2017 April PAD Challenge: Day 25

It’s time for that final two-for-Tuesday prompt of April. Regulars probably already know what the prompt is.

Here are the two prompts for today:

  • Write a love poem. The poem could be about lovers, but also the love of family, love between friends, or even loving your job, chocolate, or music. Or…
  • Write an anti-love poem. Maybe you’re a hater; that’s fine. We’ve got the anti-love poem prompt for you.


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Here’s my attempt at a Love and/or Anti-love Poem:

“deal or no deal”

i’ll fold all the laundry
& put it away too
if i can only get
one more sweet kiss from you


Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and author of Solving the World’s Problems (Press 53). He folds laundry, washes dishes, and writes poems about getting kisses.

Follow him on Twitter @RobertLeeBrewer.


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429 thoughts on “2017 April PAD Challenge: Day 25

  1. Jane Shlensky


    You build your love foundation up,
    its sturdy walls, its roofs and rooms,
    its windowed eyes receiving light,
    its solid floors, its doors secure.

    How lovely that you live in love,
    a dream so wondrous, so mundane,
    you wonder how you have deserved
    a life spent in the best you are.

    Time passes, sure, and roofs may leak;
    love needs fresh paint, constant upkeep,
    but you know this love has good bones,
    a quick remodel of weathered spots.

    Creaky and faded, still the beams
    are solid though in need of care.
    You build your love foundations up,
    a place two broken people share.

  2. Jane Shlensky


    Though I was grown and tough as nails,
    my parents fretted over me
    as I prepared to teach abroad.
    “Be careful. Don’t trust anyone,”
    my father warned on safety.
    But Mama looked into my face.
    “Remember love is all there is,”
    she said, her eyes so bright and wise.
    “Nothing else is important.”

    So each parent gave me what was true
    to guide me as I traveled far.
    Which one I heed proves who I am
    just as their words showed who they are.

  3. Jane Shlensky


    Lousy friends have become our comedy—
    how Mike Belse, then your house mate,
    stole your money, clothes, and car,
    got drunk and had a wreck, then called you
    from jail to bail him out, and you being you,
    you raised the money and sprang him.
    “I’d like to be a better friend,” he said
    effortlessly, then shrugged. “I just can’t.”
    He never paid you back, but he did try
    to sell you insurance when he got a job.
    The story must be worth something.

  4. lily black


    Love Poem
    Little innocent grandchildren
    Protecting them
    from the hurt of the world
    is a full time job
    The walls I shield them with
    higher and higher
    and still
    the hurt gets in.

    HATE Poem

    War sucks
    the life
    from young people
    with dreams.
    The same systems
    control their bodies
    The same elements
    fuel their cells
    needed by all.
    What is the difference
    killing for?

  5. SharylAnn

    What is Love?

    I used to think
    I knew what
    Love was all about
    But …
    Now .. older … wiser …
    I don’t have a clue
    Too many people are
    ‘In Love’ with the idea
    of …
    Being ‘In Love’

    The word LOVE itself
    has lost all meaning
    It is used too frequently
    to express things that
    have nothing to do with
    even the idea of

    Love is now used for
    extreme ‘like’ and that
    emotion disappears all
    to quickly … moving on
    to an entirely new object
    of affection in a week …
    or a month and used
    again to express the
    feeling of the moment

    Copyright © 2017 Sharyl
    Always…I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
    As Ever, Sharyl

  6. Laura T

    Snarky Wedding Vows

    To have and to hold
    (to possess and to stifle)
    From this day forward
    (Including the past you drag up)
    For better, for worse
    (No one tells you how bad it can be)
    For richer, for poorer
    (That’s not always about money)
    In sickness and health
    (Did you notice the bad came first that time)
    Until death do us part
    (You only think your dying, go to the doctor already)

    I may be snarky, it is true
    Reading between the lines
    Becomes clearer, you’ll see
    A cold bring with it a case of the whines
    After you’ve worked, washed and waited
    For the hope of a few hours sleep
    And they act like they’re ready to part
    Because of they sniffle after you sweep
    That when you know if your love it true
    When the common cold isn’t the death of you

  7. mschied


    Your face is the screensaver of my thoughts
    whenever my mind meanders, it is in
    your direction.
    Your presence highlights the mental drudgery
    of my everyday.
    Errands are welcome interruptions
    if it means I can wander your way
    for just a glimpse
    I hunger for your conversation
    hanging on your every word
    and delighting in the laughter
    I elicit
    Glorying in the ability
    to make you smile
    Days without you seem
    like years
    and if you ever left
    it feels like I would cry
    But do you feel the same?
    I think the answer is yes

    But for another

  8. L. Anne Wooley




  9. headintheclouds87

    Been away on a cruise so playing catch-up with these!

