2017 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 16

Day 16! It’s all down hill from here.

For today’s prompt, write a poem to the world. Maybe all of your poems are already directed at the world, but for me, this is a first person poem directed at a group of people–maybe everyone in the world, but maybe a certain group of people you know. However, even as I type this prompt, I just want to remind everyone–to please poem nicely (aka, avoid politics and name calling).


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Here’s my attempt at a Poem to the World Poem:

“as the sun shines less each day”

as the sun shines less each day
i can’t help burning bright anyway

no one is going to slow me down
or turn my wide smile into a frown

i’m going to be happy right or wrong
& dance my dance & sing my song

in the growing darkness & bitter cold
no weeping or fretting in my soul

so if the world tells me i should cry
i’ll shout hallelujah & close my eyes


Robert Lee Brewer

Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and author of the poetry collection, Solving the World’s Problems (Press 53). He edits Poet’s Market and Writer’s Market, in addition to writing a free weekly WritersMarket.com newsletter and a poetry column for Writer’s Digest magazine.

He is, at heart, an optimist and person who looks for the best in people and situations.

Follow him on Twitter @robertleebrewer.


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235 thoughts on “2017 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 16

  1. De Jackson

    Third Rock

    (who laugh and cry)who dream,create and kill
    while the world moves;and every part stands still:
                                                     – E.E. Cummings

                                     Here’s my arms
                                     we can hide today
                                    and love the world away.
                                                   – Kenny Rogers

    We all live in glass
    houses on foundations
    of sand, a stone’s throw
    from nothing. But if you
    drop your cobbled heart,
    I will toss mine loose
    into all this salt.

    We all give it every
    -thing we’ve got, lend a
    hand when we can, and
    take the punches as they
    come. And oh, they come
    But when it’s all said
    and done, we are one.


  2. MichelleMcEwen

    Be My Guest


    you can touch
    my hair

    be my

    you don’t
    even have to ask

    I don’t care

    doesn’t matter
    to me

    it’s just hair

    that’s on
    my head


    you can touch
    my hair

    be my

    don’t you dare

    1. MET

      BIG Smile… when two of my nephews were small… their father and mother lived in Japan and they were blonds… and their heads got touched a lot… they are in their forties and still talk about it…they did not like it…

        1. MET

          when I first started working foster children… I will admit that I did not know much about the skin of African American children or their hair either… but this one wonderful older foster mother when I tentatively asked her what she meant by the baby’s skin being ashy… she explained that was because it got dry and then told me, “I know you have a white mama but I will be your black mama and answer any question you want to ask of me.” I took her up on that offer many times and went to her funeral and cried my heart out cause I did love her a lot…. One day I was in her home visiting a wonderful and delightful four year old girl… and since it was the end of the day… when she asked I let her brush my hair… This little girl told me I had white hair… and I told her I was white… and she looked hard at me… and said then why are you in my home… and I said because I am your friend and I wanted to see you… a few months later she announced to me that white people came in funny colors… and I asked her what she meant… and she went down the list of colors like hair and eye color and skin color and ended with and Miss Mary Todd some of them are spotted like you… she was so serious… it was hard not to laugh cause I do have a lot of freckles… I keep her in my prayers to this day…

          1. MichelleMcEwen

            “I will be your black mama.” 🙂 Thank you for sharing this. There’s poetry in what you shared.

  3. writinglife16


    This old world
    wanted a vacation.
    She suggested
    I said “too drastic.”
    She sighed and decided
    to just rest in winter.

  4. dittman

    I started thinking Whitman and Ginsberg after I saw the prompt. I pulled the epigram from my idea journal and went with it. This one took me a bit of time and may or may not have distracted me during a division meeting.

    American Letters (After Reading Ginsberg)

    Postal Inspectors were looking for a letter carrier after more than 13,000 pieces of mail were found in his Velda City, Missouri basement. The mail was posted from March ‘93 through last month…-USA Today March 26, 1995

    Like a graveyard, this place bears names. In this
    Velda City basement sits scores of letters,
    packages and parcels, all left by a junkie
    postman too tired to finish his rounds.
    The children of America’s hand
    entrusted to him are thrown in the cellar.

    In his sleep this errant carrier, thin
    as tears, shivering beneath red and black
    plaid wool blankets, turns snores twice, smacks his lips
    on the letters of the forgotten and
    goes back to sleep. When he wakes, his mouth
    will taste like postal glue, like envelopes
    like the backs of stamps. He’ll wash it away
    with a warm beer and go down to burrow
    in the letters, a pale albino mole.

