2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 5

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For today’s prompt, we’ve actually got two prompts (that is, a Two-for-Tuesday prompt). Here we go:

  1. Write an experienced poem. Or…
  2. Write an inexperienced poem.

The word “experience” can be applied to a multitude of things and situations. Soo… there’s a lot of possibilities today!


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Here’s my attempt at an Experienced and/or Inexperienced Poem:


The more experienced I get
the more cautious I get.

Sometimes I think it’s better
to have no clue what I’m doing,

because then, I just drive forward
and jump without looking:

the sort of bravery you find
with inexperience.


robert-lee-brewer-poetry-promptsRobert Lee Brewer loves April, and he’s got a lot of experience managing this poetry challenge. Of course, being experienced doesn’t mean he has any idea what he’s doing: It just means he shows up and flings spaghetti on the walls of his blog.

Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community, which means he gets to do a million things to help writers find more success with their writing (including this blog). He’s also the author of Solving the World’s Problems (Press 53).

Connect with him on Twitter @RobertLeeBrewer.


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435 thoughts on “2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 5

  1. PKP


    I felt sorry for those mothers who had
    problems with their sons -having safely
    walked through each stage gracefully –
    as a prima ballerina – joyful as a child
    at a carnival in summer – I felt sorry –
    for those who somehow had bungled
    things or had them bungled for them-
    Now I was ready to relax in the hammock
    of experience – one foot on the ground
    the other twirling toes in the rough cords
    swinging –
    Until suddenly the almost holy Mother
    Herself, Matriarch of the Land of Me
    bungled or was bungled into banishment
    and tumbled from my swinging hammock

  2. seamuscorleone

    Experience is everything

    I like to tell stories;
    I’m telling one now.

    I want to experience everything
    There is to experience in life.

    I want to travel the world and have no
    Home but the open road.

    I want to live in one place for thirty years
    And really know my home.

    I want to be with one person as close to
    Forever as we get, and really get to know them.

    I want to be with everyone and never
    Say no to knowing new people.

    I want to play music and
    Have people listen.

    I want to act on stage and
    Have people watch.

    I want to write books and
    Have people read them.

    I want to live one life so well
    I am satisfied leaving it behind,

    And I want to live many times and have the freedom
    Knowing that there will always be more.

  3. Connie Biltz


    Experience is a strict teacher
    who gives hard homework
    and focuses on difficult lessons.
    The lessons can only be understood
    with the investment of time, energy, and money.
    Once your resources are exhausted,
    your innocence is gone,
    and your dreams are spent,
    you realize too late
    that you should have done things differently.
    Experience leaves with you the rueful thought,
    “If only I had…”
    along with the dubious distinction,
    of course,
    of being older and wiser.

    Connie Biltz
    author of Rainbow Chaser

  4. Anvanya


    She will laugh at some dreams,
    Nightmares she happily names them:
    Classrooms of teens presenting ever-shifting
    Faces; endless roll-taking and filling in
    The dot. On those mornings she simply wakes
    In slow motion to another day.

    Other dreams bring only fright, and when she
    Speaks – he speaks, assures her in the night
    I am here.

    Until they joined lives
    Those fearsome dreams
    Stopped her with deadly danger
    And paralysis. Never, never was she able
    To completely close that door or window,
    To lock out the evil. Never, ever was she
    Able to call out from her deep fear.

    When the attack comes now she gives Voice,
    Able to yell into the night’s quietude, Help.

    For classroom memories are not the haunting
    Of a childhood fraught with neglect and abuse.

  5. Anders Bylund

    Impostor Syndrome
    I know what I’m doing
    I know that I know what I’m doing
    I’ve known how to do it for some time

    But it’s not good enough
    Never good enough
    I know it’s not

    Repeat from 1

  6. Jezzie


    I was new to training.
    I was feeling raw.
    I needed reining
    but I improved more.

    I walked nicely to heel
    in a straight doggy line.
    I did left and right wheel.
    I behaved just fine.

