2017 April PAD Challenge: Day 9

Well, I survived my 10K yesterday and did my final reads in Austin. Later this morning, Tammy and I will be hitting the road to drive back to Atlanta!

For today’s prompt, take the phrase “So (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then, write your poem. Possible titles could include: “So Cool,” “So Stupid,” “So Not What I Would’ve Done,” “So Sweet,” or so many other possibilities.


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Here’s my attempt at a So Blank Poem:

“So long, Austin”

So long, Austin. I’ll miss
your poems & poets;

I’ll miss your barbecue
& taco stands. I’m a fan

of your big hearts & big
everything else. O, Austin,

I’ll miss your bats & your
parks & your music &

did I mention the poets?


Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and author of Solving the World’s Problems (Press 53). He will miss the non-stop poetry, but he’s looking forward to getting back home.

Follow him on Twitter @RobertLeeBrewer.


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312 thoughts on “2017 April PAD Challenge: Day 9

  1. Jane Shlensky

    So Ready

    to make a change
    to rearrange this closet of my life
    sort out down size make room revise
    I’m ready right this—now

    The doldrums are no place to live
    get sick get well get right retell
    the stories of your stagnant pond
    best to abscond with a flash
    of better than a zap of wow

    But listen—I’m ready to be a clean slate
    an uncarved block each thing new
    and worthy of praise ‘cause I’m so ready
    to leave what is

  2. RJ Clarken

    So Much So

    ‘So much so’ – well, it indicates
    some earlier words are true,
    with emphasis on just how much,
    ‘though there’s this hullaballoo

    ‘tween academics and those who
    would speak in the vernacular.
    So much so that the noise they make
    is really quite spectacular.

    Now, let’s define the problem then.
    So, cognitive dissonance much?
    The commonplace perspective’s clear:
    elites seem out of touch

    so much so, that to hear them tell
    their side of things seems grossly
    snobbish, but they do not hear
    or even listen closely.

    ‘So much so,’ says one lexicon
    (well known) this means immensely,
    but so much so that this debate
    is much too much, well, tensely,

    all about the words we use,
    but have they seen a Tweet?
    Abbreviating, so much so
    that it seems incomplete.

    In closing for the usage of
    the phrase in question, I’d
    propose we stop the argument.
    So much so? Satisfied?


  3. BDP

    Sijo #9: So Because We Always Listened

    For a few winter days: hope was a down jacket we gave thanks for.
    You chose to shed monitors—your body, lighter, failed overnight.
    Spring, and your voice states: drop sadness, time for cotton shirts.

  4. artifiswords


    Many calendars discarded
    Not just pages turned…
    And though I’ve done much
    There’s a hole in my life
    The longer I’ve lived
    The more the disappointments
    The greatest…and not in stature
    That the great love I sought
    Came up short…something missing
    Passion won’t be forever denied
    Though it’s so late in coming
    It’s never too late to find

    © 2017 Robert Mihaly

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  5. Catherine Conley

    So Many Poems Left to Write

    First it’s a busy day,
    Then it’s a difficult prompt.
    Before you know it,
    There are too many holes
    In your Poem-a-Day challenge.
    And you begin to realize why
    You have felt so
    Off, so not yourself,
    Because for several days you
    Have merely lived.
    You have not reacted
    To the world around you
    To the world within you;
    You have not created
    The world through your words,
    And it has thrown you
    Off kilter, and
    Out of sync.
    And, it’s not just in April
    That there are poems waiting
    To be written.
    Every day is an opportunity
    To see the world anew,
    To be creative, to be you,
    To change the world.


  6. kathyk671

    Day 9 – “So _______”

    “So You’ve Said”

    Night’s veil hovers above a windswept shore
    A moonlight ribbon trails upon the sea
    We walk in sandy footprints left before
    And you begin to sing your heart to me.

    The palm trees whisper gently in the breeze
    As if to join you in your loving rhyme
    No moments have I known were such as these
    That take my breath and linger in my mind.

    Yet while I long to hear you sing this song
    And walk with you beside the rising tide
    I know that I’ll awaken before long
    And you were just an image by my side.

    Our lives may never join in lovers’ schemes
    And so you’ve said you love me in my dreams.


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