2016 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 5

For today’s prompt, write a wire poem. A wire poem could be about something that needs wires–like maybe a robot, TV, or automobile. But birds huddle on telephone wires, people wire money to each other, and kids can get wired off of too much candy and/or caffeine. In fact, I’m surprised I haven’t written more wired poems over the years.


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Here’s my attempt at a Wire poem:

“Flipping Switches”

When I was young, I didn’t marvel at how electricity
traveled through wires as much as I wondered how
everything everyone used all the time could work
at the same time connected by the same wires
as if they were as constant as the sun or moon.


roberttwitterimageRobert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and author of the poetry collection, Solving the World’s Problems (Press 53). He edits Poet’s Market and Writer’s Market, in addition to writing a free weekly WritersMarket.com newsletter and a poetry column for Writer’s Digest magazine.

He loves finding connections, whether it’s through power lines or lines of thought.

Follow him on Twitter @robertleebrewer.


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127 thoughts on “2016 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 5

  1. ToniBee3

    Worry, It Rises Early

    Worry, It Rises Early
    it can clatter at the gate
    it can settle in your head
    like a cancer in its wait

    Worry, It Rises Early
    It can gather in your gut
    It can pile against your door
    burdensome to shut

    Worry, It Rises Early
    it can interrupt your breath
    it can seize you in your hole
    take you to your death

    but when worry rises early
    shifting with the sun
    pin the sheets on the wire
    and smile towards the Son

  2. jgweber1221

    Mountaintop Ambition

    We are not dull
    cattle or timid sheep.

    We follow whirls
    of dust and try
    to move in every
    direction at once.

    We refuse fences.

    We look up and plot
    new constellations
    for stars.

    We refuse to accept
    a last call.

    We yearn for
    an unsupervised future,
    scratch our backs
    with the rough bark
    of dangerous temptation.

    We can break through
    barbed wire
    with bare hands.

  3. tripoet


    With a phone call he’s put her on the 3rd floor.
    This is where she will go to die. It saves him money.
    Might as well throw her into a pauper’s grave.
    He won’t be wiring any money.

  4. Shennon

    That’s not the way I’m wired
    Doing things on command
    I take plenty of time
    Do things when I want
    For reasons that make sense to me.

    Telling me differently
    Will cause confusion and anger
    Please do your best to accept me
    As I struggle to make sense of your world
    It’s just the way I’m wired.


  5. MeenaRose

    Neck and neck they raced;
    Oblivious of the track;
    Wind swept – terra firma receded as
    They took flight.

    It was him and her, doing what they do best;
    Run – from trouble, for a cause, towards an embrace;
    A challenging life sprinkled with bliss;
    Neither cared for the spectators

    Who lay down wire after wire on the track
    Determined to tally and re-tally the score
    Of a gender race that spiraled out of control;
    Neck and neck they forged ahead

    Pausing to make sure the other was still there;
    Still smiling and completely detangled from
    Mankind’s wires – those two were humans
    But never part of the race.

    ~Meena Rose

  6. Julieann


    Poles line the highway
    Wires strung between them
    A sign of progress
    Electricity had come to town
    Then slowly, so very slowly
    The poles started going
    Down secondary highways
    And then down private roads
    Electricity had come to the country
    A drop cord, a light bulb,
    A pull string for off and on
    Electricity had come to the rural
    Farm house miles and miles
    From town

  7. JRSimmang

    Eyes Straight Ahead

    Along the black and taut
    fingers over fingers twist
    fear and desire betwixt
    a speeding blur.

    Don’t look down there, he hums,
    as electricity
    hums too, synchronously
    speeding with him.

    He is light, for a time,
    slowing the world’s black breath,
    one slip means certain death,
    so slip he shan’t.

    Fingers over fingers,
    hands over hands under
    fractal shock wonder,
    the storm arrives.

    -JR Simmang

  8. shellkaysm

    Crossed Wires

    Snake-charmed together yet claust-
    rophobic of change, teen-aged

    passions, always wired, waged
    battles sought, sifted, and paused

    Filled with tears, blue eyes so glossed
    over, locked in wired cage

    Feeling betrayed, silent rage
    yet still drawn as brass key’s tossed

    Not in synch: one scared, one bossed
    the reins, emotions engaged

    If perhaps, they sought a sage
    would they’d understood the cost

    of a lifetime’s chanced love lost,
    scared to dance upon the stage

    Never quite on the same page
    at the same time, wires crossed

    1. LadyBug5162

      Almost transparent
      Almost unbend-able
      Wire gauze to heal
      Wire to conduct electricity
      Crafting to
      So many uses
      Amazing thing

  9. Bushkill

    Wow…I’m a little late with this one.

    Tension strains, chafing the
    Bonds, the wires, that tie us together.
    With each turn, with each crank,
    The distance between us shrivels.
    Slowly, inexorably, I suborn
    Your will to mine.
    Until, at last, I force you
    To the surface and
    Fate’s cruel twist intercedes
    To part us, and the line.
    Leaving me with humbled
    Brow and dampened spirit.
    And one more story to tell,
    Amidst the rest,
    Of the ones that got away.

