2018 April PAD Challenge: Day 10

Wow! We’re already one-third of the way through this challenge, and I’ve been impressed (as usual) by the creative approaches to each prompt. It never fails to amaze and delight me to see a prompt take life once in the hands of poets.

For today’s Two-for-Tuesday prompt:

  1. Write a deal poem.
  2. Write a no deal poem.


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Here’s my attempt at a Deal and/or No Deal Poem:


let’s talk this out
before we stop
no need to shout
or call the cops

let’s make a deal
strike an accord
i know you feel
broken & bored

but for tonight
let’s have some fun
until the night’s
killed by the sun


Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and author of Solving the World’s Problems (Press 53). He does like to rhyme from time to time.

Follow him on Twitter @RobertLeeBrewer.


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234 thoughts on “2018 April PAD Challenge: Day 10

  1. mlibra

    Yes or No

    In my mind if I
    Say yes
    And I’ll give up the rest of my life
    Say no
    And I’ll lose the most important thing I have
    To others
    It just looks like a ring
    But to me
    It is so much more.

  2. Gigglette

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    Apparently BOGO free deals
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    Or there will be no deals for me.
    So lets go online and look what we can see.

  3. seingraham


    If you ride,
    horses that is
    You know there is always
    an agreement between
    horse and rider before
    you begin.
    Riders who care about
    their animals
    agree not to ride them
    too hard and horses
    who believe this
    agree not to buck
    their riders off
    It’s a deal of sorts
    and there is very little
    that causes a deal-
    breaker to occur.

    Should you have
    the chance
    to observe
    an unkind rider;
    someone who
    is authoritarian,
    who feels he
    must break the horse
    to master it, and in so
    doing it, whips it
    to make it do
    almost everything
    you will likely
    see a deal-breaker.

    Although – given
    that horses
    are clever, some
    would say cerebral
    even, it won’t be
    obvious – just
    a lowered equine
    head, some snorting
    and an abrupt stop
    that unseats the rider.
    If the horse feels
    Threatened, it will
    be gone; running far
    and fast to get
    away from that rider.

  4. BDP

    “High School Coach”

    Keep fighting back or give in. Choices like firewood—
    slow burning chunks or kindling used up fast, pick one, not both.
    His prognosis heard, and somewhat understood,
    right then his heart did a skip he could
    not quiet. Many quick skips. Inoperable growth:

    two word darts, then she mumbled not fair,
    though the doctor never actually made that claim…
    or did she? He no longer listened, felt the wear
    of age as he thought instead to his young team, and there
    on the court, they popped basketballs in a round robin, same

    camaraderie every workout, a decades-long lay
    of the land, for him, hard maple floor, sneaker-squeak, black
    outlines of edges and key. He reminded himself that each day
    they practiced with a focus on winning. Not this way
    he was about to choose, fouled out, no getting back

    into the game. He felt a peace with (submission and a sigh)
    his final pick. Neither wife nor offspring to lament him, hence
    an empty-house loneliness, his ego stolen long ago, the contender I.
    His players? Perhaps after his pep-talk goodbye,
    they’ll continue to say: Coach, he made a difference.

    —B Peters

    Endwords from Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken”

  5. Michelle Hed

    The Lemonade Stand

    She wandered the world
    seeking answers
    to unknown questions
    never satisfied
    always thinking
    the answer would be right around the next corner,
    in the next city, in the next country;
    Traveling until she was bent and feeble,
    she died alone
    and no one knows if her questions
    were ever answered.

  6. DaveIst

    Dealing the cards

    Will it be a jocker
    or the Ace of clubs?
    A hand of tricks
    or royal flush?
    Twos and threes;
    a losing run.
    Will the deal
    be good
    or lacking hope?
    The future rosy
    or full of thorns.
    Is it the dealer
    who deals your hand;
    Or is it the player
    Who joins the table
    who throws the final card
    And wins the

  7. Austin Hill

    Deal Breaker Me

    Made a deal with myself,
    not to put my writing on a shelf.

    Plan to write every day,
    not to let one thing stand in my way.

    Here it is April twelfth
    On this day I wrote number ten.

    © April 2018 Suzanne S. Austin-Hill

  8. agolly

    Deal with the Devil

    You could say that
    A deal with the devil
    Is something that
    You should not take lightly.

    Make your deal,
    In ten years you die.
    Purity self explanatory.

    You only get one chance
    To make your deal.
    Got to choose wisely,
    You don’t want to
    Make a deal for
    Something stupid.

    Go out strong!
    Make it something
    That you will be
    Remembered for
    In hell.
    Since you are going
    To get stuck there
    After you die.

  9. Angie5804

    The Hand Was Dealt

    Displaced, depressed
    Wandering the windswept plain
    On dust bowl shattered dreams

    Homeless, hungry
    Pushed on by black blizzards
    Forlorn figures on the road

    Farms gone, families scattered
    Despondent souls eroding
    Through dust bowl shattered dreams

  10. Linda Hatton

    What’s the Big Deal?

    It’s really not a big
    deal tossing out
    a few words like wild-
    flower seeds, seeing
    where they land
    or if they even blossom,
    too many pecked
    up by neighborhood
    hens, anxious
    to chinwag, but I’m
    not talking, I’m locked
    away, a princess
    next to a tower
    of books, yelling
    at me to save
    myself, don’t wait
    till the garden’s
    has ended.

