2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 22

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For today’s prompt, take the phrase “Star (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then, write the poem. Possible titles include: “Star-struck,” “Star Man,” “Star Wars Prequels Aren’t Star Wars Movies,” “Starter Set,” “Stark Raving Mad,” and so on. Remember: I’m totally fine with prompts that get bent a bit.


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Here’s my attempt at a Star Blank Poem:

“Star Chart”

the evening sky is a black sheet
with pinpoint holes displaying
the cosmos or it’s a vacuum

separated by giant balls of gas
that give and take away life
without consideration
& here is a grid that collects
what we know which we know
is not as much as we will know
& knowing that we still talk
about our knowledge as if
we know what we’re talking about
which of course we don’t
robert-lee-brewer-poetry-promptsRobert Lee Brewer loves to look at the stars and consider the possibilities of all that universe. So much opportunity for life to exist elsewhere, and the strange chance that all the pieces that happened to fall into place for our Earth to harbor life may make it unique compared to anywhere else.
Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community, which means he gets to do a million things to help writers find more success with their writing (including this blog). He’s also the author of Solving the World’s Problems (Press 53).
Connect with him on Twitter @RobertLeeBrewer.

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318 thoughts on “2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 22

  1. Amy Amelia

    Star Wars

    Those wars and battles that started so long ago,
    And have been with me since my first steps,
    There, in the background,
    Mixed with the colours of music and landscapes,
    All bundled up in my memories.
    Only now as it comes alive from its slumber,
    It awakens mine,
    Only now that I have grown and seen red and cold,
    It awakens me into its world.
    It awakens me to life as I stand to carry the weights of this world,
    It awakens me to new ideas and freedom,
    And love.

  2. deborahbgkelly


    On a special night
    With him holding my hand
    That’s what I long for
    A date night with simplicity
    A feeling that it’s just the two of us
    Yet, feeling that we are merely a small part
    Stargazing is love

  3. Ency Peterson


    they said I wasn’t going anywhere
    they claimed I should give up
    I chose not to listen
    And now I’ve a mess to clean up

    It doesn’t worry me any
    It makes me strive even more
    I keep wondering why
    they think I need something else

    I’m always starting something new
    Something that catches my eye
    It never gets finished
    I hit a snag every time

    I lose a random chapter
    or find it doesn’t flow
    My muse has gone missing
    and with it my willpower

    But now I’m going back
    To those unfinished projects
    I’ll restart them this time
    Keeping the old as reference

    I’ll start each project anew
    I’ll study what went wrong
    I’ll stick it to my naysayers
    And I’ll finish them this time

  4. Michelle Hed

    Star, That I Wished Upon

    I sat
    by my window
    late one night
    and I wished upon
    a star.

    I waited
    and waited
    but my wish
    was unfulfilled.

    Years later
    I found myself
    at a different window
    late at night
    and I smiled
    up at my star.

    I realized
    just today
    my wish
    had been

    If only
    I had known then,
    there is
    no time limit
    on wishes.

    1. PKP

      whoops .. let’s end this…

      Starry Starry Night

      keeps playing
      an endless
      of melancholic
      colors swirling
      against the
      pulling at
      pulling me

  5. Thedeb

    Stars over Florida
    By Debbie Cerrito

    star filled skies
    carpet of speckles
    covers a world above the clouds
    splash of beauty for

    Stars over Florida
    By Debbie Cerrito

    star filled skies
    carpet of speckles
    covers a world above the clouds
    splash of beauty for

  6. Pat Walsh

    Star Late
    by Patrick J. Walsh

    in the aftermath
    her arms drawn close
    against the remnant chill
    of infection

    her gaze lingered
    watching out the window
    at the dim gauze
    of evening

    resigned she traced
    the star passing silent
    too late for wishes
    of deliverance

  7. stargypsy

    Star …

    I have always
    been drawn to
    Stars …
    the heavens
    have intrigued
    me since childhood

    The first rhyme I
    learned from my
    Mom was …
    “Star Light, Star Bright”
    Followed by “Twinkle
    Twinkle Little Star”
    The first song I learned
    to sing at four was Perry Como’s
    “Catch a Falling Star”

