2015 April PAD Challenge: Day 8

Huffington Post recently posted an article on 5 Cool, Fun (and Funny!) National Poetry Month Projects, and guess what one of the five projects happened to be? This challenge! It’s only cool and fun, because of the people participating–so great job, everyone, for rocking so much.

For today’s prompt, write a dare poem. This poem could be written as a dare to someone. It could make a daring proclamation. It could involve a dare that someone has accepted…or refused. In a way, each day of this challenge is a dare to write a poem. Are you ready for the challenge?


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Here’s my attempt at a Dare Poem:

“Truth and/or Dare”

Truth: I’ve always liked you;
I dare you to admit the same to me.

What are you afraid of, or
is it that you’re not the one for me?

Dare: Tell me what you’re thinking.
Dare: Tell me who you love more than me.

I will truth you & then dare you,
but you always seem to be running from me.


Today’s guest judge is…

Denise Duhamel

Denise Duhamel

Denise Duhamel

Denise Duhamel’s most recent book of poetry, Blowout (University of Pittsburgh Press), was a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award. Her other books include Ka-Ching! (Pittsburgh), Two and Two (Pittsburgh), Queen for a Day: Selected and New Poems (Pittsburgh), The Star-Spangled Banner (winner of the Crab Orchard Award, Southern Illinois University Press) and Kinky (Orchises Press).

The recipient of fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts, she is a professor at Florida International University in Miami. In 2013, she was guest editor of the Best American Poetry anthology, in which many of her poems have appeared through the years.

Learn more about her collection Blowout.


Poem Your Heart Out, Volume 2

Poem Your Heart Out, Volume 2

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The prompts from last year’s challenge along with the winning poem from each day ended up in an inspired little anthology titled Poem Your Heart Out. It was part prompt book, part poetry anthology, and part workbook, because each day includes a few pages for you to make your own contributions.

Anyway, the anthology worked out so well that we’re doing it again this year, and you can take advantage of a 20% discount from Words Dance by pre-ordering before May 1, 2015.

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Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and author of Solving the World’s Problems.

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862 thoughts on “2015 April PAD Challenge: Day 8

  1. AmyA

    A Dare

    Because it’s Halloween,
    I am a mermaid,
    In a tail and top I have fashioned
    From fabrics bought downtown
    In the college village where stores carrying such things
    Are now long extinct,
    As if they were only mythical to begin with.

    Because I am a mermaid,
    I am dared to join the varsity swim team,
    Despite no knowledge whatsoever
    Of competitive strokes,
    Flip turns,
    And racing dives.

    Because I am dared,
    I show up on Monday,
    A tailless mermaid
    In a speedo,
    New goggles perched atop my slick cap,
    A fluttering feeling in my gut.

    Because I stick with it,
    Beyond the three-week dare,
    And swim the entire season,
    This morning,
    More than three decades later,
    I swim the butterfly.

    Amy Appleton

  2. ruthshow1

    Day 9 Dare
    I dare you to not feel guilty
    for forgetting his birthday,
    or for the way
    you ate the whole pack of candy.

    What? You ignored the phone call,
    because you were into the show,
    don’t you know
    relationships matter more?

    Dare you to go to sleep
    after leaving a voice mail,
    no call back, where did I fail?
    I wasn’t a good enough mom.

    Take the dare, there’s more to life
    then nursing regrets and blunders,
    so when you hear the thunder,
    Take cover in counting your blessings.

  3. Alemonlot

    You’ll dream of me tonight, my kitten

    The thought of losing or getting lost with you is so close together I can’t decipher which makes me more wanting. If I never tell you, if the next time we build hands it gets shorter and not longer, I have to accept that these raindrops in this city with this moonlight is just an occurrence. I have not yet done all my magic, and my last straw is to double dare curse you.

  4. MadPoet

    Double Dog Dare

    “I double dog dare you.”
    Rings out across the land.
    “Jump, I double dog dare you.”
    “Touch it, I double dog dare you.”
    “Eat it, I double dog dare you.”
    Challenge follows challenge.
    Dare comes after dare.
    But the ultimate is, “I double dog dare you.”

