2018 April PAD Challenge: Day 19

For today’s prompt, take the phrase “(blank) Thread;” replace the blank with a word or phrase; make the new phrase the title of your poem; and then, write your poem. Possible titles include: “New Thread,” “Old Thread,” “Twitter Thread,” and “Blue Thread.”


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Here’s my attempt at a (Blank) Thread Poem:

“Tie Me to a Piece of Thread”

please tie me to a piece of thread
& i will ring both night & day
happy to go wherever led–
so tie me to a piece of thread
or lay me on your lonely bed
& tell me what i need to say
for you to pull this piece of thread
held tight for you both night & day


Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and author of Solving the World’s Problems (Press 53). When in doubt, he writes a triolet.

Follow him on Twitter @RobertLeeBrewer.


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308 thoughts on “2018 April PAD Challenge: Day 19

  1. BDP

    “Contemplative Thread”

    Your thoughts are drowned out. Two woodpeckers needle
    a shore snag and machine-sew
    the dead wood. Your pathway’s soft as a whistle
    with no sound, past a white pine so

    majestic in full height the oaks defer to it. A crooked
    low-hung branch offers plain
    green in summer, but also autumn red. You’ll endeavor
    next spring to tap maple amber, to own

    all that went into making the tree sap. You keep tracing
    the forest’s unsolvable knot,
    walk after walk, and always intricate interspersion
    makes you an insignificant dot

    despite your desperately wanting to be more. Furrow
    upon furrow: moss and leaf down,
    lake waves, tree tops in a breeze, cloud stitches,
    layers of this land, strong

    in individuality, yet part of a gigantic patchwork sewing,
    here, a place you’ve missed
    in the city. Pitch your tent, use this quilt for sleeping,
    settle, dream, tie off an anxious stitch.

    —B Peters

    Endwords from Emily Dickinson, “Don’t Put Up My Needle and Thread”

  2. Gigglette

    She didn’t know how it had gotten loose,
    Or how it gotten wound up around everything so tight,
    She certainly did look like such a silly goose ,
    you could say
    she was a messed up sight.
    With only half
    of an unraveled top,
    and a broken shoe,
    So now what was she supposed to do? She wouldn’t be standing here looking at everyone with such dread,
    If in the very beginning
    she’d just cut that errant hanging thread.

  3. mlibra

    Comment Thread

    It’s all over social media
    Everyone is so focused on social media
    It could be alright
    But the comments
    They can be so
    This is why
    Bullying doesn’t happen much
    In school anyways
    It’s all being industrialized
    That’s in now
    No more confrontation
    Especially when anonymous
    People don’t care
    They just say what they want
    No consequences anymore
    You can’t ignore it either
    With the constant notifications

  4. G.P. Hyde

    The Red Thread
    Hold well the thin red thread that Theseus spins
    Behind him, venturing through the chasms and the vaults
    To slay the cruel devouring monster at its heart,
    Slumbering, dreaming of the fair and golden youth,
    On which it’ll gorge and feast and tear from limb to limb
    And drink the blood of fourteen boys and girls.
    Ever onward creeps the young Athenian warrior
    To thwart this monster in its quarters
    And Ariadne’s hand to win, the hand of Minos’ daughter.
    G.P. Hyde

  5. agolly

    Life Thread

    Some people we
    Are tied to for life.

    Whether that be as
    A mother, father,
    Son, daughter,
    Sister, or brother.

    It could also be as
    A friend, boy friend,
    Girl friend, or best friend.

    You could be threaded together as
    A leader, follower,
    Idol, student, hero,
    gift, or curse.

    We are woven together
    By life threads.
    Whether we know
    It or not, we are
    woven together through life.

  6. Anonymous Blue Herring

    Silk Thread

    Silk Thread,
    The most comfortable of all.
    Silk Thread,
    The most expensive of all.
    Silk Thread,
    The least forgiving of all.
    Silk Thread,
    The one I’ll leave on the wall.

  7. Linda Hatton

    Spanish Class

    Every time I sit
    down to remember,
    unruly schoolchildren
    sneak in, wipe memories
    from the blackboard,
    place tacks upon teacher’s
    seat, call her distasteful
    names, tell her
    it was all me, then snicker
    when she makes me stay after
    to atone
    for their sins.

  8. Linda Hatton

    My Turn

    She looked out
    the window, gray
    eyes, blue skies,
    she said
    all her friends
    were dying, soon
    she’d be
    the last one.
    That was
    years ago.
    Now I have
    coffee dates
    with family
    and old
    friends a-
    round their

  9. grcran

    thin thread

    “this time, this place
    this state of grace” from The Thread by Garfunkel, Mondlock, Sharp

    your hand, your head
    your daily bread
    with jam, with spam
    with thank you ma’am
    for food, for drink
    for missing link
    to hearth, to home
    circle the poem
    connects thin thread
    your hand, your head

    gpr crane

  10. Asha1000

    Inky Thread Swirls

    Piece of paper folded
    in half. A length of thread
    dipped in a pot of ink
    blue black, then coiled between
    the leaves pressed.
    A quick pull
    makes twins. What does she see?

    It is said that each of us
    has a twin, a doppelgänger-
    maybe we’re both connected
    by a thread, stitching two
    universes together.

    She stares, searching between the lines,
    looking for his doppelgänger
    – the one who did not die.
    She wants to see the telltale sign,
    the curl of cowlick
    like a mass of inky thread swirls.

    – Lelawattee Manoo-Rahming

  11. CJminnesota

    Thin Thread

    Thin Thread
    Almost as thin as a line
    One that stretches across
    The thin paper

    Thin Thread
    What do I do
    What do I do with you
    Your too thin to use
    Too long to throw away

    Thin thread
    Your harder than a rock
    More stubborn than a mule
    But here we still are
    Thin thread

  12. headintheclouds87

    Loose Thread

    I feel like a loose thread,
    Errant and out of place,
    A differing strand
    From a neatly-arranged hive
    Requiring conformity to thrive.
    But I’d rather be frayed and free
    Than just another stitch
    In a bland and beige design
    Which neither catches my eye
    Nor speaks to any passion of mine.


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