    It’s our own fault, this mistaken mortal arrogance
    that leads us to this pain of loss. Believing
    what we’re told. In our well-fed American
    freedom, we write letters everyday trusting
    that they’ll be delivered and understood.

    Love Letters. Hate Letters. Notes to parents
    from runaways: Dear Mom and Dad, I’m all
    right. I just needed to get away. Love, Jenny.

    America keep your inky children
    to yourself. The postman and I, we’re done
    with all this. We’re done with words and poetry.
    They’re too unstable and they get lost in
    the wrong mailbox or sit mouldering for
    years in basements; never losing hope but
    singing, singing in the wet basement as
    they mildew and decompose. I never asked for this.

    The words I need have been misplaced. Right now,
    the Mandarin Chinese phrase book I ordered
    from Berlitz sits like a fat Buddha
    luxuriating in the opium smell of
    that Missouri basement. It sits
    full of wisdom, full of new words
    for Hello, Goodbye, Help me, I am lost.

    My head hurts, my tongue numb, my eyes are
    getting old. I told you America,
    I’m done with words. Just slap some wings on my
    back. I’m an angel now and I’m going
    somewhere else. I’m soaring away. Away
    to home, to a place where all can be said
    with a one eighth inch nod of the head.

    To a land where words don’t swim around
    fishily in my mouth. I’ll soar away.
    You can have my last words. Store them away
    in the basement. My last words, singing,
    singing in the dark with everybody else’s.

  5. Misky

    Whispered Encomiums

    And when the earth is dead,
    when it lays stiff and cold
    with one candle by its head
    and another set at its feet,
    we’ll mourn its passing
    in whispered encomiums
    of bird song and cedars,
    blue chiffon skies and seas
    salt-dyed and unkempt as
    we say rosaries, and recite
    from flyblown books as if
    celebrating, an Irish wake.

    And we all agreed that
    we wore-out the fiddler.

  6. Erbiage

    Whirled within the world

    Pots and bowls on
    Pantry shelves
    Protons, bozons
    Atoms selves
    Cooks and scientists
    Hot rod enthusiasts
    Books by separatists
    Hot dog eating contests
    Worlds within the world appear
    All, by some, are held dear
    Look around
    Clues abound
    Find your must
    In every sound.
    Niggling or dumb
    Draw your line
    Wiggly or plumb
    In the shifting fine 
    Sand of time
    Just stay open
    To unseen sign

  7. SarahLeaSales

    Dear World,

    I believe you are older than they say you are. You’re looking rough in spots, but aging gracefully in others. I get that people can be real pimples—pimples you try to wash away through floods, exfoliate with earthquakes, or cauterize with wildfires.

    Just know that even though you will outlive every last one of us, you are not eternal. You have no soul, for you show, with your volatile temper, your inability to discern the good eggs from the bad.

    I tell you this: I worship your Creator, not His creation, meaning you—the earth was made for humans, not the other way around.

    However, I realize we’re supposed to take care of our home, yet so many of don’t even take care of ourselves. I’m sorry that some have turned your waters into hormone baths in an attempt to reduce your population. I’m sorry that others rape your body for your organs, but isn’t that called industry? I’m sorry that still more poke at your oily pores until those fossil fuels run into your waters, but those fuels help keep that industry going—at least until we find green solutions.

    Mother Earth, I can only help you by not hurting you, but to live the way I want, I must consume concrete things (i.e. resources), so that I can create abstract things (stories and the like).

    You are but a glimpse of the world to come—heaven and hell coexisting. You were once so Edenic, but I know you blame us, especially those with the double X chromosomes. I wasn’t there, you know, so don’t get all huffy (or naturally disastrous) with me.

    Maybe you should look at a planet like Mars and thank your lucky constellations that you aren’t just a ball of red dust. Believe me when I say that you are so beautifully diverse, so cosmically cosmopolitan, with your mountains and your valleys, your deserts and beaches and rainforests. Be thankful that you weren’t stuck with a name like Uranus, or demoted like Pluto (maybe if Pluto had people on it, it would’ve been better off). It’s your inhabitants that make you special—the fact that you can sustain life, so there! I mean, really, if we didn’t live here, would we care so much about saving you?

