2016 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 28

Somehow, we’re down to the final three days of this year’s November challenge. Crazy!

For today’s prompt, take the phrase “I Want (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then write the poem. Possible titles include: “I Want Money,” “I Want a Second Chance,” “I Want My Name in Lights,” “I Want an Extra Hour of Sleep Each Day,” etc.


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Here’s my attempt at a I Want Blank poem:

“I Want to Lose a Few Pounds”

I want to lose a few pounds
& learn to play the guitar
before my next birthday
or at least by this time

next year. I want to write
a novel, build a tree house,
& read Finnegan’s Wake
just to say I did it. & I want

to run a marathon, hike
the Appalachian Trail,
see my children fall
in love, & grow old

with you.


roberttwitterimageRobert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and author of the poetry collection, Solving the World’s Problems (Press 53). He edits Poet’s Market and Writer’s Market, in addition to writing a free weekly WritersMarket.com newsletter and a poetry column for Writer’s Digest magazine.

He likes to do things. All manner of things. It’s the Brewer in him.

Follow him on Twitter @robertleebrewer.


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67 thoughts on “2016 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 28

  1. Juanita Lewison-Snyder

    I Want To Be Loved
    by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

    I want to be loved
    like a dying ember, fussed over
    coddled and prayed to
    as if the danger of flame-out
    would be too great a price to bear,
    as if the selfish act alone
    would napalm the face off time itself
    and rip a hole in the fabric of the universe,
    like Tarzan without Jane.

    Yeah, I want to be loved like that.

    © 2016 by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

  2. PSC in CT

    I Want a Mulligan

    I don’t care what you “winners” say.
    It’s not supposed to end
    this way.
    The “villain” shouldn’t
    get away
    with everything
    (he surely will).
    It made you sing.
    (It makes me ill.)

    I want a do-over.
    Let’s take two.
    (I’m sure that that’s alright
    with you?)
    Just one more chance
    to get it right,
    before we say,
    “That’s all,
    good night!”

  3. DMK

    I want his khakis urine leaky
    by Dawn Kvernenes

    Is that craven fear like a demon lurking about
    my yelling voice as a child was choked out
    unless… someone else is in danger
    you did not mean to sell parts of me to strangers?
    explain it to the gate keeper
    what, you do not want to meet the reaper?
    blinding, brilliant ,ecclesiastical allogory light
    craven fear does not fight
    he hides… he is sneaky
    I want his khakis urine leaky
    I do not want to be foolish; listen to his lies
    in righteous company. He will surely die and
    not with pride. He does not think about things like in the end where they all dwell
    join the fearings eternally over the boiler room cell

  4. Valkyri

    I want to read….

    Like Burgess Meredith said
    on that old episode
    of The Twilight Zone,
    “There is time now…
    time enough at last!”
    to read every book
    on every interesting subject
    ever written (throughout the
    infinite aeons of spacetime)
    by any thoughtful creature,
    (human being or otherwise,)
    so I can say:
    “I read them, all.”

  5. Jane Shlensky

    I Want a Kindly Tolerance

    I want a kindly tolerance,
    A sense of humor, love, respect,
    A cycle that begins with me
    Perhaps, but spreads to everywhere.

    I want a blinding love and hope
    That gently touches every heart,
    That makes us kinder than we knew,
    That gives us courage, dignity.

    I want the world at peace, although
    I’m told that’s what mankind won’t give,
    And so I opt for safety
    To do no harm and to forgive.

  6. ToniBee3

    I Want Water

    I want water!
    no..… not really.
    I “need” water
    according to silly

    people who swear
    that water is key
    to living long
    and wrinkle free-

    my head be hard,
    my butt be soft,
    I know; but pard-

    -on me for not
    diggin’ the savor
    of a beverage
    that has no flavor.

