2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 19

How are we already just one day away from the big 2-0 for the month? Where does the time go? Hope everyone’s having as productive a month as I am.

For today’s prompt, take on one (or both) of the following prompts:

  • Write a cool poem. Or…
  • Write a uncool poem.


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Here’s my attempt at a Cool and/or Uncool Poem:


i’ve found the best way to keep my cool
is to not worry about being cool. after all,

if i’m some fool trying to be cool and lose
that cool, it stands to reason that my new

season will be a bit hotter under the collar
& summer can be a bummer when you let

it. so i play it cool by not worrying about
whether i look cool; i just am cool…

like an ice cold swimming pool.


roberttwitterimageRobert Lee Brewer never was part of the “cool” group, because he’s always marched to his own drummer. That said, he’s always had a lot of friends because he keeps his cool and knows how to laugh at himself and the situations he gets into, whether he’s in the wrong or not. Really, there’s no better way to take the curve balls life throws at a person.

Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community, which means he gets to do a million things to help writers find more success with their writing (including this blog). He’s also the author of Solving the World’s Problems (Press 53).

Connect with him on Twitter @RobertLeeBrewer.


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283 thoughts on “2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 19

  1. PKP

    Two boys one girl

    The way he leaned against the wall
    I heard in a brown leather jacket
    an unlit cigarette in his lips
    dark eyes slitted
    The way that other one leaned
    on his friend red-faced laughing
    making fart noises with his arm
    both watching her

  2. deborahbgkelly

    Colorado Winter

    It’s so cool to live in Colorado
    Our winters are so strange
    Well, I won’t lie
    All year long
    Our seasons defy

    It’s uncool to live in Colorado
    We get dumped with snow
    In April or May
    Sometimes even in August

    It’s so cool that we can’t rely on our weather patterns
    It’s uncool that we can’t rely on our weather patterns
    I love Colorado

  3. Thedeb

    By Debbie Cerrito

    Child of the sixties,
    born to a cool generation.
    The Beatles and
    the Rolling Stones,
    bell bottoms and love beads
    and peace signs and Woodstock.

    Times have changed,
    now cool is hot and rock is rap.
    Clothes are designer and
    I still want to be a “Paperback Writer”
    and I still pray that “Time is On My Side”

  4. LCaramanna

    Epitome of Cool

    There was a boy
    Back in preschool
    He could sing
    The alphabet
    And boy, that was cool!

    There was a kid
    Back in grade school
    She sold more
    Girl Scout Cookies
    Than anyone else
    And kid, that was cool!

    There was a girl
    Back in high school
    She wore jeans
    To the prom
    Everyone else felt overdressed
    And girl, was she cool!

    There was a professor
    Back in college
    Who dated
    Every young woman in class
    Two at a time
    Man, that was unbelievably cool –
    Until his wife found out!

    And then there’s my mom
    Who accentuates the positive
    Lives life to its fullest
    Thanks God every day
    For the blessings He gives
    Woman, you are the epitome of cool.

    Lorraine Caramanna

  5. LCaramanna

    When Twilight Cools

    Twilight cools
    as the sun takes daylight
    warmth somewhere below the horizon.
    I sink deeper into my sweatshirt,
    quicken my step,
    turn for home.
    As the sun’s heat radiates
    somewhere below the horizon,
    twilight cools and darkness settles.
    I sink deeper into my sweatshirt
    to shield my cold, cold heart.

    Lorraine Caramanna

  6. moxiemarie

    Cool Sheets

    I know the way a cool sheet feels
    When, as I lie flat on my back
    I hold the edge and lightly shake,
    And watch it billow up then float
    And lightly settle cool and clean
    Along my naked length.

    And when I cannot sleep, I rise
    And feel my bare soles meet the tile
    So white and cool, I stand and let
    The coolness rise within me, then
    My breath slows and my calm returns
    The tile warms; the moment’s gone.

  7. briehuling

    Day 19

    blue kid on the block

    This time it’s true, I swear
    life in the middle ages
    the awkward
    the neon
    the braces imprinting with each
    tongue swirling first kiss
    the weird slow dance with the girl
    wearing a shoplifted bra
    stuffed lumpy with tissue

    this body, that body, the invisible body
    pimples pussing and periods leaking
    The heart so heavy you want to
    drop it in your locker pocket
    and pick it up never

    The bully bulging and drooling and threatening
    dungeons and dragons, shapeshifting
    into a popular girl
    Jordache jeans and a puffy perm
    a Huffy and helmet ditched in the bushes
    just to dodge the names

    The praying, oh the praying
    to get out of here alive–
    Your pockets flapped out like tiny wings
    to fly, fly away to the-land-without-cool.

