2017 April PAD Challenge: Day 20

After today, we’ll be 67% of the way through this challenge. Only 10 days to go!

For today’s prompt, write a task poem. The task can be some glorious duty, or it can be a seemingly small and insignificant job. Or the poem can take someone to task. It’s your task to figure it out and write it.


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Here’s my attempt at a Task Poem:


the words come easiest
when i’m working on some
thing completely different

like moving numbers in
spreadsheets or looking for
errors in an index

folding laundry & then
putting away laundry
or washing the dishes

but paying all the bills
that produces the most
poems & here we go


Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and author of Solving the World’s Problems (Press 53). He writes poems even when he’s not writing poems.

Follow him on Twitter @RobertLeeBrewer.


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362 thoughts on “2017 April PAD Challenge: Day 20

  1. BDP

    Sijo #20: Task—To Ruin Tulips

    In autumn, squirrel paws dig them up, scatter useless acorn bulbs.
    Spring’s worse. The beasts choke off the few that bloom (teeth nooses).
    Flowers fall limp on dewed ground: I mourn loss of oak strength.

  2. saymwaHolly

    Why I don’t iron

    Mother used to press
    with an electric iron and a
    terrifying Machine
    terrifyingly named
    a mangle known
    for its potential
    squashing flat
    and symmetrical scarring
    of small curious hands

  3. SharylAnn


    Retirement is supposed
    to be a time of leisure
    sleeping late
    no set schedule
    that well-earned
    time in life that
    holds me to set schedule

    Time to do as I please
    answering to no one
    Finally …
    My Own Boss

    Or so I thought …

    These days I need
    a calendar …
    a planner …
    reminders set on my computer …
    even deadlines …
    some self-imposed
    and some imposed by others

    All my life I have
    been the Queen of Procrastination
    the ultimate mañana attitude
    working better under pressure
    getting tasks finished at
    the last-minute …
    the final hour …

    I still do that
    Even today with
    deadlines …
    and imposed by other

    I pace my tasks
    yet …
    still work under pressure
    getting projects completed
    just under the wire
    or …
    heaven forbid a day late

    Mostly …
    I am my own
    so I live in a
    constant state of

    Copyright © 2017 Sharyl
    Always…I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
    As Ever, Sharyl

  4. Mariya Koleva

    A Picture of a Depressed Person

    The simplest task
    Will get me tired.
    The lightest load
    Seems hard to bear.
    And it’s the darkest night
    That only brings me rest.

    Tasks are overwhelming
    For the depressed.

  5. Domino


    Prepare the crust carefully keeping
    the moisture to a minimum and
    as cold as possible. Next, sweeping
    up the crumbs and rolling out the dough
    between two sheets of waxed paper, I
    transfer without tearing it, although
    a bit of water mends the confection.
    Pricked with a thousand holes and then baked
    until golden, fragrant perfection.

    The filling will be lemon, fresh squeezed,
    cooked in a mystical blend of sweet
    and sour, the flavor carefully teased
    into yellow gel, pour in the shell
    and top with meringue until I’m pleased.
    Bake and brown the creamy white topping
    then chill, though it’s difficult to wait,
    but the golden white, brown, and yellow
    takes some time to reach its perfect state.

  6. DMK

    daily tasks check

    call from mother (check)
    mortifications (check)
    medication (check)
    prayer asked and given (check)
    PAD and catch up complete (working in progress)
    paid bills, pack and clean ( check,check)
    de-stress time (work in progress)
    would like fasts to be planned not chosen (check)
    contact with human friend (check)
    8 of 10 complete
    the rest on the way
    I love you….
    I am sorry…
    forgive me…
    thank you….
    good day !….amen !

    1. ppfautsch24

      Task of the Heart
      Roaming like fog over the moors,
      rises in the morn and sets in the dawn.
      A moving breeze penetrates; to start
      the task to slowly, but surely mend
      a broken heart.
      By Pamelap

  7. Valkyri

    catching up after moving…


    it’s the least I
    can do for you
    to make this place
    (such as it is)
    a home for us
    apartment clean and neat
    a sweet smelling haven
    you work so hard
    so I don’t mind
    the daily silly chores
    happily without a grudge
    I trudge on through
    because you’re worth it

  8. Sara McNulty


    Each day my task is the same,
    pack this wrap that, mark the box.
    There’s no way to make it a game.
    Each day my task is the same,
    Being ready to move is my aim.
    I feel like an overworked ox.
    Each day my task is the same,
    pack this, wrap that, mark the box.

  9. Anvanya


    Come on along with me
    ’Cause I gotta job for you.
    See up there in the loft? Yep –
    All them bankers boxes has gotta
    Come down. And then you make sure –
    An I mean REAL sure –
    That ever’ piece of paper in ever’
    File is from the same year as
    Is writ on the front of the box.

    Got that? Sure, Ted can help you
    Drag ’em down, bein’ real careful.
    Put ’em on the big oak table and have at it.
    Nope – just you.

    You gotta question? Put the files in
    Order by date? What fer, girl? Ain’t
    Nobody ever gonna look at them once
    You done the job. Besides which, you
    Ain’t being paid to think. Just to check
    Dates. Got it?

  10. pamelaraw

    How to Do Laundry at Your New Apartment

    Go downstairs
    Read the sign above the washer–$3.50 per load
    Walk back upstairs
    Bemoan the number of quarters added to your life
    Find a laundromat with five stars and a money card
    Drag your bags there
    Watch the staff wash and fold other people’s clothes
    Calculate the cost to drop yours off
    Calculate what you spent versus the energy saved staying home
    Wait a few weeks until you run out of clean underwear
    Find the tin filled with change from the last unpacked box
    Do a happy dance
    Go downstairs again
    Discover the dryer takes six coins for 72 minutes–enough time for two loads
    Set your stopwatch and get started

  11. J.lynn Sheridan

    The Salt Lick

    When the time comes, he will probably
    sprinkle just enough pity and proverb
    upon our wounds to heal the breathing
    rift we choked with myth and fatal exposés.

    The antidote for allegory is not truth
    but more allegory.

    This is what he does—with flourish.

    One good deed deserves another
    and so we gather around the salt
    lick for another night of fable,
    poetry, and ballad to heal our souls.

  12. drwasy

    carving grapefruit

    in morning twilight
    is a task I can do
    with eyes closed

    when it is the only
    food you consume

    it feels a gift to
    slice the orb in half
    part the sections
    with the knife
    remove the seeds
    that erupt like stones
    after winter’s frost

    present your meal
    in a shallow bowl

    a sacrament.

  13. DanielAri

    “My running punchlist”

    String bone beads together.
    Examine every choice again.
    Re-choose ones that need more marrow (or less).

    Frame photograph of footprint in sand in a shadow box.
    Tape securely and ship to Poughkeepsie.
    Send packages to Ubud, New York City, Tustin.
    Log progress.

    Call up cartoon snow leopard to arrange feedings.
    Reschedule animated polar bear.
    Advertise Tilt-O-Whirl.
    Pack extra clay in saddlebags for tomorrow’s journey.
    Gussy up.
    Debrief on first impression you think you made.

    Put away dishes.
    Take out accordion and practice the old songs.
    Get it in, even if just under the wire.