2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 26

Experienced PAD-ers knew it was coming, because this prompt always shows up on one Tuesday or another.

For today’s Two-for-Tuesday prompt:

  • Write a love poem. Or…
  • Write an anti-love poem.


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Here’s my attempt at a Love and/or Anti-Love Poem:

“in other words”

i’ve tried to leave you
but i run better than i hide
& when you find me
you always show your better side

so i guess i could try running
but we both know how that game ends
& there’s always a chance
you’ll tire of hunting me down again


roberttwitterimageRobert Lee Brewer loves writing love poems, especially ones that could turn either way at a moment’s notice. That sort of vulnerable tension is what helps a high seem higher and a low seems lower. He’s kind of bummed that there are only four days of this year’s challenge left to go.

Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community, which means he gets to do a million things to help writers find more success with their writing (including this blog). He’s also the author of Solving the World’s Problems (Press 53).

Connect with him on Twitter @RobertLeeBrewer.


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375 thoughts on “2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 26

  1. Catherine Conley

    How Do I Describe Our Love?

    I need a new metaphor for love.
    The old ones have either been
    Done to perfection or
    Hackneyed to death.
    How do I describe our love?
    The comfort and the excitement,
    The surety it’s there, even when we disagree,
    How do I describe our love?
    The unspoken understanding,
    The voiced words of love,
    Even the misunderstandings and how we work our way out of them.
    How do I describe our love?
    The way your hand finds mine under the covers
    And our fingers intertwine
    When you come home late from a long day of driving.

    Catherine Conley

  2. Ency Peterson

    Against most anything
    Not caring for emotion
    Telling themselves it’s not real
    Intelligence is more than heart

    Loyalty reigns supreme
    Ongoing even when their being a bastard
    Veering thanks to their heart
    Ever willing for some emotion.

  3. lily black

    Love? poem

    Too fat
    Too old
    Too grey
    To love

    Too hurt
    Too bruised
    Too battered
    To try

    Too scared
    Too humiliated
    Too shamed
    to heal

    Too smart
    Too sufficient
    Too strong
    To love

    Too single
    Too solitary
    Too set
    To change

  4. samisal

    The Anti-Love Club meets at night in a perfumed room full of empty flower vases
    They talk about love over spiced tea and wine
    They laugh
    They have forgotten (or perhaps they never knew) that lovable love is soft like their velvet cushions
    That love can be kind and even gentle
    They would rather have something mean but beautiful
    Than something hard and unmovable
    Barbed-wire fence is no lovelier than a diamond
    But neither is a diamond lovelier than soil and feathers

  5. briehuling

    Day 26

    love button

    go ahead
    press it
    good and hard
    like you mean it
    watch her glow
    dance, wiggle
    open up
    a Lite-Brite
    with little legs
    and a tiny reckless
    beating heart.

    Brie Huling

    1. ppfautsch24

      Living Love
      How long the longing has been
      to now have a love within.
      Struggle in the loving and daring
      to be; living for a love that we have
      been longing for.
      By Pamelap

  6. RJ Clarken

    Love One Another

    ‘Confucius says, “Love one another.” If it doesn’t work, just interchange the last two words.’ ~Hussein Nishah

    He thought love ever-lasting, but
    it turned out wrong. At least, somewhat.
    Ad: Broken heart seeks love again
    or what you will. Then say, “Amen.”

    She set her heart on unicorns
    and hearts and flowers. She got thorns.
    Ad: I believe the magic theme
    of what you will. She sighed, “Daydream.”

    Confucius may have made that quote
    but when sad love tales sink your boat
    you start anew, suggestive of
    your good, strong will. You say, “I love…”

    With serial monogamy
    there’s still some curiosity
    about the next one down the pike
    or what you will. You’re just ‘in like.’


