2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 28

For today’s prompt, take the phrase “Important (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then, write the poem. Possible titles could include: “Important Documents,” “Important: Read Before Assembling,” “Important People,” and so on. I hope everyone finds something important to write about today.


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Here’s my attempt at an Important Blank Poem:

“important punctuation”

fails to find itself in many of my poems
you would have to ask the question mark


roberttwitterimageRobert Lee Brewer has been known to get a little silly from time to time, especially near the end of these challenges. He just doesn’t take himself too importantly. He only has two prompts left this month, and then, it’ll be back to those Wednesday Poetry Prompts. He’s having trouble figuring out how to write an important bio note today.

Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community, which means he gets to do a million things to help writers find more success with their writing (including this blog). He’s also the author of Solving the World’s Problems (Press 53).

Connect with him on Twitter @RobertLeeBrewer.


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351 thoughts on “2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 28

  1. LCaramanna

    Important Notice

    I heard him walk into the room,
    his polished leather wing-tips
    of the expensive designer variety
    announced his entrance on the tiled floor.
    I turned to see a man of great importance who,
    impeccably dressed
    in a tailor-made suit
    and tie coordinated
    with a sky blue shirt
    that perfectly matched the color of his eyes,
    caught the attention of every woman in the room.
    I meandered through the crowd
    for a closer look at this Greek god,
    hopes high of making his acquaintance.
    Recently returned from an island vacation,
    his skin sunned golden,
    I noticed a tan line on his ring-less finger
    where a wedding band belonged,
    and he fell from Mount Olympus
    to the dungeon of untouchable mankind.

    Lorraine Caramanna

  2. Sara McNulty

    Important Qualities

    Do you try to be polite
    when it’s late at night,
    and friend phones, she’s in a bad place?
    Patience is grace.
    Lend a shoulder to cry on
    for a friend in need.
    Tables can turn with great speed.
    When a homeless person asks you,
    for change, think; you could be in their shoes.
    When it’s late at night, patience is grace for a friend in need.

  3. Marilyn Cavicchia

    Important Information about Your Account

    All the smaller informations in it
    are not true.
    We believe you own a jackal
    about as much as we believe you invented popcorn.
    You create tiny explosions of falsehood
    every time you open your mouth.
    After your accident, you became as untrustworthy to us
    as intermittent sun through vertical blinds,
    catching itself, believing itself uncaught.

  4. tunesmiff

    G. Smith
    I don’t keep a handgun in
    My house, but my father, a
    Police officer, taught me an
    Object lesson using his
    Revolver. Each night he would
    Take off his belt and holster,
    And remove the weapon, with
    No rounds in the cylinder,
    To place atop the breakfront.

    Separating what can’t be
    Taken back from what sends it
    Unerringly on its way
    Forces us to rely on
    Faith, kindness, patience, and love.

  5. PKP

    Important to hold fast

    Hold fast those summer
    days of dancing in the
    rain with a drenched
    laughing toddler in
    your arms – Hold fast
    the feel of your skin
    slick and wet and
    warm against one
    another as the rain
    falls gently and you
    delight in each other
    and the sun shines
    as water sparkles
    and showers you
    in a love that will
    not return and be
    remembered by
    only one who
    holds fast

  6. Austin Hill


    I t’s just a
    M atter of time.
    P eople will eventually
    Open their hearts and
    R ealize that being
    T houghtful and
    A ttentive to others
    N egates
    T he bogus

    B abble that
    U nderlies the
    S uperficial relationships that
    I nnundate our
    N ormal
    E xistence. What a
    S imple
    S olution.

    © April 2016 Suzanne S. Austin-Hill

  7. Catherine Conley


    The news blares; the headlines screams,
    Everyone tells you what to believe
    Everyone tells you what is important.
    How do you decide what is what?
    Talking heads,
    Political pundits,
    Politicians of every stripe.
    But on the micro level too, there are

    Listen carefully,
    Take their teachings,
    Then hear your heart,
    Know the way,
    You will find
    What is truly

    Catherine Conley

  8. MichelleMcEwen

    Important Things

    My mother says
    to lean forward when
    you’re putting on your bra.
    She says to wear
    nice underwear every day
    in case you die today.
    She also says burgundy
    is black folks’ red
    when it comes to lipstick.
    she says always play the numbers
    that show up in your dreams
    and that there is always some truth
    to what’s in the tabloids.
    She says sometimes
    it’s hard to be a woman
    as though she didn’t get that
    from a song.

