2018 April PAD Challenge: Day 17

For experienced April PAD Challengers, today’s prompt will seem familiar. In fact, I kind of tipped my hand yesterday with my example poem of what today’s Two-for-Tuesday prompt would be.

For today’s Two-for-Tuesday prompt:

  1. Write a love poem.
  2. Write an anti-love poem.


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Here’s my attempt at a Love and/or Anti-Love Poem:


the husband says,
i want your love

but the wife says,
you haven’t been
taking what i’ve
been giving you

and the husband
quickly responds,
i want you love
the way i want

but that ain’t love,
she says, no way


Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and author of Solving the World’s Problems (Press 53). He loves love poems.

Follow him on Twitter @RobertLeeBrewer.


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246 thoughts on “2018 April PAD Challenge: Day 17

  1. candy

    A Poem in Love

    This poem is in love with
    the idea of love
    A fluttery-heart-misty-eyed
    kind of love
    The kind of love that spins
    it around and turns it upside down
    A silvery moon-in-June
    laugh-out-loud, unabashed
    true, blue love
    A good old-fashioned blushing
    love that holds hands and steals
    kisses on the porch swing

  2. Gigglette

    Love is gentle , patient , kind,
    and sometimes passionate enough to drive you right out of your mind.
    At least that is what I’ve Been Told,
    It’s a theory I’ve not yet been totally sold.
    That’s certainly not the experience in my life,
    pain , impatience, loss, and jealousy that has brought strife,
    Stabbing at my heart with a jagged knife.
    From childhood and Beyond the bad side of love has been Rife.
    A permanent vacation from the wicked, sick, and wrong would be nice.
    Caring, compassionate, soft, kind, and giving,
    Could this please happen while im still living?
    Just give me a great big delicious slice!
    better yet,
    passionate and juicy would be good.
    So just once the right kind of love given to me
    could be understood.
    I would accept that quickly,
    and not even think twice.
    Is there a button to click ACCEPT?
    on this device?

  3. CJminnesota

    Mr. spider
    I absolutely
    Hate you

    You give me
    The creeps
    You completely
    Paralyze me

    I am Terrified
    Of you
    I do not
    Love you
    I could never do so

    Yet others
    May like you
    Perhaps maybe
    Even Love

    I never could
    Get it
    But that’s just
    Fo me to
    Deal with
    And for you
    To live with

  4. agolly


    What is Love?
    Can only certain
    People find Love?

    Is Love only for
    Certain groups
    Of people?

    Are only certain
    People able to

    Are you only supposed
    To Love certain people?
    Ore are there people
    Out there that need
    Love as much as me?

    No one knows
    What it really is.

  5. trishwrites

    Based on Lin-Manuel Miranda’s ‘Love is love’ poem in response to Orlando club shootings

    Love walks in
    Happenstance or fate
    In the strangest of places
    When you least expect it
    One look and you know
    When your eyes land on

    We don’t get to choose
    In these matters of the heart
    Thought haters may
    Call you the sinner

    But this love
    No matter
    No reason
    Won’t fade
    Though its
    Colours may
    Bleed around the
    It’s destined
    When two hearts
    Beat as one
    For love is love
    is love is love

  6. carolecole

    At the Mall

    I am tired of the old songs, the empty-headed poems,
    a love created to pass the empty hours, some use
    for these flowers, the rose covered in thorns.
    Unrequited love’s the prize. Here I sit, double latte
    before me, empty-handed, hard-shelled hearted,
    thinking of passion, of rapture, of joy. I can find love here.
    The mall is brightly lit, diamonds sparkle under glass.
    The perfume’s name is Passion; it’s named Tabu.
    What is one to do? Am I Mary or Eve , Virgin or Whore:
    what am I waiting for?

  7. Michelle Hed


    What is it?
    Has is other names?
    Is it little or large?
    How will you know when you find it?
    Is there a sign?
    Perhaps in neon,
    flashing, here it is!
    Or will it announce itself
    over a loud speaker,
    here I am!
    It does exist, right?
    Not just in stories and movies?
    I won’t really start spewing poetry
    when I find it, will I?
    When will I find it?
    Soon do you think?
    I’d like to try it.
    Gah, where is it?

  8. pipersfancy

    A Question about Dessert

    Where is this going?

    This not quite
    you and I thing,

    This jello mold
    that hasn’t quite set yet

    Because as much as
    I love jello
    I really can’t stand
    sitting, waiting
    in the fridge much longer.

  9. azkbc


    “I love you,” he says,
    as he walks among us,
    and we lift our knees
    above our waists.

    “You know you can do it,”
    he says, as he stops by
    each of us encouraging us
    through one more rep of th exercise.

    “I’ll be mad if I hear you fell
    and couldn’t get back up,” he calls out
    as we get in our rhythm
    of laying down on the floor
    and standing back up again.
    Who knew it was so hard
    to lie down and get back up?

    “I love you,” I think
    as we conclude yet another
    two-hour exercise class.
    I’ve not been in any other gym
    where the exercise instructor
    seems to care as much
    about the strength
    of a group of middle-aged
    and older women.


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