  5. JocyMedina

    I dare you

    I dare you
    To mask up your face
    To rob the bank where I save
    All what I wish for in a man

    I dare you
    To run faster than a train
    Purchase tickets to forever
    And still get here on time

    I dare you
    To scream straight at my fright
    Without scaring your emotions

    I dare you
    To write the word devotion
    And to devote yourself to life

    I dare you
    To go outside and dance
    The sinful word seduction

    I dare you
    To run keep always by my side
    Defying Newton’s law of motion

    But you picked truth
    the very day I want to dare you.

    By Jocy Medina

  6. horselovernat

    Dare to See Things Differently

    Why does poetry have to show
    something, say something, do
    something, mean something?

    Be an expression of loss or lust,
    of struggles and pains, or
    have layers like onions,
    screaming for dissection
    and interpretation?

    Gone is the time when mountains
    could be mountains and a lone
    lake-side flower the first one
    to bloom.

    No! That mountain is oppression that
    weighs down the masses, that flower,
    a rose, to show the survivor,
    the one who broke free from
    the chains of society.

    Close your eyes, open your minds!
    imagery is nothing, a lost jumble
    of words haphazardly strung
    together by a misfit, a poet,
    a lost soul with issues who
    wanders alone.

    Not until the people re-learn
    what it means to relax, take
    a load off, breath
    will poetry evolve backwards to
    a time when it wasn’t that
    dreaded English assignment,
    but a simple expression from the
    heart of a man or the soul
    of a woman who can see all
    the beauty in an unjust, trying world.

    Natalie Gasper

  7. Bonniejean Alford

    My Heart on the Line
    a poem by bonniejean alford

    Here is my heart on the line
    afraid of what it feels
    but afraid more
    of what yours might not.
    Searching within myself
    for fearlessness
    and the conviction of heart
    to have faith in one,
    in how I feel,
    and in God’s great plan.

    Here is my heart on the line
    asking only
    if yours might be too.
    Seeing you smile
    from somewhere amidst a crowd
    knowing that soon
    you will find me once again.
    Connected across time and space
    destined for some path
    known only in heaven.
    I wait,
    patient and never so silent.

    Here is my heart on the line.

  8. ToniBee3

    “Speedway Shuffle”

    120… 130…
    140… 150…
    clutch shift gas clutch
    gas clutch shift’s shifty

    hot shrieks through earpiece
    heart racing, car racing
    zoom… zip… vroom-vroom
    hands-to-wheel bracing

    oomph-thrills at full throttle
    I’m arcing, I’m turning
    first lap… shift… third lane
    oval track burning

    don’t dare my inner racer?
    this passion… can’t match it
    my life… I live it
    bucket list… scratch it

  9. LVidal70

    (c) 2015 Lorien Vidal


    He said I’d never cut
    I was too goody-frickin-two-shoes
    Too much of a square and a bookworm
    But there we were in the fallout shelter
    Eating our buck-and-a-half lunch
    We’re chillin’ on the first floor;
    Or was it the second?
    He’s holding my mini Swiss army knife
    Takes out the scissor
    And cuts my hair
    And he didn’t even have to ask
    It was never a dare

  10. Angie Werren

    red rover

    I dare you to

    remember the blue
    grass our bare
    feet that kid
    cooler than we’d
    ever be parked
    in his trans
    am still

    waiting on
    waiting on
    the thunder

    those sec-
    onds stolen
    the street
    lights and
    time it’s time
    to go it’s

    to go home


    send tommy
    right over

    — angie werren

  11. Thedeb

    Day 8: A Dare Poem

    The dare was made
    too late to recant.
    The wind laughed,
    it knew the stakes.

    Fifty miles per hour,
    and they
    went on with their daily lives.

    Soon seventy-five,
    and they
    planned hurricane parties.

    Then one hundred,
    and they
    looked to the sky, unsure.

    One hundred fifty-five,
    and they
    feared for their lives.

    Roofs danced above houses,
    and they
    witnessed the deadly display.

    Boats and cars crumbled,
    and they
    recognized the sickly sculptures.

    Warnings not heeded,
    and they
    lost loved ones.

    The winds will blow again,
    and they now know
    foolish is the man, with his fist in the air.

  12. Tanjailmaltija

    Dare I?

    If Only…

    I had my chance and I blew it
    I wanted to come… and you knew it.

    A resisted temptation is
    A missed opportunity.