  9. tunesmiff

    G. Smith
    Is this seat taken?
    Mind if I sit?
    Haven’t I seen you someplace before?
    What’s your name?
    Come here often?
    Care to join me out on the floor?

    Like the band?
    Where you from?
    Do you know who you look like to me?
    What do you do?
    Like your job?
    Watching the game on TV?

    Important questions,
    Important questions,
    They can wait, they can wait;
    Except for that big one,
    The hardest of all;
    Asking her out for,
    A second date?

    Brothers or sisters?
    Wanna eat something?
    Can I buy you another drink, and,
    Are you alone, tonight?
    Need a ride home? Alright;
    What was I thinking? Was I thinking?

    Important questions,
    Important questions,
    They can wait, they wait;
    Except for that big one,
    The hardest of all;
    Asking her out for,
    A second date.
    • • • • •
    (With a nod and apologies to George Strait/Brad Paisley, & Dierks Bentley)

  10. Beth Henary Watson

    Important to know

    It’s important to know, mom,
    What you want me to do
    Before it’s time to do it,
    Before it’s too late for you
    To decide and no one else
    Can choose for you:
    How you want to be,
    Where you want to be,
    If you want to go
    And under what conditions,
    Under what conditions you want
    Me to do anything other than
    Nothing like I’m doing now.
    For nothing is in fact a real thing,
    Active avoidance of the inevitable
    That if left alone might morph
    Into something you might not have wanted.

  11. LoriP

    Important Trivia

    Remember to pack your brain
    Full of people, places, events
    Where you’re at, who the President is
    Just in case you get bonked on the noggin
    Especially if you’re afraid of tight spaces
    Because concussed heads
    Who can’t name heads of state
    Get put in MRI tubes.

  12. Danielle937

    Important Followers

    Not every famous person
    Is one that sets a good example
    But there was one
    A religious man
    And his name was Jesus
    The disciples followed him
    Throughout his life
    There at his death
    And met him when he rose
    They were his important followers
    And if every child wants to know
    Why we should look up to Jesus
    Because His disciples did
    And he gave them the wisdom
    To hold on for eternity

  13. Charley

    Important Considerations

    The difference between a simile
    and the metaphor is as great as…
    no, it is the distance traveled by
    light in a half an hour.

    Give or take.

    The word you search for carries
    the destiny of many indigenous
    species. You can create safety
    or be Columbus landing on Cuba,
    sealing the fate of many a verse.

    Lightning struck
    a chord
    a pose
    a nerve
    a tree
    lightning fast.

    Life is waiting for you to happen.
    We all watch the progress you
    do or do not make.
    We either rejoice or cast a collective sigh.
    Looking over, we cast a reflective eye.
    Wading in, we cast a beguiling fly.

    These all seem arbitrary, but they are…

    — 4-28-2016

    If you’d had the day I had, this would all make sense. I had the day I had… and… well, really, it still doesn’t.

  14. tunesmiff

    G. Smith
    Important details, often overlooked,
    Can come back to bite you.
    Too much to do, you’re overbooked,
    Important details, often overlooked,
    One comes undone, they all come unhooked,
    Wrestle them back, they all want to fight you.
    Important details, often overlooked,
    Can come back to bite you.

  15. Friend

    Important Meetings

    Either overlap, or
    I end up with a meeting on every night
    and sometimes during the day–
    how can I say
    that time to write, and think, and imagine
    are important too?

  16. elishevasmom


    Long ago
    and far away
    back in days
    of my fanatical
    youth while under
    the sway of my
    newlywed holy-roller
    preacher husband,
    took a vow
    of silence.
    Was for 48 hours.
    Learned many
    things in those
    2 days mostly
    with the time
    it takes to write
    something down it
    better be important.
    If not, it ends
    up useless to the
    the song says—
    “dust in the wind”.