  7. shellcook

    My Dog is God

    My dog is God.
    I found that out after her death.
    She taught me everything about love.
    Different than what we were taught

    in church, synagogue, mosque or temple,
    we spend our lives trying to love those around us,
    the way we think God wants us too.
    These are tenants from our faiths,

    but god dog showed me better.
    We cannot succeed in our quest, ever,
    because human nature is, well, human.
    We cannot rise above our humanity,

    though some have, those are few.
    The dog’s view reflects nothing of human values,
    therefore, she expects nothing in return,
    though an occasional cookie helps, doesn’t it?

    you love your neighbor, by loving yourself.
    My loves, you must come first, otherwise there is no you.
    It’s like the chicken and the egg, dog god loves that analogy.
    Spread love unconditionally, and cookies appear like magic.

    God dog says it’s so.


  8. Michelle Hed


    How do I measure
    or put into words
    the depth, breadth, or height
    of my love?

    Was it a first glance,
    a touch, a feeling
    out of tune
    or in tune
    which made it different?

    Did we spend one day,
    four months, or years
    together before
    we knew
    it was more?

    When did we know, it was love?

    Read the poems,
    the stories, watch the movies,
    ask your friends and families
    but in the end
    it will be a story
    just for you.


  9. Sharon


    I love to write.
    I hate to write.
    Nothing comes easy
    to a writer – not fame,
    prosperity, or power –
    only hour upon hour
    of sitting alone in a room
    praying for inspiration,
    praying for the gift
    of turning inspiration into
    words that move a reader
    in some small way.
    The words on the page
    are nothing short of brilliant!
    Or are they?
    The words on the page
    disgust me! They
    are simply not good enough,
    but I keep doing it
    day in and day out,
    praying for the magic moment
    when someone says,
    I read what you wrote,
    and I liked it.

  10. Yolee


    is in the jots of moonlight that slip
    between wooden blinds
    to land on my fingertips
    while in the dark
    I rifle thru
    unfinished business,
    and they wait with me
    like ancient friends.

    It travels with me in the car
    when porch lights seem
    to stretch-out directing me
    to fruit that has tumbled
    way too harshly from the tree.

    It is in Mami’s slender hands
    when she peels plantain skins
    that pay back by leaving
    raw shadows on them
    and their prodigious scent
    in flocks of air.

    It is the pocket of the soul.

  11. lionmother

    The Seeds of Your Love

    You planted the seeds of your love in my heart
    watered them with the sweetness of your soul
    and tended them with the goodness of your heart

    these seeds sprouted and spread their beauty
    throughout my life as it blossomed in
    the garden of our love

    yes weeds sometimes choked off the growing plants
    but we pulled them out and allowed it to grow stronger
    as we admired the lush foliage as the years continued

    the flowers continued to flourish as they formed
    new plants who carried this love inside of them
    cuttings from the original plant who thrived

    if love could truly grow plants my darling
    we would have had homes covered in ivy and trailing roses
    perfuming the air we breathed

    Now though you are not here to water and tend
    the seeds of your love they grow on their own
    though they miss the presence of their gardener
    copyright 2016 by Barbara Ehrentreu

  12. MiMiOHearn

    Last Love

    You were against the wall holding
    a beer bottle by the neck.
    Impressed you would attend a
    poetry reading, I walked over to
    start a conversation.

    You were cute. You had this
    great neck scarf. But most of
    all you were different. The smile
    was infectious. You had a brain.
    We parted with anticipation.

    But last love’s are often the
    best love. It was a slow
    connection for six months.
    You asked me to lunch.
    Loved your pink shirt.

    It was a slow kindle with
    a flame that grew brighter.
    Our plans are for a bright
    future as we marry in

    I love you. Period.

  13. Tracy Davidson

    Love (a palindrome poem)

    Love is that thing,
    the mysterious
    all consuming
    thing, intoxicating
    and passionate
    yet gentle.
    gentle yet
    passionate and
    intoxicating thing,
    consuming all.
    Mysterious – the
    thing that is love.