    Why didn’t you ask outright?
    It wasn’t for a woman to do so.

    Was it because you were too proud
    To admit that for once
    Your horizon had broadened
    To include
    Someone else…

    And that someone else was me?

    And now you’re back in town.

    I watch you
    Through the window of the cafe

    As you sip your coffee,
    Oblivious to the world,
    At the same table

    Where you

    Could have
    Might have
    Should have

    Asked me to come with you.

    The waitress sees me, and waves.
    And, just out of curiosity,
    You turn your head.

    You start as you recognise me.
    You shift in your chair, making to stand up.

    It’s too late. I’m getting married tomorrow.
    Dare I talk to you?

  13. treniff

    Utopia by Tammy Byron Reniff

    Go ahead. Rain on my parade. I dare you. I love singing in the rain & puddle jumping with my kids. We grow stronger when we swim across your rivers. We enjoy tropical views while sailing across your seas. Eventually, you will become exhausted. As the final rain drop falls, you will find us smiling in the warm sunshine, enjoying the rainbow. This is my utopia and I thank you for it.

  14. azkbc

    Each morning I get up.

    I dare the world
    to stop me. After
    all these years
    I’ve learned that the world
    will pretty much
    leave me alone
    if I show it that I know
    what I’m doing.
    That is, if I show up
    and just … do it.

    I’ve faked this old world out
    for more than sixty years.
    What do you think of that?
    I dare you to tell me!

  15. Caela

    The Poetry Dare

    Dare to do it anyway
    Be Brave and take the risk
    It might not be a good day
    Dare to do it anyway.

    It’s poetry day
    Make a rhyme, save it to a floppy disk
    Dare to do it anyway
    Be Brave and take the risk.

  16. Writerhoward

    “Fast Dancing in Seventh Grade”

    He dared me to fight,
    blamed me for something
    I did not do, Barry, neighbor,
    classmate (the only boy
    shorter than me), outside
    a dance whose beat
    my feet could not match,
    the Lindy a foe I could not
    defeat, two buddies
    behind him, both
    much bigger
    than him and me,
    Warren and Sidney,
    schoolmates, one pot-bellied,
    the other—hair fire-red,
    prodding him, taunting me,
    screeching like chimpanzees,
    fists slamming into air,
    their outbursts—gusts
    that pushed him near,
    but I said, “No,” quite low,
    turned and fled,
    the night soon hiding
    me, their shouts of
    “Coward!” still heard.

  17. MarieJason


    I’ve bungee-jumped and skydove,
    I’ve parasailed and paraglided;
    But still I want more — my thrill
    Threshold’s higher than others.
    It’s all a calculated risk — one
    Similar to entrepreneurial ventures,
    A startup wanting the roller coaster
    Rush. Value’s in the experience.

  18. seingraham


    She has the audacity to think she deserves better;
    that just by being alive, she should be treated
    with respect, accorded the same rights
    as her brother, her father.
    How dare she, the imam asks her bluntly, getting
    up in her bare face, and where is her hijab?

    How dare she? She is just shy of sounding scornful as
    she regards this man who would have her stoned.
    Swallowing words she would love to hurl at him,
    she reminds herself she needs yet to leave
    this place, wants safe passage.
    He has the power to do her damage,
    do irreparable harm to her family.
    That would not be worth the satisfaction of
    dressing down this small religious person.

    Besides, in a only a few more days—a week
    at most—she is leaving this hostile, restrictive
    country, and moving to America.
    She has been sponsored to enter university
    as an international student there; applied for
    and won a scholarship, then was finally granted
    a visa and passport approval.
    As if in a dream, she also plans to marry
    the man of her choice, her sponsor, already
    settled, awaiting her there.

    Her mother fought hard for her, and at long last her
    father agreed—she is sure it is because of her friend
    —her best friend, acid-burned last year, then dying
    at her own hand, not long after…
    Her father agreed that she could go abroad to school,
    has always been proud of his bright, clever girl.
    He doesn’t know about her plans to marry,
    but her mother says he’ll get used to the idea
    once it’s a fact.

    At first she thought of herself as daring;
    now she just thinks she’s doing what’s right.

  19. JayGee2711

    To the Hermit Crab on the Beach at Lindomar

    I wonder how
    you dare to be
    so small
    in such an impossible world.