    Copyright © Ellen Evans – 2016
    day 299 of 365
    PAD 4.16 – an important poem

  17. tunesmiff

    G. Smith
    Important decisions happen all the time,
    Day to day, minute to minute;
    The flip of a quarter, turn on a dime.
    Important decisions happen all the time,
    A simple walk; a long hard climb;
    Spur of the moment, are you in it?
    Important decisions happen all the time;
    Day to day, minute to minute.

  18. tunesmiff

    G. Smith (BMI)
    I went to Newnan High,
    You went to La Grange;
    I was a little shy,
    You thought that was a little strange.
    I lived outside of town,
    You lived off Main;
    My dad plowed the ground,
    Yours scheduled the trains.
    How our paths crossed,
    I still don’t know;
    But I’d be lost,
    As you well know.

    Important differences,
    Between me and you,
    There aren’t that many,
    Maybe one or two;
    But we go over them,
    Like we always do,
    Those important differences,
    Between me and you.

    We went to college,
    Two opposite schools,
    One for knowledge,
    The other for cool.
    You and your Tigers,
    Me and my Tide;
    No way we’d fight for,
    The other side;
    Still, we stayed in touch,
    Despite losses and wins;
    And when we we got home,
    We picked up again.

    Important differences,
    Between you and me;
    There aren’t that many,
    Maybe two or three;
    As long as we keep ’em,
    So we both can see,
    Those important diffences,
    Between you and me.

    Southern Presbyterian,
    Southern Baptist Church,
    I won’t leave you worrying,
    Standing in the lurch;
    You won’t leave me here,
    Standing on my own;
    Neither one of us,
    Will ever be alone.

    Important diffences,
    Between the two of us;
    Don’t really matter,
    Aren’t worth the fuss;
    If you won’t carry on,
    Then I won’t cuss (dag-dummit),
    Those important differences,
    Bind the two of us,
    Roll Tide,
    Those important differences,
    Bind the two of us.

  19. Valkyri

    “I meant what I said, and I said what I meant!” -Theodor Geisel

    Importance of Words

    Before you speak, think.
    Before you write, consider.

    Words are both dusky and
    bright, ugly and beautiful.

    Each word has a place
    where it lives and thrives.

    Rejoice in the definitive
    beauty of words.

    Show them your deepest
    honor and respect.

    Wasted words have the
    portentiousness of inertia.

    They have a force that changes the
    direction of flow from importance to frivolity.

    Language is too important for that.

    Some people talk to have
    hot air coming out of their mouths.

    Ellie once said “Awkward silence…”

    I said “Why does it have to be awkward?
    I don’t talk unless I have something to say.”

    I always say what I mean,
    I always mean what I say.

  20. simplymarian

    Important Bits

    Looking across the room
    when our oldest son
    read to the younger one
    I smiled and you returned the favor
    we both went back to our divided newspaper
    you, the sports
    me, the women’s section

    The room glowed with love
    silent and palpable.
    Everything that mattered-
    the essense of us
    potential and possibility
    bits of yes, no and maybe sprinkled
    among enormous treasures
    All that was important
    was breathing in that space.

  21. SarahLeaSales

    Important Relationships

    From my father,
    I learned a man could be just as happy
    with a daughter, as with a son.

    From my mother,
    I learned a woman could have a career and family,
    with a husband’s help at home.

    From my brother,
    I learned to share the love of Mom and Dad—
    that love received from one does not take it from the other.

    From my husband,
    I’m learning to share my life,
    even as we build one together.

    From my daughter,
    I’ve learned that one can teach themselves patience,
    because of the love they have for the one who tests it.

    From my friends,
    I am learning to open up,
    like the Lavender “Provence Blue”.

    From my Lord,
    I’m learning still, everything I need
    to help these other relationships succeed.

