2017 April PAD Challenge: Day 24

For today’s prompt, write a faith poem. For some people, faith means religion. For others, faith means trusting in science and mathematics. Still others, think George Michael’s “Faith” just as some immediately conjure up Faith Hill. Regardless of where you put your faith (or don’t), today’s poem gives you an opportunity to express yourself.

That said, just a quick reminder: Be respectful of each other. It’s my one rule, and I have faith that y’all can handle it.


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Here’s my attempt at a Faith Poem:

“& if i die”

there’s no guarantee
the next morning will come
but i still close my eyes
anticipating rest


Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and author of Solving the World’s Problems (Press 53). He has faith.

Follow him on Twitter @RobertLeeBrewer.


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411 thoughts on “2017 April PAD Challenge: Day 24

  1. Jane Shlensky

    Our Road to Emmaeus

    It takes a mighty light
    to turn a life around,
    to stop a stubborn streak,
    to make a person look
    back and think ahead
    to possibilities
    as yet impractical
    or unacknowledged.

    The truth is we can’t know
    what we refuse to know.
    We cling to our mistakes
    as if we can convince
    ourselves that we are right.
    Seeing the goal, we race
    toward it, dreaming dreams.
    Hearing a voice, we talk
    and talk, then close our eyes.

    In blindness do we see;
    in deafness will we sing;
    senseless, we must have faith
    of an empty vessel, waiting
    to be filled.

  2. artifiswords


    Up to a certain point in life
    I went along with the beliefs
    I was raised within…
    All along I sensed that
    Something didn’t add up
    In my small universe
    What should I believe?
    Were the faith of my mother
    And the faith of my father
    More meaningful than
    Faith in myself?
    I thought not…
    And as it’s often said…
    That’s my story and I’m
    Sticking with it

    © 2017 Robert Mihaly

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  3. mschied

    The question

    Are you there, God?
    It’s me, well,
    you know who
    At least, I hope you
    do, or you are
    not a very omniscient
    one if not
    I can get behind the
    bit – I see you
    in the lilacs hugging
    the laughing brook
    that rolls in ripples
    causing the minnows
    to dance
    in the serenity of
    the face I love
    lit with an inhuman kindness
    surely heaven sent
    but the omnipotence
    presents a problem
    a true barrier to unwavering belief
    if thou hast the power
    then I pray for peace
    life is struggle enough
    must you add more?
    stop the war inside
    soothe the exhaustion of my spirit
    let me breathe again
    answer my prayer
    and give me back my
    faith in you

  4. lily black

    I Am Not Faithless

    You left this earth
    I cannot just drive over
    To share a bowl
    a laugh
    a drink
    But I feel you
    around me
    in my home
    my car
    my blood
    You are there

  5. SharylAnn


    For me …
    FAITH has
    nothing to do
    with religion
    everything to do
    with TRUST

    If trust isn’t there
    There is no foundation
    for faith

    My personal beliefs
    are spiritual …
    not religious
    Trust is the base
    Faith comes after
    that base is built
    Trust must be established first

    Should TRUST be broken
    Faith …
    And …
    Spirituality remains
    in hopes of
    TRUST …

    Copyright © 2017 Sharyl
    Always…I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
    As Ever, Sharyl

  6. Sibella

    It’s Looking To Be That Kind of Night

    The kind of nightfall where you’re flat in bed,
    imagining the hands that will place you on the pillow
    in the box. The birds who like the dark are

    setting up shop, sending out soundchecks.
    You wish they’d stop their jabber in the morning,
    in your head, after a night of knockout pills

    or nothing but buzz. Because this happens,
    you’ve tagged the inner wall of your eyelid:
    YOU WILL BE HAPPY. The song says

    believe half of what you see. Your belief
    is under that pile of unwashed shirts. But
    it’s all here: the pills, the songs, the pillow,

    the thoughts, the words, the dirty clothes,
    your god, the dark, those meaningless birds
    who are not talking to you. And when you rise,

    it’ll be there. So much of everything
    you’ll trip on it. So much of it an engine,
    a motion to keep you going.

  7. Laura T

    (because life and death happen, and you think you’re keeping up, but it turns out you’ve lost a week, so now you write a lot to finish, hopefully strong, but finish, because something has to feel complete, when you don’t) 7 of 10 in one day.

    Some would think it couldn’t be done
    To write ten poems when some can’t do one
    To write ten poems, one of them long
    And could be written as a song
    It won’t be easy, or done with much grace
    But it’s the task that today I do face.
    So here I am onto the eighth
    And hoping that in me you do have faith

  8. mayboy


    have faith,
    & pledges,
    believe in
    future treasures,
    have faith
    in Mother Nature,
    to live in
    a better place, not
    only for pleasure,
    but to survive
    nature measures.