  7. lsteadly

    I Want to Believe

    I want to believe
    that we still have a chance
    to stop abusing the planet,
    quit making her sick

    I read that the earthquake
    in Sukuiso, Japan was so strong
    it shifted the earth on its axis,
    shortened the length of each day
    (by a microsecond, but still)
    sent a rumble of infrasound
    that was heard up in space

    I want others to believe
    that was our Mother crying
    for help, begging us all to please listen,
    to see, her tectonic plates rising
    like the hackles on her creatures threatened,
    setting waves of anguish
    all through the seas

    Why don’t they hear her,
    heed the pain she can’t take?

    I want to believe
    that the damage we’ve done
    won’t last forever-
    that the monarchs and red knots
    will still fly their way over
    the wolves on the ridges
    sniffing snow on the wind

  8. Misky

    Wish List

    I want to look at crows
    and I not think Hitchcock.
    I want to remember the taste
    of sweets wrapped
    in dull waxed paper.
    I want a poetic mould, a soul
    of mellowed rhyme,
    wit and shine.
    I want to remember words
    and names and famous songs
    sitting on the tip
    of my tongue.
    I want to memorise one
    Lunchtime Poem.
    I want God to not forget me
    when he watches over
    everyone else.
    I want to hear laughter
    in my mother’s voice,
    and I want to tell you
    I still love you before
    it’s too late.

  9. Bushkill

    I Want Sleep

    That peaceful oblivion that
    Even children find with such ease
    Eludes me like some bygone
    Era ghost. Ethereal and
    Transient you have left me with
    Little to look forward to when
    The sun has set. How can I rest
    My storming mind, my disquiet,
    My angst at your absence? Bring forth
    The dark, the dreams of fancy or
    Fear. I will take them all, even
    For just a moment’s pause. Just sleep.
    Before eternity swallows
    Us all and leaves us but hollow
    Memories in another’s dreams.

  10. Misky

    I Want

    I want to look at crows
    and I not think Hitchcock.
    I want to remember the taste
    of sweets wrapped
    in dull waxed paper.
    I want a poetic mould, a soul
    of mellowed rhyme,
    wit and shine,
    I want to remember words
    and names and famous songs
    sitting on the tip
    of my tongue,
    I want to memorise one
    Lunchtime Poem.
    I want God to not forget me
    when he watches over
    everyone else.
    I want to hear laughter
    in my mother’s voice,
    and I want to tell you
    I still love you before
    it’s too late.

  11. Pat Walsh

    I Want to be Talking to a Goldfish when the Storm makes the Tide rise Farther than Anyone Could Ever Have Imagined
    by Patrick J. Walsh

    it is a soothing feeling
    to sit and quietly murmer
    to a tiny gold fish
    content to make its way
    through its tiny life
    with less stress than

    while I take a short break
    from worrying each day
    about the tide of the times
    and the direction we are all
    drifting for reasons we
    cannot really hope to

  12. Sara McNulty

    I Want To Laugh

    I want to laugh, tell me a joke
    so zany that I start to choke.
    Leave me wearing a silly grin.
    Laughter is the best medicine.

    Dark or dry humor suit me best,
    nothing gross or about incest.
    Charms of serenity can wear thin,
    but laughter is best medicine.

    If I am drinking, let’s suppose,
    hold joke, or see drink flow from nose.
    Then you will laugh at my chagrin,
    and know laughter–best medicine.

  13. tunesmiff

    G. Smith (BMI)
    I want what I’ve got,
    And I’ve got what I need;
    And even with that
    There’s no guarantee.
    Sure, I could have more,
    But what good is that greed,
    When I want what I’ve got,
    And I’ve got what I need?

    I wasn’t very long ago,
    I was working for the man;
    Making decent wages,
    Following the plan.
    Then one day I looked up,
    And had to ask my wife,
    What’s come between,
    This living and our life?

    I want what I’ve got,
    And I’ve got what I need;
    And even with that
    There’s no guarantee.
    Sure, I could have more,
    But what good is that greed,
    When I want what I’ve got,
    And I’ve got what I need?