  14. drwasy


    You love it: the thin curl of smoke its sweet funk the mellowness that hits on first inhale your body unfurls from its daily barrage of questions looks mockeries

    You love it: and its cousins in bottles small large glittering, you love postage-stamp papers delicious dissolve on your tongue you mailed a million miles away

    But look: you now 2000 miles from home your feet pound pavement your body tight sane clean from mountain air the running running running

    I dream: you curled on concrete eyes pinpoints a faraway gaze your chest sunken not lifting not moving still your palm smudged orange

    (Downtown I see boys they look like you huddled beside dumpsters in gutters begging for coinage food other things they scare me)

    My fear: the one time you need to stand with fear you will choose love

  15. KatesBookshelf

    Then an anti-love poem…. I hope

    I Never Meant ‘I Love You’
    by katie lyn branson

    Don’t tell me I love you, you tricked the words
    out of me but they are lies.
    They were words said in distraction.
    I never really meant them for you.
    Don’t have me throw lovely things in mud.
    Because words like these for you are diseased.
    You wanted what was untrue, but you thought it real.
    These words are not real but fantasy I hate.
    You say you love me, but I can’t reply.
    And trickery isn’t love to me.
    So go off and say I was untrue to you.
    But these words were never meant for you.

  16. KatesBookshelf

    First a love poem.

    I Was In Love With
    by katie lyn branson

    I was in love with a boy;
    a man not grown up, but I loved him
    so much, my heart hurt
    and my life was his and I lost myself
    for two years.
    He was my world in chaos,
    but my life was chaos and
    he was not my safe haven.
    But I was his, and I was lost
    and it took me years to be found,
    not before almost losing myself again
    over another man boy.
    But a man I’ve never met
    found me and and found myself
    and let me find me until I fell
    in love with him.
    But I’m still me, and more of myself
    than I ever was alone.
    And I’ve become myself
    in more ways than one
    and I love this man
    in more ways than one.
    But he is him, and I am me
    and never the two shall be as one.

  17. C. Kess

    i want to pass you a note
    through my phone

    like we’re in 1st period
    and you’re not on your lunch

    like we can meet under the
    back stairway
    after dismissal

    can i hold your hand?
    can i kiss you?

    like your side of the bed is
    next door
    and i have to beep you
    to sneak out at midnight

    and run back inside before
    it gets too late
    and dream of our first time

  18. dextrousdigits

    This year with each prompt I would like to attempt an acrostic poem or two
    Let us
    Open our heart to
    Value the best
    Each person can teach us

    Luminous shooting fireworks
    Occur when I think of you
    Volumes of words I want to say
    Echo in my heart

  19. pcm

    Of all the loves mine to cherish

    I felt love in the thorns that scratched
    my hide until I bled running through Indian
    Forest barefoot and alone the trees my
    home away away away from all the worries
    grown ups silently shouted.

    I felt love in the musk of ancient walls
    left witness to weep into the moss
    that watched civilization torn asunder
    through the dark ages, their enlightenment
    and two world wars.

    I felt love in the sky and the stars so close
    they tickled my ears as they whirligigged
    over the Rocky Mountains spinning stories
    and songs the brook babbled into lullabies
    by my sleeping bag.

    But of all the loves mine to cherish
    none compared to the wild child wonder
    I felt with my boys from the womb, to my arms
    to my heart torn by thorns as they ran
    into the forest of the world.

  20. MichelleMcEwen


    I love your lips
    and how your kiss

    is more like a lick
    and how, when you walk,

    there is a slight
    switch which

    makes folks wonder if
    my boyfriend

    has a boyfriend.

  21. mjdills

    Real Love Poem

    I want to share this with you.
    This time from far away and long ago.
    How brilliant to remember
    To remember the little things
    The feel of my shoulder leaning into yours
    The song we heard that morning at breakfast after we made the bed
    Peering at each other over a continent of sheets and pillows.

  22. hojawile

    I Hate Not to Love

    I hate not to love.
    I hate having to shove it down
    where it won’t stay anyway.
    A persistent pain
    seeking to drain me
    like some merciless plague.

    I hate not to love.
    I hate not feeling your embrace,
    only my fierce exploding lungs.
    Just these breathless sobs.
    Why’d you have to die so young?
    .How dares your heart declare us done?