  22. Asha1000

    The Importance of Sustenance

    w/o water cells wither
    w/o fish & meat
    grains & veggies
    we gain no amino acids
    or omega-3’s
    or roughage
    bodies shrivel and die

    w/o poems to make us soar
    paintings to take us into the deep
    songs/stories to awaken
    our unconscious minds
    we drift, w/o a GPS
    until we crash
    saved by air bags
    and the nine daughters
    of Mnemosyne
    eyelids flutter open
    like butterfly wings

    – Lelawattee Manoo-Rahming

  23. Michael

    Important Announcement

    I have received a letter
    It arrived in today’s mail
    Addressed to me
    Saying: Dear Sir
    We wish to inform you
    Your insanity case has concluded.
    The board does not think you are mad
    A little odd yes, but aren’t we all
    So carry on as always.’
    Breathing a sigh of relief I have breakfast.
    I see the red heart upon my screen
    I feel it welling up
    Overwhelmed by desire
    I succumb to temptation
    I feel me again.
    Wiping away the saliva
    I sip my tea.

  24. deborahbgkelly

    Important Considerations

    Important considerations
    Aren’t they all important?
    Why else would you need to make considerations?
    But, considering everything
    Why drive yourself crazy with important considerations?

  25. leatherdykeuk

    Important Business

    She says goodbye to the shopkeeper
    walks outside into the sunlight
    pauses at the litter bin
    to scratch the silver from a lottery card.
    She throws it in the bin, continues.

    At the corner of the chip shop
    she scratches off her second card,
    hunched over like a beggar with a cigarette.
    You can tell by her face she’s won nothing.
    She stuffs it in her pocket, moves on.

    At the end of the gennel, number three;
    the flash of sunlight from her 10p coin
    as she chooses which windows
    which three chances to win.
    Frustrated, she scratches the rest off,
    relieved the card wasn’t a winner at all.

    Outside her front door
    she rests on the dustbin lid,
    scratches off her fourth and final.
    The smile on her face as she wins a fiver
    not enough to escape the drudgery
    but enough for another card.

  26. mjdills

    Important Loan

    When I speak of My House
    My Street
    My Neighbors
    My Children
    My Cat, My Dog, or the Birds in My Yard
    I am commenting as a thief.
    Innocently so, and yet….
    These things are, none of them,
    For a short time I might embrace them, admire them, chase them, hug them,
    Clean them, shun them, break them, mend them.
    All these things are simply on loan
    For my use, while I’m here;
    And when I leave
    I am expected to leave them in good condition,
    Unharmed, repaired, cleaned up, left in their proper place.
    The Mother allows us to borrow, make use of her things and
    Treat her with respect and love.
    She gives; we are to give back.
    We have learned to kill and maim and sunder and sully.
    We have tarnished , defiled, raped and stolen.
    We are beggars, not choosers.
    She will charge us with interest we cannot remit.
    We are the stealing borrowers; borrowing thieves.

  27. Connie Peters


    I mperative, a must, it’s got to be done
    M ost significant, valuable, and fantastic, the
    P rincipal thing and the most worthy to
    O wn the center of attention, the foremost thing
    R elated to the chief and eminent answer and
    T he key to focus on and not forget but
    A lways remember, the most weighty and
    N otable matter and vital to existence is
    T he critical and crucial… oh, I forgot.

  28. Walter J Wojtanik



         Every child learns the rule,
         and at least once by painful hands on
         experience. So un-cool.
         But yes, we came to know that hot
         was extremely un-cool. I still have a scar to prove it!


         Respect came in various lessons,
         and messin’ with Ma was one learned early.
         The old man went squirrelly when we dissed
         his missus. He truly went nuts,
         no ifs ands or buts.


         Another respect in the same regard.
         Sometimes it was hard to ignore
         a sassy kid sister. But our Father mister,
         would forget his rule when fueled by shots
         and beers. My greatest childhood fear.


         He called me sonny and it was funny
         when he’s follow up with this admission.
         “You’re not that bright!” he’d tease
         although it pleased me to know I was
         what he called the “sharpest tool in his shed”


         Speaking of tools, I couldn’t get it through my head
         that his tools were his trade and it made him mad
         when I had used his implements.
         He’d get bent out of shape and went ape
         sure as I tell you. But he knew…


         …that I had an affinity for fixing things
         just as he had all his life. So the new rule was this:
         If you use it, put it where you found it!
         A lesson ground into my head from the start.
         It didn’t take long to take it to heart.


