2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 15

Somehow, we’ve already Bon Jovi’d our way to the half-way there mark of this challenge. Let’s make it the rest of the way home.

For today’s prompt, write a poem with at least four of the following eight words:

  1. flat
  2. ring
  3. lavish
  4. vessel
  5. paper
  6. blacklist
  7. gaudy
  8. tooth

Of course, ambitious poets will immediately try using all eight words, but four will do if you’re just trying to get through today’s prompt.


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Here’s my attempt at a Four out of Eight Words Poem:


If you wish to blacklist me,
there’s no need for lavish designs
or gaudy conventions:

A simple three-ring binder will do
as a vessel to hold a flat
piece of paper with my name,

a curl of hair, and a baby tooth.


roberttwitterimageRobert Lee Brewer usually has no idea what he’s going to write for these prompts until he sits down and writes them–like everyone else. He doesn’t stress out about it either. Rather, he gives himself about five to ten minutes to come up with something. If he likes the poem, he figures he can revise it later.

Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community, which means he gets to do a million things to help writers find more success with their writing (including this blog). He’s also the author of Solving the World’s Problems (Press 53).

Connect with him on Twitter @RobertLeeBrewer.


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293 thoughts on “2016 April PAD Challenge: Day 15

  1. deborahbgkelly

    Vessel for the Destruction of Our Rights

    The lavish and gaudy
    Create a vessel
    For human and other inalienable rights
    To fade like old paper
    And those who speak out
    Find themselves hastily put
    On the blacklist

  2. BDP

    “Redwing Blacklist”

    Flight-grizzlies. Like the bear, they don’t forget who tracked them.
    A territory thing. It’s true, I have attacked them…

    if ambush means a cap with gaudy bug eyes glued on top,
    which, rumor says, scares their kind off. (Not true. It won’t distract them.)

    They chitter harder, lavishly, no way to shut them up,
    their beaks draw skull blood, duck! I itch to counter-smack them.

    No stomach for a tennis racket blow, I’ll wring their necks
    on paper, raise my pen and edit and redact them.

    Cross out the honor “bird”—they’re mean!—red barbs across their wings.
    I’ll flatten all their trills, and write a meaner winter to extract them.

    –Barb Peters

  3. simplymarian

    Hiker’s Proposal

    Lay flat under the stone arch
    A ring of spring violets witness
    me scribble
    promises of
    lavish caresses
    forever, always
    on the only scrap of paper
    so deep in this forest.

  4. Yolee


    She was a regular on blacklists,
    the vessel men used to sail away from flatlands,
    the paperback shoved in dirty shelves.

    He is the Word she needed to
    buy back her sense,
    sentences and story line.

    And she lavished his feet with fragrance and tears.

  5. Ency Peterson


    Challenged on a quest
    I daren’t blacklist
    the king who made
    such a lavish request

    He dared us five to journey
    in a vessel of rare design
    to lands unknown in search
    for not some gaudy ring

    Nor was it plans
    upon paper of poor design
    It took us across many lands
    both hilly and flat

    No, this particular quest
    took us to the den
    of the very rare tarrasque
    in search of a single solitary tooth!

  6. MiMiOHearn

    Gaudy First Graders

    She had four rings.
    Paper daffodil hat.
    And a flat chest she
    stuffed with tissue paper.

    Her left front tooth was
    slightly turned. Her
    jelly shoes were pink
    flecked with gold.

    But she was not gaudy
    to me. She was my
    youngest granddaughter,
    the last one I will have.

  7. Melahlah

    The vessel she used
    To pour out her heart
    Was the written word
    Paper ever at the ready
    Flat, appearing two dimensional
    Yet full of lavish promise

  8. Azma

    All That Glitters

    The fancy location
    would serve the perfect occassion
    to put a ring on it. But
    the garnish too lavish
    on the lobster
    competed with the gaudy soup vessels
    tooth and nail
    to see who’d get
    the restaurant first into
    bankruptcy blacklist

    -Azma Sheikh

  9. Amy Amelia

    I lie flat on the ground in the rain, trapped in the,
    Vessel of my body that is mine, but that isn’t at the same time,
    The sight of ink is drowning me, the sight of paper wounding me.
    How can one go on like this?
    I ask, as the ring joining us is about to collapse.
    Help me.

  10. Pat Walsh

    by Patrick J. Walsh

    they lavish you
    with gaudy praise
    even as they
    ring you in secret
    on the sorry din
    of their blacklist

    in our frail vessel
    of paper and words
    we will do
    what we can
    to keep you afloat
    and bring them flat

  11. Shennon

    If you must
    ring my flat
    do not bother
    to lavish me
    with compliments.
    Do not show up
    at my door with
    gaudy jewelry.
    Your toothless
    grin is
    and I’ll gladly
    serve restraining
    papers not
    to see it again.
    Once you
    are blacklisted
    from my property,
    I’ll retreat
    into the vessel
    of my mind, alone,
    where I rest
    in comfort.
    So please, only
    ring my flat
    if you must.