    I got given treats
    for every trick I did
    and found other eats
    that round the room were hid.

    With honour I passed
    and got a certificate,
    but when I left the class
    I became a reprobate.

  7. pipersfancy

    Emotional Fledgling

    It took a while
    but now I cry—
    I cry
    and wonder why
    the sky above
    won’t loose its tears
    and cry with me?

    No sooner had
    true love been found
    than as a stone
    upon the ground
    I’d flung myself
    in dust.

    Now broken hearted
    I’ve departed
    from all sense of
    and time—
    to writhe unguarded
    solitude in dust.

    No greater pain
    revealed in me
    cuts deeper
    to the quick
    and click
    by click
    the hours tick

    while waiting for
    the rain.

  8. LCaramanna

    Broken Heart Experience

    Inexperienced at mending a broken heart,
    she followed the instructions in the manual
    step by step,
    but found the directions to be faulty.
    With each prick of the sewing needle
    she experienced intolerable pain.
    So, she applied super glue
    and duct tape to the jagged edges,
    covered the evidence
    with a smiley face Band-Aid,
    and let her heart bleed broken underneath.

    Lorraine Caramanna

  9. pamschwetz

    Experienced in Inexperience

    the more I learn
    the less I know
    for what I’ve learned
    just goes to show
    there’s plenty of information
    along with misinformation
    so much is out there
    so you better beware
    of theories that you bought
    when only truth was sought
    seek and you will find
    it’s all in your state of mind
    normal is a myth
    it doesn’t exist
    conformity’s rules
    aren’t too cool
    go with the flow
    but realize you really don’t know
    you can make an educated guess
    but knowing you don’t know really is best
    I am truly experienced
    in inexperience

    2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 5
    By: Robert Lee Brewer | April 5, 2016
    For today’s prompt, we’ve actually got two prompts (that is, a Two-for-Tuesday prompt). Here we go:
    Write an experienced poem. Or…
    Write an inexperienced poem.
    The word “experience” can be applied to a multitude of things and situations. Soo… there’s a lot of possibilities today!
    By pamschwetz

    © 2016 pamschwetz (All rights reserved)

  10. BDP

    “Beside the Walk, Beneath My Window”: Ghazal

    This spring my daffodils seem lacking in experience.
    They stretch their scrawny necks, all gawk and inexperience.

    Throughout the day, they bow too much, not Wordsworth proud,
    decline to flutter-dance: no sprightly knack, they’re inexperienced.

    Spring jonquils, shoulders back, should shout out jocund yellow.
    Mine straggle in the flower crowd, they smack of inexperience.

    Tonight’s swift storm will do them in, no hope, they’re wimpy shy.
    I’ll pray for strong narcissus, ones exacting in experience.

    They’ll sway a never-ending line of golden edging white,
    a cursive in my name, my minds-eye reenacting their experience.

    —Barb Peters

  11. Pat Walsh

    by Patrick J. Walsh

    I know we’ve met
    we shared a croissant
    or was it a doughnut
    while you told me
    everything about you

    you tell other people
    that you know me
    you say that we’re friends
    I know we’ve met
    at some point

    your experience of me
    varies in the telling
    from one to the next
    and what I hear
    makes me sad

  12. Thedeb

    The Little Things
    By Deb Cerrito

    There is so much to experience,
    so much to do.
    It is sad to realize
    that I will never get to it all.

    I’ll never climb
    to the top of Mount Everest,
    or sail across the ocean alone.

    I’ll never drive a racecar
    or strut across the catwalk
    like a supermodel.

    But… if I slow down,
    and look around…

    I can listen
    for the sound of birds
    singing as they build their nests.

    I can search
    for spiders spinning webs,
    works of art to be appreciated.

    I can lay
    on a lush carpet of grass
    with my hands behind my head,
    and enjoy a gentle Spring breeze,
    as I watch clouds
    float across the sky
    forming shapes I try to name.

    What a beautiful experience
    it would be, to appreciate
    the little things.

