2017 April PAD Challenge: Day 22

For today’s prompt, write a fable poem. A fable is a story that conveys a moral, usually told with animal characters.


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Here’s my attempt at a Fable Poem:

“the north pole penguin”

An emperor penguin spoke with reindeer one day
& asked how they were able to pull Santa’s sleigh
to which they replied, “It’s a really simple goal:
Just leave this hemisphere to visit the North Pole.”
Because deer anywhere else are stuck to the ground,
the penguin thought their rationale sounded quite sound.
He purchased a one-way ticket to get him there
& was eaten for dinner by a polar bear.
The moral, of course, is not to venture too far
from what you know & to be happy where you are.


Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and author of Solving the World’s Problems (Press 53). He loves reading fables to his children, because he loves reading fables to himself.

Follow him on Twitter @RobertLeeBrewer.


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274 thoughts on “2017 April PAD Challenge: Day 22

  1. Jane Shlensky


    They saw his mother falling from the sky.
    They heard the rifle’s roar, the shout of joy
    and huddled in their nests, hearting the cry
    of her new fledgling, her sweet hawky boy.

    His lessons incomplete, he’s bound to die
    starving and flightless, calling ceaselessly.
    It pinched the song birds’ conscience—you now why—
    for hawks eat such as them so easily.

    A conference of birds met in an oak
    with one agenda: save the lad or balk,
    the speakers interrupted as they spoke
    by hungry frightened calling from the hawk.

    At last Wilbur Woodpecker, crows and jays
    proposed they’d get young Harvey Hawk to ground
    where he could learn to hunt in song bird ways
    eating insects and lizards to be found.

    Wilbur, though nothing near so smart as crows,
    took on the education of the lad
    to hop and fly, to prey—and goodness knows—
    that eating any song bird is just…bad.

    Of course, and education shifts a view
    of pastures, lawns, and woods, however small.
    Let’s call it an experiment, brand new
    that may well work on larger scales for all.

    And so, an understanding, loving, new,
    was forged to benefit the feathered friends,
    and Harvey lived and trained hawks as they grew
    to eat no feathered thing—and so here ends

    A tale of how a kindness can be learned,
    passed on for generations, flown unfurled:
    how dovish hawks might be, for all concerned,
    when simple folk decide to change the world.

  2. mschied

    The Lonely Dove

    A lonely dove
    flew far and wide
    to look for love
    where e’er it hid

    Upon her mind
    the question writ
    true love to find
    or reject – to whit:

    which course will lead
    to the better end
    to romance cede
    or stay as friends

    she found her heart
    her life’s true mate
    but kept apart
    he was found too late

    for the perfect bird
    was already flown
    and headed towards
    a love of his own

    and though she mourned
    and pined awhile
    the pain was borne
    at last, a smile

    for while her pain
    was great, ’tis true,
    she could love again
    if she decide to

    far better to have
    loved and lost
    than never to have
    loved at all

  3. lily black

    There was once a black masked raccoon
    who crawled inside a sleeping house
    every night
    He stole the food of snoozing poodles
    curled under cotton quilts
    They never knew a masked stranger
    stole their grain free food
    night after night.
    What might the moral be?
    Close up the dog door human and save our food!

  4. Laura T

    (because life and death happen, and you think you’re keeping up, but it turns out you’ve lost a week, so now you write a lot to finish, hopefully strong, but finish, because something has to feel complete, when you don’t) 6 of 10 in one day.

    Swooping up at break neck speed
    Defending his territory
    From the invading robin
    Showing his grit
    Knocked back by the returning blow
    Time and time again
    An impressive show of dominance
    To fend off the aggressive invader
    Feet first, claw
    Beak first, peck
    Breast out boldly, bump
    Their mate surely impressed
    As he protected his brood
    Leaving a dusting of feathers
    On the window panes
    Until the blinds got closed
    To save him from himself

    Fighting yourself out of pride
    Is a painful venture

  5. mayboy

    Fable worms

    The spring sun warms the planet,
    and worms come from the soil
    to digest the plastic, the waste for
    human negligence; what we have
    inherited, we will have to digest,
    it is the need & original request.