    Alone Together

    Love is lying on a bed
    Laughing about nothing
    And ignoring the world
    Just for a few sweet hours,
    Simply enjoying the warm arms
    Of your cherished other
    Finally knowing the pleasure
    Of being alone yet together.

  10. Imelda

    Oh, how sweet love is when the love is new
    when the heart seems to wake from winter sleep
    and every word and every kiss is dew
    glittering in fecund morningtide’s lip.

    How graceful is my beloved’s face, none
    on earth comes close. My eyes are fixed on his
    Lost in the secrets shown to me alone
    Woe be to anyone who spoils such bliss.

    Every moment in my lover’s embrace
    is eternity lived in paradise
    though eternity itself would seem less
    when seen through the filter of smitten eyes

    Love is glorious when it is all so new
    What I wouldn’t give for one tested and true.

  11. DMK

    can’t pull out the thorn in my heart
    with you gone I don’t know where to start
    like a beautiful rose piercing my intellect, heart and soul
    a man, a son, a father, leaving an ever widening hole
    saying goodbye
    everyone cried
    think for now I let love pass
    can not handle the cancerous love mass

  12. Karen

    by: Karen Wilson

    The tiniest feet
    to hold tenderly
    tickled with kisses

    A bedtime story
    read repeatedly
    extra snuggle time

    Favorite blankie
    she can’t be without
    holds the scent of her

  13. taylor graham


    It was your birthday, just the two
    of us out for dinner. The music way too loud,
    a trumpet blew my ears wide open.
    Cinco de Mayo. The big bass guitar readjusted
    my heart-beat. We ordered tacos, raided
    the salsa bar, then ran outside for cover.
    Unseasonably cold for May, would it snow?
    A waiter brought our tacos.
    The band appeared. How could they know
    it was your birthday? They fanned
    around our table – accordion, guitars, and blast-
    trumpet. Las Mañanitas, the birthday song.
    I was in love again, with lyrics
    that sang me along. Half understanding
    who and where we were. Life-
    blood of mariachi, soil we all are born of.

  14. Anvanya


    It’s a fine line, isn’t it, sorting
    Love from lust when the hormones
    Are running high?

    Children learn what they live…
    The apple does not fall far from the tree …
    Folly is as folly does …

    Any and all of the above-mentioned
    Cautions can catch up with us
    And derail our wild train ride
    Toward an uncertain future.

    If only a friend had spoken aloud
    The cautions they all discussed behind
    My back, whispering off stage, while I determinedly
    Dated, spoke I Do, birthed a son, divorced,
    And threw myself on the kindness
    Of the federal government.

    Mischief managed? Problem solved?
    We all knew he wasn’t good for you –

    Really? I might have needed a word of
    Caution, old thing. You couldn’t have
    Picked up the telephone and passed on
    A clue???

  15. Janutty1111


    now blurred the loop under the El
    and the forbidden shoreline

    meet you at the German restaurant
    I loved in 1950, I will bring the soapstone carving
    the Mafia gave me for blundering into their meeting

    scary but not in the mood that day
    to eat children. the gift, I old enough to feel something
    but not to know

    Chicago I can not forget
    the my-age bully who roughed me up twice
    he’s a used car dealer in Peoria Google says

    I am sure he cheats people
    laughs as they drive away in their tinny beaters

    and all the cows in the shop windows, when I went back
    maybe it was the year of the cow, even grown up
    I did not understand

    I do not understand Chicago
    but I love it

  16. taylor graham


    Ya know, kid, it’s 10 minutes from one station
    to the next – plus what it takes to saddle yer
    horse. And then you’re done. Next rider up.
    I can see you’re in a hurry, kids your age always
    are. Sit still, I’ll give you the scoop. This is
    Pioneer Days, no Indian raids. ‘Course there’s
    traffic, honking horns – all sorts of weird stuff
    along the way. So-called Equestrienne freaked
    out at “black snakes” slithering across the road –
    just tar they use to patch pavement cracks,
    glittering in headlights – set her horse to jitterbug
    around, near tossed her in the ditch. You got
    guts, kid? Got the hand to soothe by touch
    of reins? This is all volunteer, no paycheck. Quit
    yer lookin’ out the window at that roan, he’s not
    for sale. You tellin’ me you just love horses, kid?

