2017 April PAD Challenge: Day 23

For today’s prompt, take the phrase “Last (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then, write your poem. Possible titles include: “Last Starfighter,” “Last Unicorn,” “Last Day of Summer,” “Last Cookie in the Cookie Jar,” and so on.


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Here’s my attempt at a Last Blank Poem:

“last one”

& i grabbed it without worrying
about whether i’d want another
because of course i’d want another
as soon as i finished eating that final
black jelly bean


Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and author of Solving the World’s Problems (Press 53). People tend to either love or hate black jelly beans, Robert falls into the former category along with his stepson Reese.

Follow him on Twitter @RobertLeeBrewer.


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350 thoughts on “2017 April PAD Challenge: Day 23

  1. Jane Shlensky

    Last Night

    We sit as twilight takes the lawn,
    as songbirds nest and swallows swoop.
    Daylight drifts away like breath,
    like ink dropped into water’s spill,
    until we see the north star’s beam,
    a slice of moon, stars freckling night.

    The air is mild, cool as clean sheets,
    honeysuckle, lavender.
    A whippoorwill calls when you take
    my hand. You have grown thin and frail,
    your fingers knobby, slightly cold,
    but your face in darkness shines
    of who you are burning away.

    “I wouldn’t mind going gentle
    into this good night,” you say.

  2. mschied

    Last call

    I picked up the phone
    to reach out to you
    but you were not there

    I turned the knob
    to call out to you
    but you were not there

    I wrote this poem
    to cry out to you
    but you were not there

    When you look for me
    to answer my cry call and reach
    I will no longer be there

  3. lily black

    Last of the toothpaste
    got squeezed out
    of the white flat tube
    onto soft yellow bristles
    I wish I remembered
    at the store last night.
    Today morning breath
    follows me
    until night.

  4. L. Anne Wooley

    Last Winter

    We had very little snow.
    Mostly cold, but never too cold
    We had rain, and little brown leaves
    Curled around the edges.
    February was mostly spring,
    Climate change doesn’t exist?
    Tell mama nature.

  5. mayboy

    The Last Survivor

    carved in the stone,
    warnings of the ancient
    ground, the reminders of
    unknown, on the road
    of the coming seasons,
    from the sunshine
    to rain and snow.

  6. BDP

    Sijo #23: Last Bit

    Your father’s tractor rusts in the back forty, too long stored for parts.
    You screwed the cap on jam before breakfast ended, saving it from flies.
    I toss the plastic spoon, the little taste of sweet left in the jar.

  7. Anvanya


    So I completely mistook her note’s intention
    And replied with a caution to my friend.
    For when the news is I can’t go on anymore
    The reply has got to be take care of yourself first.

    Next day’s afternoon mail produces the slam
    From friend – stay out of my business, forever.

    A knife to the heart – no. A sadness deep in the
    Liver – no. Astonishment? Oh, yes.
    Talk about being wrong-footed!
    Not by half, mate.

    One hasty phone call to another friend
    And I know I have to apologize. Somehow.
    Immediate advice: admit no guilt, refrain
    From rehashing the content, pick your words
    Very carefully. Short is best.

    Ensues the better part of a week of mental
    Note-framing until, easily comes to mind
    The foundation words: Mistook/misconstrued
    Intention never cross that line again.

    Best black fountain pen, super lacy and flowery
    Blank-inside card, patriotic stamp and
    The morning post. Done and dusted.

  8. DMK

    last call for five

    last call for five
    run across the lawn
    avoid bees making their hive
    fall in the grass laughing and sprawn
    ready. set, go…
    now its six coming to know
    school happening next week
    those ready for learning will begin to think

  9. Connie Peters

    Last Visit

    She knew it was the last time
    she’d see him, laying pale
    in his bed. She could picture
    him in a casket. She had said
    her good byes over the past
    several years as she lost him
    bit by bit to Alzheimer’s.
    She looked forward to
    seeing him again when he
    would remember her name.

  10. Domino

    Last Petal

    He loves me,
    he loves me not,
    he loves me…

    … wait…

    If I pluck this last petal
    does that mean …?

    Wait, though,
    just wait.

    Okay, so,
    does the head of the flower count?

    Or, hey, the little tiny petals
    in between the big ones?
    Those count, right?

    Maybe I should just start over.