    I hate not to love.
    I hate that you don’t need me now
    to match your old socks,
    to catalog your books,
    to listen when you need to talk,
    to admire your good looks.

    I hate not to love.
    I hate that you’re not here at all,
    and no dreams will bring you closer.

    We were just getting started…over.

    Barely fifty-four.
    Did you have to take “over the hill” so seriously?
    Come back to me…because…
    I hate not to love…

  23. B Clay Strickland

    The Touchscreen Heart

    She had my heart at her fingertips,
    thumb swiped a lonely decade of pain
    in that instant she knew to look through
    blood and veins like an organ of transparency.

    And there it is, we fell for each others social media
    images, the cute smiley flirts and kisses emoti-‘cons’,
    pumping red ironed phantasies – we were great together
    online and on screen, and a hundred texts a day was all we
    knew of loves potentiality-spent oxygen in an aorta inevitability.

    But i Fell for her, her struggles and daily hardships that she would
    cry texting to me about, fell for her beautiful bluest of eyes blond hair
    little boy, whose own father would have nothing to do with- I Loved them,
    I cared for them, I gave, I comforted – And I Love Them Still in Palpitations,

    But she is lost in chambers of confusion, ventricles pumping screaming cells,
    murmuring over the coronary question of choosing Me or her Son’s Father again.

    And all i can do is imagine her there, phone in hand crying, her fingers on a screen,
    because she has my heart at her fingertips – and its a clear screen with no messages.

  24. artifiswords


    I never thought
    It would happen again
    After years+ of loneliness
    A lifetime in my own Hell

    But there’s a light inside
    Each one’s inner fire
    I refused to let the
    Coldness kill mine…
    Passion just on hold
    It takes a special someone
    To see inside your soul
    Lucky that I recognized
    When love came calling…
    I’ll hold on for dear life
    To dearer love…
    Forever sweet amour

    © 2016 Robert Mihaly

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  25. PKP

    Apologies for posting more than one day here… I have been so immersed in the political campaigns that I needed to play catch up …and even more need to feel part of the group… so here are my catch-up poems for today… Additional apologies for not responding as I usually do… Love The Street and walking together …

    PAD – Day 25. Exercise Poem “Morning Exercise”
    Morning Exercise

    it begin before
    eyes open the
    lifting, pressing,
    push, of pain
    away from the
    day that has not
    cannot will not
    begin until eyes
    can open in the
    sun and break
    the darkness of
    the estranged

    PAD Day 24. Lost and Found Poem “The Bubble”
    The Bubble

    burst wet and
    vanished in an
    Alice Wonderland
    of sea tears – my
    bubble of fine –
    just a filament
    on the horizon
    forming from
    the mist of
    butterfly breath
    the beginning
    of another

    PAD – Day 23. Footwear Poem “Tiny Timberlands” (also a lost and found poem)
    Tiny Timberlands

    Today I found them
    tucked in tissue
    in a yellowed box
    tiny Timberlands
    sent by a winter
    bound friend to
    us in the bright
    Caribbean sun
    I smiled then
    holding your
    naked newborn
    feet in one hand
    kissed your toes
    and tucked you in
    your cradle –
    the Timberlands
    in tissue paper
    they to be found
    you to be lost
    for now…

    PAD – Day 22. Star Poem “Starry Starry Night”
    Starry Starry Night

    keeps playing
    an endless
    of melancholic
    colors swirling
    against the
    pulling at
    pulling me
    Vincent’s ear

  26. artifiswords


    Why try again
    He wondered…

    From the start
    It was always
    Or so unequal…
    What could
    Change that?
    Was it too high
    On his part?
    Maybe he was
    Too willing to
    Give his heart

    As time goes by
    We have to hope
    Even up until
    The end…
    To love or
    Not to love
    That’s not a
    Question we
    Should have
    To ask…

