2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 24

I want to thank those who grabbed a copy of my Solving the World’s Problems collection yesterday. For a brief moment, the book cracked Amazon’s top 100,000 list, which isn’t bad for a 3-year-old collection of poems. If you missed out yesterday and want to order a copy today, click to continue.

For today’s prompt, write a poem in which something is lost and then regained. Maybe a relationship is lost and then regained, or a special keepsake. Maybe it was stolen and won back. Or maybe it was in your possession the whole time, but you just didn’t know it.


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Here’s my attempt at a Lost and Regained Poem:

“summer songs”

in autumn
i think
that’s it
summer gone

& with it
goes all those
summer songs
with summer beats
& sweet retreats

summer love lost
like summer heat
but maybe
summer never
really leaves

& autumn is
a summer ruse
a chance to sing
those soft
summer blues


roberttwitterimageRobert Lee Brewer promises that today is the last one on which he’ll promote his poetry collection in the opening paragraph. After all, he’s been mentioning the book all month in the paragraph below this one–as all you bio-reading readers know. By the way, thank you for reading all these bio notes throughout the month. I hope they’ve been somewhat fun to read; I’ve had fun writing them.

Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community, which means he gets to do a million things to help writers find more success with their writing (including this blog). He’s also the author of Solving the World’s Problems (Press 53).

Connect with him on Twitter @RobertLeeBrewer.


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308 thoughts on “2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 24

  1. grcran


    a great many of my poems
    are about you
    you are my most important person
    it does seem that sometimes
    you don’t or won’t believe it
    but you are
    and i, i am only your foundling
    you found me
    we found one another
    i found you
    you found me lacking
    and i, i found you to my liking
    you don’t or won’t believe it
    and once again i am lost
    and i do and i will believe
    that you are beautiful
    that i adore you cherish you love you
    and that i am your foundling

    gpr crane

  2. BDP


    The night bird sang out monotone, and thunder beat
    weak syncopation in the background when you phoned.

    I, too, have known all style of ache, have learned to dodge
    if threatened. Your ace, this: my false-strong when you phoned.

    You bet on fraud, on both our shrug-goodbyes, not seen,
    deciphered through the line, no Sturm und Drang: you phoned.

    Alone, my anger scratched the darkness, shadow flash
    in place of real-heart lightning, trust gone, when you phoned.

    Gloom breaking up with light, at sunrise. Some small peace
    regained, rain stalled. I slept at dawn, and then you phoned.

    –Barb Peters

  3. deborahbgkelly

    An Excuse to Break Away (Lost and Gained poem)

    I lost some teeth, but gained some time
    An excuse to break away
    From the hustle-bustle of the everyday

    I lost some tonsils but gained some time
    An excuse to break away
    From the hustle-bustle of the everyday

    He lost an appendix
    But we gained some time
    An excuse to break away
    From the hustle-bustle of the everyday

  4. Genevieve

    Lost and Found

    Lost myself
    For so many years
    Finally found
    The little girl
    Who had been lost
    Crying lonely tears.
    The reunion
    Gave me life
    When I needed
    It the most.
    Don’t lose heart
    Or bury yourself
    Before you breathe
    That one last breath.

  5. RJ Clarken

    Eternal Reassurance

    “It was one of those rare smiles with a quality of eternal reassurance in it, that you may come across four or five times in life.” ~F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

    She glanced across the room at him
    and suddenly, with no prelim,
    he understood eternal want.
    Her lips conveyed a promised haunt.

    A smile so rare, he could not guess
    if he were cursed or God did bless,
    but memories would tease and taunt.
    Her lips conveyed a promised haunt.

    How many years had passed ‘til this?
    His mind raced on, recalled one kiss.
    He looked away. Too nonchalant?
    Her lips conveyed a promised haunt.

    When he glanced back, he saw the space
    where just before, he’d seen her face.
    But briefly they were grand romaunt.
    A vanished smile’s a promised haunt.


  6. Michelle Hed

    I Held You in My Hands

    We had a life together
    a fantastic, joyous adventure.
    Sure we argued
    but when we rumbled
    and the sparks flew
    I just knew
    we would always work it through.

    For a long time
    it was just the two of us,
    learning, growing,
    figuring out how to be US.
    We worked pretty well together
    but then we decided to change.

    My belly grew
    three times
    its original size
    and we were close, so close
    to the date of arrival,
    when he didn’t come home,
    he will never come home.

    Then, I held you.
    Calmly looking back at me
    with his eyes
    and his chin
    and I knew
    I held you.

  7. Marilyn Cavicchia

    Our Lost Things Await Us

    In the lost and found
    there are
    items that need our attention.
    A raveled thread,
    a hole in the sock of life:
    We were gone for several days
    and now we are not.
    Our lost things await us
    on a certain folding table
    at the top of the stairs
    as a janitor polishes the floor.
    If we left again,
    maybe he’d still be there;
    forward and back, forward and back
    goes time.