  13. MeenaRose


    By: Meena Rose

    I spent my years learning;
    Now I spend infinite minutes unlearning.

    Experiences, once experienced,
    Now candidates for a re-experience.

    A new path and a new trail to a
    Well known destination;

    The same path and same trail to a
    Different destination;

    Sometimes, IT is the experience;
    Sometimes, I am the experience;

    I can only confess to my inexperience
    Whenever bliss chooses me.

    I can however confess to my experience
    Whenever I make a choice.


  14. shellcook

    In Experienced

    I never knew the ins and outs,
    the whats and whys,
    the hows and whens
    of, well, anything.

    I didn’t know people lie and steal
    for a good reason or none at all.
    Caught off guard by Mother Nature,
    I slipped and fell into adulthood.

  15. Genevieve

    Panic vs. Experience

    A poem a day
    Love the thought,
    Getting behind
    “Calm down,”
    Experience says.
    “Don’t stop!
    The only way
    To lose
    Is to give up.”

  16. stargypsy

    Life … Experience It

    In life we never know what is around
    the next turn in the road

    We must live it to the fullest
    Good, bad or indifferent this is
    the only life we have
    and …
    should we let something pass us by
    there could be a time we regret
    not having done something,
    said something, read something,
    meet someone, stepped outside
    our comfort zone and just gone
    all out for something new and
    interesting presented to us

    Get up each morning …
    Look around and never ignore
    what is presented to you
    Go For It …

    Copyright © 2016 Annie Original Poetry
    Always…I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
    As Ever, Annie

  17. anindeliblemark

    Steeping bruise purple,
    sweet tea sunset colors seep
    in fading day’s sky

    New eyes opened wide,
    small lights watch the greater one
    descending in sky

  18. Marian O'Brien Paul

    Calling Up the Supernatural

    Many years ago, an old woman
    I knew asked if I would take her
    to a charismatic healing service
    since she no longer drove a car.
    Curiosity as much as wanting
    to help her out made me agree
    so I took part in this experience:

    The air filled with whispers
    indistinguishable from breath,
    sounds one might have heard
    if present two millennia ago
    among the frightened apostles
    huddled behind bolted doors
    all the windows shuttered.

    Those ancient whispers were
    preceded by a wind violent
    enough to smash the shutters
    before splintering into fiery
    tongues that separated, bent
    on finding an apostolic head
    to settle above and enlighten.

    But upon the night I speak of,
    no fierce wind-gush occurred,
    and wicks tethered any flames
    to beeswax candles ensconced
    upon the altar in candlesticks;
    nevertheless, the presence I
    felt was wholly supernatural.

    As those apostles had done
    un-burnt by their encounter
    with fire, these charismatics
    started speaking in tongues
    blessing the air with sounds
    like the murmur of flames –
    announcing the Holy Spirit.

  19. Yolee


    With the bevel pointing down, the student
    nurse jabbed my left arm, left wrist and on
    the third try drew blood from my right arm.

    He was a blue-eyed ditto of Greg Evigan,
    spoke with an Australian bur, and blew
    big pink ones with a gob of bubblegum.

    Our green feet left grooves all over that Summer.

  20. LoriP


    Tickle glyphs with brushes
    Clean the stones off inch by inch
    Copy every symbol, every code
    Look at it from every angle
    Bits of breakthrough
    Learning what the ancients said
    Meticulously translate
    Into an epic poem
    For the world to read
    And study
    And discover
    That it was all just cracks
    In an old rock

    Based on the true story of Finnur Magnusson

  21. briehuling

    Day 5 (experience poem)


    I have the distinct impression
    we are being watched.
    Some days it’s so much harder
    to tell a duck from a park bench
    or quiet human from a sad
    heart. My eyes are fuzzier
    each time I open them–
    the bunny-bodied clouds
    seem to be searching for the last
    piece of available sky. I am captured
    in the habit of living
    and I can’t even feel my toes.

    Brie Huling


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