2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 28

For today’s prompt, take the phrase “Important (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then, write the poem. Possible titles could include: “Important Documents,” “Important: Read Before Assembling,” “Important People,” and so on. I hope everyone finds something important to write about today.


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Here’s my attempt at an Important Blank Poem:

“important punctuation”

fails to find itself in many of my poems
you would have to ask the question mark


roberttwitterimageRobert Lee Brewer has been known to get a little silly from time to time, especially near the end of these challenges. He just doesn’t take himself too importantly. He only has two prompts left this month, and then, it’ll be back to those Wednesday Poetry Prompts. He’s having trouble figuring out how to write an important bio note today.

Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community, which means he gets to do a million things to help writers find more success with their writing (including this blog). He’s also the author of Solving the World’s Problems (Press 53).

Connect with him on Twitter @RobertLeeBrewer.


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351 thoughts on “2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 28

  1. lionmother

    Important Moments

    How do we know what is important
    as our life sifts through each day
    the moments pass by too quickly
    some seeming so slight
    and yet on second thought
    those small moments
    appear as gems in our life
    not big ones like graduations or births
    these are momentous and celebrated
    but what of the times your eyes met
    and you knew you had someone who
    loved you across the room
    or when you spent the day on the sofa
    dozing and watching a baseball game
    with the one you loved by your side
    or the many times you held his hand
    and felt the joy of belonging with him
    or the countless moments of bliss
    you never counted as the days passed
    were these important
    and did you let them slip by as
    you walked through life like raindrops
    falling on you and not knowing which
    one will cause your eyes to close
    with the splash. Unimportant moments
    that splashed you with a tiny drip at the
    copyright 2016 by Barbara Ehrentreu

  2. grcran

    Important Colour

    Significance came down upon my life
    Left nearly all behind Retired with you
    Went far and deep and holy Man and Wife
    Right loving Bliss and passion Old but new

    Knew beauty fun adventurous sweet soul
    Things mattered for the first time in a while
    You woke me up You got me back on goal
    Small town Big fish No sins to reconcile

    And so we now continue Work at this
    Fine tune it Learn new tricks Keep up the dues
    Regrasp the blessings of the goodnight kiss
    Sort falseness out Find truth in all its hues

    gpr crane

  3. BDP

    “Important to Well-Being: the Parkside Stage”

    The curtains open up to sagging bellies plus
    low quacking laughs of ducks with waddle butts.

    The birds are paid with seeds and grubs, but otherwise
    they jig for free, heads down, rears up, swing toddle tufts.

    I find I rock with syncopation, drinking tea—
    forth stop forth back back stop—I match their dawdle struts.

    Oh, look, an earnest moment comes! A drake bids hen,
    so suave? Not quite: he has an air of mollycoddle futz.

    I laugh—ovation for them all!—and strange, I lose
    my self-importance in their farcical wild tuts.

    –Barb Peters

  4. Marian O'Brien Paul

    Important to Recall

    As glass that splinters dropped on rock
    or orange peels discarded, tossed
    in garbage bin, or unwashed sock
    alone, beneath the bed, so lost,
    is love that’s tried and failed to live.
    Both partners have to strive to give.

    Important: fragile beings break;
    forgiveness can forestall the ache.

  5. Ency Peterson


    there comes a time
    in every life
    when a decision
    must be made

    it may be big
    it may be small
    but to be made
    must be done.

    They are important
    no matter the size
    decisions to be made
    in every life

  6. Azma

    Importance of your presence in my life

    I cannot take this blankness,
    this undeniable emptiness
    that keeps reminding me of you.
    Oh! How I miss
    that excitement that you bring!
    The way you make me realize
    how joyful life is,
    how fulfilling every bite with you is.
    But now, it’s hard to swallow
    food morsels without you,

    -Azma Sheikh

  7. Shennon

    Important Information

    Important information
    You must not forget
    Just read the manual closely
    It will be a huge asset

    When you’ve finished reading
    Apply what you have learned
    If it still won’t work for you
    It can always be returned.


  8. shellkaysm

    Important Things

    The important things are
    the ones that fill your dreams
    haunt your nightmares
    freak you out, or so it seems

    Where your mind forever wanders
    what equally makes your heart
    and your stomach ache
    represent your worst and best part

    The ever-visiting yearning
    you’ve neither the strength to face
    nor the guts to fully ignore
    those are your life’s focus, your case

  9. Sharon


    I forgot the luggage in the trunk
    when off I flew in a funk.
    No swim suit to wear in the pool,
    my oh my, what a tool.
    No cute dress to wear at the party,
    sexy, daring, and yes quite tarty!
    No chic shoes or rings so fine,
    so here I sit and morosely pine
    for the things that might have been
    if only I’d put my luggage in.

