2017 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 26

Only 4 days after today’s poem. Let’s finish strong!

For today’s prompt, write a shine poem. People can shine. Shoes can shine. You can shine a light on someone or something. The sun shines; the moon reflects that shine; and so on. Let’s shine through our poems today.


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Here’s my attempt at a Shine Poem:

“sometimes the best”

sometimes the best way to shine
is to shake the rust off and break
through the stars no one thought

could be touched in the first place
& sometimes the worst breaks
lead to the next obstacle to take


Robert Lee Brewer

Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and author of the poetry collection, Solving the World’s Problems (Press 53). He edits Poet’s Market and Writer’s Market, in addition to writing a free weekly WritersMarket.com newsletter and a poetry column for Writer’s Digest magazine.

He tries to shine through the thick and thin.

Follow him on Twitter @robertleebrewer.


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187 thoughts on “2017 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 26

    1. ingridbruck


      Wrenna’s mama shines for her.
      She clings to her,
      mama is all Wrenna wants.

      They asked me to come over and watch her
      but that’s wasn’t Wrenna’s idea.
      I’m her Nana,
      not a light that shines brightly
      and she screams with dismay
      when mama leaves her.

      I might be a second best light
      but I’m what she’s got,
      Wrenna sulks holding her pillow
      while I wait for her to accept
      the loss of options.

      I wail until solitude is boring
      and she wants to sit down and eat,
      with gusto she forks and fingers
      carrots and noodles sprinkled with cheese
      into her mouth.

      We have our hours together.
      I’m the light that shines for my grand baby,
      I bring her cookies and milk,
      read her books while she rocks
      and we’re both happy.

  1. De Jackson


    Hide it under a bushel? No.
    I’m gonna let it…

    There’s a reason we don’t trust her,
    that wily moongirl,

    any farther than we can


  2. Sara McNulty

    On A Cold Autumn Night

    The blue in the black of his hair,
    like an ice floe in a dark sea.
    Luminance under light of moon
    on Autumn night with Winter chill.

    Like an ice floe in a dark sea
    he ended our rich romance.
    On Autumn night with Winter chill
    Ice gripped my heart, lamppost light glared.

    He ended our rich romance;
    I stood rooted, wanting to run.
    Ice gripped my heart, lamppost light glared,
    moon glow paled to sickly white.

    I stood rooted, wanting to run
    from that blue in the black of his hair.
    Moon glow paled to sickly white,
    luminance lingered no more.

  3. lsteadly


    A Thanksgiving drive, or maybe
    it was Christmas, decades ago
    my brothers and I squished
    in the back seat of the Chevy
    Nova, on our way
    to father’s family in Queens,
    our cousins waiting to recall
    us, the relatives who moved on
    to something other than the city

    I remember mother, hands all
    a flutter, nervous, afraid of
    the gossip an outsider like her,
    who came from money, incurs,
    how she spit shines our faces
    with her finger, wipes
    at dirt only she can see

  4. Jrentler

    strike the moonlight

    for a candle is only 1800
    while a cloudless sky burns
    10,000 kelvins above

    & it’s not the tungsten orange
    nor the hydrargyrum blue
    or waves of diode

    beyond the open gate
    the lens waits to flip
    one upside down

    till you walk the heavens
    & never again the ground

  5. SarahLeaSales

    The Light That Draws You

    The light-up ladybug that paints the crescent moon and stars on your ceiling—
    that is the light that draws you.

    The sunshine that plays tricks on mirrors and turns your hair strawberry blond—
    that is the light that draws you.

    The silver moonshine that filters through your golden curtains—
    that is the light that draws you.

    The little church ornament with a choir that sings and stained glass that lights up,
    that is the light that draws you.

    The star on the Christmas tree that changes colors like you change your mind—
    that is the light that draws you.

    The pink lightbulb that shines inside our burgundy beaded lampshade—
    that is the light that draws you.

    The fire from the grill, from where meaty deliciousness smells—
    that is the light that draws you.

    The candlelight I read by when alone in bed or dining al fresco on the patio—
    that is the light that draws you.

    The lights in the stores, like a Hallmark movie set,
    the lights of downtown shimmering on the sidewalk after a mid-winter drizzle,
    the amber, afternoon glow—that last breath before twilight,
    but most of all,
    the light I see in your eyes when awareness shines—
    those are the lights that draw me.