         As my skills sharpened he showed me
         the power of his power tools. Respect.
         And when using his table saw, his bromide
         was remembered with pride. Measure it twice
         and cut once. Or was that…?


         Cirrhosis of the liver came with much sadness.
         And regret. Too many angry tirades on payday,
         always a way to display his dominance.
         But the prominence of that disease did not please.
         The truthful answer was it had developed into liver cancer.


         Tuesday afternoon lunch with Dad was an hour
         in his confessional. His lament sent pangs deep
         and I’d keep quite as he said his litany of faults.
         Two Walts in contemplation; a revelation in the same
         name. He wasn’t as bad as he’d claim


         When Mom had passed, his was the last name she called.
         It galled him that at the end there was nothing he could do.
         He knew he could have been more attentive, even if it meant
         he had to bury his machismo deeper. He’d say, “Mom was a keeper”
         But he wished he did enough to prove it.


         We never wanted for anything knowing
         if we didn’t have it, we probably didn’t need it.
         We had stylish clothes and kept our noses clean.
         Food on the table, a roof over our heads,
         warm beds… he did ok by us, he couldn’t be any better.


         They say the test of a man is in knowing his limitations
         and admitting when he was wrong. His apology to us
         was as heartfelt as any rule or lesson he could have taught.
         And by doing so, brought us to understand.
         our Father was one hell of a man!


         Another Tuesday, he in the throes of chemo.
         “How are you doing, Pop?”
         “Sonny, I’m dying!” The reality slap.
         “But, you know what?” he say,
         “I don’t know why I call you Sonny!”


         Here was a good man with admitted faults
         and a vault full of knowledge he had passed
         to my five siblings and me. And when all
         was said and done, he had just one more thing to say.
         “I love you”. And that was the most important thing!

    …and then he didn’t say anything more.
    He didn’t need to.

    © Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016

  29. Nurit Israeli

    After Raymond Carver, Late Fragment

    And do you know what’s important,
    even so?

    Yes, I do.

    And what is it?

    To see spring blossoms return
    to reveal ravishing flowers,
    even when the world rears
    its ugly head yet again.
    Yes, even then.

    ~ Nurit Israeli

  30. Angie5804


    Is wasn’t important that I drove
    eighty minutes round trip for a job
    that was cancelled without notification
    It’s not so important, he says
    You don’t have to work, he says
    Things were different two years ago
    when I was working five part-time jobs
    to help make ends meet
    But now he thinks I can just take it easy
    That since we are out from under the crunch
    That I must be selfish not to volunteer
    to stay home and wait
    for some unknown date
    when the window installer may
    schedule his work
    even though it’s more than three weeks off
    and it’s not a necessity that
    can’t wait a few weeks
    So what is important?
    It’s that I open the doors and windows
    and smell the jasmine
    and feel the breeze and listen
    to the water trickling in the fountain
    and let the dog lay outside all she wants
    even though she tracks in mud
    Because mud can be cleaned up
    and furniture can be dusted
    but a crushed spirit is hard to repair

  31. pcm

    Important dates long forgotten

    In chronological order, that day when
    …my spoon put food in my mouth instead of my hair
    …in the bathtub, I held my breath underwater for the first time
    …I asked my dad not to drink so much
    …Dad taught me how to tie my shoes
    …I helped make my first snowman
    …I read my first novel
    …I decided to get a PhD
    …I learned how to write “Hurricane Hazel” with a big black crayon
    …I climbed the O’Connell’s cherry tree—the tall one
    …the basketball I threw swished through the hoop
    …I played Scott Joplin’s “The Entertainer” on piano
    …I rode a two wheeler by myself (I never had training wheels)
    …Peggy and I made a tin-can telephone with twine from her house to mine
    …I wondered how grown-ups knew so much yet understood so little