  10. Tracy Davidson

    Important: Do Not Use

    for I’ve been used
    too many times before

    had my heart torn out
    and trampled on the floor

    I could not take it
    even one time more

    so please don’t use me
    for my soul’s still sore

    1. ppfautsch24

      Love’s Importance
      It is important to stay calm and watch what I
      say; when my resolve is fading away.
      To remember who I am and what I stand for.
      It is important to know what I will except and
      what I can expect.
      It is important to stay calm and not crumble
      to the floor; when I don’t watch what I say
      and you walk out the door.
      It is important to believe in a love that is true
      and one we both adore.
      By Pamelap

  11. drwasy

    Important Note to Self

    I scribbled your words
    on a pink post-it
    This is important
    you said so I listened
    but my head was already
    out the door.
    When you hung up
    at last I picked up my keys
    the door clicked behind me
    the post-it tucked in
    my back pocket

  12. shellcook

    Important Message

    We all heard it,
    the ominous words that meant,
    everything we believed was about to change.
    Stay Tuned For This Important Message.

    And we did stay tuned, painfully so.
    We had been programmed to, by the horrors of our age.
    Kennedy, Kennedy and King in only 5 years.
    Imminent nuclear annihilation.

    Vietnam, the war continues,
    showing us the ditches where whole villages were buried
    or burned beyond recognition.
    Captain Stratton’s cuff on my thin little arm,

    I didn’t know then that POW meant,
    I actually carried the date of his death on my arm.
    Praying for a dead man with no hope for answers.
    These were the important messages that we were used to.

    So unlike, the important messages of today
    for a Gin Su knife, or such…but wait, there’s more…


  13. Domino

    Important People

    At least humanity’s consistent
    One thing about them is persistent
    People think they all deserve respect
    But don’t take the time to just reflect
    Expecting snags to drop like magic
    Karma refutes their claim to tragic

    When consequences turn so tragic
    To keep appearances consistent
    People try to work their own magic
    (One cannot knock them for persistence)
    Instead of time to pause and reflect
    They turn around and demand respect

    One cannot simply expect respect:
    That makes the situation tragic
    Rather than seeing what they reflect
    Proud self-perception seems consistent
    And so, make their demand persistent
    Rude insistence is seldom magic

    Demeanor, though, could be the magic
    Humility, granting them respect
    With a change to kindness persistent
    Respectfulness, avoid the tragic
    And thus deserving the consistent
    Self-worth ‘ere long begins to reflect

    When one sees the hero they reflect
    The change often occurs like magic
    With that kind attitude consistent
    Containing compassion and respect
    One takes a situation tragic
    To one with gentleness persistent

    And so with honest, kind persistence
    Soon all the world is seen to reflect
    Away from rudeness ever tragic
    Perspective opens up like magic
    Earned devotion garnered by respect
    Good treatment soon becomes consistent

    From the tragic rudeness persistent
    To consistently the truth reflect
    Is the “magic” way to earn respect

  14. Yolee

    Important To Remember

    Sometimes when I’m in a moment
    that is gorgeously remarkable I want
    to squeeze it tightly like petals
    detached from a calla lilies. I worry
    more than I appreciate their figure
    and body mist. I worry that the mint
    of miracles lose their patience and will
    skip me the next time it’s in season.

  15. seamuscorleone

    Important is a synonym for ignore

    Important is a synonym for

    Why wasn’t I informed of this?

    Well, did you read your email?

    I don’t think I got that one.


    What am I supposed to do now?

    It’s too late to do anything.

    Why are you doing this to me?

    I’m not doing anything to you.

    Yes you are.

    I let you know several times,
    And I even said it was important
    In all caps, underlined and in italics.

    I must have missed that somehow.

    I also left you voicemails.

    I don’t check those.

    Well, I don’t know what to tell you.

    You’re going to fail me?

    I did my part. I don’t think I failed.

    I don’t think I should fail, either!

    Well, I don’t suppose there’s anything else to say about it.

    I’ll be reporting this to admin.

    I figured as much. Good luck.

    You hate me.

    I don’t hate you.
    I just want you to learn to pay attention to things.
    To let things that people are telling you seep into your brain.
    To learn to learn.

    I hate you.


  16. Genevieve

    Important Eyewitness

    Right or wrong or in between
    Everyday looks the same to me.
    Did that happen or did it not?
    There’s no witness to stand upon.

  17. PSC in CT

    Important Not

    There’s too much trash talk going round
    over wires, underground,
    on the airwaves, cell, TV –
    none of this feels right to me.

    (Seems everyone’s embroiled
    in someone else’s coil.)

    Everything is so fast-paced –
    cut and pasted –
    and in our haste
    (to spread the word)
    the meaning’s lost,
    the message wasted.

    I think, he thinks, she thinks.
    Far too many of these thinks
    are totally ungrounded:
    fabricated factoids, information tangled
    just to manufacture fear
    while trust is wholly mangled.

    It’s so easy to get snared
    inside the drama of the day
    the games that people play
    the he said, she said,
    I heard they said

    Sometimes, peace of mind requires
    you jettison technology
    rely on your own biology
    to avoid all further ravage.

    Guts and gray matter’s all you need.
    The rest is extraneous baggage.