    Brie Huling
    (thanks for the title This American Life)

  8. Tom Hayes


    oh cool is
    as cool does
    so they say

    no telling
    what will be
    cool today

    don’t talk it
    just do it
    the cool way

    — by Tom Hayes ©2016

  9. Angie5804

    That’s Uncool

    I don’t care if your hair is pink
    your opinion is just what you think
    but don’t poke fun at the quiet guy
    don’t put him down because he’s shy

    you might be a football star
    a game player is what you are
    that doesn’t mean you count for more
    you need to work on your rapport

    yes we know you’re very smart
    but what is the state of your heart?
    what matters if it’s four-point-o?
    have you helped the average Joe?

    look around and you will see
    lot’s of people just like me
    with lot’s of thoughts and love to share
    did you know it’s cool to care?

  10. Yolee

    This Is

    for the uncool kind who will never
    walk in or out of poems with glossy finishes,
    whose feet are too big for narrow lines-

    for the uncool kids who miss
    prom and enigmatically dance with
    the traveling fog. Serendipity holds
    your ticket in its pocket-

    for the uncool folk beating
    any surface long after the drum
    has been put away. Your roll
    rides in the offing.

  11. Beth Henary Watson


    It is
    To slip
    Of spring,
    Sound off
    In due
    For rites
    Us through:
    As if
    Those were
    Not things
    Now past.

  12. Tracy Davidson

    The ‘Cool’ Look

    apparently it’s cool
    to wear your waistband
    below your boxers

    the crotch of your trousers
    dragged uncomfortably down
    to your knees

    to slouch about
    like the Hunchback of Notre Dame
    hands in your pockets

    I’m cool with being un-cool

  13. mariahewilson


    We were geeks
    band hall nerds
    D&D freaks.
    We didn’t fit
    in any clique
    we were equal parts
    jock, band geek,
    bookworm and
    leave me alone.
    We knew worse fates
    than being picked last
    or not having dates.

  14. drwasy

    Ponderings on Sleeping Apart

    Outside morning dawns crystalline
    the air free of moistness, the chill
    closes up the dandelions tight.
    Inside also is cool; the pipes
    clang from hot steam pumped from furnace.
    When I was smaller and younger
    the noises scared me, so sure monsters
    would crawl out and swallow me whole.
    Now isn’t cool from lack of heat;
    the loss something less tangible
    than air; I wish I knew what was missing.

  15. Kimiko Martinez

    Jumping back in when and where I can. Hoping to backtrack and make up for the lost days. Fingers crossed.


    I used to burn hot
    kick off the covers at night
    as I lay next to you

    we would kiss and I’d
    nuzzle into that sweet space on
    your shoulder, press my cheek to

    your chest and feel your
    cool breath stick to my skin,
    stick to the heat between us.

    I used to burn hot
    but without you next to me
    there’s just the cold space of

    miles and memories between us.

    Copyright Kimiko Martinez, 2016

  16. C. Kess

    day after blues

    he’s lying in a casket
    and mama’s weeping on the line
    rattling quietly and sister crying
    she can’t stand to see him in pine
    his old lady’s eating cake
    damn she feels sublime

    he got liquored up at the bar last night
    and flung a bottle and stool
    stumbled home
    drowned in a tub full of water and drool
    he was ornery and violent yesterday
    but today his temper done cooled

  17. pcm

    water and ice

    when you see a lifebird
    —a species you see in real
    life for the first time—
    your life changes as if
    you suddenly became
    fluent in a new language
    or understood how
    to ski a black diamond
    slope without snow
    plowing or pedaled your
    two wheeler without anyone
    holding you up

    at Christmas, Hanukah
    and Diwali, the northern
    hemisphere goes berserk—
    gentle water turns to angry
    ice, once warm, friendly
    breezes now rude and cold
    slap you cheeks life drains
    from each leaf and blade
    shrivels bloodless
    even the trees play dead

    festivals of light defy the dark
    pinch of winter as the earth
    withdraws from the sun
    tips away as if contemplating
    a new orbit the way a dog
    lifts his nose to the wind
    off a field strains against
    the leash that binds him

    such is the ambiguity
    of winter the same
    elements behave strangely
    an absurd experiment
    not quite demonstrated
    as ice melts, wind softens
    earth worms return
    with spring

    cold mutes colors to grey
    black and brown muffles
    their flavor like a meal
    not quite tasted when
    you have the sniffles

    or an opaque love
    that beckoned
    vanished playing hide
    and seek with your heart

    perhaps i remain
    an optimist because
    i was born into this
    mysterious season
    leaning away
    from the earth’s orbit
    seeking the stars
    in the light of your eyes

  18. samisal

    Currently it is
    Like pants closer to hip than knee
    And loose shirts that let oxygen in to our chests
    And everything seems messy, greasy
    Colorful but frizzy
    Wishes for raspberry ice
    Like childhood
    Wishes for a mist of soft droplets

    You are the warm one here, always radiating like the sun
    And now your tongue is too warm
    Your hands an uncomfortable iron to skin, hot and sweaty
    I do not mind
    People like to imagine that things are uncool
    Like holding hands in the middle of the desert
    Cool is a social construction
    Keep holding soft wet hands
    The world isn’t ready for love in the summer

  19. Pat Walsh

    Some Small Hint of Cool
    by Patrick J. Walsh

    thick black rims
    flaming eyes
    with the flash
    of genius

    in their turn
    wring moments
    from hours passed
    too quickly

    songs sung once
    many times
    some small hint
    of cool

  20. MichelleMcEwen


    We child of the moon. We
    late bloom. We

    weep willow. We
    the cool side of the pillow. We

    dream in drum. We
    storm and calm. We

    July June. We
    night at noon.