  11. samisal

    Last night I swayed slowly to the sound
    of cars on the highway
    Last night I dreamed that you called me
    just to have a silent conversation
    And the night before that I dreamed that someone who has never kissed me
    Kissed me like he loved me more than the moon herself
    Last night I created someone who loved me in my head
    Like Rocky Horror, but without the gold bikini
    Last night I imagined that we ate Indian food together
    and he walked his bike to my car afterward
    Last night I dreamed that you hated me
    And the night before I dreamed that you were lost without me
    Like I was the North Star and you had gone blind
    Last night I realized that I am a lover
    Lost without someone
    to touch the small of my back in the kitchen
    Lost without love to give

  12. Michelle Hed

    Last Night When the Lights Went Out

    Moon drops
    were found
    splattered across my pillows
    like bleach drops on old jeans
    and I wanted to collect
    each one

    but the clouds
    took them away
    before I could collect them in a jar
    like fireflies on a summer evening
    and I fell asleep
    dreaming of stars.

  13. Linda Hatton

    Last Step

    Sometimes it’s hard
    knowing you aren’t
    where you want to be
    just yet. You have
    so many more steps

    ahead that you can’t quite
    make out success. Each day
    is a struggle, won-
             dering when it will be
    “your turn,” but still you

    keep your chin up,
    keep placing heel to toe
    on the path before you,
    sprinting against those
    imaginary competitors,

    hoping to reach that last
    step, rather than being grateful
    that you’re in the running—
    forgetting the last step
    means the end.

    So instead of anticipating
    your destination, groove
    over each hurdle, send
    love and peace
    to your competition,

    breathe out your struggle,
    embrace your muscles, pumping,
    growing. Give thanks, take pleasure,
    remember, it’s an obstacle race—
    and there is no beeline.


  14. Asha1000

    Not The Last One

    This is not the last lazy Sunday
    the power will fail while it rains

    Not the last time the TV will nod off
    in the middle of a sentence
    blacked out like a redacted page

    Wish it would be the last one of the year
    this lack of electricity
    but it’s only the last Sunday in April
    summer heat is yet to come

    Then air conditioners will drain all juice
    from old gas turbines and generators
    twisting storms will tangle lines and poles
    and power failures will recur
    from sunny day to rainy day

    – Lelawattee Manoo-Rahming

    1. ppfautsch24

      A prayer was
      Answered when
      You walked in
      And, for the nth
      I walked in
      Asking if you
      Wanted to
      Phone numbers
      And, you said yes
      And, for the last
      I lift in prayer
      That you are
      The one.
      By Pamelap

  15. DanielAri

    “The last letter, 1870”

    Years after the division war ended,
    a Yankee brother and Dixie brother
    met for dinner. The country was mended.
    In his letter, the elder wrote, “Mother,
    I feel, would have wanted us to be friends.”

    He rode for six days to meet his southern
    brother, through those towns and past those graveyards.
    (In some cities, he kept his face covered.)
    On the sixth night, the northerner arrived
    at Weidmann’s Restaurant in Meridian.

    The Mississippian offered a hard
    handshake, but the agreement not to speak
    of the rift went unspoken. They’d survived.
    But each friend either named had not come back,
    so they fell silent, grieving another

    lost reunion, slowly carving their steaks
    into pieces they could comfortably take.

  16. Anthony94


    Last is a darkness
    an ending that sends
    shivers, opens into a void
    that has no light at the end

    a tunnel with sides ever
    narrowing until I’ve forgotten
    why I entered into trying to
    discover its meaning.

    It is always a finish, a loss,
    an emptiness: last call, last
    drop, last brownie in the tin
    decorated with Gainsborough’s
    Blue Boy. It is last

    crumbs that I smudge onto
    my thumb trying to recreate
    the chocolate goodness but
    that’s the point: it was the last.

  17. drwasy

    The Last First

    Your youth,
    a celebration:
    first smile
    first step,
    first word (da)
    first day of school
    first dance
    first love
    first job
    first car.

    I thought
    these things
    would always be,
    an infinity,
    which leaves me
    here, now,
    your visit
    as if it is
    your last.

  18. Austin Hill

    PAD #23

    Faithful service
    a decade (or more)
    With dedicated hands
    sound is seen

    Messages and music
    pour into eyes
    Soothing, encouraging
    enlightening, inspiring

    But the one thing
    that doesn’t change
    is that things

    If there hasn’t already been,
    soon there will be,

    the last Sunday.

    © April 2017 Suzanne S. Austin-Hill

  19. Shennon

    Last Dance With My Husband

    He had amazing moves
    both on the dance floor and off.
    Unfortunately, during our union,
    he shared them all with other women.


  20. serenevannoy

    Last Time

    Last time, it was easier,
    the losing, the letting go,
    and they told me it would get
    better with time,
    that I would get used to being
    This time, it is harder,
    knowing that time
    isn’t kind to me,
    knowing that this time
    might be
    the last time.


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