  9. BDP

    Sijo #24: Faith

    What more is needed than the Little Dipper spilling to the Big?
    Night keeps our secrets contained, though we know the sky is not.
    We have a place to carry our experience: look up, pour on.

  10. J.lynn Sheridan

    I have Faith in Us

    This time around
    I won’t look for answers
    in the dust and damp ash—
    sometimes ideas are frail flowers.

    After reading Corinthians
    and begging for love,
    you still don’t believe
    there’s something waiting
    for us.

    But I do.

  11. Janutty1111

    Faith was fat.
    Not obese, but too round.
    Her essays were covered in red marks and she was
    always last in line.

    Mostly I remember her crying,
    chasing her papers over the windy schoolyard.

    Hope works in a bowling alley now,
    Charity sleeps around,
    and as alumni secretary,
    I would like to have Faith’s address.

  12. Anvanya

    Molehills into Mountains

    Faith: the belief in a person, thing, event,
    idea – minus three-dimensional proofs.

    Then there’s my classmate Faith
    she seems to be suffering under
    her own name, many of her family
    require faith of her, classmates
    taunt her name, the world in
    general eschews the meanings.

  13. Catherine Conley

    As Seasons Roll

    From winter to spring, the seasons roll
    Every year it has been so,
    Every year it will be.
    When snow tarries into March or April,
    Still we know that spring is coming soon,
    The snow won’t last, the days do lengthen,
    Bright, breezy days will follow.
    We do not question it even though
    We cannot see the grass or feel the warmth,
    We have faith that Nature will not let us down.
    So when we fear and feel afraid of death’s dark door
    And what is to come, have faith that
    God will not abandon us, and just as surely
    As spring follows winter, so too does
    Light follow darkness.


  14. DMK

    evidence of what is wanted, desired
    what is hoped for before becoming too tired
    faith in action has motion
    not just a blank notion
    nothing just given
    its the giving in the living

  15. Connie Peters


    Sometimes my faith’s wobbly,
    like Peter on the waves,
    but deep down for certain
    I know that Jesus saves.

    When I’m all alone
    and the task’s too big for me,
    I can only trust
    my God whom I can’t see.

    You may wonder about
    where I put my faith.
    but I have learned through the years
    by His Word, Spirit and Grace.

    1. ppfautsch24

      Seeing and knowing what is there;
      if only in your heart and prayers.
      It lives among the stars and on each
      whispered tear at night.
      It is what rises me each day, to capture
      a hello, and a smile you send out.
      It is the adventure of heartfelt moments,
      and the venture of heartbreaking memories.
      It is the resolve that you don’t give up on
      hope, faith’s close companion.
      By Pamelap

  16. Connie Peters


    Faith is only as valuable
    as what you have faith in.
    Faith for faith’s sake
    is like a wispy cloud,
    looking substantial
    but won’t hold anything up.

    Faith in science
    does wonderful things,
    but it can only go so far.
    For the realm of the eternal and unseen,
    science has little value, except for knowing
    that a design must have a designer.

  17. Linda Hatton

    Lose and Find Yourself

    Have faith,
    she said,
    in every fresh cloud-
               burst, and the wind’s
    for consoling
          your distress
    with its temper-

    Have faith,
    she said,
    when the common
    nightingale sings—
    how its aria
          your heart
    like wings.

    Have faith,
    she said,
    in your childhood
    birch tree,
    in your mind,

    And when you can
    have faith,
    she said,
    in your reflection,
    captured by sky
    and sea, staring
    back at your human-
                you are
    consoling cloudburst,
    fluttering common
          nightingale song,
    (b)looming birch tree—
          all separate
    and all one.


  18. saymwaHolly

    Faith in science

    A scientist once told me
    that not all three leaflet
    plants are toxic.

    Leaflets three
    directly opposing each other
    on the stem

    to form a victorious V
    are ok to touch.
    Otherwise stay clear

    I believe her. She is wise.
    But I have not yet tested this
    and probably never will.

  19. seamuscorleone


    Faith is a bird flying
    Into a freshly cleaned window and
    Blaming it on invisible forces.

    He’s right, but not
    In the way he thinks.

    With every cry of
    “Eureka,” one idea
    Of god gets smaller,
    But another, the one
    Inside of us, grows.

    Isn’t that always the way?

