2017 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 4

We’re poeming into the weekend!

For today’s prompt, take the phrase “Whosoever (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then, write your poem. Possible titles include: “Whosoever Objects to This Union,” “Whosoever Wants to Eat My Candy,” or “Whosoever Doesn’t Wash Their Hands After Flushing.”


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Here’s my attempt at a Whosoever Blank Poem:

“whosoever thinks camping in their yard is a good idea”

should remember that the kids will want to run in
and out of the house until the porch lights go out

should remember that the ground is as hard in
one part of georgia as another & there’s no doubt

a reason why people have evolved to sleep in
houses but the kids will have fun inside & out


Robert Lee Brewer

Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and author of the poetry collection, Solving the World’s Problems (Press 53). He edits Poet’s Market and Writer’s Market, in addition to writing a free weekly WritersMarket.com newsletter and a poetry column for Writer’s Digest magazine.

He spent last night “sleeping” in a two-person tent with his daughter, while his son and a few of his friends slept in the six-person tent. Tall people don’t have a lot of space in small tents. But it was worth it.

Follow him on Twitter @robertleebrewer.


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278 thoughts on “2017 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 4

  1. River.of.red.ink

    “Whosoever tries to touch the stars”

    Whosoever tries to touch the stars
    May only try at night

    A time when dreams are made
    There’s all time for dreams at night

    Dreams are a way to hold onto hope
    And in keeping your dreams alive

    You must sleep
    For that is the key

    If you are to touch the stars every night

    1. ingridbruck


      Whosoever enters Stillpoint Interfaith Retreat Center
      is asked to remove their shoes, leave them at the door.

      Cleanliness is also a virtue
      revered by rules of the Jewish faith.

      A religious man does not clasp a strange woman’s hand,
      his wife submerges in the ritual bath of the Mikva to cleanse herself.

      My stocking feet on Stillpoint’s clean floors
      ground me in the welcome house in the woods where I stay,

      open me to the clatter of running squirrel feet on the roof,
      the dip and sway of pine trees through the windows.

    2. ingridbruck

      “Here is a few more poems In my attempt to catch up and remain current. I love trying to push as hard as I am at writing but the prompts really actually help to stimulate creativity. But even without prompts I wake up every morning with the poem on my mind which demands exercise upon the paper. I’ve been really enjoying all these poems you both right.
      Write on,
      Michael Peck

      Day four

      Whosoever stands before the sun
      shall bear the scars of Icarus
      broken wings etched in failure
      the sun does not invite visitors
      or imitators
      it is one-of-a-kind to man
      who is a dependent 
      upon its warmth
      its light allows men
      to see our reflections 
      to know our limitations ©”

  2. bmorrison9

    The Writing Game

    Whosever thinks
    this is too hard,
    this writing game,
    should try getting up
    in the dark to milk
    before firing up
    the blue tractor
    to harrow the top field,
    should try lifting
    bales of hay and
    bags of feed and
    loading them on the wagon,
    should try scrubbing
    the milk vats
    and digging in
    the garden
    and doing it all again
    tomorrow and tomorrow
    and again tomorrow.
    Like an ornery mule
    stubbornly following
    its own tracks in circles,
    we go on.

  3. LCaramanna

    Who Will?

    Whosoever volunteers
    to work with the new girl who sits in the back corner
    will discover
    a creative, intelligent, kind, compassionate soul.
    She sits alone in the back corner,
    her outward appearance dark and dull,
    but inside she radiates dazzling beauty.
    Whosoever decides
    to work with the new girl who sits in the back corner
    will look
    beyond her differences
    and find an individual worthy of respect.
    Whosoever dares
    to accept the new girl who sits in the back corner
    uncovering the truth behind her differences.
    Whosoever takes that chance
    a friend.

    Lorraine Caramanna

  4. Domino

    Whosoever _________


    Who sews ever-lasting lines of stitched prose?
    Drawing with threads in such fabric she finds,
    darning or buttons or mending of hose,
    limning embroidery, all shapes and kinds?

    Who sews ever-lasting lines of stitched prose?
    Hemming and cutting and taking good care,
    mending torn seams and taking in of clothes,
    adding a touch of her artistic flair?