    For years I have collected
    Moon & Star everything…
    jewelry in particular
    Wearing a ring that I
    never remove
    I was given the handle
    Stargypsy by someone
    dear to me … not my
    first love … but my last

    When he didn’t call me
    “Kid” he called me “Star”
    never my real name
    because Star was his
    name for me and me

    After all these years
    I can still hear his
    voice saying …
    even though he
    is no longer in this
    realm, I know he is
    there watching
    over me …

    I am Star…

    Copyright © 2016 Annie Original Poetry
    Always…I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
    As Ever, Annie

  8. Azma

    Star ship or Flying Saucer?

    The sky finds it painless
    to hide its secrets
    within an endless
    expanse of ascendance

    The stars sneak a look
    behind clouds that keep them hooked
    An airplane with the flight it took
    also keeps by its rule book.

    The sky has admirers ,
    multitudes of enquirers-
    if they would ever be spotters
    of star ships or flying saucers

    -Azma Sheikh

  9. briehuling

    Day 22

    Star Woman

    There comes that moment
    when you finally realize
    you have a supernova
    on your hands
    your very own field guide
    to the heavens.
    It’s a good thing
    she’s visible to the naked
    eye because whatever
    you thought you were
    waiting for evidently
    has a different position to the sun.
    Her luminous sphere
    of plasma so sweetly
    held together by it’s own gravity
    radiates you utterly loveable.

    Brie Huling

  10. Catherine Conley

    Star Song

    A new light glows
    In the sky tonight.
    The sun sets and
    The sky reflects
    Purples, raspberry, and mauve,
    And the heavens reverberate
    With the trepidation of the spheres
    As this innovative entity joins
    The ethereal, euphonious ensemble.

    The day ends, but
    The song never stops.
    That, he left with us.

    Catherine Conley

  11. LCaramanna

    Stardust and Moonbeams

    Stardust and moonbeams
    through your bedroom window
    twinkle and shimmer
    wrap you rosy in a glow

    of moonbeams and stardust
    through your bedroom window
    shine darkness away as you slumber
    pretty head on your pillow

    radiant in stardust and moonbeams
    through your bedroom window
    dream pleasant dreams, little one,
    as you sleep all aglow

    in stardust and moonbeams

  12. samisal

    Stargazing where comfortable meets wonderful, I left you alone for a moment
    I’m sure you didn’t notice I was gone
    But I used you as my anchor as I crept up into the (slightly) darker plane above us
    Where the ginger-flavored meteors left dust for me to taste
    When your arm tugged on my arm, I drifted back down
    And I watched the colorful waves, wondering what they could possibly be reflecting
    Was it me?
    Or something more important?

    Next to you again, I buried into you
    And shrunk down till I fit in your pocket
    It was comfortable there; I used it like a bed, but I didn’t fall asleep
    How could I? Your heart was beating slow but loud
    It was so fascinating that I never wanted to stop listening
    Until you put me on your belly and I listened to you breathe, floating up and down like a boat on wakes

    When we left I forgot my scarf at the shore
    Or perhaps it flew into the water when I was floating through the thick starry jungle
    Perhaps it never grew when I lept out of your hand and hit the ground with regular sized feet
    I forgot about it anyways
    Until the next morning
    When you held my hand and it felt
    Like silk

    1. ppfautsch24

      Fallen Star
      Gone too soon, like a falling star across the sky
      during the night, settling quietly in the morning
      While here you shimmered like diamonds and pearls to an ingenue girl of 13, whose tears
      were soft and wet; living in a world of paisley
      colored dreams.
      Your star lightens and brightens as it now
      illuminates the sky and showers purple rain
      from the heavens.
      By Pamelap

  13. shellcook

    Star Field

    Like a child’s blanket,
    the stars settle down ,
    nestled over valley and hill.
    And where each star touches,

    a place of healing springs forth,
    as if touched by the hand of God.
    The blue of the star blanket
    gently kneads the forms beneath it,

    causing any darkness to rise and dissipate,
    while the stars, like diamonds,
    reflect a newness back into
    its depleted form.