  11. trishwrites

    Family traditions
    They run deep
    Turkey dinner
    Favorite casseroles
    Always the assigned
    Pie baker
    Wine flowing

    It’s not too long after
    the plates are cleared
    When one of us places
    the deck in the middle
    of the table
    And says

  12. drwasy

    The deal was

    for better or worse
    in sickness & health
    but here you are
    using my seasonal
    hacking as excuse
    to sleep in the closet.
    Not a huge deal
    except you’ve retired
    to the damn place
    every night for two
    years, maybe longer,
    & while you say
    you sleep better
    I toss & twist
    my limbs in damp
    sheets, wishing for
    feet to rub against,
    wondering if my
    cough portended
    cancer or bronchitis
    whether I’d still
    be sleeping solo.

  13. Natasa Bozic Grojic

    Deal, No Deal

    They told me you would grant my wish
    provided that something was promised in return
    provided that the promise was kept,
    otherwise you would come and take what’s yours.
    If my wish was granted, I would write you a poem, I said.
    I was so smug about this.
    I would simply do nothing
    until you tired of waiting
    and took my poem from me.
    I forgot how much time you have.
    Apparently you can wait forever and,
    no matter how much I procrastinate,
    I can’t make you do my work for me.

  14. thunk2much

    Goes to show

    “Don’t you let that deal go down” ~ Deal by Jerry Garcia/Robert Hunter

    Jerry said losing sure comes with a price
    and he was right, it made me think more than twice
    about sitting back down at a table for two
    but my love, I sat down again here with you
    and it goes to show you don’t ever know
    so darling let’s jump – hey y’all, look out below

  15. Brian Slusher


    Here’s the deal: we think we are
    Permanent, or at least we won’t be
    Going anywhere in the next day,
    Hour, minute, second. We strut
    About the premises with this confident
    Ignorance, like we are bulletproof
    And flame retardant, like there isn’t
    A fat bullseye sloppily painted
    On the crown of our heads.

    How ridiculous we must look
    When the arrow finds its mark,
    When the car rolls across
    The highway, when we see
    Out the window that great
    Gleaming airliner rocketing
    Towards our once solid floor.

  16. grcran


    we sealed the deal
    these squeals be real
    we feel gentile once more
    the spiel revealed
    we yield the field
    we kneel congealed ashore

    gpr crane

  17. headintheclouds87

    Hot Date to Deal Breaker

    They cawed and cackled over coffee
    About how in sync they were, so crazy!
    Over everything they had in common
    And how the stars must surely be aligned,
    How it must be fate, destiny, whatever,
    As they stared longingly into each other’s eyes
    Conversation flowing and babbling on, and on…

    Until then, it came
    The crushing subject change
    That suddenly silenced the room
    And provoked the nervous chuckles,
    The hasty and half-baked excuses
    To get the hell out of there
    And never look back again…

    Watching from a corner,
    We could not hear, but we knew
    It could only be, none other
    Than the dreaded ‘deal breaker’
    A likely stupid and piddly thing
    That has sent it all crashing down
    Into pieces, supposedly beyond repair.

    Whether it be some political opinion,
    Or equally offensive musical taste,
    Or simply some irritating little habit
    Magnified by fussy and harried minds,
    It breaks a bond before it has begun
    By those convinced that the slightest difference
    Can break otherwise common ground.

    It thus reveals our worst and pettiest sides,
    And fuels the poor and sorry delusion
    That objects of love must be perfection
    Free of any flaws or less-desirable traits,
    Because of the deals made in our heads
    Which even the most beautiful face
    Simply cannot break, to stay with us.

    We laugh and wonder what was said
    To crush these young and hopeful souls
    That are likely too picky for their own good
    And must temper their wild expectations
    As they grow cynical and older,
    For us comfortable and settled observers
    Have seen past differences, for what is deeper inside.

  18. cobanionsmith


    “Too expensive.” She drops the lampshade back down on the table.
    Hands gnarled and forearms bruised, her plastic bracelets click and clatter.
    As if the purveyors need convincing: “Thought this was a garage
    sale, not retail. Work too hard to pay that much.”
    Her hair dark from another free dye job at the beauty school,
    she snakes among the junk strewn on the driveway and card tables.

    She freezes. A ceramic honey pot shaped like a beehive that
    might be worth something. With a bee charmer’s smile to thaw any heart,
    she picks up the prize. Light in her hands, her heart beats faster. No price
    sticker. Beyond the rack of moth-eaten sweaters and stained jeans,
    she angles for the woman with a newborn in her arms,
    a burp cloth draped across one shoulder.

    “Can I visit with you for a minute?” The priceless beehive clutched
    between her ringed, knotted fingers, nails magenta, veins blue,
    beads of sweat glisten on the old lady’s furry upper lip.
    Despite the heat, the mom smiles at the baby, hums a lullaby.
    “Such a sweet little thing,” the lady coos. “How much you want for this?”
    The light was true; the new mother saw all. She had heard.

    “I thought that was lost! I’m sorry.” She reaches for the fragile nest
    with her free hand. “That’s not for sale.”
    Her grip tightens as the mom pulls.
    “It was my grandma’s.” The wooden dipper rattles as the pot flies
    free. The glass hinge lies shattered on the concrete. The door
    slams shut on all three.

    Courtney O’Banion Smith

  19. Glory

    Another Battle Lost Not Won

    Let’s play the cards
    Shall I begin
    No need to sigh
    You’re sure to win

    You always do
    That’s why I cry
    Just once more
    Then say goodbye

    A battle fought
    But never won
    The story of our life
    A love is undone

  20. mattmacd

    No quarter, no compromise
    it’s the maxim of the
    young person
    enjoying that sweet spot in life
    somewhere after high school but still college-able.

    Mistakes will be made and
    bridges will be reduced to cinders.

    Some will learn sooner, others will learn later
    that life is a series of compromises.
    It’s better
    to pick the hill that you want to die on now
    than to
    suffocate on your own youthful


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