  18. stargypsy


    In life, there is no
    one person more
    important than another
    We are all the same
    made of water and
    DNA …
    We may have a different
    appearance, however,
    deep inside no one is
    better than another

    Be mindful of what
    you say and do
    Putting someone on
    a pedestal over another
    will never end well

    Treat everyone the same
    Give all your attention
    equally and without
    favoritism …
    Be sincere in love
    and appreciation with
    actions not hollow words

    As a wise woman once
    told me …
    The Golden Rule
    always applies …
    Do not ever forget that

    Copyright © 2016 Annie Original Poetry
    Always…I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
    As Ever, Annie


  19. KatesBookshelf

    I loved the suggestion of “Important Documents” so I went with that for one of the three I wrote today.

    Important Documents
    by katie lyn branson

    I hold out these important documents
    tied up in manila and twine and brass rivets
    and cogs and wheels and locks and keys.
    They hold things so dear to me, but I’m handing
    them to you, trusting you to not tear me apart.
    I hold documents so dear to me, out to you,
    you who has been a part of me over the years.
    I wrote them to you, for you, about you,
    then tucked them away safely for years,
    afraid of showing myself to you.
    But you have been ever bit as safe
    as the warm blanket that holds me at night
    never judging me for the words I wrote
    for you, about you, to you.
    Thousands of words, written too big to say out loud.
    I can only whisper them, or write them down.
    My heart too afraid to utter a syllable of sound.
    I know you won’t shatter me, but I still hand them
    to you and ask you to read what I say
    inside my very soul each time I say your name.

  20. pipersfancy

    A Man of Some Importance

    In honour of an Empress’ name,
    the maharajahs rode through throng
    of spectators to wave and claim
    cacophony with clashing gong
    as elephants processed along
    when he, in spotless homespun white,
    arose to charge colonial wrong—
    attention brought to India’s plight.

    Could privileged class feel winds aflame
    when Freedom first began its song?
    Or, did they trust their power’d tame
    a country weakened—Empire strong—
    where all must slave, yet none belong?
    Ignite a nation’s smouldering fight
    demanding rights denied too long—
    attention brought to India’s plight.

    And so, the Delhi Durbar came
    announcing like a sharpened prong
    new declarations which proclaim
    taxation’s necessary tongs
    must reach to keep the salt pans strong.
    While British men expressed delight
    the country heard a darker song—
    attention brought to India’s plight.

    A crooked Crown worn far too long
    that ruled and never felt contrite
    for salty marshland’s tax prolong—
    attention brought to India’s plight.

  21. briehuling

    Day 28


    If this is paradise,
    my person is burning
    in the cornfield
    and I’m just standing here
    watching eating onion rings.


    The scent of the right lover
    might be enough to believe
    or at least pretend in magic—
    Here I am, my blue angelic plume.


    Grief can feel so heavy–
    an animal waking
    each day, it’s delicate cargo
    stuck in a basement full of wine–
    tears reflected by moonlight.


    Kindness has almond shaped
    eyes and exhales like fog–
    hair that collects
    rain to rehydrate the body.

    Brie Huling

  22. seingraham


    In this darkness of unfamiliarity, they cling to some remnants
    of light they vaguely recall
    They have been so strong up until now – determined that even
    this worst of all terrible tragedies will not rend them
    Not tear them apart
    But lately, she grows worried, feels there must be something she
    could be doing to resolve the situation
    Is angered when he insists there is nothing, that she needs to let
    it go

    How can he so casually dismiss one of their children as if death
    has claimed her when they know that’s not the case
    At least as far as they can ascertain, she’s still alive … this is one
    fact she needs confirmed, an important point
    One of many that is preying on her sanity
    And presuming she does live still, with her children – do they still
    reside in the same city?
    Recently it has begun to occur to her, they maybe do not.
    It bothers her more than a little that most everyone thinks she should
    just put them out of her mind
    Just forget they ever existed; the very idea strikes her as absurd.

  23. b_kelli

    Important self

    Decide to be that person who becomes what others wish to see.
    Shape shift into shadows of ideals, not reality.
    That suits you. Suit and tie. Heals all not heels on. Take them off before you fall.
    It’s too late to be someone else more real and un-important, you’ve gone and shaken too many hands.
    Not stired. Grab some ice and sit wait for all of it to be insignificant.
    Your not important,

  24. Jane Shlensky

    Important Papers

    leave a trail of what
    we valued in our lives,
    what we owned and whom,
    what we bought and stored,
    who we married or divorced,
    insurances and fears,
    licenses and certificates,
    birth and death, legal tracts.

    They don’t say how we felt
    about our lives, how long
    the sorrow stayed, if we
    loved our life’s work, if we
    had friends. Important papers
    don’t include our thoughts
    about sunrise, whether we
    grumbled our lives away.
    Still, papers help us read
    between the lines of a life
    and connect that life to ours.

    Good stories are never done,
    but seed the mind to bloom
    anew with questions, fertilized
    with important papers.


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