    Sure, the other planets are left the hell alone (that’s the Libertarian way of life), but they won’t live near the life you will. You probably have all the diamonds our solar system (stars aren’t really diamonds, any more than the moon is made of cheese), which makes you quite a rich lady. And think about it like this: When we die, you keep all the spoils. So many jewelry cases (you say coffins, I say treasure chests) are buried in you. So what if they come with bones? Just think of skeletons as deconstructed jewelry trees.

    My advice? Enjoy all this while you last.

    Yours truly,
    Sarah Richards

  8. Walter J Wojtanik


    Dear world,

    How’ve you been?
    I’ll bet you’ve forgotten me,
    but I can see you fine
    from where I’m perched.
    I’ve been in the lurch for years
    and my greatest of fears
    had been realized.
    My eyes see the turmoil,
    how you have been spoiled.
    Makes me glad I’m floating out here.
    This tin can is hard to steer
    and it’s clear, you cannot hear me.
    Planet earth is still blue,
    and there’s not a thing I can do.
    Tell my wife and kids to get on with it
    if they haven’t already. I’m holding steady,
    Cold and gray and nothing more to say.

    Major Tom

  9. thunk2much


    Before we make our way
    to work today
    all double-coffee
    droop-body slack-jawed
    before it’s outlawed
    let’s play hooky
    maybe read books
    Netflix and chill
    chill some wine
    eat some chili
    in the kitchen
    to some bitchin songs
    we can sing along
    cuddle in a huddle
    while the dogs pile on
    our new lifestyle of
    sit and stay
    play the day away
    like it’s our last
    think fast and
    flip that frown
    it’s time
    you know
    to slow

  10. deringer1


    You are so vast, O world in which I live !
    From mountain peaks to ocean depths your power
    bespeaks a rage for life beyond our ken.
    Your nature has spawned every rock and tree,
    plus every animal on land or sea.
    Awestruck by your wild and awesome beauty,
    I know you didn’t make it just for me,
    and yet I am a part of all that lives,
    I am a part of you and you of me.
    Why does your raging sometimes bring us pain?
    You shudder and our structures tumble down.
    You spill your waters on our streets and towns.
    Is it because you’re angry and you’re hurt?
    Will you heal if we will treat you gently?

  11. Janet Rice Carnahan


    All I do is sneeze and cough
    I can’t find peace in my loft

    There is violence, disease and guns
    No one has answers, not even nuns

    Children are threatened, nok ok
    How can I get leave here today?

    Our environment is hurting
    Women are here but not asserting

    Families won’t even share love
    Really? What are people thinking of

    Please slow down this wild spinning
    Where is happiness, I should be grinning

    Just put on the brakes and I’ll jump
    That should get me over the hump

    World and earth is outstandingly beautiful
    Why is it our hearts aren’t equally full?

    Truly let me head off into space
    Life on the moon must be a wonderful place

    I’ll only stay here if there’s merriment a mirth
    Otherwise, I must move on from this earth

    Maybe it is making us dizzy from each spin
    What if we all focus on a collective win

    See it anew from a positive place
    An open heart would change this space

    In that case, I would stay
    In a greater state of hope, every day!

  12. JRSimmang


    How many lies do we find every day?
    How many do we believe?

    Enter the players
    rows upon rows of them
    stage left
    stage right

    to shatter or not to shatter
    the fourth wall

    and the world
    gobbles up the words
    upon the assumption that they are
    experts in
    God’s Law
    and the world hopes they can be trusted.

    Around and around
    their words go,
    spinning and spinning and spinning
    giving the illusion they are in control

    (because the Earth spins in circles,
    as does the moon and sun and
    never falls out of orbit)

    but, the lines are just lines

    “the play is the thing.”

    We, the rapt audience,

    are a captive audience
    only as long as the EXIT signs aren’t lit,
    but they



    and we can get up and

    walk from the dark
    toward the doors

    that open

    to the


    -JR Simmang

  13. Earl Parsons

    What World is This

    What world is this that daily fails
    To come to grips with reality
    The time has come to tell the truth
    The truth that so few recognize
    That Satan is in the driver’s seat

    The Evil One has taken the reigns
    As we have collectively pushed God out
    Or twisted His Word for our own gain
    Maligning all the Bible professes
    Replacing the good with selfish goals

    People of the world are crying out
    For answers to the unanswered question
    Of who or what we should be following
    So many false doctrines muddle the waters
    No wonder the world is in turmoil

    The gates of Hell will burst one day
    With the flood of souls eternally condemned
    While those of us that know the Truth
    Will be rewarded for holding fast
    To the Life that is the only Way