  6. robinamelia

    Copper pennies in the dustpan
    shiny but of so little value
    she hates to pick them out

    but throwing them away is wrong
    She had been taught that
    even though her economist father

    wanted to abolish the senseless cent.
    Still, if for no other reason than
    to keep them out of the landfill

    she picks them out
    places them in a jar
    and sets it on a sunny shelf.

    1. grcran

      really nice turn here, thanks for this… i was taught that when you find one heads-side-up, it’s good luck… and heads-side-down, well, flip it over and fix the luck for the next person…

  7. thunk2much


    By the light of the moon

    the fox shrieks
    certain he sounds smooth and suave

    the couple holds hands
    certain of love, oblivious to shadows

    the fire spits
    certain that oxygen means life

    I sip applejack
    certain of the pain and pleasure found

    in simple moonshine.

  8. deringer1

    THINGS THAT SHINE (haiku sonnet)

    every morning sun
    comes up to warm the new day
    bringing fresh new hope

    dear friends smile at me
    their shining faces aglow
    with accepting love

    on my finger shines
    a reminder of your love
    and fidelity

    in the window shines
    the Christmas candle’s warm glow
    welcoming me home

    shining love and grace
    bring us joy and peace

  9. Walter J Wojtanik


    It shines with the luster of mid-day; the new-fallen snow
    blankets and comforts, distorting sugar plum visions
    and caviar dreams. It seems that fewer believe,
    deceived by the commercial cravings, and saving
    all vile animus for me. But I persist as history proves
    that love conquers; gladdening hearts and imparting
    a wisdom born of the wishes that this season brings.
    It rings like a jingle bell, swelling my heart with pride
    as my ride begins. It is in this one night that flight
    becomes instantaneous; an extemporaneous motion
    over oceans and fields. And it yields abundance
    of goodwill that annually brings me to this place.
    Every face, new and old is told of my legend;
    mention me to a child and wild dreams become reality.
    I’m a big deal in their eyes, and as sure as reindeer fly,
    I’m determined to travel as swiftly as the spirit can take me
    to make me complete the journey before dawns first rays.
    At least that’s the way it plays in my mind and I find in the moonlight
    the magic that one night can hold. And even should you be so bold
    as to not believe, I will still leave a little token
    in hopes that any broken trust between us mends.
    It sends me back every December; I’m not hard to remember.
    I am Santa Claus.

  10. Valkyri

    You write about
    things that matter
    family, love, God…
    The light of
    you, your poetry,
    your soul, allows
    me to shine…

    For Judy- a poet, editor and author. You are my friend, my mentor and dearly loved. Yes, Judy, you allow me to shine!

  11. tunesmiff

    G. Smith (BMI)
    In the darkness,
    Just a little light,
    From a simple candle,
    Illuminates the night.

    In the same way,
    With a word that’s true and kind,
    You can reach a lonely heart,
    And make the darkness shine.

    You can see a candle flame,
    From miles and miles away,
    You can spark the flame of love,
    With the things you do and say.

    In the darkness,
    Of a sky with just the stars,
    Those countless points of shining light,
    Can tell you where you are.

    In the same way,
    A simple helping hand,
    Can rescue from a storm-tossed sea,
    And bring one home to land.

    You can see a candle flame,
    From miles and miles away;
    You can spark the flame of love,
    With the things you do and say.
    You can spark the flame of love,
    With the things you do and say.

    You don’t have to blow out,
    Another man’s match,
    For both of you to see,
    In the dark;
    And you can choose to shine,
    With love, love, love,
    And heal a beating heart.

    You can see a candle flame,
    From miles and miles away;
    You can spark the flame of love,
    With the things you do and say.
    You can spark the flame of love,
    With the things you do and say.

  12. Anthony94

    On the Sunday after Thanksgiving

    Let me tell you how light
    shone on their mantled
    shoulders, the eagle pair
    come back to the fingerling
    creeks feeding the big river
    for the first time this fall.

