunpowder in my correspondence.

  13. azkbc

    Stop Time

    Given three wishes
    I would use one wish
    to stop time every day
    for one hour for me
    to read a book,
    take a nap,
    bake a cake
    or do something else
    that made me happy.

    I do it anyway,
    but using one hour
    of stop time
    would add one more hour
    to the day.

    Wouldn’t you like
    one more hour in
    your day?

  14. seingraham


    Every day it’s the same –
    Get up, get the baby
    Change it, feed it, nurse it
    Dress it – now you
    leave the babe to play
    Dress, eat, meds, ablutions
    Peruse Day-Timer
    Follow the agenda
    One thing after the other
    from morning ‘til night
    And in between each thing
    when the baby’s not asleep
    in its car seat, feed/change/nurse

    Sometimes simultaneously:
    be at a meeting and nurse baby,
    manage the bar you own,
    wearing the baby.
    Until it’s supper time
    or, later and the child needs
    some something, but so do you.
    All you want is to sleep
    or at least someone to
    yell – “stop” and mean it.
    Just for an hour or so.

    1. azkbc

      I don’t read any poems before I post my own. But I can’t help but notice that we both could use an extra hour for entirely different reasons.

      Such days will pass.

  15. Bruce Niedt

    Today’s prompt from NaPoWriMo is to write a list poem consisting of made-up names. So, okay, the only connection to Robert’s prompt is the word “Stop” contained in the poem.

    20 Possible Titles for My Next Poetry Collection

    Three Metaphors Walk into a Bar
    Leaves of Crass
    Gossamer Butterflies of Love
    The Half-Eaten Italian Hoagie of Life
    The Waist Land
    I Wrote This on a Napkin Just Before the Open Mic
    The Assassination of James Franco
    Stop! in the Name of Cheese
    I’m Parked on Poetry Street and My Meter’s Expired
    Damn You, Billy Collins!
    The Gel Bar
    A Basket of Puppies and the Blackest Despair
    Pair o’ Dice Tossed
    A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Poetry
    Iamb What Iamb
    32 Pages if You’ve Got Nothing Better to Do
    Getting Sick-drunk on Charles Bukowski
    3,768 Haiku and a Dirty Limerick
    Look, the Old Fart Has a Hobby

  16. julie e.


    In the beginning
    was Magic,
    my spangled leotard
    matching your
    spangled cloak.
    I vowed
    to curtsy and smile,
    letting your swords
    pass through me

    When the Hidden
    filling with your
    knives so near
    my heart
    I bruised,
    I became a
    lesser person

    till struggling to survive
    I left my spangles
    stepped out of
    the box before
    you made me

  17. MargoL

    Stop and Listen

    Maybe it’s a cat purring
    on my lap. Or the sound of
    roaring waves as I walk the
    beach. Stop and listen –

    To the crackling of a fire,
    classical music playing,
    ticking, ticking of a clock.
    Just stop and listen –

    Wide awake, as he snores by
    my side. The continuous
    humming of bees – clinging – on
    my bedroom window.

    It’s time to stop – Listen to
    the wonderful sounds around
    me. Don’t get lost in useless
    task. Stop and listen –


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