    What world is this that lies asleep
    While time ticks quickly t’ward Judgment Day
    What world is this so comatose
    What can be done before it’s too late
    Or is it too late aready

  14. Walter J Wojtanik


    I’ve wanted to get off for a while,
    but I decided to just smile and bear with it.
    I just don’t get it. Such madness ensues
    and I rue the day when I say I’ve had enough.
    It’s been rough the past few years,
    death and destruction amidst fears
    and tears of more to come. It’s just so dumb.
    People, we need to smarten up and start acting like
    we give a damn for our fellow (wo)man.
    That’s not a request. It’s a demand.
    We need to be responsible
    for all that we transact, and that’s a fact.
    Knock it off. Don’t make me come back there!

  15. Janet Rice Carnahan

    Love the inspiration in your poem today, Robert, as well as the prompts this month! Thank you for another great PAD challenge!


    An expanded view
    Allows me and you

    To receive so much more
    We have known before

    Beyond my skin tone
    Past myself and home

    Don’t just see my gender
    Know my heart, just as tender

    Beyond differences on the surface
    To places of greater service

    To how very similar we are
    Release the fear, near and far

    Seeking to find common ground
    Mutual respect must be found

    Give me my space
    I’ll see your place

    Trusting me to be myself, too
    I’ll happily know and see you

    Truly what we’re each about
    We have more in common than without

    Look through your biggest heart
    You’ll see we’re the same, from the start

    Imbalances exist that’s what balance is for
    Just know that love is at the core

  16. Bruce Niedt

    Worst-seller Triolet

    Why don’t you want to read my book?
    I think it’s worthy of a look.
    I think I’m clever with a rhyme.
    Why don’t you want to read? My book
    is thin – it fits in any nook.
    You’d like it if you took the time –
    why don’t you? Want to read my book?
    I think it’s worthy of a look.

      1. Bruce Niedt

        Here we go:

        Worst-seller Triolet

        Why don’t you want to read my book?
        I think I’m clever with a rhyme.
        I’m sure it’s worthy of a look.
        Why don’t you want to read? My book
        is thin – it fits in any nook.
        You’d like it if you took the time –
        why don’t you? Want to read my book?
        I think I’m clever with a rhyme.

  17. grcran

    when my coverage starts

    quick word
    to the world of health insurance providers
    are we still required to provide policy numbers
    along with date of birth and zip code
    and also choose some ill-fitting option
    from the phone menu
    if, while on hold. we have
    already died

    gpr crane

  18. Brandi Noelle

    Colors of the World

    Take time to experience the world at large
    In whatever way you can
    Leave behind the hate and judgments
    That we inflict upon fellow man

    Forget about gender, forget about race
    Whether you’re a bigot or just one that baits
    Both equally harmful
    Both filled with hate

    Embrace the cultures outside your own
    Unlock their hidden mysteries
    Take time to learn their traditions
    The details of their histories

    Study the Rainbow Nation of South Africa
    Walk through its vineyards, taste its wines
    Watch floating lanterns rise against a full moon
    Amongst the people in the land of Thai

    Run with the bulls in Pamplona
    Dance the Brazilian streets in Rio’s Carnival
    A Dublin pub beckons you out of the rain
    Sip on a pint of Guinness for awhile

    Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef down under
    Ponder the grandeur of the Taj Mahal
    Fireworks light up a Chinese New Year
    Against the backdrop of the Great Wall

    Immerse yourself in the world of Shakespeare
    At London’s Globe Theatre take in Macbeth
    Or, perhaps walk the streets of Verona
    Where Romeo & Juliet’s love led to death

    Ride an Egyptian camel through the Pyramids of Giza
    Take a horse-drawn carriage through Central Park
    Walk the ancient ruins of the Mayan’s Tulum
    A lost civilization that left their mark

    Marvel the stark white village of Santorini
    While awed by a Greek sunset over the Aegean Sea
    Take part in the Hindu Holi Festival
    Toss colored powder on people with glee

    But never forget the world has scars
    From wounds not yet forgotten
    Look no further than our own southern shores
    Recalling histories of the land of cotton

    In Berlin remains the crumbling remnants
    Of a wall that haunts from a war so cold
    A lone tower of freedom climbs the sky
    Where two fell from terror acts of bold

    A Japanese monument of memorial and peace
    Honors Hiroshima victims of nuclear attack
    Mourn those lost in death camps scattered through Europe
    The innocent Jews who never came back