  21. b_kelli


    That gypsy flair
    without a care

    That attitude
    without a mood

    Jumping in
    no thought of sin


    A whirl
    of a girl

    for awhile

    You’re in the presence
    of cool

  22. Marilyn Cavicchia

    I Figured It Would Be Cool

    Is it cool with you if I smoke
    this ham
    in your living room, as long as
    I open all the windows and doors?
    You weren’t using this
    prosthetic leg
    for anything, were you?
    I mean, I know you use it sometimes,
    but right now you’re just sitting there, so …?
    Are we cool?
    Is everything cool?
    Good, because I used your 20 dollars
    to buy monkey chow at the zoo.
    I figured it would be cool
    because it was only 20 dollars
    and those were some hungry monkeys.

  23. mswunion1976

    Uncool Crew

    I caught a little crabby
    And it threw me from my boat
    The geese were very gabby
    And I don’t know how to float

    I had to get the launch guy
    To tow us to the shore
    I’m not sure why I even try
    To row with just one oar

  24. P.A. Beyer

    Road Rage

    Ricky loses his cool like a leaking radiator. It builds – a slow drip, a slow burn – until suddenly the scarlet warning light glows, the engine screams and steams and the gasket blows and he should pull over to the side of the road but dammit he’s gonna make it home because that’s where his antifreeze is – Emilia – because she’s the only one that knows how to pop the hood and where the coolant goes

  25. KatesBookshelf

    Elvis Costello is His Icon

    He’s a bit uncool with his hair
    falling over his black glasses
    thick glasses floppy hair
    shaggy and mussed and wavy.
    He’s a bit of a nerd but
    in a way he’s not.
    He quotes things no guy
    should ever know and read
    but long ago it was the thing
    Elvis Costello in jacket and jeans
    with cummings in his back pocket.

  26. Sara McNulty



    Say, I’m cool
    finished school
    ain’t no fool

    Read and write
    in bright light
    ain’t uptight

    Shades and hat
    no combat
    ain’t a rat

    Ice cube cold
    soul not sold
    ain’t too old


    He smokes Kools
    cigarette fool
    not too cool

    She feels fine
    loves to whine
    most unkind

    They are snobs
    hot-shot jobs
    don’t hob-nob

  27. Nancy Posey

    How to Recognize the Cool Kids

    Just try it:
    Transfer into a new high school
    just after Christmas.
    Make sure it’s your junior
    or senior year,
    when friendship long cemented
    leave little room
    for you.

    At lunch, fill you tray before
    trying to find a seat.
    Look around.
    Neither the Linneas
    nor Bloom conceived
    a taxonomy as clear-cut
    as high school—the cool, the uncool.
    Band kids, cheerleaders,
    drama kids, chess club,
    FFA and poetry slammers,
    football players, Honor Society,
    debate team.

    Pay attention—
    Cool depends on context.
    Cast a wide net,
    keep an open mind,
    and ask lots of questions.

    Here’s the secret:
    What’s cool in high school divides;
    in college, multiplies. Start early.
    Be as cool as you want to be.

  28. Catherine Conley


    So chilling,
    The artic response
    The cool give
    The uncool.
    Their frosty, biting remarks
    Interspersed with supercilious indifference
    Prove how frosty and unsociable
    They are.
    The cool are truly
    Cold fish.

    Catherine Conley


  29. tunesmiff

    G. Smith
    The queen of the scene is like ice, man;
    Nobody got nothing on her.
    She got snake eyes just like dice, man.
    The queen of the scene is like ice, man.
    You lucky, she treat you nice, man,
    But it’ll all go by in blur.
    The queen of the scene is like ice, man;
    Nobody got nothing on her.

  30. tunesmiff

    (A Triolet)
    G. Smith
    I’m older than James Dean,
    And older than Elvis, too.
    In my white tee-shirt and jeans,
    I’m older than James dean.
    I’m not sure what it means;
    But they’re both permanently cool.
    I’m older than James Dean
    And older than Elvis, too.

  31. LoriP

    Always a Thing

    we were swinging in our cloche hats
    watching the nifty boys in their high-waists
    then we were smooth, listening to blues
    solid and hep with our plunging necklines
    our fabulous collars were cooking like crazy, man
    as peace dominated we moved over to groovy bell bottoms,
    then hip plaid and hawaiian
    with queen, eagles and pink floyd
    we were so rad, awesome and gnarly
    as the a-Team and the hazards sped across our screens
    our phat mood rings and dope skate tees
    made us sweet and sick
    then wavy, stylin, fetch and qrackling
    no matter when you live, we always have a way
    to let you know
    we’re cool


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