  10. PSC in CT


    Some might say
    she’s wired
    to the world.
    No servers,
    no apps (perhaps)
    but without a doubt
    the best connection
    anywhere, by far
    (bar none).

    Consider the sun,
    moon, stars,
    mysteries whispered
    far and wide
    in wind and water,
    clues concealed, revealed
    in rustling leaves, ferns unfurling,
    sacred secrets secured
    in rocks and trees.

    She’s so enthralled by it all –
    colors, textures, scents, sound,
    creatures – large and small,
    trees, flowers – even bugs –

    and she’s hoping
    that she never
    comes unplugged.

    1. ppfautsch24

      Wired insipid link to you; my heart races when you are near and I come unplugged with emotion.
      But, your feelings were disconnected and short circuited from me.
      Wired from your liquored love left me frazzled and befuddled. And when the buzz wore off, I was left wired and strung out.
      By Pamelap

  11. Kasey

    Clothos’ Wire

    Clothos, of the mythical sisters of fate,
    spun life with the thread in her magical spool-
    her favorites snipped short by a sister so cruel.

    Then one clever mortal asked her on a date
    and she readily gave him her heart like a fool.
    Clothos, of the mythical sisters of fate,
    spun life with the thread in her magical spool.

    And for her one true love, she worked to create
    a threadlike wire to endure any tool,
    forged from the waters of Narcissus’ pool.
    Clothos, of the mythical sisters of fate,
    spun life with the thread in her magical spool-
    and kept her love safe from a sister so cruel.

  12. Nancy Posey

    His Mistress Speaks, at Sixty

    “If hair be wires, black wires grow on her head.”
    –William Shakespeare, Sonnet 130

    I may lack Laura’s long blonde curls, wind-tossed,
    her piercing bright eyes, her air that once warned
    Petrarch, Stand back and gaze. Do not approach.

    More like the Beloved in the Song of songs,
    my hair is like a flock of goats, though I doubt
    my breasts would be mistaken for twin fawns
    of a gazelle. No one has ever look at my temples
    and beheld the halves of pomegranates.

    My love is nothing like a red, red rose in spring.
    Comparisons are lost on me. Living in the present,
    the literal, I’d not trade these eyes for diamonds,
    these age spots on my hands for alabaster skin.

    My love may never imitate the Bard, praising
    each part, defying time’s winged chariot
    as he deifies my locks, my limbs, my gait.
    He too has eyes that see, filtered through love,
    shaded by the past. My once-black wires
    now grey rest light on his shoulder at night.
    He does not dream of silken locks of gold.

  13. Bruce Niedt

    The Wire

    In the movies, our hero always faces a dilemma
    when confronting an unexploded bomb –
    Which wire to cut? Should he snip the red one,
    the traditional “hot” color, or the green one,
    the one that suggests “go”? Or another one
    entirely – the black one, the white one?

    His hands shake, his wire cutters quiver
    as he wipes the sweat from his brow.
    One wrong move and the everything
    could go up in a blinding flash, a deafening boom.
    Sometimes he needs an expert
    to talk him through it, but ultimately
    he makes the right choice, clips the right lead.
    The city, and perhaps the world, is saved.

    We have the same choice, every four years.
    This time more than ever, if we cut the wrong wire,
    this whole place could go up in smoke.

  14. Jezzie


    How did my young GSD pup
    bite through the machine’s wire
    without blowing herself up?
    Of course, it blew the fuse
    but at least she didn’t expire
    though the dryer’s no use
    as the knobs are all dodgy.
    She systematically trashed her entire
    surroundings, that destructive doggy.

  15. Valkyri

    I’m not sure if my piece was deleted for content, or if it is a case of my computer still acting goofy. It has been having mini-meltdowns for the last couple of days. Posting again. Basically this is what a mixture of injected cocaine & methamphetamine feels like. No worries. I’ve been clean for a very long time! If it gets deleted, I will know why.


    wired tweaked the jitterin jives
    nobody knows I’m even alive
    wasted wicked tricked-out shit
    somebody gimme or I’m gonna have a fit
    hookin’ up hanging out all that jazz
    yeah I know I’m a spazz
    fix it feed it god I gotta need it
    smoke it snort it even boot it
    dancin’ doin’ the tweaker shuffle
    gotta find some soon
    or we’s gonna scuffle
    hired fired god I’m tired
    this addiction’s hardwired
    crash and burn but never learn
    gonna end up in an urn
    still I’m dancin’
    ants in my pants-in
    doin’ the tweaker shuffle

  16. MichelleMcEwen

    At the Western Union

    His jeans
    smell like gasoline

    and I’m wearing
    his class ring

    and my mama’s

    and I’m carrying
    his offspring

    so his daddy’s
    mama is wiring

    us the money
    to “get rid of the thing.”


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