  17. Linda Hatton

    Left Behind

    You speak
              to animals,
              but you don’t tell me
              what they say.
    You are
              as dangerous
    as dry ice.
    You scrape
    my childlike hide,
              and go seek
              inside a yurt
              with dirt
    for your bed.
              You’re a shipwreck
    waiting to happen
              on the imaginary
    of Cathedral City.
    You’ve set
              twelve thousand
              but never attained
    You are
    the moaning
              of a brass gong
              the cry
                        of a sitar
    all rolled into one.
    You gallop
              like the beats
              of a tongue
    You said
              you would always
              be my
    sleep doctor.
    You held
              my hand,
    the sunrise on the crest
    of Mount Batur.
    you jumped
              off a cliff,
              left me alone,
    said you had
    better things
              to see,
              had to do it
    on your own.
    So now,
    you sit
              on my shelf,
    a thematic dictionary,
    the ensuing
              and after-
    of my heart.


  18. PSC in CT

    Exes and Wise

    “The first time’s for love,
    the second, for money”.
    Years later she heard,
    companionship came third.
    She never did find out
    what four (and more)
    were supposed to be for.

    Witnessing firsthand
    that merry-go-round (the
    tying & untying of knots,
    picking up loose ends)
    she determined she
    didn’t need anyone else,
    if she loved herself.

  19. Catherine Conley

    Love in the Doldrums

    Love’s first flush
    Excites the spirit,
    And passion ignited
    Burns bright and hot;
    Reignited, rekindled it
    Stirs old blood to
    New or forgotten desire.
    But love in the doldrums
    Is sweetest.
    A hand held
    Sitting on a couch
    Watching dumb TV
    A kind word
    An open ear,
    Comfort, safety,
    Certain too that
    The fever will return,
    But in between is
    Not absence, but


  20. drwasy

    You Sleep In a Closet

    You sleep in a closet
    so how can I love you
    when touch is divided
    by door and space?

    You say you need sleep;
    did you consider I need
    the weight of your leg
    pressing against mine?

    When that door closes
    at night I wonder:
    if filled with cancer
    would you sleep with me?

    Or would I lie alone
    in our vast bed?

  21. Pat Walsh

    Describing April
    By Patrick J. Walsh

    in the gray of morning
    she wakes to
    the uncertain trill
    of birds confused
    by the lingering chill

    but he hears them
    describing April
    to the flowers
    that he will give her
    on a sunny day in June

  22. Domino


    I. Frankenstein

    Bored and possessed of great imagination
    yet no moral compass.
    Spoiled by his class and entitlement,
    he dared to dream of creating life,
    a gift hitherto given only to women.
    Driven to build by hand
    what comes easily to nature,
    and then forced to face
    the resultant monstrosity,
    he fled from his frightful Creature,
    unwilling or unable to open his heart
    the way a mother could.

    II. Creature

    Born and possessed of great strength,
    yet no moral compass.
    Disdained by his maker, reviled by the world
    he dared to dream of a fulfilled life,
    a gift, hitherto only given to those born of woman.
    Driven to destroy by force
    what rejected him at every turn,
    he forced his maker to face him,
    a monstrosity,
    and begged for love, if not from Frankenstein,
    then for a bride to call his own.

    III. Despair

    Finally, both of them broken and alone,
    love forsaken and life fled,
    a warning to all to consider consequences
    before doing something just become one can.

  23. Maria Grace

    The Greatest of these is Charity
    (Caritas: nom. Latin – from Carus: dear, valued: Christian love)

    Love is not a paltry thing,
    Soft-edged with niceness and pleasantries,
    A fragile thing of glass and warmth.
    Nor is it merely mingling
    Of passion, nor capricious heat –
    A flame to madden, woo or charm.
    These are but the panoply.
    Love is forged of heart and will
    Fierce as fire, iron-hard.
    Forebears in face of suffering,
    Is kind, in spite of enmity,
    Sees Christ in all, and knows the worth
    Of little deeds done honourably.
    Keeps Faith, when firm is failing,
    Hopes, in face of long defeat,
    Remains, when nothing else endures.
    For Love, in lonely chivalry,
    Duels with darkness. It is the Light,
    That shines when other lights go out.