    Light catches the bellies of
    hawks only to slide onto
    their feet, to go dull and slip
    away until the next fluffing
    but with eagles there’s a certain
    panel on both sides of their

    primaries that catches the light
    and shines it back unlike other
    birds that borrow from sunsets
    and rainbows, a wisp of snow.
    These two will return to their
    nest wherever it may be

    to lay eggs by February, light
    glinting off downy chicks peeking
    from under protective wing. One
    day they may find their way to
    these creeks, grown into their
    white panels, begin to shine.

  13. MET

    I Hope I Always Shine Through

    I have heard people say
    I am strange,
    Not like the rest,
    Different and
    Something rare…
    Like a gemstone
    Not quite polished, but
    The glimmer is waiting there.

    It hurt sometimes
    When the words
    Not meaning to hurt, but
    Hurt anyway…
    For it made me separate, and
    Separate is not always good
    Like river rock thrown on the bank
    From the water dull, but
    The ability to shine is still there.

    I accept that I am different.
    This path, I must walk is
    Steep with many broken steps,
    With solace and solitude
    Heights attained by climbing
    Through clouds often,
    Dark and menacing, but
    I hope I always shine through.

    Mary Elizabeth Todd
    November 26, 2017

  14. Anthony94

    Before Bedtime

    After hours, shoes
    on a newspaper by the sink
    the Kiwi and an old T-shirt
    t work in the paste
    then the bristled brush
    worn down from many
    nights like this of making
    them shine, always the shine.

  15. Janet Rice Carnahan


    Diamonds in the rough
    Clearly tough stuff
    Children trying to conform
    Being still, being the norm
    Sadness and sorrow
    Avoiding tomorrow
    Holding a person back
    Energy they lack
    A heavily clouded sky
    No idea why
    Depression, repression,
    Suppression and oppression
    All serve as an impetus
    Positive changes for us
    Starts to hum
    And does come
    Through the brilliance
    Maybe last-minute punts
    Through truth
    Found in youth
    Because what is ultimately
    Most subtly
    Golden and good
    Always arrives and should
    Always comes shining through
    Because it is always due
    Quite frankly, it is what we do

  16. Walter J Wojtanik


    All praise the triangles, and the disguises.
    Don’t hide the real you from the crowd.
    For you can’t hide your heart from the people’s eyes,
    (all praise the triangles, and the disguises.)
    Step away from doubt and people’s lies
    and shine your beacon, lift it to the skies!
    All praise the triangles, and the disguises
    But don’t hide the real you from the crowd.

        1. tripoet

          There is a Frank Lloyd Wright church on Main Street here in KC. Either by it or in it there is a beacon that flashes in the summer sky. When I read this poem it reminded me of it.
          Shine on.

    1. De Jackson


      Don’t hide the real you from the crowd.
      Such darkness needs each point of light.
      Just grab your start and shine out loud.
      Don’t hide the real you from the crowd.
      So, show your glow without a doubt
      and when the next star is in sight,
      don’t hide the real you from the crowd.
      Such darkness needs each point of light.

      1. Walter J Wojtanik


        Such darkness needs each point of light
        dancing upon the lake like refracted moonbeams.
        Dreams poking through midnight’s shroud star bright,
        such darkness needs each point of light.
        Two star crossed lovers witness in delight
        how each fleck shimmers; how it gleams.
        Such darkness needs each point of light
        dancing upon the lake like refracted moonbeams.

  17. MET

    Prayer Illuminates Me….

    Prayer illuminates me…
    In the stillness of my soul…
    The quietness of solitude
    I feel the light of the Spirit
    Wash down over me
    Bathing me in His Light,
    Freeing my soul from turmoil
    So, I can walk on the water, and
    I shine
    New, bright, renewed and
    The chains are broken, and
    Remade into links that connect me
    To Jesus who paid the price… and
    Quietly as I listen to my recreation, and
    Still in his presence
    Prayer illuminates me.

    Mary Elizabeth Todd
    November 26, 2017

  18. MET

    White Shining Dreams

    Part of who I am is
    I have dreams…
    White light shining dreams.

    They come unbidden, and
    Unwanted, but
    Still they come.

    They warn me,
    And I listen for
    They never fail me.

    Sometimes I have heard
    Banshee cry, and
    Woke with a face wet with tears.

    It is symbols
    For things I do not understand.

    My mother called me strange
    When I told her –
    Her father had died.

    I was ten then
    And I can see her face
    Scared of her child.