    Who sews ever-lasting lines of stitched prose?
    Creating anew such garments she loves,
    embellishing even where it never shows,
    beautifying from the toes to the gloves?

    Who sews ever-lasting lines of stitched prose?
    Is this artiste so alone in her art,
    that few people recognize all that she knows
    and how she works, ever, with all of her heart?

  5. Angie5804

    We were told all our lives
    If you dream it you can do it
    Just do it
    Now walk past the guy with his plastic bag
    filled with all his worldly belongings
    Tell him
    Just do it

    Every other nine year old boy says
    I want to be in the NBA
    Or NFL
    I got a trophy
    I have a shelf of trophies
    I wonder where that grown boy
    Under the overpass
    Keeps his trophies

    She was told
    You can be whatever you want to be
    She left college to marry her sweetheart
    Who didn’t turn out so sweet
    Now she lives in the shelter with her three kids
    Ask her
    Is this what you wanted to be?
    Just do it

  6. Alphabet Architect

    Whosoever visits this home shall be welcomed…wholeheartedly.
    Whosoever is offered food shall accept or refuse…graciously.
    Whosoever eats at the table shall observe their manners…politely
    Whosoever spills shall wipe it up…immediately.
    Whosoever opens a door shall close it…gently.
    Whosoever uses the toilet shall flush it…promptly.
    Whosoever flushes shall wash their hands…thoroughly.
    Whosoever plays games shall do so…honestly.
    Whosoever wins or loses shall accept it…humbly.
    Whosoever plays, works, converses, or makes music shall do it…joyfully.
    Whosoever runs amok in Grandma’s garden…seriously?
    Whosoever makes loud noises near Papa…just don’t.
    Whosoever plays with toys shall put them away…neatly.
    Whosoever arrives empty in any way shall leave filled…abundantly.

  7. lsteadly

    Whosoever dreams of love

    Whosoever dreams of love
    must know that a heart
    wrenches tight in the wanting
    or the leaving, the blood
    courses or clots
    depending on the ache

    You left for another
    country today, only for two
    weeks yet my heart drew
    tight, stricken by the looming
    absence of your touch, loosened
    for just a moment
    when your breath became mine

  8. Valkyri

    For some reason I just couldn’t get my teeth into this one. I hadn’t been feeling well, which I am sure contributed to my consternation. Here it is, one day late, and one dollar short….

    anti whosoever haiku

    whosoever thinks
    that this word has a place in
    modern writing… nope

  9. cassandrascurse

    whosoever’s a “whosoever”
    is obviously someone I’d rather not know

    but whensoever said whosoever’s
    done whatsoever which vexed me so

    howsoever, I’ll find a clever
    way to sever myself forever
    from that whomsoever
    and just let go

  10. rmpWritings

    my first thought, “whosoever enters here” was followed by “whosoever falls for me” and ended with…

    “Whosoever wields the sword”
    by rmp

    Beware the thorns effect all sides
    not just pushing you back
    but giving me pause to pull away

    Beware the beating in my chest
    is not a hope-filled bird wishing
    to take flight
    but rather a fear-filled dragon searing
    me with every breath

    Beware some damsels in distress
    who want nothing more than their knight
    don’t know how to be rescued

  11. Bushkill

    Running late again…

    Whosoever Witnesses Dawn

    Upon a canvas of liquid black
    Colors splash in rising haste
    As Dawn’s ascent the day takes back
    Keeping Night in her solemn place.

  12. RJ Clarken


    “Love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is done well.” ~Vincent Van Gogh

    Love many things, including yourself.
    What’s done in love is done well.
    Labor’s not lost. The line can be crossed.
    Whosoever loves much none can quell.

    Find passion in all new endeavors.
    You can accomplish so much.
    The line can be crossed. Labor’s not lost.
    All it takes is some effort, some touch

    and in doing so, find your true strength,
    your raison d’être…create.
    Labor’s not lost. The line can be crossed.
    Let this message of love resonate.

    Whosoever loves much performs much,
    no matter the discipline.
    The line can be crossed. Labor’s not lost
    when each brushstroke turns hue crystalline.