  12. shellkaysm

    Childish Adults

    Sail away on a crooked canoe,
    pack a lunch; be home by dark.
    Plan a day afloat a borrowed yacht,
    pose upon the gaudy vessel to boast.

    List goals on bubblegum wrapper’s paper,
    then burn them, one at a time, by campfire.
    Jump through others’ hoops, cheat,
    lie if you must, then cave to avoid their blacklist.

    Embark on secret, lavish missions,
    wherever the imagination leads you.
    Crunches, spandex, nip and tuck
    your way to a flat life and stomach.

    Hope for one shiny silver dollar
    in reward for braving a loose tooth.
    Fret over scoring a diamond ring
    even if the proposal is a trap.

  13. hohlwein

    On the back of the paper I drew the guy with the missing tooth
    that I always draw because there is a time, always,
    when the drawing looks flat and poor and I am no vessel
    for the great spirit of art that has failed to descend
    to draw a golden ring around me
    to lavish upon me
    a gift
    no, the man is flat
    and poor
    barely looks like a real man at all

    he looks more real
    better drawn
    without his front tooth

    I move on to
    another page.

  14. grcran

    no snarking zone

    the snarky sister set a lavish feast
    she sought to gird it up go extra gaudy
    asked God to blacklist tooth some fearless beast
    for parties must appear to seem not haughty

    on paper flat response was s’il vous plait
    she knew she prayed she whimpered how she wrestled
    when all along twas best on wed ring day
    to find oneself a spirit for the vessel

    gpr crane

  15. mschied

    The Test

    The bell rings
    and it is a flat out race
    to see who will be the last one

    The brainy vessels
    filled to overflowing with
    verbage and TTQA
    equations and variables
    spilling out onto the paper
    in squiggles and hashmarks
    of frustration and hope.

    Hovering teachers
    helicoptering around
    the hunched over
    lavishing good wishes
    upon their heads
    hoping not to be blacklisted
    by state ed due to faulty
    test questions
    versus deficient
    teaching practices.

    But wishing against
    gaudily festooned
    around the room
    like party streamers
    tooth nervously biting lip
    dreaming that their children
    might actually

  16. Michelle Hed

    The Mule

    He had many rings on his fingers, gaudy being the best descriptive word that came to mind, but his flat was lavish with taste. He seemed so out of place that she almost laughed but then her sanity, with a dose of fear, came knocking as he flashed that incriminating piece of paper before her face. She needed that paper. So she became his mule.

    she was blacklisted
    a vessel leaving a port
    for unknown waters

  17. drwasy


    The sun lavishes this morning
    highlights the dogwood’s gaudy pink,
    transforms the weed-pocked lawn
    into green velvet.
    Why, then, on this glorious day
    does my heart feel flat,
    a vessel unable to beat in color?

    You say I am silly,
    you say I expect too much.
    At least the man in the white coat
    listens to my still mind
    before he pronounces melancholy.
    Papers flutter in his hand,
    papers you hold onto as my cure;
    the pills he prescribes
    promise hope but I fail to push
    the white orbs past my teeth,
    the taste so bitter;
    such medicines should be
    blacklisted or at least
    sugar-coated for sensitive souls.

    In the cold sun, the pills roll
    in my palm, insignificant,
    worthless to cure my malady.
    And as I clench them in my fist
    I decide the problem lies
    not in my heart or mind
    or even my soul, but in the ring
    that binds me to you.

    1. ppfautsch24

      Childhood Dreams
      Artifacts of my childhood,
      Like crooked circle rings drawn on paper
      And coloring books.
      Pacified and occupied for hours,
      With a youthful gap-tooth smile on my lips
      Was my vessel of childhood dreams, flat
      Pages that came alive.
      Left behind now, but have grown to lavish
      Adult hopes on gaudy pages of an adult
      Coloring book.
      By Pamelap

  18. Tracy Davidson

    Sugar Daddy

    you buy me a flat
    a diamond ring
    lavish me with jewels
    a luxury vessel
    sign my pre-nup paper
    ignore the blacklist
    your gaudy lawyer had me on
    I slip the cyanide in your false tooth

  19. briehuling

    Day 15!

    a salty wet cave

    Not to ring lightless,
    but look around, everyone is in pain
    you don’t have the monopoly.
    I hope you don’t mind
    that I put down in words
    but it seems that all of this lavish(ness)
    might be made up of mazes
    that we like things way
    bigger than ourselves
    for no apparent reason,
    the gold tooth, the over-the-knee-boots,
    the Capanelle, Cavatelli, the elbow macaroni—
    gluten mainlined into our veins.
    If you say it in a foreign accent,
    write it down on glossy paper
    fold it into an airplane
    you think ancient lips might talk about it later?