  8. lionmother

    Temporary Garment

    For awhile happiness flew away
    the free spirit inside of me ceased to exist
    and was replaced with an antiquated version
    a crone with stringy hair and frowning mouth
    sadness weighed her down as if she were
    carrying a mountain of sorrow
    she ruled my days with her bouts of tears
    and sad reminiscences of a man no longer here
    sweet remembrances of him filled my days
    and pushed sleep from my nights
    I struggled with this persona
    slipping out of it to greet the outer world
    yet donned the presence once more in the
    private world of my own space
    all the while trying each day to move the weight
    of the sadness she carried
    until finally one day I found I could
    slip off this version of sadness and remain at peace
    for I had discovered my happiness had lived
    inside of me all this time
    protected by the cushion of comfort my mind had
    conceived and I had not lost it
    instead it had been misplaced
    under all of the misery
    of my sorrowful self who could now be dissolved
    for I had found my freedom and with it came
    the renewal of my happy self
    though the sadness lived inside of me
    I no longer needed to parade it
    as if it were my only garment
    copyright 2016 by Barbara Ehrentreu

  9. PKP

    Tiny Timberlands

    Today I found them
    tucked in tissue
    in a yellowed box
    tiny Timberlands
    sent by a winter
    bound friend to
    us in the bright
    Caribbean sun
    I smiled then
    holding your
    naked newborn
    feet in one hand
    kissed your toes
    and tucked you in
    your cradle –
    the Timberlands
    in tissue paper
    they to be found
    you to be lost
    for now…

  10. PKP

    The Bubble

    burst wet and
    vanished in an
    Alice Wonderland
    of sea tears – my
    bubble of fine –
    just a filament
    on the horizon
    forming from
    the mist of
    butterfly breath
    the beginning
    of another

      1. ppfautsch24

        Lost & Found
        Your love is never lost, though I let it slip at times,
        when I falter and lose my way.
        Release my fingers and my grip as I slowly meld into what society says is right.
        Unraveling and unwinding, is it hip or right.
        Reeling down a spiral; I just need to open my
        hands and surrender to Your love, that is
        always found.
        Even when I am lost.
        By Pamelap

  11. Azma

    Once stranded

    Just a slight unwanted tug
    at the pearl necklace was enough
    to break every bondage
    that held the pearls together.
    Separated, they bounced and rolled
    haphazardly missing every chance
    to come in rescuing clasps.
    All the pearls that were once in sight
    disappeared into dark corners
    fearing to meet a destiny
    where they would be lost forever.
    It took them plenty of patience
    and a lot of faith
    to be found and joined back
    to where they belong.

    -Azma Sheikh

  12. stargypsy


    I have always wondered really
    Who I Am …
    My life has been spent of years
    wandering lost
    to know

    How can someone be lost
    when they are not sure who
    they are?
    No sure if they want to be found…

    Deep in my soul I knew
    who I wanted to be…
    what I wanted to do…
    however …
    the Search continues

    Copyright © 2016 Annie Original Poetry
    Always…I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
    As Ever, Annie


  13. Thedeb

    Lost and Found
    By Debbie Cerrito

    I left it there
    But it’s not there now
    I lost it again
    But I don’t know how

    I search and I search
    But I can’t find it
    I try to catch up
    But I’m always behind it

    I’ve lost my mind
    But I know how to pray
    I didn’t find it yet
    But tomorrow’s another day


  14. shellkaysm

    Freedom’s Propusion

    Gliding around the curves of a narrow stream bend, algae growing rampant, the koi spy open waters ahead. The pond welcomes them, freedom just a fin-stroke forward. One-by-one, their butterfly tails miss not a flutter. A silent sigh, a moment of choice–or not a choice at all. With swift body wiggle, each decidedly propels itself onward into uncharted territory. Without pause, moving on brings wild abandon–though not reckless, just filled with hope, joy, and limitless opportunity (even if one day, perhaps today, it’s proven false).

    Floating, safe currents
    lull, memories of springs past
    No need to peek back

  15. Yolee

    Poems Disappear or Get Caught

    Some sit on top of an eyelash when I’m
    almost asleep and they swing gangly legs
    until I open my red eyes. They steal
    the rough draft of unrealized dreams.

    But sometimes I catch one
    still loopy from gallivanting in other
    places having squandered frenweh
    because shapes and shades
    dissolve like cotton candy.

    After my poem naps on a soft hunch,
    she searches in out-of-the-way shops
    and conflates her little finds.

  16. hohlwein


    Appearances all.
    All disappearances, just appearances, just visions
    lack of vision
    lack of inclusion

    To think we could lose

    any of it

    Until we lose all of it.

    Nothing is lost – it is right there
    out of sight, out of mind, but present,
    accessible -possibly.