    Mary Elizabeth Todd
    November 26, 2017

      1. MET

        this based on a true story…I was ten years old and my mother came to wake me that her stepmother had died… and I told no, “Papa Rainey has died.” It was a very long tip to SC from Tn… and when we arrived her siblings met her at the car and told her father- Papa Rainey had died while we were in route… she grabbed me really quick and took me out of ear shot and told me… “DO Not say a word. They will think you are strange.” and she was scared…

  19. Bruce Niedt

    This is another response to the word-bank prompt on the Sunday Whirl blog. The words this week are simple, puzzle, twist, ring, stand, still, stolen, stream, wish, prize, trim, and amble.

    Girl with a Ring Puzzle

    It looks like a simple puzzle –
    twist a few shiny rings off a bar –
    and she stands stock-still
    concentrating on a solution.
    It’s not as easy as it looks –
    a half-hour stolen from her life.
    Ideas are streaming in –
    maybe if I twist it this way
    instead of that
    – and finally,
    after thirty-seven minutes,
    all the metal rings are free.
    She wishes there was a prize
    for solving it. Maybe she’ll try
    again, and trim some time off
    her personal one-shot record.
    But for now, she ambles over
    to a friend to show him,
    her brief moment to shine.

  20. Bruce Niedt

    My Back Door Someday

    I’ve been waiting for that bright sunshine to show up
    and shine in my back door someday.
    – Luther Allison

    When we moved across the street
    after so many years, the sun followed us there,
    but it was an old friend in a new light.
    Before, it greeted us in the breakfast nook,
    streaming in the back window most mornings,
    and beat on our front door after noon,
    sometimes mercilessly in summer.
    Now, in our new home, it comes opposite –
    mornings, a warm smash of yellow light
    through the picture window, a golden glow
    in the back yard through the cedar trees
    in the afternoon. When the light slants just right,
    it beams straight through the kitchen door,
    and when it leaves at twilight, it’s graceful enough
    not to slam the screen.

  21. MichelleMcEwen

    Shine Nonet

    Shea butter does wonders on my toes
    and soles and shoulders and elbows.
    Nothin’ like sheabuttersheen.
    How I gleam in sunbeam—
    shinin’ shinin’ like
    a new somethin’
    that you want
    to take

  22. MET

    Her Eyes Danced Sparkled and Shined….

    Ma was stoic all her life.
    Her pictures as a child
    Have her standing ramrod straight,
    No smile and eyes locked in a silent stare,
    Her last picture made had that same stoic look,
    Though her hair was thinning, and
    Wrinkles crinkled her once smooth face.
    She was who she was.

    But when she was about to get silly,
    Before her lips would up turn
    Or her laughter cackle, or
    The tears of merriment
    Would course down her face…
    There would be this glimmer in her eyes,
    Her lips would twitch
    At some secret thought
    She was about to expose, and
    Before the first word she would speak,
    Her eyes danced, sparkled, and shined.
    We would all be waiting to hear her wit, and
    Before the words were said,
    We all would be smiling.

    I did not know how precious
    Those moments were, and
    How much I would miss her, and
    Her dancing sparkling shining eyes.

    Mary Elizabeth Todd
    November 26, 2017

  23. MET

    Leaves of Trees

    The come in spring
    Tiny pink and fuzzy…
    New born leaves
    Need protection from the sun.
    They grow into spring green crayon color
    And then grow darker, and
    As they grow… they begin to shine.

    In summer their leaves
    Soak up light and reflect light.
    They gleam and shine, and
    Dance in the wind
    While making food from the sun
    To keep them strong
    Until the next summer.

    The fogs roll in late summer
    Heralding the coming autumn…
    The leaves change colors, but as they so
    They dull their shine…
    For the colors glow instead.
    Then they fall.

    In winter the buds for leaves sleep
    Dreaming spring rains, and
    Summer work, and
    The glory of fall
    When they reign.