    The blue light of Christic Consciousness,
    leaving peace and love in its wake,
    has, finally, come to us,
    now, a disciple of Mankind.

    Spread the blanket
    and heal the Earth.


  14. Austin Hill

    Star Struck

    Fifteen sixty-four
    birthed two Renaissance thinkers
    that changed the western world.

    One, Galileo, looked to the stars;
    The other, Shakespeare, the Bard, wrote about them.

    Galileo peered through a telescope and saw
    stars the naked eye could (and could not) see;
    not blazes of light but discs;
    and the Milky Way, nebulous not,
    but a multitude of stars appearing as such.

    Shakespeare composed with a quill dipped in ink that
    the stars are not to blame for our circumstances, we are;
    our destiny is within us, not in the stars
    one can doubt stars’ fire, but never love;
    and the northern star exemplifies the kind of dependability
    to which humans should aspire.

    With telescope and quill
    they changed the western world.
    Two Renaissance thinkers
    born in Fifteen sixty-four.

    © April 2016 Suzanne S. Austin-Hill

  15. mariahewilson

    Stars Guide

    Even in the darkest night
    stars don’t light the path
    but guide the way
    like glimmers of hope
    that sparkle and shine
    close your eyes, pray,
    turn a deaf ear to the noise
    listen to your heart
    even in the darkest night
    stars guide, come what may.

  16. drwasy


    Black bird with glossy wings
    That hint of richer, grander things
    You stare at me with beady eye
    Before you launch into your cry
    And launch your ken into the sky
    A gray cloud that swoops down low
    You see me now, smaller below
    What I wish you cannot know
    But it is this: I wish to fly
    Leave my life, soar through the sky

  17. lionmother

    Star Light Star Bright

    In the brief interlude between sunset and dark
    we played a game when I was a girl
    watch the sky and find the first star you see
    make a wish as soon as you spy this light
    and don’t tell anyone
    I wish I may and I wish I might
    have the wish I wish tonight
    and I would dream wish for things
    a doll, a new dress, to stay up late
    but childhood is a blip in time
    eons while you are in it,
    but gone in a flash like a star’s light
    and the grown up girl/woman still wished
    upon the first star playing the game
    and wishing for the impossible
    the marriage dream, the children dream
    and as each year passed the dreams
    became reality yet the game continued
    each night as the sun closed down for the day
    and darkness overcame the sky
    I peered upward for the first star
    teaching my children and hearing them
    play the game as they wished
    for the impossible to come true
    but now as the first star’s light
    shines in the evening sky
    and purple turns to black
    my only wish on this light
    sent from light years away
    to shine on me
    is to see your face again
    and watch you
    laugh as I play my silly game
    of catching the first star
    copyright 2016 by Barbara Ehrentreu

  18. mswunion1976

    Star Clucks

    The latest place to open up
    Serves you chicken
    In a cup

    Forget the coffee latte story
    Go with stewed or

    It’s no barista serving capon
    It’s grandma! In her new
    Green apron

    There is one tiny, minor flaw
    It’s hard to sip it through
    A straw

    We make it right, if you’re concerned
    At Star Clucks nothing will taste

  19. Shennon

    Star-crossed lovers
    Try to understand
    the depth of their
    They struggle to unearth
    truths buried under
    generations of lies.
    They drown in
    torture themselves
    with accusations.
    The depth of their
    star-crossed lovers
    Fail to understand.


  20. Anvanya

    Star Bound

    Third planet from the Sun,
    Living on the Goldilocks rocks
    Binds us with gravity’s tugs
    To Gaia, ties us to Luna,
    Crushes us with the rise and fall
    Of the tides twice daily –

    Great Lord Poseidon frequently
    Laughs at our schemes, our so-very-
    Thought-through-completely plans
    To dominate His Seas.

    We are determined to rule Poseidon’s
    Realms by means of war craft and
    Overshadowing numbers.
    Or so we imagine.

    We have forgotten – or, possibly
    Never learned – that our bodies are
    Mostly water, and sea-water at that.
    Long before our Ancestors struggled
    From the briny deeps onto land,
    Learned to sun-bathe in starlight,
    Frozen bits came crashing,
    Atom by atom, from deep in the cold
    Of Space to gather and then to be
    Made inseparable by the will of Poseidon.