    © 2016 Robert Mihaly

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  27. b_kelli


    It’s a little tangled
    Tied up in knots
    Around and through
    All the memories of what
    We had we knew
    It was always you
    Continues to be a rope
    That hangs me and holds me
    A noose and a hammock
    Can’t decide it’s too
    Complicated inside
    I’ve become a weaver
    Of make believe memories
    And traces of realities
    Braided together to make
    The rope so strong that
    Years can’t unravel it
    Travel it this twisted life I’m on
    Tangled in love or out of
    I’m not sure where you
    Begin and where I end
    Tie the knot or don’t
    My rope is gone

    -Kelli Schmidt Bultena

  28. Sara McNulty

    Two Viewpoints

    Tom Cruise
    in Scientology shoes
    thought he had Katie.
    She left–questioned his sanity.


    Cleopatra of Egypt
    was well-equipped.
    When told her love was dead
    she took her life, it’s said.

  29. Danielle Robinson

    Love More

     Love is us finding each other before we did.
    It is more than blind folds and secret rendezvouses.
    Love is our signature in union after divorcing our ancient lives.
    It is attending to and healing each other’s souls.
    Love is listening when really wanting to exclaim after any aches.
    It is more than naked summer nightsor sharing blankets and warmed beverages in the winter.
    Love is more than creating seeds.
    It is watching them grow in the light of our tender loving.
    Love is not just us.
    It is everyone that made us knowwhat love could really be more of as we love each other more…

    Love’s No 

    Love’s no dummy.
    It does not have the eyes of envy,
    a tongue of lies to a candid ear,
    a heart of vicious cords frolicked by a soul of hell,
    a belly of bitterness after a rancid feast,
    a touch of aversion against prejudice skin,
    or a walk in deceit.
    Love’s  no trinket. 

    Danielle C. Robinson

  30. Julieann


    Listening to the news
    How am I to react?
    Rape, sexual allegations
    Did I say murder?
    The Good Book tells us
    To love our neighbor
    I often find it difficult
    To love anyone!

  31. Alpha1


    Oh he’s just a friend is
    How she introduced me to hers.
    I thought I was more.
    We’ve been closer than
    Close before.
    Closer than most before so
    I thought we had more.
    Don’t get mixed emotions don’t
    Confuse making love with
    Being in love she said they not the same.

  32. pipersfancy

    First Time

    That first time you whispered breathlessly
    “I love you” as you held me in your arms
    all I could do was shudder, wipe tears from
    bloodshot eyes, and moan as I gazed over
    your left shoulder. Even in that moment
    of disorientation, with a lip already swollen
    from the impact of your fist, I knew you had
    just raised the ante—and I hated you for it.

  33. Jane Shlensky


    Love is the most abused of words
    in any language, culture, land,
    applied to sacred and mundane—
    no wonder we can’t understand.
    And yet if there is such a thing
    as universal purpose of
    all beings born upon the earth,
    it must be learning how to love.

  34. Jane Shlensky


    He tends a molten love, its magma housed
    in solid stone, puts on indifference,
    disguises feeling so he is alone—
    fearing eruption leaves him no defense.

  35. Jane Shlensky

    Love and Fear

    I hate how loving introduces fear
    of loss, of wonder gone too soon,
    how once we know how lovely “we” can be,
    we grow dissatisfied with “I” alone.
    To open up, to love, is to embrace
    vulnerability as sacred child,
    to know chances are good this ends in pain,
    and still we choose to love time and again.

  36. dextrousdigits

    I love words
    I love to
    roll them on my tongue
    bounce them in my brain
    until my ears vibrate with their rhythm

    I love to twist and twirl them
    with my pen until they dance on the page
    When they get dizzy, giggle and
    say drunken things
    they make me laugh.

  37. LoriP

    Dear Robert

    I don’t wanna
    I ain’t gunna
    You can’t make me

    Liar liar pants on fire
    Rubber glue sticks to you
    You’re not the boss of me

    He loves me loves me not
    Sitting in a tree k i s s i n g
    Girls have cuties

    Fine, there.
    Are you happy now?
    I wrote a love poem.


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