    Mary Elizabeth Todd
    November 26, 2017

  24. Earl Parsons

    How Bright the Light

    How bright the Light that shines so bright
    So bright It lights the darkest night
    The darkest night will cast no fright
    No fright be cast when the Light shines bright
    Let His Light through us shine bright

  25. headintheclouds87

    Chasing the Light

    My spirit hasn’t gone out,
    Its just dimmed a little bit,
    So I dawdle on in the half-dark,
    Trying to recall the feeling
    Of full-lit awe and wonder
    Before my mind went under
    And to this shade of numbness.
    But the memory of that light
    Wills me to walk on and fight
    And escape the empty of nights,
    Reclaim that lustre lost to time,
    So once again dulled eyes may shine.

  26. tripoet

    About the Lighting

    I often wonder,
    Does the light shine
    differently on the poor?
    Maybe twice as bright?
    I’ve noticed those with less
    don’t have to lug
    heavy accolades around.

    1. MET

      gave me something to ponder and that is always a good thing… and as I said I like the questions people ask… because they often tell more than their answers… and you ask good questions…

  27. annell

    A Cloud of Ash Drifts Over Bali

    the weather report predicts     a “dry and warm” winter     many sunshiny days predicted

    the sun rises    each morning      “sunny and mild”

    each day there is no change     “mostly sunny”      i long for snow>br>

    transformation      winter white     gloves and boots

    when it snows      i know     it is really winter

    sun everyday      does not a winter make     i wonder

    am i stranded in another land    or a time warp     is it global warming

    each shiny day     turns into another nbsp;  day just like the day before

    perhaps this change   &bsp; is how it will be     years without winter

    from this day forward  &bsp;  the new normal     “partly sunny and cooler”

    you will notice      it does not say     “cold”

    a warm winter    seems to be without event   &bsp; report just in

    volcano erupts      cancelled flights     thick cloud of ash drifts over Bali

    November 26, 2017

    Note: When it comes to the weather, if it is not one thing, it is another. I grew up in a place there was no snow, I moved here, to be able to experience snow.

  28. Walter J Wojtanik


    Early morning rain
    washes the disdain from life,
    a freshness exposed.

    In the dawning,
    sunshine peeks through the clouds
    enlightening my mind.

    Thoughts brought forth
    in a new poetic way
    express the soul.

    All feelings live
    within the hearts of poets,
    fueling their muse.

    Writing for life,
    all while living to write
    time well spent.

    Time and tide
    stand still for all men
    after their passing.

    A journey begun
    with a single word, expresses
    what poets see.

    Lost in thought,
    ideas go shining into loving bloom.
    A poet writes.

    Dedicating my words
    to those without a voice.
    One time always.

  29. Connie Peters

    Not Shining Today

    Sometimes the sun will shine in all its brilliance
    Sometime the sun will hide behind the clouds
    The sun’s still the sun despite its disappearance
    Sometimes the sun will shine in all its brilliance
    So though I may seem in incompliance
    I’m still me though I avoid the crowds
    Sometimes the sun will shine in all its brilliance
    Sometimes the sun will hide behind the clouds

  30. Melanie

    I have waved goodbye to my shine
    The glow and glean that was mine
    When winter arrived in the night
    My shine disappeared from sight

    I’ll find it again in the spring
    When the birds in the mornings sing
    My shine will return with a song
    My laughter will last the day long

    (I am one of these S.A.D. people. My mood takes a downward dip in winter)

  31. ReathaThomasOakley

    Black patent leather

    Little bit of
    wad of
    toilet paper
    dust gone
    for today
    for Sunday
    School so
    I can sing
    This Little Light
    of Mine
    Let it Shine

  32. dittman


    The water was warm and caressed us.
    Mud warm, black and ancient, squirted between
    toes. Afterwards I combed your hair, amazed
    at the way it changed color when dampened.
    Shivers rant the length of your spine when my palm
    grazed the satiny nape of your neck.

    You never know when happiness or
    completion will show up, unannounced,
    uninvited, knocking on the door
    shuffling its feet, grinning sheepishly when asked,
    Where have you been?

    Romance is boring and passe.
    Banter a dead language like Latin.
    Longing is dull, vague, and
    robbed of words and expression.
    Desire has been pared down to the razor’s edge.

    But still my vision shimmers at the memory
    of hair streaking blonde to red in the light of a quarter moon.

    After you leave, I slip back into the pond,
    reclining and then floating, floating.
    The stars dome up around me and fireflies
    line up on the shore shining
    but weary, weary of holding their light.