    Whoever and whatever god
    Is, depends on what we believe she
    Or it is. Or isn’t.

    That is the power of faith.

    And at least when we enter
    The dark room at the end
    Of the hall,
    We will be saved
    The embarrassment of our peers
    Seeing if we chose wrong.

  20. Jacqueline Hallenbeck


    i love you more than cocolón!
    when your song comes on, i sing along
    your mama makes pretty babies

    got your baby picture in my rearview mirror
    as i head off to work (there is no one dearer)
    i love you more than cocolón!

    when all of a sudden, out of the blue
    ♪i gotta have you! ♬♪i gotta have you! ♬
    your song comes on and i sing along

    your spitting image addelyn is
    and jojo’s good looks you can hardly miss
    your mama makes pretty babies

    “cocolón” is burnt rice; we ecuadorians love it. ^^

  21. drwasy


    The problem
    with meditation
    is that focusing
    on the breath

    the now

    the future.

    Perhaps the faith
    in being
    is knowing

    without knowing

    the next breath
    will come.

  22. Domino


    Consider the way we take it for granted
    driving the streets with nary a care. Oh sure,
    we look both ways, and stop at lights, taking it
    for granted that everyone else does the same.
    We barrel down the road, speeding when we
    are in a hurry, using our horn sometimes
    or cursing if someone is going too slow.
    Trusting implicitly that they stay in their
    lane. And that, my friends, is what we call blind faith.

  23. Maria Grace

    The Phoenix

    I lost Hope, for it was slain,
    A wounded bird, pinned to a tree
    That died in fire, blood and pain.

    It broke the very heart of me.
    Of bitterness I drank my fill.
    Yet Hope is a Phoenix, so they say.

    That dies in flame, and yet lives still.
    To that I hold, in spite of doubt,
    Or broken heart, or wavering will.

    For Faith remains, though Hope goes out,
    And I, in darkness, will Faithful be,
    In little things, in deed and thought,

    Shall hunt for the holy trinity
    Of Faith and Hope and Charity.

  24. Linda Voit

    I believe

    There are signs, stirrings
    and warnings that take faith
    to recognize,
    and if we brush them aside
    we regret it, sometimes

    Linda Voit

  25. Alphabet Architect

    Faith Sensed

    Faith smells scent of rose
    In February’s snow
    Faith sees a Renoir
    In scribbles on the wall

    Faith tastes sweet honey
    Even as the bee stings
    Faith hears harmony
    Within the battle call

    Faith knows that meaning
    Exists beyond the moment
    Feels the Father’s heart
    Beating steady through it all.

  26. Imelda


    “Holy Mother, hear my cry
    I’ve cursed your name a thousand times
    I’ve felt the anger running through my soul
    All I need is a hand to hold.”
    ~ from “Holy Mother” by Eric Clapton

    My soul cries out to Heaven
    It does not know where else to turn
    to find comfort and consolation.
    Too many mistakes I have made
    they left me broken and unclean
    Hear my sorrow in my sigh
    I do not even know what to ask
    I am suspended in darkness
    Could my deliverance be nigh
    Holy Mother, hear my cry.

    I have heard so many things
    that hold themselves out as truths
    that bring true happiness
    I embraced them all –
    changing my beliefs like I shed my clothes
    I ignored the warning chimes
    of misery that rattled my being
    I drowned the noise with spirits
    that set free countless bitter rhymes
    I’ve cursed your name a thousand times

    Like a child wanting attention
    I really do not mean the things I say
    but I need to unload some poison
    to lighten the burden of my soul
    Yet, no sooner have I cleaned up some space
    that demons rush back in, regain control
    of me, drained of all strength to struggle.
    I long for rest
    I surrender myself, my all
    I’ve felt the anger running through my soul

    It is a fire blazing within
    that burned my mind and my spirit to ashes
    I behold the remains with empty eyes
    betraying my numb heart
    I breathe and yet not live
    The dark night is getting cold
    yet I am too afraid to end it all
    Could fear itself be the angel’s whisper
    for me to seek Salvation’s road?
    All I need is a hand to hold.

  27. LiveItUp

    Day 24


    They eagerly watch
    As she takes her first steps…

    They have faith…

    They see the orange safety flag disappear from sight
    As she bikes off to school…

    They have faith….