  13. Brandi Noelle

    Whosoever Thinks They Know Me

    Whosoever thinks they know me
    Is nothing short a fool
    For my skills at evasion are masterful
    Vague words my useful tool

    Whosoever knows my history
    Knows only one chapter at most
    Struggles and heartaches bred strength
    My weakness lost to the ghosts

    Whosoever knows my heart
    Are few and far between
    Secrets held within locked tight
    Treasured few hold the key

    Whosoever knows my pain
    Know nothing of its depths
    The gripping vise upon my heart
    The aching sob caught in my chest

    Whosoever thinks they know me
    You’re wrong at every turn
    I’m a carefully crafted mystery
    Your judgements will lead you to burn

  14. seingraham


    will know that I am gone from this place
    for these are my final thoughts
    and not to be shared while I still breathe.

    Whosoever reads these words
    may take comfort in knowing that I have
    no malice in my heart so any grudges
    left unsettled will so remain, fear not.

    Whosoever reads these words
    if you are of the very few that I kept in my heart,
    that I loved without reservation, you knew it
    and that never wavered, and you know it still.

    Whosoever reads these words,
    grieve not that I am no longer amongst you.
    Remember me for the good times I had while here
    and continue with your lives as if I were with you still.

  15. carolecole


    I grew up singing psalms in the country church
    my father was baptized in, slumped in the hard
    oak pews, staring at the man up front in his simple
    white shirt and black suit. It sat just down the road
    on a piece of land my family gave, not far along a path,
    packed dirt and winding up a low hill.

    My grandmother powdered and rouged us,
    my sister and me, dressed us in layers of lace,
    the pinkness of our cheeks a lie we loved to tell.
    We were thrilled by the edge of sin on Sundays.

    Later, years gone, I sang in the choir of the city church,
    spired and glassed, sin no longer a thin edge of maybe,
    my heart gripping the notes and harmonies, my eyes
    shut to the potentials of salvation, my cheeks pale
    with desire, my grandmother long buried and with her
    a childhood’s blessed innocence.

    I have loved old churches all my life, the stiff benches
    and the hard men and women who forced a living
    from a rocky soil–my people, and whosoever believes
    in stone and blood, the sweat of love, shall live forever
    in the reconstructed heavens of these songs.

  16. Janet Rice Carnahan


    I am there for you, too, you’ll see
    If you stand for me true and true
    I’ll be bravely standing for you, too
    If you dare to send me a loving thought or two
    Know my kind thoughts will be of you,
    If you should fill with any doubt
    My love for you will quickly run out
    If you should delay your affection
    Your tender touch, I surely shun
    (Trust me, Hon!)
    If your smile eases my greatest fears
    I’ll be yours for many years
    Whosoever decides to shine my way
    I’ll move aside and let you pay
    Whosoever reads this poem all the way through
    I am now and will always be happy with you
    Right now whosoever you are
    I can say honestly . . . you are my star!

  17. Shennon

    lies to my face
    slanders my name
    hurts my family
    messes with my friends
    belittles my existence,
    shall stand at the
    when I’m the one
    in charge
    of handing out bread.


  18. PowerUnit

    is hungry may eat,
    thirsty may drink,
    lonely may join,
    happy may smile.

    wants to help may serve,
    love may hug,
    be alone may hide,
    a job may work.

    wishes to worship may pray,
    talk may speak,
    shoot may fire,
    greet may wave.

    tries to hurt should heal,
    lie be silent,
    say no, go,
    divide can leave.

  19. Julieann

    Whosoever Meaneth Me

    When the Word needs spreading
    When God’s work needs doing
    When a class needs teaching
    When a sermon needs preaching
    When comfort needs giving
    When grievances need forgiving
    When all these and many more
    Whosoever meaneth me

  20. SarahLeaSales

    Whosoever Reads This Will Know

    When Whosoever, Whatsoever, Wheresoever, Whensoever, and Howsoever
    wafted into a bar and dished their scoop,
    the Janus-faced Whichsoever
    told them he didn’t care for their tale soever—
    not without the Why.
    And when they found him,
    so modern and concise,
    they became the journalistic list we all know.


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