    Every star has a planet in thrall
    Every planet has an ocean
    Every ocean is ruled by a
    Jealous god who watches over
    The deeps, scans the plans of Men,
    and then roars with humour
    At the plans of planetary atoms.

  21. b_kelli

    Star Keeper

    Bottled up like little gems
    A collection of wishes
    And why’s.
    They keep on a shelf
    With dust but
    The sparkling kind.
    She guards them
    Like gold or silver
    Laced promises,
    With a childlike regard
    For how it may seem.
    A jar with a star is
    Hardly the sane
    Kind of thing.
    She harvests at night
    When the wishes
    Are ripe and the
    Stars hang low
    On the vine.
    The Keeper,
    She says,
    Call me the Star Keeper.
    And she laughs with
    Delight as she flies.

    -Kelli Schmidt-Bultena

  22. WildThing

    Star Light …

    Velvet black sky
    Blood Moon night
    Here and there
    Stars light blink

    Dancing joyfully
    ‘Round red beauty
    In perfect contrast
    White silver light

    Energy courses
    Through the air
    Power and strength
    Grace and peace

    Wondrous vision
    Three hours of red
    Long awaited
    So soon gone

    Still the stars
    Remain behind
    Dancing in joy
    White silver light

    Wild Thing ©2016
    This poem can be seen with its accompanying photo at: https://wildthing404.wordpress.com/2016/04/23/star-light/

  23. Jane Shlensky

    Starling Ballet

    Invasive species though they are
    attacking eggs and stealing nests,
    these iridescent feathered star-
    lings have talents beyond conquests.

    They mimic voices, car alarms,
    and travel in great swarming flocks,
    hundreds of thousands shredding farms
    and yet there is a paradox.

    As hateful as these birds can be
    ousting songbirds who have no chance,
    with starling murmurations, see
    sometimes their hordes join in flash dance—

    and then the world forgets their wrongs
    for choreographed clouds’ leap, turn, wave
    to nature’s music, instinct’s songs,
    thousands in aerial ballet.

  24. Jane Shlensky


    While other lilies hang their heads
    and search the ground for moon-faced dew,
    star-gazers lift and open wide
    to look at skies, petal-open,
    sifting stars for motes of light,
    mining for sparks, bright fires.

    Some say their scent is like desire,
    too heady for a single room,
    for they belong beneath the stars,
    in full sunlight, like melting wax,
    their pink throats gulping wind and light.
    A field of stargazer lilies must look
    like stars to stars gazing down.

  25. KatesBookshelf

    Okay, a little more on point for today…

    Starry Sky

    Midnight blue field with silvered dashes
    connecting alphas and betas and iotas
    till Orion bursts forth as the mighty Hunter
    shooting across the sky as the stories
    ancient stories unfold
    The lions, great bears, and bulls
    circling around the mighty men
    the dreamers and beasts
    wrapped into a dome of magical light
    whirling around and around at dizzying speeds
    as the sun sets and the moon rises and
    the reverse in seasons and moments
    and arc minutes and right ascensions
    till they pinpoints bleed into the galaxy that
    we call home as far off distant light shoots forth
    A star? No, another world light years away.

  26. KatesBookshelf

    Stark Raving Mad

    is what the March Hare
    calls Alice
    who really must be a writer
    because who else has dreams
    like that?

    Because Robert’s prompt was too good to not use. This is not my ‘star’ poem, but I could not resist!

  27. Sara McNulty


    A beautiful night to stargaze,
    early fall, the heavens are clear.
    At first glance stars look like a maze.
    Keep looking, outlines will appear.

    Early fall, the heavens are clear.
    Can you see the big dipper’s shape?
    Keep looking, outlines will appear.
    You might even see Batman’s cape.

    Can you see the big dipper’s shape?
    A twinkling illumination.
    You might even see Batman’s cape.
    What a source of fascination.

    Early fall, the heavens are clear.
    At first glance stars look like a maze.
    Keep looking, outlines will appear.
    A beautiful night to stargaze.


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