    The world is a magical, beautiful place
    Though not immune from the evil and cruel
    We’ve all had pain and heartbreak
    With love and hope inspiring renewal

    So, let us embrace our differences
    Our myriads of cultures, foods, landmarks
    Be it through travel or the written word
    For parts unknown, let us embark

    Ever mindful of the freedoms of home
    That we take for granted every day
    We owe our thanks and gratitude
    To the brave who fought hard to pay

    1. Earl Parsons

      For many that believe
      He’ll ride in from the East
      Before the eye can blink
      He’ll save us from the Beast

      For some it’s not the time
      For what would be the cost
      If Jesus came today
      How could we reach the lost

      For many it’s too late
      Their souls have been condemned
      So many made the choice
      The wrong choice in the end

      For me there is no doubt
      That His return will come
      Until that fateful day
      Our work will not be done

      We must profess His name
      And live our lives in Him
      Be ready for that day
      When He returns again

      Thank you, Sally, for your commitment and inspiration.

  19. rlk67

    Hey, People of the World!

    Tolerance means I’ll let you do what you do,
    Not that I have to agree with you.
    ‘You’re wrong” is not a dirty phrase,
    You’re a whopping good person and worthy of praise!

    Diversity includes everyone,
    Judging others is way overdone.
    Settle our differences? Maybe one day,
    The beauty of life is that we’re NOT the same way.

  20. Connie Peters

    Dear World,

    They call Hawaii Paradise
    and I’m sure it bears a resemblance.
    But dear world, even Hawaii,
    is a far cry from Heaven.

    World, you give us comforts and joys.
    Exciting things to see and do.
    In you, we have feelings of purpose
    as we go about our work.

    We have friends and family
    we don’t want to ever leave.

    When I was dating my, then, boyfriend
    long distance, I busied myself
    in Pennsylvania while he was in Wyoming.
    I made the best of it, but I belonged with him.

    And that’s how it is with you, World.
    You are not my home. Heaven is.
    I belong with Jesus
    and everyone there.

    Two thousand miles separated me
    from my husband-to-be.
    The distance between Heaven and Earth
    can’t be measured.

    But it’s only a heartbeat away.
    For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain. Philippians 1:21

  21. De Jackson

    still trying to hug that blue-green marbled mess

                                                   Anyone can slay a
                                                   dragon, she told me,
                                                   but try waking up
                                                   every morning
                                                   & loving the world
                                                   all over again.
                                                   That’s what takes
                                                   a real hero.
                                                      – Brian Andreas

    i think that i have finally be
    -friended the dragon. she
    and i, we cool. we drool
    in fire and sky, and fly
    in the face of fear.

    she slays me with her wit,
    her will, her whim and want.
    i’m haunted by the parts
    of her i cannot own – talon,
    wisdom, wing.

    but here’s the thing: she’s
    got a softer side. a daisy soul.
    and so i have unchained her,
    bid her fare thee well, but
    asked her, soft, to stay.


  22. taylor graham


    Last night a light rain washed with wood-
    smoke-fog took the pasture. Toward bedtime
    I walked our dogs, their usual end of day.
    Already they were off patrolling as I passed
    the garden – a sudden cry off my right shoulder,
    loud, from near the wasted row of squash
    vines. Bullfrog in exultation at the rain?
    Then silence. Then
    frantic barking above the highway fence.
    What good is a C-cell flashlight in so much
    moving dark? Drifting wisps of smoke-fog held
    down low by weather. My beam caught him:
    stag-stance perfect posture, a young buck at bay,
    antlers fuzzed in flashlight fog. Intruder
    to my dogs. Deer parrying dog who doesn’t
    know the game. A rush-thrust-darting rushing
    muffled by fog and pricked by rain.
    By grace of something, the dogs came to my
    call or led the way flummoxed back home –
    this part of the unknown world we
    fenced and call our own.

  23. Kiri


    What could be if we could hear
    you now, reminisce with the rocks
    of your coldest oceans
    memories of formative years,
    those tectonic shocks
    that shaped you, made you
    proud and green, geothermally
    chuffed to be spinning
    and changing over ages,
    all your creatures free
    of cages and roaming wild
    your wide open spaces
    chasing down the sun
    settling along river roads
    to everywhere under pinpoint
    stars and light undiluted.
    Will you raise your voice only
    when nothing has survived,
    to speak of the fortune days
before mankind arrived?