    No. it’s all there
    every utterance, every possibility,
    every dip in the reedy pond or touch, expressed
    , books – understood, read at least, read.
    And all our days and all our nights,
    their magic and tedium and meaning
    under our skin

    Nothing is lost, really.
    Until all of it is.

  17. Asha1000

    Pounds Regained

    Mango ice cream
    – the pounds we lost on diet days.
    Mango ice cream
    – pounds regained through deserts supreme.
    With meagre shade from tropic rays,
    we embraced cool summer parfaits:
    Mango ice cream!

    – Lelawattee Manoo-Rahming

  18. seamuscorleone


    Relationships change like
    Cell phones:
    By the time you get used
    To how one works,
    It’s obsolete.

    Or maybe it’s me
    That’s different.

    Have I become like
    My grandfather,
    Too stuck in my ways to
    Adapt to a new age?

    And was he like that with his grandfather
    Before that,
    Wondering why the old man wouldn’t
    Learn to use the indoor plumbing
    Or try the brand new
    Wind-up car?

    Changing doesn’t have to mean
    Abandoning the old for the new.
    It can mean adapting with the way
    Things change,
    Keeping the best of the way things were
    And fitting them with the way things are..

    And baby, you may not have a touch screen,
    But I’d love to push your buttons.

  19. artifiswords


    He loved her deeply
    There was never
    The slightest doubt…
    To him…perfection

    Submarine racing
    On a summer’s eve…yes
    But respect for her
    Was total…no meant no

    But he wondered why
    When he said he loved her
    There was no like reply
    Was she shy…or not
    Feeling the same for him?
    If not…did he want to know?
    Came the day…the answer too
    She wanted freedom
    No meant not him

    Years passed…a lifetime
    Love’s in the picture
    He believes it can last
    Just as he had already feared
    Love would be nevermore…
    All over and in the past
    He knows providence
    Shines upon him…fate
    Finally came through

    © 2016 Robert Mihaly

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  20. mschied


    Where oh, where are
    my keys
    I’m just asking please
    can you help me find my keys
    here I am, down on my knees
    I’m begging, I’m groveling
    I shoveling through boxes of teas
    and piles of trees
    Here, I’ve moved my pup
    who’s scratching her fleas
    I’ve even said a bunch of
    St. Anthony’s, God
    Won’t you please tell me
    where are my keys

    I’ve found them, my keys
    what a joy, what a breeze
    of fresh air cross the seas
    oh, no, I’m going to sneeze
    oh, well, I’d rather the leaves
    compost my seeds
    then ever again, be without
    my keys

  21. Monique

    The Mermaid’s Journey

    I was foolish to give my voice away
    to try and belong to another world.
    I thought that I needed to leave my home
    in order to find what I really wanted

    I loved exploring all these new things
    in this world I never really knew,
    this brave new world
    that has such people in it.

    But in losing my voice
    I lost part of myself
    I move like a shadow,
    all shape, but no sound.

    The woman I used to be
    remains in my mind
    In this tempestuous dance,
    I search for myself again.

    This desire, this constant search for satisfaction
    is such stuff that dreams are made of
    In not getting what I want,
    I find the things I need.

    Through silent screams and stormy weather,
    I begin a new journey in this paradoxical dance.
    In denying myself of what I seemingly want,
    I begin to find what I was looking for all along

    Maybe I was never really meant to have the things I want
    Because those things wouldn’t help me become any better
    It took leaving the brave new world and returning home
    to make me realize that home was what I longed for all along

    I appreciate what I have all over again
    and in this newfound gratitude, my voice returns to me
    No longer do I dance in the shadow of my former self.
    Instead, I rest in the relief that comes with finding home

    This new union of the thesis in my search for satisfaction,
    to the antithesis of the constant self-denial
    have formed a new synthesis that takes hold of my heart.
    While I’ll always journey far and wide, there is truly no place like home

  22. Shennon

    Why so glum, young boy?
    The game is just beginning.
    Why so glum, young boy?
    It’s only the second inning.
    Why so glum, young boy?
    Because the score’s one to eight?
    Why so glad, young boy?
    You came back to win –
    that’s great!


  23. MaggieIrene

    Catch and Release

    I am one week away
    from letting you go for good,
    though we went our own way
    once before, a couple years back,
    tried to tell myself just give you up,
    relax, quit trolling lake waters, then
    just when I’d accepted our truce,
    there you were jerking my line, oh,
    okay, may as well take your bait,
    so you and I… we’ve had another
    couple years, good fun preparing
    to swim off alone and now
    it feels right, really seems
    time for you to go
    your way me to go
    mine, we’re done
    you and me,
    bigger fish
    in my sea
    of books,
    I shall

  24. mariahewilson

    Olly’s the bastard
    Jon Snow might be dead
    the Red Woman has magic
    it’s all in her head

    Not a Snow. Not a Stark.
    Targaryen will rise
    with the power of King’s blood
    and fire in his eyes

    In the Game of Thrones
    you win or you die
    he’s already done one
    he’ll give the other a try.


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