  24. DanielAri

    “Damaged and adorable”

    I put the comforter up to your chin,
    and I pull the thermometer out.
    “You poor febrile thing! Let me tuck you right in.
    If you’ve need for your nursemaid, just shout.”

    Remember the time when you banged up your leg
    and couldn’t walk upright for days?
    I read you old poems and fed you warm eggs
    and put your dishes and clothing away.

    And see now, my darling, you’re back in the pink!
    Quite sanguine, content, right as rain—
    too healthy for quiet canoodling, I think.
    I can’t wait ‘til you’re injured again.

  25. Alphabet Architect

    Love in Comparison

    When love was new and every day had its firsts
    I hoped it might stay like that forever…
    Living to be surprised, to discover,
    To attempt to satisfy all love’s hungers and thirsts.

    Over time love has become comfortable –
    More deeply satisfying than ever
    Like my favorite flannel shirt that never
    Bunches, pinches, or disappoints –incomparable.

  26. MET

    A Long Love Quickly Told

    On their fiftieth wedding anniversary
    Da said to Ma,
    “Louise, I only promised you fifty years.”
    Ma shook her head at him laughing and responded,
    “And just where do you think you are going?”
    Everyone close knew once more she had outsmarted him.

    Mary Elizabeth Todd
    April 25, 2017

  27. Sara McNulty

    Air Travel

    Security and weather worries,
    oh no, not a computer glitch.
    Can’t they turn a switch or knob
    to get us on our way?
    All fights are cancelled.
    Say it ain’t so.
    No where to go.
    Hotel rooms
    are filled
    time I’ll
    take a train,
    and stay on ground–
    feels sounder than air.
    Dare to look out window,
    at landscapes more solid than
    clouds floating by. Might book sleeper,
    cheaper than plane fare. Hope tracks don’t freeze.

  28. pipersfancy

    Kindergarten Lessons

    We spoke of love
    as 5-year-olds
    debating who would marry whom
    with ringlets bouncing as we
    ran to kiss the boys.

    I knew right away that I could love
    you—you—and only you.
    How could there ever be another?
    You opened your new box
    of Crayola Crayons
    and shared them across
    the table with me
    while the other girls whispered
    shooting sidelong looks
    at us. But even as a child

    I knew love meant more
    than marriage
    and was willing to suffer
    their indignant jealousies
    for the sake of your affection.
    —Christina Perry

  29. Shennon


    So small and perfect
    In my arms you lay
    Never will I let
    Bad things come your way.

    Sleep little baby
    Sweep your fears aside
    I offer you all
    That love can provide.

    Dans mes bras tu restes
    Si petit et parfait
    Toutes les mauvaises choses
    Viendront jamais.

    Dors petit enfant
    Oublie tous les peurs
    Je vais te protéger
    Avec l’amour qui dure.


  30. thunk2much

    Ours is a shadow love,
    the kind that washes
    over your eyes and
    stops you in your tracks,
    filling your heart
    with gratitude
    for just a moment,
    just a second,
    until the shadow passes
    and you notice
    the dirty dishes
    piled in the sink
    and the coffee that’s
    dribbling slowly
    down your shirt.

  31. cari.resnick07

    Love is

    Love is not just a feeling
    of sparks and butterflies
    it is a choice
    a daily active choice
    to choose love
    even when you don’t feel it
    even when you don’t see it
    even when you don’t want to
    even when you want to quit

    Love is not just a feeling
    of rainbows and unicorns
    it is an action
    to overlook offenses
    to put another’s needs ahead of your own
    to be patient and kind
    even when you don’t feel it
    even when you don’t see it
    even when you don’t want to
    even when you want to quit
    Love is beautiful, love is alive,
    love is active
    Choose love

  32. tunesmiff

    G. Smith
    Let us gather ’round a common table,
    Over loaves baked and broken to be shared;
    Visions of what could be, if we’re able;
    Each one as he or she feels led to care.

    Facing in our opposite directions,
    Each one as he or she feels led to care,
    All wrapped up in our own imperfections,
    Relying on ourselves instead of prayer.

  33. nickbutterfield123@gmail.com

    Luv Ya

    Song to Ourselves: All elulliah!
    (Thank you Leonard Cohen, We Luv ya)

    For those who rise and write it down
    We are here to thank you and to tell ya: All ellulia!

    For those who get up and do their jobs everyday
    We know it means something to ya: All ellulia!

    For the convictions of those who gave their lives
    It means something to me and you yeah! All ellulia!