  24. De Jackson

    An Open Letter to the World

    This poem would like to apologize
    to all concerned for her audacity,
    her glib glee
    and her faux false hope.

    She has asked too much
    and lost touch
    with reality one too many
    times. She’s wished
    on broken stars and found
    her own self

    She’s called fact fiction
    and fictioned fact, cursed
    the moon for her borrowed

    She knows there’s good
        and bad
                    and ugly
    and all things in between,
    but the lines in the sand
    keep moving and she’s
    not sure which side
    she belongs on.

    She’ll smile, if you let her.
    But mostly she’s the fading
    rose wallflower in the corner,
    watching everybody dance.

    Give her a racing heart
    and a quiet start,
    once last chance
    with a pen that won’t run
    out of ink. A drink of Blue.
    A tree-whisper breeze.
    Something she can sink
    her tired teeth into. Some
    -thing that just might
    shine. A little time
    to     b   r   e   a   t   h   e.


  25. Terry Jude Miller

    by Terry Jude Miller

    you may not know me,
    children of the tempest
    are rarely recognized,
    but I am in love with you

    the priest in the temples
    of want and greed
    deliver their gospel
    of more is better

    however, I have learned
    from those who have little
    where the true treasures
    of the world reside

    in an offered hand
    in a comforting embrace
    in the sharing of common

    my beloved world
    I have come from the darkness
    bearing such light

  26. Eileen S

    Praying for a Soldier

    “The soldier above all others prays for peace, for it is the solider who must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war.” Douglas MacArthur

    Peace is not always guaranteed and it comes at a price.
    Peace means that enemies are not allowed
    to take freedoms away from civilians.
    If an enemy tries to attack us, invade us
    or take forceful action to take away our freedoms,
    then we must take action.

    We will send special people to fight for our freedoms.
    These special people, who we call soldiers, will
    do all that they can to insure our freedoms.
    In doing so, they may experience some
    extraordinary challenges such as death or lifelong wounds.
    They witness the sobering realities of the price of war.
    These soldiers deserve our prayers and support
    for they are doing what they are doing for us.

    Let’s pray for our soldiers to work hard to ensure our freedom.

  27. Eileen S

    Climate Change

    Climate Change is an issue that needs to be addressed.
    Continuous droughts bake parched clay soil making
    water tables go down and drying up vibrant lakes.
    Manicured coastlines all over the globe are whittled away by
    pounding surf, brutal sun hurricanes and tsunamis.
    People who live in those areas no longer are safe
    because of the suddenness of nature’s actions.
    The ozone layer no longer protects the beasts of nature.
    If the climate is not fixed, the world will become inhabitable.

  28. Eileen S

    Terrorism must be Stopped

    Let’s band together to eradicate terror.
    It is wrong to harm ones who are weaker.
    It would be a safer world with terrorism gone forever.
    Let’s band together to eradicate terror.
    Stronger and wealthier nations need to be carers.
    It is wrong for crazy people to wipe out the meeker.
    Let’s band together to eradicate terror.
    It is wrong to harm ones who are weaker.

  29. MET

    When did we….
    I Corinthians 13: Love is patient, love is kind, it does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud…

    Bigger, better everything,
    Absorbed in what you have,
    Bragging about me…
    Is it not right
    To be proud,
    To proclaim who I am
    And the wants that
    I don’t have.

    Stop and listen
    To what you say
    To how you are…
    It is not about you…
    It is about becoming we…
    Love is not about loving yourself…
    It is about
    Those around you
    And how you belong to them
    And they to you.

    The cashier at the grocery store
    Has had a bad day,
    Give a smile and thank her…
    The neighbor who lives alone
    Take time to speak to him,
    Your friend you only have time to text,
    Go visit and laugh with them.
    The single mother standing
    In line with three children
    Paying for food with aid,
    Don’t roll your eyes and think
    She should have used birth control.
    Your thoughts guide your actions, and
    If it is only yourself in your thoughts
    How can you see the need?
    Look around and give your time
    To someone other than you, and
    Be kind.

    Do not demand your rights
    As if it was only you that mattered…
    When did ideas become
    Your justification to bully, and
    Some name calling become endorsed.
    Listen to the other voices
    The preacher who says things
    You do not like,
    The politician who lies
    When they open their mouth,
    The bigot whose words burn,
    The man who tells dirty jokes, and
    The abuser who rages…
    Within them all
    Is a broken soul…
    Listen to the miles
    They have walked
    To get to where they are
    None of us are born this way.
    Be patient.