  33. taylor graham


    verb 1. to emit rays of light,
    (June sun already detailing the opposite ridge
    as you let your dog sniff the missing girl’s
    hairbrush, “find Liz!”)
    2. to be bright by reflection of light,
    (patches of ground gleaming among shadows
    cast by pines, as your dog headed down
    a dirt road, away from the cabin;)
    3. to be eminent, conspicuous, or distinguished;
    to perform extremely well,
    (your dog, the best searcher you’ve known –
    but every missing person is a mystery.)
    4. to have a bright glowing appearance,
    (almost incandescent her eye as she led you
    off road, toward canyon – into dense brush.
    “No one in his right mind would go this way,”
    but “believe your dog!”)
    5. to be conspicuously evident or clear,
    (that footprint – Liz’s shoe-print in mud, just
    before the canyon drop-off.)
    noun 1. a quality of brightness, especially
    from reflected light;
    1a. (search-and-rescue) light reflected off
    a footprint pressed in earth;
    (that unmistakable shine – against all doubt,
    your dog on the missing girl’s track. Radio
    search base. Aim your signal mirror
    at the chopper; watch its glint of silver hover
    over canyon. “There she is! waving, on a rock,
    edge of the river!” Glare of sun off granite
    as you follow your dog, picking a way
    where no trail could be. How the morning shines.

  34. Eileen S

    ‘Tis the Season to Shine

    A Christmas tree is set up at the Church entrance.
    It is called the giving tree.
    On the giving tree are many shiny, silver ornaments.
    Each ornament is a wish for a needy child.
    Churchgoers take and ornament and buy a present.
    They bring back the wrapped gift and place it under the tree.
    There are many presents under this tree.
    It will be a happy day for many less fortunate.
    This tree symbolizes the season of giving,
    a time to play Santa Claus
    and a time to shine.

    1. PressOn

      This paints a vivid picture for me. It also makes me think of Walt’s “I am Santa Claus” series, in which, I presume, he’d substitute “be” for “play.”

  35. Linda Rhinehart Neas

    Twinkle, Twinkle

    After months of absorbing language
    like a black hole sucking in galaxies,
    the day arrives, when certificates
    bearing witness to the completion of tasks
    that once seemed as insurmountable as Olympus,
    are awarded. Your name is called.
    You, face alight with joy brighter than
    a super nova, cross the room,
    to accept the thin witness to your toil.
    Holding it high for all to see,
    your brilliant light shines,
    illuminating all present and
    sending waves of hope out to those
    still in the mire of nouns, verbs and descriptors
    not their own.

  36. Pat Walsh

    by Patrick J. Walsh

    years of desperate rush
    delivered him to that moment
    when hovering above him
    the face of the young priest
    reflected a gentle forgiveness

    tired as he was and with
    the dark now approaching
    he could not help but ask
    how is all this possible
    and he strained to hear

    there were
    stars enough
    in every night
    to vouch for
    those moments
    when you
    were able
    to shine

  37. PowerUnit

    Gone Fishin’

    His eyes as big as his mouth
    tells you how he caught the trout
    all by his self at the long brown river
    under the trees and at its edge
    closer than daddy lets him go
    because the sun is hot
    and Grandpa wants to sit in shade
    as his pipe tastes better under cover
    and grandma’s sandwiches are tastier
    without the nagging old hag
    when the trout bit the worm
    he didn’t know what to do
    he flinched, Grandpa said, a natural
    hooking him good and he ran
    ran deep and had to reel him in
    Grandpa laughed then became stern
    his pipe choked him and he stumbled
    pull him in he said and the fish landed
    Grandpa’s shoes got wet, and his pants
    nearly tore when he picked it up
    unhooked it and dangled it high
    his pipe tight in his teeth

  38. Jezzie


    The brightest star in the sky that shines just for me
    is probably where I would like to be
    when I leave this mortal planet,
    although I doubt anyone could ever plan it.

    I first noticed this star when my dad passed away.
    “Did his soul go there?” I used to say.
    Then it shone brightly again when my mum died.
    “They’re together again now!” I cried.

    Once more that bright star beckoned to me
    when my beloved dog’s soul was set free,
    but when her canine twin sister joined her
    amazingly shone twin stars Pollux and Castor.

    Right next to my bright star they were:
    my dogs being guarded by Father and Mother.


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