    Brie Huling

  20. WildThing

    Waiting …

    On the docks
    Vessel loaded
    Stood two
    Small silver ring
    Vow of return
    Placed on
    Her forefinger

    World is flat
    They claimed
    Wrong he felt
    He would find
    His fortune
    So he could
    Marry his love

    She stood
    Watching him
    Swallowed up
    By the horizon
    Retracing her steps
    Back home
    To wait for him

    Dreaming of
    Her gaudy day
    When they wed
    How lavish
    All would come
    And marvel at
    How rich it was

    Each day
    In the setting sun
    She stood
    Waiting for him
    Spinning dreams
    Praying the world
    Was not flat

    Wild Thing ©2016
    This poem can also be seen with its accompanying photo at: https://wildthing404.wordpress.com/2016/04/16/a-short-tale/

  21. C. Kess

    paper rings

    i loved giving the girls
    tissue paper rings
    on the playground
    with silver and gold
    set in 14ct
    invisible glue
    a lavish bauble
    for a sweet crush
    special until another
    stole my heart
    or another boy
    walked her to the bus
    i refused to give anything
    like a diamond
    or a tooth
    until after summer break

  22. Austin Hill


    As her finger

    the one with the ring
    (considered gaudy by today’s standards)

    moved slowly down the paper,

    the countenance of this lavish vessel fell flat.

    His name was on the blacklist.

    That explained why
    there had only been a gold tooth to identify him.

    © April 2016 Suzanne S. Austin-Hill

  23. mjdills


    On the blacklist of life
    Fight tooth and nail to climb into a flat vessel
    Not one life ring. No paper, just the shirt on his back
    The baby in her arms, the mark on the soul
    Wishing not for lavish, gaudy lifestyles
    Just life
    From living

  24. MichelleMcEwen


    Her name wasn’t Goldie
    but that’s what the neighborhood
    called her because of the gaudy
    gold she wore around her wrists,
    neck, thumbs, ankles, toes,
    and in her ears, nose. Had
    a gold tooth, too, with a ruby
    in it and a ring to match. Wore
    all of it every day even just to go
    down to the gas station
    to play her numbers and get her
    a paper.

  25. Tom Hayes


    I am handicapped,
    disabled by love.
    Her departure left me senseless.
    practically defenseless.
    Waiting for the phone
    to ring
    I hear nothing.
    So blinded by this lavish lovely,
    I could not see
    what she left me,
    that crumpled paper
    with scribbled note
    that she wrote
    in her gaudy, glitzy longhand.
    She placed me on love’s blacklist
    The prospect leaves me flat,
    not ready for that.
    This heartache, I thought,
    could be a vessel clot,
    but I know it’s not.
    I should be wise enough
    to face the truth,
    but here I am
    with no wisdom tooth.

    — by Tom Hayes 2016

  26. Julieann


    There was a young girl on a vessel
    In a lavish dress and drinking mescal
    No longer a blacklist
    She’d just been kissed
    By the gentleman she did wrestle

    She wore a flat ring in her tooth
    Her style was gaudy and uncouth
    The paper was torn
    Unable to forewarn
    This job wasn’t right for her youth

  27. stargypsy


    Through no fault of my own
    suddenly I found myself
    laid flat-out on the floor
    Looking above me only
    to be blinded by a lavish ring
    that it appeared more
    gaudy than posh
    What happened?

    Gathering my wits I found
    The Fall brought a loose tooth
    a paper of complaint
    and an odd vessel next to me
    holding much-needed ice
    to soothe the indignity
    of it all

    Grace was never my virtue …
    but to be blacklisted from
    this group due to a fall
    is incomprehensible …
    or was I pushed …

    Copyright © 2016 Annie Original Poetry
    Always…I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
    As Ever, Annie


  28. LCaramanna


    Grandma grew up and married during the Great Depression,
    no diamond engagement ring on her finger,
    only a thin band of gold Grandpa retrieved from the pawnshop.
    Grandma never had money,
    but she considered her rich vocabulary
    a source of intangible wealth.
    In Grandma’s conversation
    a cup was a chalice,
    a boat, a vessel,
    an ordinary tooth, a bicuspid.
    Like a character in a novel set in London,
    she lived in a flat, not an apartment,
    and her neighbor Edna’s outfits were gaudy,
    kitschy, or extravagant, rather than loud.
    Grandma corresponded with kindred
    on stationery, not writing paper,
    embossed with a fleur-de-lis,
    her moniker written with a flourish.
    Grandma never languished for
    the lavish lifestyle of the affluent.
    She prospered as a sesquipedalian,
    a thesaurus her most cherished possession.
    With that black list of words,
    she enriched her vocabulary.
    In the language of a logophile,
    Grandma was a millionaire.

    Lorraine Caramanna

  29. b_kelli

    Word Search

    I comb the pages for a sign
    the paper is the vessel
    your spirit would find.
    I lay it flat and
    smooth my hand over
    the gaudy cover.
    Perhaps If I were to lavish
    enough praise it would reveal
    the secret ring.
    Instead it’s just a book
    with only words.
    No meaning brings
    you back and I
    remain on the blacklist.
    Decayed like the tooth
    I need pulled.

    -Kelli Schmidt-Bultena


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