2015 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 22

For today’s prompt, take the phrase “Waiting for (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then, write your poem. Possible titles might include: “Waiting for the Weekend,” “Waiting for People to Recognize My Genius,” and/or “Waiting for the New Star Wars Movie.”


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Here’s my attempt at a Waiting for Blank poem:

“Waiting for Jesse”

Clara waits for Jesse to reappear at her window
so she can let him in. He will fly through the night
to give her a taste of his life. “It is better,” Jesse
said, “when you are a member of the undead.
Clara, I hear the beat of your heart; I see the sweat
on your skin. It’s all so much more heightened.”

At first, there was the fear that Clara felt so clear,
but Jesse talked his way into her mind. Now she
waits for him and his pale white skin, his teeth–
o my–how they have grown. A wolf that rules
the night; a bat that’s filled with sight; Clara craves
Jessie’s delights. When the sun falls down, Jesse

will come back around, and then, Clara’s new world’ll
begin, and her old life–filled with anguish–will end.


roberttwitterimageRobert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and author of the poetry collection, Solving the World’s Problems (Press 53). He edits Poet’s Market and Writer’s Market, in addition to writing a free weekly WritersMarket.com newsletter and a poetry column for Writer’s Digest magazine.

This is his eighth year of hosting and participating in the November PAD (Poem-A-Day) Chapbook Challenge. He can’t wait to see what everyone creates this month–not only on a day-by-day basis, but when the chapbooks start arriving in December and January. Fun, fun, fun.

Follow him on Twitter @robertleebrewer.


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96 thoughts on “2015 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 22

  1. PSC in CT

    Waiting for Nothing

    She’s had it.
    She’s done with waiting.
    No more saving up
    vacation time
    or racking up
    nebulous points
    to spend on some
    future delight.
    No more postponements,
    deferments or hesitation.
    There’s no time
    like the present
    and she’s going to
    open it up
    and use it up
    until it’s all gone.
    It’s the only gift
    she’s got.

  2. seingraham


    Every night I turn the TV to the news
    just before bed, even though
    I know better, I do
    But, fool that I am, I must be in the habit
    or maybe I am an optimist at heart after
    all and think that one time
    I am going to turn to that channel and
    it won’t be skirmishes in the Middle
    East filling the screen
    Or girls being kidnapped in Africa
    Or some fools beheading someone
    just because they’re where they are
    and they (the beheaders) want to
    make a point with someone where
    I am, or at least over here

    But, I have been on this planet many
    decades already and I should
    know better
    Than to keep turning on the TV, or
    changing the channel to the news
    every night
    Especially expecting something like
    good news to be featured
    on the screen
    Only a chump silly-ass woman would
    be holding on this long waiting and
    hoping for peace
    Acting like it was a do-able thing,
    you know …
    Yeah – like I believe that, yeah …

  3. SarahLeaSales

    Waiting for her Father

    She sits at the bay window,
    surrounded by light,
    her back to the shadows of the empty house.
    From ages seven to twenty-one,
    she has sat in this space on this date—
    till the day the Legend died:
    her birthday,
    his deathday.

    He will come, her mother had said,
    before Elvis leaves this Earth,
    he will come,
    but then her mother had thought Elvis
    would never die,
    even though legends did all the time.

    When the Legend passed on
    to a world or worlds unknown,
    it was like a second birthday,
    a rebirth,
    even though a part of her,
    that part of her called hope,
    died that day, too.
    And yet, how freeing was a lack of hope
    in things, or people, never seen,
    and how limitless was hope in what was to come,
    dependent upon her and no one else?

    Fourteen years she had waited,
    like Rachel,
    laboring by being good
    so that when he did come back,
    he would stay.

    But all those years had not been in vain,
    for all the good she had been,
    she had been for him,
    till doing good became a part of her,
    and it was only for that and her life,
    she could thank him for.

  4. Jane Shlensky

    Waiting for Waiting

    At first, it is his dog—
    fed, walked, petted
    by others—who waits
    by the door for his master,
    whimpers cutting through

    Then his kids, first the son
    and then the daughter, doing
    homework, watching TV,
    reading a book, making
    cookies and model cars,
    one ear constantly tuned
    for their dad’s return,
    and any crumbs they can get.

    She herself waits, even when
    he calls to say “Don’t wait up,
    Still at it, It’s gonna be a long one.”
    She vibrates at his frequency,
    keen on landing sounds—
    thump of bag, keys dropped
    into bowl, cheery response
    to welcome barks, then kids,
    then finally to her.

    She feels glad and half
    resentful that all things
    in her care during his absence
    hardly notice her nurturing
    presence, their every fiber
    leaning toward his voice,
    his touch and humor,
    his rough-housing and pats,
    his nick-names and counsel,
    his manning the grill
    and the remote, his distant
    eyes as he checks his watch,
    rolls his flight bag to the door,
    vows his love, and, free at last,
    slips away again.

  5. Domino

    Waiting for a Train on a Snowy Evening

    You might be able to come, you said.
    Snow falls softly on the railroad-tracks.
    It’s getting late, my newspaper’s read.
    You might be able to come, you said.
    You’ve made new plans without me instead.
    Somewhere deep inside me something cracks.
    You might be able to come, you said.
    Snow falls silently upon the tracks.

  6. browdd22

    Waiting for California

    The west coast will close our distance
    As for the time being, the dark of doubt aims to drive apart
    The love from the foundation up
    We hold on though it’s not easy
    We don’t fight but worry still comes through
    As long as our feelings are mutual
    Emotionally, physically, mentally
    We will reach California alright

  7. Tracy Davidson

    Waiting for the divorce lawyer

    We had, I thought, a perfect life…
    you sacrificed my love and trust,
    betrayed me with another’s wife.
    We had, I thought, a perfect life…
    your lying tongue cuts like a knife.
    Now all my dreams are ash and dust.
    We had, I thought, a perfect life…
    you sacrificed my love and trust.

    1. ppfautsch24

      Waiting to fall…
      I have an idea to fall in love.
      The thought is thrilling of faith
      And all things above.
      The notion crosses my mind
      Daily and nightly too;
      Waiting to fall in love with you!
      By Pamelap


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