2017 April PAD Challenge: Day 7

It doesn’t feel like it, but we’re already a week into this year’s challenge. Poem on.

For today’s prompt, write a discovery poem. This poem could be about making a discovery; it could be about something discovered (by someone or something else); or something you’d like to discover. I can’t wait to discover what new poems poets will create.


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Here’s my attempt at a Discovery Poem:

“when i find one cookie”

when i find one cookie
i want another

& another like the
other that started

the whole escalating
cookie fiasco

because one cookie is
never the only

cookie but the start of
something much larger

especially if i
discover some milk


Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and author of Solving the World’s Problems (Press 53). He likes cookies and milk. Obviously.

Follow him on Twitter @RobertLeeBrewer.


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497 thoughts on “2017 April PAD Challenge: Day 7

  1. AllSwoons

    “Last Christmas’ Poinsettia”

    Today I discovered that I don’t have a green thumb
    when I am wrapped up in last year’s paper.
    In fact, it is probably quite black—
    but even négligé,
    that that a living thing can come back
    in both torrent rainfall and blistering sunshine.

    It just takes time and patience…
    and most of all
    doggedness and resilience.

    Parts of you can be dead and done,
    but if your heart is won
    by the time it takes to stop and look around you,
    you can overcome the most brutal of winters
    if you keep the inner summer in ‘splendant heat
    right at your bare or bitter feet.

    Today that is my discovery…

    There are always leaves ready to open and mature,
    and keep my limbs from being bare and splintered,
    in all I have to weather,
    if I just wait for human nature
    to take is course.

    —Heather Angelika Dooley
    © 2017

  2. LCaramanna

    Wine Tour

    A glass of wine on an empty stomach
    finds me with numb lips
    flush cheeks
    and words tumbling from my tongue
    in a spirited dialogue waterfall
    splashed with laughter.

    A glass of wine sipped with a meal
    tastes sensuous on my lips
    blushes my cheeks
    and discovers the pleasure of ideas exchanged
    in a lazy river of conversation that flows
    to a mellow buzz.

    A glass of wine alone in the dark
    fruity flavor on my lips
    cheeks tinged with salt from tears
    that cry in silence as unspoken words
    reveal fears of reality
    escaped in a fitful sleep.

  3. mschied

    Unconscious Discovery

    It came like a gentle sunrise
    so gradual I did not notice
    the brief flicker of my pulse
    when I heard your voice or
    the reflexive smile when
    you appeared in the doorway
    It came like a wisp of mist
    floating through the still air
    building, condensing until
    I am drenched in its shower
    soaking it up, drinking it
    in until it is an inseparable
    part of me
    all without knowing
    until it was too late

  4. BDP

    Sijo #7: Spring Discovery

    Snow makes all plants equal, including the neighbor’s crew-cut quince.
    It’s a shame April’s coral blooms fail to burst through the flat-top.
    Give us forsythia’s wind-wild yellow, off in the hunt for bees.

  5. artifiswords


    Long ago we heard
    This Earth…our home
    Is getting warmer…
    And could/would become
    A hazard to our wellbeing
    If you knew there were ways
    To avoid the destruction
    Of your home…why would some
    Pretend the problem
    You can clearly see
    Is naught to worry about
    Not to be…
    We put locks on doors
    To keep out those
    Who would do us harm
    Why not a lock on all the mines
    To keep the harm inside?
    The danger…both real & here
    The problem we need fear
    Some refuse to open their eyes
    Do they just not care
    Or is there nothing living
    Under their hair?
    Either way…
    It’s unbelievable

    © 2017 Robert Mihaly

    Posted to:

  6. taylor graham


    Electronic impulses hopscotch
    unseen through the cottage, grabbing
    data, connecting to the outside world now,
    more than to spider-webbing of grasses
    in the meadow. Down on the river,
    fishermen pursue their scintillating wait
    for a bite that hasn’t come, the lap
    of water against bank a platitude.
    But look, one dragonfly
    has somehow captured daylight,
    distilled a pure blue sky.

  7. mayboy


    Discover your Alter Ego.
    Who has credit for
    the constant search for echo,
    silent voices plunging through
    our memo, decoded in the discovery
    of a human genome, waiting to be
    revealed by another human hero.


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