    We didn’t have a lot back then,
    We don’t have much today;
    But what we have is ours to keep,
    Nobody has a say.
    We share when we have plenty,
    And even when there’s just enough,
    They can have it all because,
    After all it’s only stuff.

    I want what I’ve got,
    And I’ve got what I need;
    And even with that
    There’s no guarantee.
    Sure, I could have more,
    But what good is that greed,
    When I want what I’ve got,
    And I’ve got what I need?
    And there’s plenty to share,
    It’s like scattering seed.

  14. deringer1


    I have music everywhere
    surrounding me with joy.
    I have shelves just crammed with books.
    I’ll never read them all.

    I have a cozy place to live
    here where the sun is warm.
    I have clothes on my back and food to eat,
    more than I really need.

    I have friends and family too,
    the love of God and neighbor.
    So I am content and I am blessed.
    I want for nothing more.

  15. candy

    I Want To Know

    How the moon learned
    to shine
    Why planets don’t
    get dizzy – spinning
    What the stars do
    during the day
    Where clouds find
    rain and snow
    Who whispers to
    the wind
    When you knew

  16. bethwk

    I Want the Moon
    by Beth Weaver-Kreider

    I want the moon on a platter.
    I want my cake and a side of pie.
    I want a day when no one needs me.
    I want a Michelangelo sky.

    I want to wander in an oak grove.
    I want to sing incantations in the rain.
    I want to run away to islands.
    I want to come back home again.

    I want to sleep in a seaside hammock.
    I want to memorize every color of blue.
    I want to write a thousand poems.
    I want to spend more time with you.

  17. grcran

    i want my fridge to…

    … work, dadgum
    and keep things cold til kingdom come
    no we’d not bought the warranty
    but hoped you’d treat us verily
    we’re here when service-men arrive
    or –women, we shall not connive
    and soon our food shall make us drool
    as once again it will be cool

    gpr crane

  18. Beth Henary Watson

    I want peace

    I want peace,
    Not on Earth,
    Or in Syria,
    Or in Kashmir,
    Though it would
    Be nice if all that
    Happened, too;
    But just peace
    For me, peace
    With myself,
    Surety with
    Who I am
    From moment
    To moment,
    And with where
    I fit in where
    The greater peace
    Is concerned.

  19. Janet Rice Carnahan


    Present me with the present
    This gift does uplift
    Breathing in most pleasant
    Soothing the biggest rift

    Each moment is a blessing
    Precious as they come
    Whether we laugh, sigh or sing
    Pounding hours on our drum

    Just each minute living
    Daily is what we want
    Such a joy worth giving
    Makes life an easier jaunt

    Grateful for what I have right now
    Now is what I have right here
    WhaI want I have somehow
    And I’m happy to have it, I’m clear!

  20. tunesmiff

    G. Smith (BMI)
    I want another chance,
    Just to have one more dance,
    The way we did when our love was new;
    Shuffle across the floor,
    Like we did before,
    I just want another chance with you.

    I want another chance,
    Call it love at second glance,
    Won’t you look and tell me what you see;
    Sure I may be just a man,
    But I’m holding out my hand,
    Won’t you take another chance on me?

    First time lucky,
    Third time’s the charm,
    But they say love’s better,
    The second time around – so, where’s the harm?

    I want another chance,
    To prove that our romance,
    Was something meant always to be.
    Days may come, and nights may go,
    But there’s just one way to know,
    Let’s take another chance on you and me.
    Let’s take another chance on you and me.

  21. tunesmiff

    G. Smith (BMI)
    —–: :—–: :—–
    I want to go back
    To the way it used to be,
    Back, to the days,
    When you said that you loved me;
    Back to the times,
    When you used to smile;
    We haven’t been there
    In such a long while.

    I want to know,
    What I’ve done wrong,
    To understand,
    What’s going on;
    Know if there’s something,
    Something I can do,
    To make it up;
    Anything for you.

    And I want to,
    Want to, want to;
    Do you? Baby, do you?
    Baby, do you?