    For 2000 rings of wood in giant Pines
    And our Great Sequoias: All ellulia, All ellulia!

    For Outer Space and Satellites, Mercy and enough
    & Food to fill ya: All ellulia!

    For Hippies, Hipsters, Immigrants, babies and Baby Boomers
    We all need ya! All ellulia!

    It’s more then me and you, It’s all of us: All ellulia,
    All ellulia, All eloo ooo, lia.

  34. lsteadly

    Tangled Love

    I’m not lovin’ the way
    you call me when you are on
    the road, like I am some
    secretary there to find the time
    of your next appointment, then
    reminding me to order whatever
    it was you wanted
    oh, and by the way how
    was your day? Is this what happens
    to a marriage mauled by the mundane,
    this don’t-forget-to-do-this from the one
    while the other hopes to remember
    all that is asked before the ire

    Is that what happened to our now
    un-married friends? Did they just forget
    it all, decide not to answer,
    say they missed the call?

    Fool am I , but willingly so
    to wait for your return
    from those long days on the road,
    the three thousand miles a mere bend
    toward the next corner where you are
    there behind me with your hands
    in my hair
    sifting through the tangles
    trying to get back to that place
    where we were before you left

  35. Missy

    Been trying to post for almost an hour

    mi love you

    he sang:
    mi love you

    like a fresh

    he changed
    the words, said:

    mi love you
    like how you love


    mi love you
    like how i love

    rice & peas
    & oxtail

    & y’all
    he loves

    i mean

    his rice
    & peas & oxtail!

  36. Walter J Wojtanik


    And we ask ourselves
    What’s love got to do with it?
    I add, “Why not everything?”

    Love surrounds us all –
    we must simply open hearts
    to feel what our eyes can’t see.

    Walter J. Wojtanik and Paula M. Wanken

  37. MET

    I love the mountains of my youth…

    I fell in love the first time
    My toddler bare feet touched
    The dark loam soil of the mountains.
    The soil made of centuries of dead leaves that fell
    Deep within a forest.

    I remember running on paths barefoot
    Where bear and deer found their dwelling
    And crossing on slippery rocks
    Resting in some ice water cold mountain river, and
    Knowing it was in this earth
    That my strength came
    For when I stand upon that earth
    Of the Appalachians I am rooted
    Like the balsam firs.
    I may have had a rocky path, but
    My roots like the balsam tree
    Have grown strong on those rocks.

    Standing high on a mountain ridge
    Before the fog mists have lifted,
    The balsam fir scents the air, and
    My heart beats slowly as I am cloaked
    Into the mists of the mountains.
    As the vapors into innocent aura disappear,
    I can see the vastness and majesty, and
    Looking across the old forests,
    I weep for the loss of the chestnut trees.
    I weep for the loss of the old, old trees
    Cut before those wealthy lumber mills
    Could no longer rob the forests.

    I love the mountains at midnight
    On a winter night with the air so cold
    It will freeze your breath in your lungs
    If your heart wasn’t so warm to stop it.
    Up there on a mountain ridge
    Where no human lights can harm it,
    The sky is clear and crystal, and
    The stars tingling like tiny bells ringing, and
    Those balsam firs stand as your silent guardians.
    Ever watchful in the night.
    The moon rides quietly across the night.
    Somehow you just know you belong there.

    I have loved the deep dark loam
    Of the Appalachians, all my days.
    My roots grew strong, and some how
    I know no matter where this wanderer may go
    It is there I call home.

    Mary Elizabeth Todd
    April 25, 2017

    1. lsteadly

      This is just wonderful. And though I live in the Green Mountains way up north in VT I know exactly what you describe, you totally bring it all home.

  38. pcm

    You know you’re in Paris when

    Say you’ve had a cold, or maybe an allergy, and you wake up with your head thick as pudding, common sense nebulous as thoughts scatter in slow motion in the galaxy of you mind and you know that you have things you must do like small planets rotating light years away so you pull on your shoes and the dog pulls you out the door and presto, you’re in another universe where you can breathe and the world sparkles like Christmas just bustin’ out happy to be alive and the streets suspend gravity, so you run and jump for no reason, and the trash looks cute as popcorn as you skip between crosswalk lines and those young men who took your money with your blessing, well just maybe they’ll turn out okay and the chestnut flowers hold back giggles in a sunset so rosy it feels holy as the dog leaps onto the lip of the fountain yet doesn’t fall in and the whole world is waiting, watching, because this day is here.