  32. annell

    Important What

    here i sit    nothing comes to mind    important (what)

    for goodness sake    what is important after all     if not important

    what about necessary    food is necessary    and this should be available to everyone

    something good to eat   &bsp; snacks are good too    even if they are not necessary

    water    necessary for life    fresh and sweet

    not dirty     discolored     laced with lead

    waterfalls     might not be necessary     but oh, what a delight

    oceans & seas    a place to sail…    only if you have a boat

    or as edward lear says    a sieve    or something else that floats

    a roof over your head     a warm dry place to rest    a cave

    or nest    a place to call home    work is necessary

    something important to do     something to remember     we are told by edna st. vincent millay

    love is not all    “but men are making friends with death     for lack of it”

    someone else might say     a motorcycle or a horse     is important

    but then again    we could always walk    surely a name is important

    or how will you know      when you are called    or where we will sit

    how will you be identified     then last but not least   &nbspa life to call one’s own

    April 28, 2016

  33. MikeGill

    Import Antonyms

    My children like to say
    That it’s opposite day
    I like to tell them
    They should import an antonym
    At which they smile and nod and wonder
    Why they have such a crazy father

  34. Tom Hayes


    It doesn’t come by text
    with omg’s and smiley faces.
    Not one word from news anchors,
    or empty voices on talk radio .
    It doesn’t come by mail,
    snail or express.
    and never on the front page
    there in the driveway.
    Important news knocks at your door.
    Two somber messengers,
    in starched military uniforms,
    bearing the unbearable;
    and so, I will faithfully keep watch,
    one eye on my door,
    until his safe return.

    — by Tom Hayes 2016

  35. Bruce Niedt

    Pardon me for getting political – I don’t do it that often. This is an “index” poem.

    Important, Self-

    Abortions, punishing women for, 301

    Apprentice, The, 190, 193-195

    Bankruptcies, financial, 78-79, 134-144, 230-239
    moral, 100-101, 167, 205, 212-213, 300-301

    Daughter, would date if she wasn’t, 330

    Deal, Art of the, 67-68, 74-76, 110-111, 135, 156, 200-201, 234, 270-273

    Important, self-, 11-13, 22-34,36, 40, 42-57, 60-79, 82, 84-110, 120-183, 200-335

    Megalomania, definition, 1-335

    Mexicans, drug dealers, 223, 227
    rapists, 224, 226

    Mexico, build a wall around, 222-225
    paying for wall, 225-226

    Misogyny, definition, 1-335

    Muslims, banning, 215-219, 300-305

    Obama, Barack, See Birth Certificate

    Seven-Eleven, See 9-11

    Small Hands, See Penis

    Steaks, Trump, 135-136, 200

    Taj Mahal, Trump, 68, 83-85, 185-186

    Towers, Trump, 135-136, 177, 201-202, 256, 274

    University, Trump, 142-145, 213-216

    War Hero, not a, See John McCain

    Water, Trump, 173-174

    Waterboarding, 302
    and worse, 303-304

    Whatever, blood coming out of her, See Kelly, Meghan

    White Supremacists, See Endorsements

    Woman’s Card, See Clinton, Hillary

    Women, ugly, 35, 47, 68, 79, 101, 123, 144, 186, 200, 201, 213, 245, 267, 290, 302, 313, 321, 344

  36. Connie Peters

    Important Matters

    Why do we focus on the details,
    those little things?
    Are they important?
    We rarely think about that inevitable day
    when we’ll be still and quiet in our coffins
    and what comes after.

    Even thinking of death,
    Mom thought about the details.
    At her request, she wore
    her black-velvet dress
    and pearl necklace.
    But her lipstick color was off.

    My aunt said we should tell the funeral director to change it.
    I didn’t, because it seemed so unimportant, but was it?
    Are the details actually more important than the big things?
    Like where do you go after you die?
    When I die, I want my ashes to be planted with a rainbow tree
    in my daughter’s back yard in Phoenix where rainbow trees can grow.

    But I plan to be a long way from Phoenix and somewhere a lot cooler.