    I want to feel,
    Your hand in mine;
    Trace again,
    That long love line,
    Feel your heartbeat,
    As you sleep,
    And know our dreams,
    Are ours to keep.

    Yes, I want to,
    Want to, want to;
    Do you? Baby do you?
    Do you? Baby do you?
    Do you?

  22. Pwriter10

    I WANT ANOTHER CHANCE by DeAndre Oolong

    Your smile, the rhythm of the
    rotating fan.
    The swelter of summer
    unthwarted by ice water.

    I shiver despite the heat.
    Your heat. Your stare.
    Oh, that half-starved stare!
    Seeking approval,
    my approval.

    But all I muster is a nod
    with meaning constrained
    by the universe of what nods can mean.

    I agree.
    I understand.
    I want this to end.

    But we both know it won’t.
    It can’t.

    We’re too intertwined
    with the competing madness
    of now and forever.

  23. Shennon

    I Want to Visit the Last Door on the Left

    I want to visit you,
    the way I used to.
    Once a week, convoluted
    parking lot, you watching me
    from your second story room.
    Up the long flight of stairs,
    round the corner
    up another, shorter flight
    through the door on the right
    short jog to the left
    then a left turn
    down a long hallway
    last door on the left.

    After a hug
    we’d sit and talk for a while
    joke about politicians
    question claims made by advertisers
    discuss days before technology
    made life so complicated.
    You’d show me pictures
    of your family, your high school days.
    You spoke of childhood illness,
    then later, of the draft.
    Finally, the move into town
    ultimately, assisted living.

    Each day when I left
    your smiling face waved
    from the window
    of your second story room.
    More recently you needed
    medical care.
    Aspiration pneumonia
    frustrates us both.
    Each harbored breath’s laborious.
    I long to soothe your pain.
    It absolutely breaks my heart
    that I can no longer visit
    the last door on the left.


  24. taylor graham


    Specifically: a nestling, leathery of skin
    before feathers. The hand-full
    Pelican of last night’s dream, rubbery
    as a toy, till I reach to touch it and discover
    it’s breathing.
    I want to save it from the cat; bring it
    to life, see its wings unfold, that magic –
    I want flight in my hands,
    working up my arms all the way
    to the shoulder; strength rising to free
    a pinched tendon.
    I want to feel the Pelican’s joy
    as it leaves the nest, joins the migration,
    soars Desolation, headed north
    for its summer, and capable of any
    season; carving the wind
    so high, the Pelican is just a shimmer
    of sunlight as I stand on the hill,
    lifting my arms goodbye.

  25. MichelleMcEwen

    I Want to be a Plant Lady

    I want to be a plant lady
    the way some women are

    cat ladies—

    a plant lady
    who is a poet

    who writes poems
    about plants:

    her snake plants
    her spider plants

    her philodendrons.

    I want more plants
    than books.

    I want them to fill
    the house, spill out

    onto the porch.

    I want to be a plant lady
    with a steady lover

    who brings over
    poetry and plants

    and pot.

  26. Connie Peters

    I Want This and This and This and This

    As kids, we loved pouring over the pages
    of the Sears catalog.
    We’d make a long list of what we wanted,
    marking down the prices and page numbers.
    We’d marvel at how much it all cost when we added it up.
    We knew we’d get only one or two things on the list,
    but half the fun was the wishing.

  27. Anthony94

    On the Edge of Up

    I want to peek over the rim,
    let go of the curved lip just
    enough to slide my way inside
    and know I’m at the top of it,
    no more pitons digging in, no
    more broken nails finding
    niches in the cracks and cracks
    in the niches between sandstone
    that crumbles ever so delicately
    to shower down and prove there
    is no stability in this seamed face.