    I have felt as small as you,
    my heart breaking like a seashell in the dark.

    Your universe,
    a grain of sand,
    a spiral shell,
    a certain path…

    Great ships carry great weights, you carry secrets,
    and I carry moments

    Moments like secrets,
    secrets like burdens,
    burdens that seem
    too much to hold
    and yet
    you hold them all.

    I have hidden from light and cold places,
    now I know I was only hiding from myself.

    You and I, shell and sky,
    we have always been home.

    Julie Germain

  20. LeighSpencer

    Daring (Re)Defined

    You think it’s daring,
    speaking my mind


    It’s not bravery
    or even the remotest sense
    of derring-do

    It’s holes

    I swear!

    riddling my filter so
    my thoughts


    fly straight through

    With age, I feel
    weariness increasing

    resisting the Sisyphus-esque


    the net
    of finest spiderweb silks
    lovely uselessness
    catching nothing

    Until I surrender

    It’s easier

    to just let them go
    to keep the ones who understand

    Should you still think me brave,
    with morbid anticipation
    what a daring old lady I’ll be!

  21. Scollina


    Old Man Winter, squinted at that young buck of a Spring and said,
    “I dare you to add color to my lovely dismal landscape, I dare you!”
    Testing out new muscles, Spring turns the snow to cold, drizzly rain.

    “Ha, is that all you got, boy?” Old Man Winter laughs.

    Spring laughs back, pushes that old man down and tags the sky a brilliant blue.

  22. foodpoet

    Dare in Fourteen Syllables

    Dare in fourteen syllables, a chance against nature, take
    a risk, create in crafted rhythm words placed in order
    reaching stretching mind for from random towards order not chaos
    even as my mind ping pongs I let my words become structure.

  23. MarkWayneAllen

    A cry for bullies

    Bullies are everywhere,
    And I dare to say,
    That we should cower to them,
    Rather than fight and stay.
    Yes, this is giving them power,
    But is the fight really worth it,
    because what we gain will be minimal,
    And our spirits will be sour.
    Our responsibility is to us,
    For well being and such,
    And we can always cry for help,
    Because the authorities know much.
    Let them handle these things,
    It is their sworn duty,
    And we can always count on them,
    To hear our cries and pleas.

    -Mark Wayne Allen

  24. Khara House

    Truth or dare
    “I walked in a world no longer my own.”
    ~ Alyssa Reyans, Letters from a Bipolar Mother

    The truth is I only dared you to be honest because I hoped that you would,
    even though we both knew giving a name to what ailed you meant less
    than what I was. And you were an expert gambler, holding all the cards a
    gainst my stubborn refusal to speak the forgiveness we both knew
    had already been granted. How could I hold this against you?

    You who lived your life like a creeping butterfly bush
    rising up against the single branch that bore you to coup the garden
    against any will but your own—even your own—tangle it in your vines
    until only the loving pain of sheers could reclaim you.

    I think you knew how much I knew, and how little—how I already lost the war
    before we’d even begun to fight for the tender armistice that let me
    leave you knowing neither of us was whole or ever would be
    without it spoken. We see through different eyes, and your vision shifts to a focus
    I don’t recognize—I dare you to step back knowing that all you feel
    is all there is, and I can never be part of it.

    We are, for a moment, strangers, only tied together
    by the common want—the missing link in the chain between the world we shared
    and the spheres that only touch to bounce us off each other’s walls.
    I want to find the you I remember. And maybe it’s too late now—to dare you
    back to what we were.

  25. Jennifer Peach

    by jennifer peach.

    i dare you to become the streetlight before me, standing brave as ever, blaring truth.
    i dare you to look your father in the eyes and forgive him for giving you his painful indifference.
    i dare you to admit that when we fell to bits and pieces it was from the loose grip of your hands.
    i dare you to let them be the strong tools we both know they were created to be.
    i dare you to stand outside the window one last time if you still love me.
    if you don’t, i dare you to be brave and stay away.

  26. pipersfancy

    Take a Dare

    Will you take
    a dare?

    Take a chance…
    and dream in colour.

    Reality is there
    ripe for the picking.

    Of course,
    before you run barefoot
    (madcap gleeful!)
    to chase butterflies

    you’ll first need to grow
    the perfect garden.