    We have become so self-absorbed.
    I shake my head
    And wonder
    How much more
    We can lose touch
    With those we pass each day and
    Ask a question that
    I have found no answer…
    When did we stop being kind,
    When did we stop being patient-
    When did we stop giving love?

    Mary Elizabeth Todd
    November 16, 2017

    1. MET

      I know my lack of patience shows through… and patience will take me a long long time to learn to practice it…so I know how are it is… and now I head off to visit with a friend…

      1. MET

        Thanks… and thanks for the compliment about the questions… I think that questions we ask often define us more than the answers we give… now I am off to visit a friend…

  30. Jilllyman

    A Poem to the Joyful People of this World

    Serious thyself.
    All these free floating germs of glee
    Will only make your life a sublime virus,
    Not to mention the highly contagious nature of this disease.
    Think of others and do apply yourself to solemnity
    For the sake of the humorless.

  31. JanetRuth

    Dear World…

    Dear World,
    We are all in this together
    the rich with the poor,
    The strong with the sick,
    the beautiful with the ugly
    we all weather the same weather
    breathe the same air
    bear kindred care
    that love inspires

    By the grace of the Same God
    we go, to and fro
    giving and taking
    making promises
    we don’t always keep
    we wake
    we sleep
    so much in common
    so, come on

    …let’s love one another instead of hate
    for we are all kindred
    sister and brother
    and no one is greater than love
    or its Creator
    Dear World,
    we are all in this together
    so, let’s weather
    whatever the weather
    …with kindness
    and patience
    and love

  32. candy

    A Mended World

    you wear peace like
    a gauzy veil of
    muted colors
    and we make tiny
    pinpricks of anger
    and discord that threaten
    to rend it to pieces
    yet somehow you
    manage to mend each hole
    each troubled soul
    weaving new colors
    into the fabric of peace

  33. Walter J Wojtanik


    Walter wonders why worlds war?
    Why are wars widespread?
    The war to end all world wars
    won’t be waged. We’ll be engaged,
    a world enraged while we
    waste what wonders we want.
    Were we to walk away and say
    we will not wage war, only wait
    for the world to wise up,
    will we awaken to a new world?
    We may wander and wail,
    waver and find a way-out,
    but I doubt we’ll win!
    No one really does.

  34. annell

    Sending the World a Letter

    The world is where I live
    And probably will until I die
    I have no idea if there is more
    This world is enough
    I don’t remember where I came from
    I let these things take care of themselves

    My thoughts are here
    I ground myself each morning
    Hold tight
    So that I am not thrown into space
    As the world spins
    This is enough for me

    Seeking the truth is what I do
    I have been at it all my life
    As I grow older
    My world grows smaller
    Have no need for a world of pretense
    I prefer time in the studio
    Sending my letter to the world

    November 16, 2017

  35. Jezzie


    We won’t be here for long, so enjoy life while you can
    but try hard to replace what has been taken by man
    and leave things to be enjoyed by new generations,
    keep good friends close, avoid conflict with other nations.

  36. RJ Clarken

    Dear World:

    “No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.” ~ Robin Williams

    You know how they say, ‘Once it’s out there,
    you can’t take it back.’ It’s true.
    Be kind (if you can.) Be better than.
    And remember it’s all up to you.

    Your words have meaning, so use them well.
    We all could use some vision.
    Be better than. Be kind (if you can.)
    Be the voice for good, not division.

    Don’t be afraid your ideas.
    You’re an original you.
    Be kind (if you can.) Be better than.
    Say, ‘Dear World, time for a rendezvous.’

    And then, plow ahead. Your voice. Your mind.
    Talk is not cheap when correct.
    Be better than. Be kind (if you can.)
    Take all your resources – and connect.


  37. Walter J Wojtanik


    There is this moment in my travels
    where a bright star appears
    and leads me to a place
    that is so peaceful and serene.

    The reindeer and I hover
    over this spot in reverence,
    because it is my preference to do so.
    In that precise moment,

    all war ceases,
    all children are protected,
    homeless mothers and their families are safe,
    and warm and well fed.
    No crimes are committed,
    and if you blink –
    you would miss it.

    If every day could hold just an hour of that,
    this world would be a more special place.
    If I could capture that moment, I would
    send a wire to the world. A special gift

    to lift all spirits through my favorite pause.
    I give it because I am Santa Claus.