  37. De Jackson

    The Importance of Being

    we’re seeking more than
    all this scattered skin,
    some place inside ourselves
    we might be
    -gin to hide. Stop hiding. Un
    -mask ourselves to sun. Be
    come one
    (come all)
    with the concept of un

    The essential trick
    of finding it (that which
    you didn’t lose, never had,
    will never have, might not
    have ever wanted in the first
    is grace. The face
    of the moon. Swoon

    over breath. Death.
    The transient nature
    of trees. A spill of
    breeze over slanted
    smile. The piles of paper
    work it takes to get
    done. The un
    -latchings of laughter
    and love.

    Shall we question every
    single little
    thing? Or simply
    close our eyes and


  38. mswunion1976

    Important Repeated Words in a Sestina (A Cowboy Refrain)

    I’m not sure I can do this
    You know her hair is so
    Long, and beautiful and she
    Has Gatling gun eyes that
    Shoot out the truth and I
    Fear her lariat smile

    My hat makes her smile
    Do you have one like this?
    I tip it to her when I
    Stumble on words, I’m so
    Shaky my horse may think that
    I’m not a he but a she

    That’s silly I know but she
    Sure does make me smile
    But I’m so afraid that
    She won’t take to this
    Half-witted cowboy who is so
    Prone to think Who am I

    To think that she and I?
    Well, let’s start with She
    Because she might not like “we” so
    I’ll wink and I’ll smile
    And charm her with this
    And fool her with that

    But then I get to think that
    It’s time, that maybe I
    Ought to shake this
    Terrible feeling that she
    Gives all cowboys that smile
    And they all think they’re just so

    Well hell I’d better rope her so
    No one else will do that
    Which makes her smile
    And then, only then I
    Will make her see that
    She can do no better than this

    Now she has me roped in so maybe
    I know the truth that
    This girl has in her smile

  39. candy

    Im(portent) Moon

    I planted peas by your
    lambent (nightl)light
    and started tomatoes
    according to your (de)signs
    I mowed and sowed
    and flowed with the charts
    you waxed poetic in
    blossoms – white as light
    I danced in your fullness
    until waning, not complaining
    we rested at the dawn
    and yet this gonzo gardening
    asks no pardoning from the sun

  40. Michelle Hed

    Important Announcement Regarding the Rest of Your Life

    As you dip your toes
    to test the water,
    fish may nibble
    distracting you
    from your task.

    The water might be cold,
    foreboding thoughts
    swirling in your head
    as you fight
    for what you want.

    The water might be warm,
    just right
    for a turn on the stage,
    where you can shine
    your light.

    The water might be violent,
    waves sneaking up
    and slapping you,
    taking your breath
    for a moment.

    The water might be calm,
    sending tiny ripples
    from your toes
    to those around you,
    saying hello.

    Whatever the water is doing
    keep dipping your toes
    because life’s an adventure
    waiting for you
    to jump in.

  41. writinglife16


    He had a list with him
    when he arrived.
    All the things he would and
    would not do.
    Specifications as to food
    and bedding.
    I looked at him and considered
    all of it and then told him,
    “Good thing you’re a cat, ‘cause
    I wouldn’t take this from any human
    moving into my place.”

  42. Walter J Wojtanik


    In the parlance of words a poet finds
    precious thoughts held dear,
    golden moments shared, and dared
    to be expressed through breathless whispers
    over the expanse of time and miles.
    Finding the zone at the precise moment
    when receptive hearts are listening intently
    and are presently and all ways enamored
    by the tender touch of emotive sparks,
    a poet feels connected and protected
    by what signals are sent/received
    and believed to be the most important messages
    needed. The seed is planted and nurtured.
    Willfully growing into a new bloom
    in the garden paradise of fateful hearts.
    It starts with that thought. That ought to be enough
    to synchronize two hearts conjoined.

    (C) Walter J. Wojtanik – 2016

    1. Janet Rice Carnahan

      Love the ‘new bloom in the garden paradise of fateful hearts’, Walt! Such a beautiful poem, depicting the important power of words and how they can have a positive impact on those who write them, read them and feel them! ‘The zone at the precise moment’ . . . exactly, just marvelous!


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