    If I believed that harnesses would
    hold I’d parasail, glide over other
    worlds and view the trees as new
    seedlings, the rivers as a trickle
    dripping down the side of a glass,
    but I free climb every day, start
    from where I’ve slid to like a
    preposition at the end of sentence,
    everyone’s mouth agape and
    fingers pointing at my back, my
    dangling legs windmilling, my
    hands getting purchase in the
    almost of being at the edge of up.

  28. Jolly2

    by John Yeo

    The question is… “What do I want?”

    This was never going to be easy,
    There are so many lacks in most of life,
    What I want must fulfil a need for me!
    Interpreting a want isn’t easy
    Do I want an end to trouble and strife?
    This was never going to be easy.
    That answer still makes me feel uneasy,
    Peace on earth? Wealth? A healthy calm Goodlife?
    What I want must fulfil a need for me!
    As I grow older and think carefully,
    My mind drifts with worldly cares rife.
    This was never going to be easy.
    I narrow my want and thinking deeply,
    Am I getting selfish to include my wife?
    What I want must fulfil a need for me!
    I want her to be happy completely;
    Never want for anything all her life.
    This was never going to,be easy,
    What I want must fulfil a need for me!

    Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.

  29. Walter J Wojtanik


    Devastating words cross her lips,
    that rip my heart out at every utterance.
    She is overwhelmed, oppressed,
    lost in her depressive trance
    for close to a month now. How can we cope
    when she can give up hope so easily?
    I do what I can. I tend to her needs.
    I pick up her prescriptions. I give her
    the love she most certainly deserves.
    It unnerves me; I try to keep her on point
    from this disjointed reality.
    Her medications help, but they deprive me
    of her quality. When on, she has that in spades!
    But, that is a trade we’ll make
    at every turn. I yearn for her to return
    without the burn of hearing, “I want to die.”
    I’ll hold her (I told her I always will)
    and still she can have her doubts. We’re in this together.
    But, I die a little every time she says I want to die!

    © Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016

    *** Yes, we’re talking to professionals and are in a good place. It is not a constant lament. It’s just that on really bad days, those are the words she says. Writing it helps.

  30. writinglife16


    I want time
    to write endlessly.
    Like a spider
    weaves a web
    in a private space
    in its own way.
    I want time
    to weave words
    like a spider.

  31. De Jackson

    I Want Blank Pages
    I Want Blank Pages
    and periwinkle chalk,
    and indigo ink that stains
    my skin. Slips of trees waiting.

    Sea. Sky. Sand and salt
    and wide-spilled stars. Shine.

    Black clacked, plowed through
    a snowstorm of white. The peace
    of another sunrise, and time

                                             to write.


  32. Ber

    I want to survive

    I want to feel angel wings
    that gathers lines
    along the snow
    that watch from a distance
    where nobody goes

    Touching soft skin
    causing bumps to rise
    sensual wafts
    of perfumed

    Horses run wild
    heartbeats at will
    mind in a whirl
    nothing stands still

    Lips that seal
    images prevail
    cornered in silence
    body is pale

  33. JanetRuth

    I Want to Want What I Should Want Without the Want of What I Would…

    I want to want the day at hand
    And not for some lost land to pine
    I want to want to hold the hand
    That reaches to hold onto mine

    And I would like, with grateful love
    To prove my want with fervent grit
    For soon Today will find the trove
    Where only thought can treasure it

  34. Terri Miller

    All I want for Christmas:
    12 pair of shoes
    11 pair of socks
    10 pair of reading glasses
    9 skirts
    8 blouses
    7 different pans
    6 different bakeware
    5 picture frames
    4 sets of towels
    3 sets of sheets
    2 comforters

    Copyright © TMC 2016

  35. Tracy Davidson

    I want to forget

    all those painful
    unwanted memories
    of you

    vain hope
    for all I remember

    whirls constantly
    around my brain

    after all this time
    you haunt me

  36. SarahLeaSales

    I Want What She’s Having

    I want what she’s having,
    that Good Time Charly over there—
    the one with the pink drink
    to go with her pink hair.
    The one in the red dress,
    and the candy-apple red lips,
    wearing heels that could kill,
    while dispensing punny quips.
    The one with the eyes fringed
    with lashes like Japanese fans,
    icicles dripping from her ears,
    sporting a Day-Glo spray-on tan.
    I used to be this grad school gal,
    with her plethora of male pals,
    all wanting what’s she’s having,
    wanting to have her.