  38. Walter J Wojtanik


    (Forth now go, and write.)
    Write a poem to the world.
    A poem to offer the world some light.
    (Forth now go, and write.)
    An affirmation to every nation would be right
    for every nation’s banner yet unfurled.
    (Forth now go, and write.)
    Write a poem to the world.

    1. De Jackson

      A Pen-chant for Hope

      Write a poem to the world
      and maybe we can heal it.
      If you want to strike a chord,
      then write a poem to the world.
      Pen is mightier than sword
      and hope is rising – can you feel it?
      Write a poem to the world
      and maybe we can heal it.

      1. Walter J Wojtanik


        Maybe we can heal it. The world, I mean.
        With all of her ills, she still has much to offer.
        We need to tend to her needs, keep her clean,
        Maybe we can heal it. The world, I mean,
        make it the best world we’ve ever seen.
        It would be keen to replenish her coffers.
        Maybe we can heal it. The world, I mean.
        With all of her ills, she still has much to offer.

        1. De Jackson

          If We Wish Upon a Broken Star,

          Maybe we can heal it. The world, I mean.
          We’ve held our breaths and come this far,
          kept time on this below-celestial scene.
          And maybe we can heal it. (The world.) I mean,
          there’s still a chance to keep it clean
          and still a place to share our scars.
          Oh, maybe we can heal it. The world, I mean.

          1. Walter J Wojtanik

            Appears you lost a line above: 😉


            We’ve held our breaths and come this far,
            but now it’s time for us to breathe.
            We shouldn’t wish on broken stars,
            We’ve held our breaths and come this far.
            To bank on wishes is rather hard,
            since reality is not easy to deceive.
            We’ve held our breaths and come this far,
            but now it’s time for us to breathe.

          2. De Jackson

            Yep. Thanks for the catch. 😉

            Taking a Breather

            Now it’s time for us to breathe
            (in and out, we’ll birth some quiet joy.)
            There’s time for laughter, and a time to grieve,
            but now it’s time for us to breathe.
            Just open heart, and lungs, and then believe –
            fear to conquer, self-doubt to destroy.
            Now it’s time for us to breathe
            (in and out, we’ll birth some quiet joy.)

          3. Walter J Wojtanik


            Breath in and exhale, we’ll birth some quiet joy.
            Exuberance is so overrated. Just be elated
            but with constraint, Every girl. Every boy.
            Breath in and exhale, we’ll birth some quiet joy.
            Like Christmas morning with a new toy,
            let the world we cherish be celebrated.
            Breath in and exhale, we’ll birth some quiet joy.
            Exuberance is so overrated. Just be elated.

          4. De Jackson

            Small Deeds. Big Heart.

            Exuberance is overrated. Just be elated
            and say Dear World, we care for you.
            It doesn’t have to be so complicated;
            exuberance is overrated. Just be elated
            and don’t let your efforts get frustrated –
            there’s always something smallish you can do!
            Exuberance is overrated. Just be elated
            and say Dear World, we care for you.

          5. Walter J Wojtanik


            Say Dear World, we will care for you if you let us.
            It’s a shame nature is out of our hands.
            We’ll help you along, but don’t forget us,
            Dear World. We will care for you if you let us.
            We will try not to make you want to regret us,
            and it is for you we will make our stand.
            Say Dear World, we will care for you if you let us.
            It’s out of our hands, but we’ll do all we can.

          6. De Jackson

            Dear Earth,

            It’s out of our hands, but we’ll do all we can.
            These things do take time.
            We’re starting the process, and forming a plan.
            It’s out of our hands, but we’ll do all we can
            to take better care of sky, sea and land.
            Be patient, we really are trying.
            It’s out of our hands, but we’ll do all we can.
            These things do take time.

          7. Walter J Wojtanik

            DEAD EARTH

            These things do take time.
            Since the beginning it has been reborn in cycles.
            Like a ne’er ending poem that rhymes,
            These things do take time.
            That kind of power would be sublime,
            for every De, and Walt, and Michael.
            But unfortunately, these things do take time.
            Since the beginning it has been reborn in cycles.

          8. De Jackson

            Weather Patterns

            Since the beginning, it has been reborn in cycles –
            storm and silence, sky and sea.
            There’s more to this than just a glance entitles;
            since the beginning, it has been reborn in cycles.
            Get an umbrella. Don’t make rain your rival.
            It’s all for good. No need to fear or flee.
            Since the beginning, it has been reborn in cycles –
            storm and silence, sky and sea.


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