2015 April PAD Challenge: Screening Readers

Are you ready for the 2015 April PAD Challenge? I know I am! (Check out the guidelines here.)

Poem Your Heart Out, Volume 2

Poem Your Heart Out, Volume 2

The prompts are ready. The guest judges are confirmed (check them out here). And we have a cover design for the Poem Your Heart Out, volume 2 anthology. There’s just one more thing…

I enjoyed reading through every single comment last year and narrowing each day down to a finalist list for the guest judges. However, it’s the one part of the process that slowed everything else. Several poets suggested using screening readers to help narrow down the poems, and many volunteered themselves.

So I’ve decided to put out an official call for anyone interested in volunteering to screen through a day of poems. While reading through the entire challenge is pretty epic (still not sure how I did it), handling one day is more manageable (though still a lot of reading).

If you’re interested, here’s what I need from you:

  • Please send an e-mail to robert.brewer@fwcommunity.com with the subject line: Screening Reader.
  • Let me know that you’re interested in being a reader for one day of the challenge, but also let me know a little about yourself.
  • Include your writing history, credits (if any), etc., but also…
  • Include your reading history: Which poets do you like to read? Name a collection or three you’ve really enjoyed in the past year.

I’ll evaluate potential readers as I receive them, and then, we’ll discuss how best to handle the reading/narrowing process.

Note: You can be a reader and participate in the challenge. I’ll still be making final decisions, so I’m not concerned about a conflict of interest developing.


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21 thoughts on “2015 April PAD Challenge: Screening Readers

  1. flutterbymissy


    Go with the flow they say
    It’s easier this way
    But where’s the fun in that
    No challenge in the day

    My life is in shards
    Played the wrong cards
    Hit the wrestling mat
    Leaving is hard

    So uphill I go
    Against the flow
    Joy to arrive at
    Quid pro quo

  2. BellaNaija

    The cell phone chimes
    A deadline looms
    Business before the bell
    Demands attention

    The cell phone chimes
    The impulse to answer
    A slap on the wrist
    Business before the bell
    Demands attention

    The cell phone chimes
    Behind it a world with red circles
    And bright numbers
    Against a sea of blue
    With the promise of friends
    That “like” what you say

    But there’s business before the bell
    That demands my attention

  3. wslewis

    I am new to the website and use the internet from my phone. I was wondering the easiest way to find the links to the daily prompts? I am very excited to participate in this challenge. I have been writing my whole life and this is my first real step to turning my creativity into a possible career.

    1. SLevin

      I’m cracking my knuckles and exercising my pupils in preparation for this marathon of verse! (Also, just checking to be sure my posts appear since I just now registered.) Woo-hoo!

  4. Minibusy

    I just signed up and am running a test post to see if all is well. Is this the spot where I would post my poems for the PAD contest, or is that elsewhere. If elsewhere, how do i access it? Thanks.

    1. Robert Lee BrewerRobert Lee Brewer Post author

      Nancy, yes, screeners are still eligible for the competition. Final decisions will have to pass through me first and then through the guest judges, who pick the day’s winner (without names attached to the poems).


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