  6. BDP

    Sijo #22: Fable

    Downhill’s slow in terms of illness: I seldom saw you push pain back.
    One visit, I detected shallow breaths. I sleep well, you said.
    When does discomfort’s pebble morph to Sisyphus’s rock?

  7. Michelle Hed

    Love the One Your With

    Two dogs hop in a car.
    One dog sticks his head out the window
    with his tongue flapping in the breeze.
    The other dog lays down and sleeps.
    Everyone has their quirks.
    Embrace them for it.

    1. ppfautsch24

      Courage of Lone Wolf
      Hidden among the flowers during the day
      And his lyrical howl seranades the moon
      at night, Lone the wolf has a mind of wisdom, a heart of courage and a spirit of protection.
      Calie was the most beautiful of the tulips in the meadow, her cupped midnight blue petals glow;
      bringing mystical joy to those around her.
      One day her unique beauty enraptured the fox.
      He wanted her beauty all to his own, so he took
      Calie away to the dark shadows of the forest.

      Lone the wolf saw her one day and was taken by her rare beauty in the forest. Each day he delighted in her beauty and sang to her at night. But, Calie was confused and frightened by the memories of fox, thinking her beauty was now tainted. Lone, with his wise words, caring heart of courage, and one sweet kiss of the morn, eventually won her trust and love.

      Lone and Calie lived peacefully among the animals and flowers of the meadows, while
      sly fox was left to live in the darkness of the
      forest and lost the trust of his family and friends.
      By Pamelap

  8. Connie Peters

    Last Visit

    She knew it was the last time
    she’d see him, laying pale
    in his bed. She could picture
    him in a casket. She had said
    her good byes over the past
    several years as she lost him
    bit by bit to Alzheimer’s.
    She looked forward to
    seeing him again when he
    would remember her name.

  9. Imelda


    The young spider spins
    yet another thread
    to mend the house
    torn by the wind

    With every spin
    he loses a bit of his heart
    just the other day
    the heavy rains
    tore his house apart

    if it is not the wind
    or the rain,
    some other thing
    like a breaking twig
    to destroy his home
    again and again.

    Surely there could be
    more entertaining things to do
    like hang upside down
    from a leaf and swing
    like a trapeze artist.

    In a moment of rebellion
    that’s just what he did
    and he played as only
    the young could’ve played

    until his body needed some food to eat
    that reality on young spider hit –
    he has to work
    before he could have his treat.

  10. SharylAnn


    We all grew up reading one
    version or the other of the
    ‘The Tortious and The Hare’

    Slow and Steady
    Wins the Race

    Of course those
    of a competitive
    natures want to
    be the winner …
    the Hare
    Or …
    so we believe

    Many of us
    all too often
    race through
    life looking
    for the brass ring
    the eye on the prize
    or so we think

    But …

    There does come
    a time in life
    when the need
    for slow and steady
    becomes the mantra

    Giving us leave
    to slow down
    for the end is
    coming upon us
    much too fast

    Life happens
    give time its due
    Enjoy the ride
    take the side roads
    along the way
    leading us to
    experiences that
    would have been
    overlooked had we
    continued on the fast
    track … the Hare’s pace

    I do believe for me …
    Slow and Steady
    Wins …

    Copyright © 2017 Sharyl
    Always…I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
    As Ever, Sharyl

  11. Nancy Posey

    I am a day late posting this one:

    Truer than True

    They tell you the story and call it a fable
    or myth, and I see how you cringe at this label
    as if it means falsehood, deception, or lie.
    But take just a minute considering why
    we find so much more in the truth than mere fact:
    That’s why, when we’re telling the story, exact
    details of when, where, how, why, and who
    matter less when a story is truer than true.
    Some fairy tales teach us to look past our fear;
    the high price of greed we learn from Shakespeare.
    A girl can be cunning: have you met Nancy Drew?
    Narnia’s lion shares wisdom with you.
    you don’t need a fact checker; you just need to learn
    from the people who live in the pages you turn.


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