    I am looking into the mirror,
    at the Ghosts of New Year’s Passed,
    going on behind me,
    until I turn to see only glass—
    myself in reflection
    of New Year’s Present—
    and inside me the bottles at the bar—
    lined up like Brach’s Milk Maid Royals—
    the Spirits of my New Year’s Future.
    I don’t want what she’s having—
    I only want what she once had.

  37. Walter J Wojtanik


    A human tether
    linking two souls
    very much together.

    Tactile embrace
    in an intermingling of fingers
    holding our hearts in each others hands.

    The warm caress
    transfers the heat between us
    and becomes self-sustaining.

    Always at your fingertips
    I await to manipulate life’s difficulties
    in the wave of my fidgety digits.

    Never lost in the crowd
    saying out loud what a whisper
    could just as well convey easily.

    For in the reach for your love
    I have found something to hold to keep you.
    Take my hand, and you will have my heart.

    © Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016

  38. barbara_y

    Crazy, indeed.

    I Want

    I want like a sparrow,
    a sea gull. I want like
    a buzzard, a bluebird,
    a wren. I wish like a candle;
    hope like an angel; desire–
    devilishly hard. I would
    that I could like a devotee.
    I would make it so–like
    Picard. I fancy, amateurishly.
    In a word: I’d prefer. I covet.
    I hanker. I lust. I yearn.
    I long, aspire, ache, incline.
    It isn’t a matter of what–
    but of mine.

  39. PowerUnit

    Somehow it has become more important to sail in a straight line
    rather than to hoist your own spinnaker and throw your biases to the wind.
    Your favorite news site might be right. Maybe. On the surface.
    But have you examined its facts?
    Have you looked at its hull?
    Can you scrape the barnacles off?

    Most of your rights and wrongs are nothing more than harmonic excitation.
    Your E string buzzing with their political vibrations.
    Yes, I am talking to you. Nobody is exempt.
    Clear thinking is not a partisan issue.
    We’re all guilty of logical offenses.

    I want all of us to turn off our screens and take walks.
    I want minds to step out of their own, imagined mud
    and explore our real world,
    not our news-site created realities but our honest, live world
    where people have independent ideas and authentic feelings,
    where hurt is palpable and philosophies malleable.
    where facts are acknowledged and challenged, and finally accepted,

    I want people to think for themselves.
    Is that too much to ask?

  40. Jezzie


    For Xmas I want nothing more
    than to be walking along the shore
    wrapped up well, I have to say,
    on a bright sunny winter’s day.

    By the New Year I want to be
    settled in my new home near the sea
    I want to walk the cliffs above the shore
    with my dog by my side, nothing more…

  41. Linda Rhinehart Neas


    To see the Taj Mahal,
    the Tour Effel,
    and Machu Pichu
    are dreamers dreams.
    I want it all!

    To find love never-ending,
    friends by the dozens,
    and peace without end
    are yearners yearnings.
    I want it all!

    To reach the unreachable,
    beat the unbeatable
    and dare like no other
    are the questers quests.
    Me? I want it all!

  42. uvr

    I want to stop wanting your touch

    Your words, long turned to mist,
    have drifted away on wings
    your breath gave them
    l don’t remember what you said
    though I know I took on the glow
    of the dim lamps
    eavesdropping in the gathering dusk

    My bones, melting under
    the blaze in your eyes, have knitted
    imperfectly together in the aftermath
    of the smouldering fire whose embers
    an unfulfilled night extinguished

    But I still feel the heat
    of your fingers on my skin
    The passion hidden in your light touch
    lingers even in your unending absence

    How can I stop wanting your touch
    when it promised so much?


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