    They wave as she pulls out of the driveway and down the road,
    Off to college…

    They have faith…

    They continue to wave
    Even after she boards the 747,
    Bound for a year abroad, alone…

    They have faith…

    They delight in the poise and aplomb
    With which she navigates
    The hurdles and hiccups
    Of parenting and life…

    They have faith…

    Never doubt,

    Only instinctive and deliberate

    “…complete trust and confidence in…”


  28. pamelaraw

    Marathon Watchers, Mile 23

    By the time runners get here
    faith has been dulled
    by the burn in their shins.
    We cheer and hive five
    hold signs
    ring cowbells
    hand out water.
    Anything to drown out their pain.

    When a runner doubles over
    one of us will bend down
    whisper You’re almost there
    then trot along the pedestrian
    side of the barrier
    until his legs pick up speed.

    Our job is not to get them to the end.
    Only to buoy them to the next mile.

  29. lsteadly

    Love Will Be Here

    I think about my death
    more so recently
    as each year passes faster than the last

    My body tells me this slowly,
    shows me glimpses of the inevitable-
    see that silver hair, growing thinner?
    hear those joints crack, creaking louder?
    there’s no turning back time,
    that damned clock

    I’ve lived more years already
    than what are to come
    but it’s okay I say
    to me and those I love
    for I have found mindfulness,
    learned that without sadness
    I would not know joy
    and without age
    I would not know youth

    I know the sun will rise each day
    that brings me closer to my last,
    I only hope that love will still be
    here to greet them when I am not

  30. MET


    What does this word mean?

    I know what loving can mean,
    And sometimes that word doesn’t
    Mean being loving, but
    But the act of loving
    In the physical sense.
    Loving as in reaching out in compassion…
    Is stepping beyond ourselves.
    We get the two confused.

    Kindness, I get also.
    I know how I feel when I have been kind.
    I feel the glow inside.
    I also know when someone has been kind to me.
    It makes me smile
    From the same place the glow is ignited.

    But together,
    What does lovingkindness mean?

    I think of kindness as gentle caring, and
    I think of love as tender.
    Holding the hand of an old one,
    I feel the tenderness of caring.
    Lullabying a baby to sleep,
    In the song is that same gentle tenderness.

    Why are we not always doing that?
    Why am I not giving lovingkindness?
    Why have I failed?

    The questions wore at my soul, and
    And I got lost in finding the answers
    To all the “Whys”.

    I heard a familiar voice.
    “Why do you insist on making it so hard?”
    I turned to face Jesus face,
    And he smiled as he shook his head.

    “I don’t know. I just do.”

    “Step back, and know this.
    It takes patience.”
    (I groaned and Jesus smiled.)
    “It takes practice.”
    (He smiled again at my quirky oh no.)
    “It takes forgiving and forgetting yourself.”

    I took a deep breath.

    Jesus then said, “You can do this.
    You just need to listen to the lessons I send you.”

    And I smiled and knew why again,
    I would follow Him wherever he led me.

    Mary Elizabeth Todd
    March 29, 2017

      1. Maria Grace

        I like this. It is something I struggle with – working in a public place, where I do not always want to make allowances for other people’s difficult behaviour. But that lovingkindness – caritas in Latin – is what Christ shows us, and we are to show each other. This is a good reminder to be patient with myself, while I let Him teach me to be more like He is. Thank you.

        1. MET

          A few years ago… I wrote up my study on I Corinthian Chapter 13…. an exegesis paper to be exact… I was a behavioral science major and a Bible major in college and I had to do two or three of these, and I liked the method of study because you have to break down each verse in a text to study it… So I have bought over the years more technical studies of the Bible…. and I did this because when I was fresh out of college in 1974 I said I would do… took me a long time to understand love to do it justice…anyway Verse 4 begins “Love is patient; Love is kind…” I realized that to actually be completely loving one must do these two things…I am not sure if I will be brave enough to take on Patience next Lent….because to learn patience you have all those things that make you impatience throw at you… and I have for years been most impatience with myself…

  31. MET

    It is heartbreaking to admit
    That though I have come a long way
    I am still a failed Christian, but
    I think I am getting better at understanding…
    It is patience that usually keeps me
    From being as loving and as kind as I ought to be.

    Mary Elizabeth Todd
    April 24, 2017

  32. Austin Hill

    PAD #24

    …comes by hearing

    …is like a shield
    …is needed to please God
    …is something you should keep

    …Jesus is its author and finisher

    …testing it produces patience
    …the size of a mustard seed
    …the substance of things hoped for
    …the evidence of things unseen
    …to get out of the boat
    …to walk on water

    …what a person is justified by
    …what the just live by
    …what makes you well
    …what we walk by
    ..,without works is dead

    But when I’m afraid, FAITH takes a backseat.

    © April 2017 Suzanne S. Austin-Hill


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