    So, I dare you
    to plant seeds.

    No matter what grows,
    it will be beautiful…

    and yours.

  27. Ryk Stanton

    The Dare: Can You Figure It Out?

    Just to piss some people off, I am going
    To insert random
    Iine breaks in this poem and tell
    You that there
    No reason to explain why
    They appear as they
    Do. But the truth is that there is
    A very good reason and that you are just
    Not smart
    Enough to figure it out for your-
    Self. Go ahead, genius! (I always pronounce
    It ge-nee-us with a hard g just to
    Make people wonder)
    (Oh hey, wow, was
    That a clue? I’ll never tell, no I never will.) Can you figure it out? What if I include a super long line that has to use the text-wrap to fit it on
    The page? Is
    That a clue?
    What if I brea
    K a word where it makes no sense to b
    Reak it?
    Have you figured it out, oh genius poetry analy
    Hey, don’t hurt your brain. Like I said, there is no
    Reason why
    These line breaks appear.
    There i
    or there’s not. Do you
    Care? Does it

  28. Katynimm


    Me in the eyes
    Instead of looking down
    I dare ya

    Your arms around me
    Instead of reaching for the floor
    I dare ya

    Your tongue
    Sweep across my bottom lip
    I dare ya

    Ok, gross!
    Go get your leash, sandy
    Time for your doggy walk.

  29. Lucretia_BezBawni_Amstell


    Come out, come out! I dare you make night and day.
    Come out, I dare you grow, bring many a fruit.
    You, I dare to breathe salty water. You there,
    I dare you build your homes high and fly in the air.
    I dare you live, and eat, and give birth, do you hear?
    I dare you two to obey and to do what I say.
    Nay, you lost. Now I dare you leave
    and live on your own, if you dare,
    by Lucretia Amstell

  30. Marilyn Cavicchia

    Eggnog in April

    Do you dare drink the expired eggnog?
    I dare you to enjoy sparkle nightmare
    holiday visions of treats gone by,
    gone bad. I dare you to embrace
    listeria, E.coli, any of the other
    suberbads that will trouble your
    sleep, make you regret that you
    ever heard of baby Jesus or whatever
    pagan tradition brought us eggnog
    in the first place. Eggnog in April
    is well ripened and fizzy — at least
    that’s what I’m guessing. The darer
    need not take the dare. I didn’t
    make that up. The usual rules
    apply here, the ones you learned
    at the back of the school bus or
    in dark corners of the playground
    where such deals are made. This
    expired eggnog will take you back
    to those halcyon days of youth,
    when dares were all that mattered
    and consequences were nothing.
    That’s right. Let it take you
    on that journey, divide you
    from everything but this.

  31. kattra

    “the ex speaks to the poet.”

    dare: write me a doorway.
    write me out of your poems.
    let me leave them forever.

    truth: i am not trying to stab you in the back.
    i am trying to unlock the chains.
    (this is for y/our own good.)

    dare: write me back into being a stranger.
    write me anonymous.

    truth: you have told the truth too many times,
    and you have lied twice as often.
    (i give as good as i get.)

    dare: leave yourself with nothing more
    than the blank page.

    truth: the poet apologizes
    (but she couldn’t fucking do it.)

  32. tphan850

    I dared you to leave

    and you left

    Those words I regret have stayed with me

    that night I wept

    You dared me to change

    and I did

    The man you once fell in loved with now caused you pain

    how is this?

    I guess “leave” and “change” are synonyms

    I guess you can say that we dared each other

    to hurt each other

  33. Shaindel Beers

    When we were knife throwers…

    My favorite part of the act wasn’t the sparkle of red sequins,
    the skimming of satin skirt flirting with thigh. I loved

    the knife thwack, the shudder of pearl handle vibrating
    when the blade landed true. I loved cartwheeling in space

    when you spun the wheel, our love every day a game
    of roulette, praying to always land on black but wearing

    red just in case. I lived for you tying the blindfold, the whisper,
    I love you as you fastened the manacles secure. Each second

    a precarious balance between trust and chance.

  34. Hyork

    Pad challenge 2015 day 9 Dare
    Dare to be great

    “Dare greatness,” said Glenn,
    “just send all your bucks to me.”
    Now he can’t spend them.

    Holly York


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