2015 April PAD Challenge: Day 28

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Here’s the final “Two for Tuesday” prompt of the month:

  1. Write a matter poem. Matter is what things are made of.
  2. Write an anti-matter poem. The opposite of a matter poem.


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Here’s my attempt at a Matter and/or Anti-Matter Poem:

“problematic equations”

for any one person
there are things that matter
& things that do not which
they call anti-matter

not one thing that matters
matters for every one
& all anti-matter
matters to somebody

& the only reason
reason never seems to
work is that one person’s
matter is another

person’s anti-matter


Today’s guest judge is…

Eduardo C. Corral (photo by JW Stovall)

Eduardo C. Corral (photo by JW Stovall)

Eduardo C. Corral

Eduardo C. Corral is a CantoMundo fellow. He holds degrees from Arizona State University and the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. His poems have appeared in Best American Poetry 2012, Beloit Poetry Journal, Huizache, Jubilat, New England Review, Ploughshares, Poetry, Poetry Northwest, and Quarterly West.

His work has been honored with a “Discovery”/The Nation Award, the J. Howard and Barbara M. J. Wood Prize from Poetry, and writing residencies to the MacDowell Colony and Yaddo. He has served as the Olive B. O’Connor Fellow in Creative Writing at Colgate University and as the Philip Roth Resident in Creative Writing at Bucknell University.

Slow Lightning, his first book of poems, was selected by Carl Phillips as the 2011 winner of the Yale Series of Younger Poets competition. The recipient of a Whiting Writers’ Award and a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, he currently lives in New York City, teaching at Columbia University in the spring 2013.

Learn more at EduardoCorral.com.


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Poem Your Heart Out, Volume 2

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Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and author of Solving the World’s Problems.

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769 thoughts on “2015 April PAD Challenge: Day 28

  1. Pedro Poitevin


    Particles of evil live in the dispersive
    night of the wolf, flow in its nothingness,
    fragment as their sleep peels off in meager
    flakes of time, emit flesh
    like a quantum leper, repel light
    with waves of mood, doom all that matters.

    1. Pedro Poitevin

      In its ideal presentation, this should be in Old English alliterative verse, with whitespace caesurae in the middle of the verse; in addition, all verses ought to be centered, so as for the caesurae to make up a vertical white strip going down the center of the poem. Too bad html did not cooperate. Sorry.

  2. Pedro Poitevin

    &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Antimatter

    &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Particles of evil &nbsp &nbsp live in the dispersive
    &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp night of the wolf, &nbsp &nbsp flow in its nothingness,
    fragment as their sleep &nbsp &nbsp peels off in meager
    &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp flakes of time, &nbsp &nbsp emit flesh
    &nbsp like a quantum leper, &nbsp &nbsp repel light
    &nbsp with waves of mood, &nbsp &nbsp doom all that matters.

  3. Rowdy

    Matter vs. Antimatter
    by Kay Butzin

    Scientists are exploring the feasibility of antiproton
    use for cancer therapy. They have also produced
    antihydrogen, which causes me to wonder, what
    would anti-water be like? Yahoo! Answers’ best
    explanation, submitted by a man with the screen
    name Sufi, presumes in the antiworld it would have
    similar properties to our normal water, but we
    could not see or feel it with the human senses.
    Lola F speculates it would taste like an explosion.

    Which leads to my favorite answer, by Greesygun:
    Sometimes opposites don’t attract. Sometimes they
    annihilate each other.

  4. De Jackson

    Open Letter to a Philosophical Mathematical Genius
    (I think, therefore I am flummoxed.)


    Dear Descartes,

    If no empty space can exist,

                                what then of my heart?


  5. rachii

    All matter and it still doesn’t matter

    I am composed of matter
    Yet I never mattered
    In the grand scale of the universe
    What am I more than a pointless dot
    A dot if erased , it won’t matter
    We might matter in our own world
    But even earth is a dot of greater world
    All the issues and problems are a distant echo in the galaxies
    Beyond the trends and money of our world
    We are nothing…literally nothing but the dust of some greater world
    -Rahel hadish

  6. Rachel Nix

    “We Are Animals”

    People are human until society disregards them,
    declares them outcasts of our breed, agrees to

    the slander thrown at them by those who have
    never tried to survive in similar elements.

    We are animals; we forget this. We will react
    to mistreatment, all of us, if pushed far enough.

    Riots are not to destroy what is had; they are
    had to destroy what is being taken from us,

    from humanity. To be tamed is to deny history,
    to ignore our instincts, to accept the idea

    that the dominant have reason to go for the kill—
    rather than set the example we are to follow.

    –Rachel Nix, chasingthegrey.com

  7. josephdaniel

    Private Matters

    All that matters is
    you and me

    each other’s company

    to each other’s needs

    when there’s no delay

    in treating pain
    that comes our way

    All that matters is
    you and me

    and giving thanks today

    At the words we say

    at the jokes we play

    When it comes to what’s important
    in the grand scheme of things

    All that really matters is

  8. Ravyne

    Once Everything Mattered

    like the fusion of two bodies
    in a slow grind on silk sheets
    slick with sweat and saliva

    like the merger of two minds
    in an instant moment of awareness
    a great AHA! shared together

    like the rhythm of two hearts
    in a rocky ride on rough roads
    rift with righteousness and resolve

    like the alarm of two voices
    in an angered shrill of defiance
    the bleating of dying love

    once everything mattered
    the ‘we’ joined as one
    now only I matter, alone

    ~Lori Carlson~

  9. SymannthaRenn

    If we
    are not pruned how
    how will we grow taller
    we will only grow fatter if
    not cut.

    I read, pray, mother, and photograph things in the Midwestern United States. I write as a way to honor God, relieve stress, and to process what goes on in the world.

  10. Anthony94

    Outside the Waldo Station

    Inside the phone booth, air reeks
    of damp and piss, trapped voices frantic
    for connections, echoes arcing around
    mold spores from melting magazines,
    print slid from yellow pages. The solid
    black receiver dangles, but delivers a
    dial tone which is all that matters, even
    as she wipes the mouthpiece with a Kleenex.

    No one calls unless wanting that tentative
    hello or the dispatcher’s bark, sending a cab
    in twenty minutes to the A & P. Already the
    sodden Kraft liquefies beneath this ceaseless
    rain, slides red drops from around the Eight
    O’clock coffee, droops from the sharp corners
    Of the Ivory Snow. Nothing more than forms
    Of matter, these shapes pushed together,

    a million molecules and atoms constantly moving
    transforming, steaming up from the pavement
    despite DelMonte jars that shatter at my mother’s
    feet and earth bleeds maroon, the scent of pickled
    beets like some poisonous gas that makes her cry.
    Existence of every particle pure whim as we roll
    bags down tightly against the cab that never comes.
    Walk into the dusk. What does it really matter.

  11. De Jackson

    Ordinary Matter

    Forgive us our centers,

    these (s)matterings of fear
    and fragile flame, the
    quirks and quarks that
    keep us spinning, spilling,

    Forgive us our pleas for
    when the world closes

    even when at rest.

    even in silence.


  12. Malen

    When Matters Collide

    In every situation we find what matters
    It’s natural as our skin, as matter, in fact.
    But, if you look a bit deeper
    You will find, anti matters reside.

    Everything we say and do
    Everything we are, matters.
    In all this, are reactions near and far.
    It’s a matter of fact, an antimatter will affect.

    Yet, if you hold what matters as the upmost importance.
    If you fill your universe with all that matters,
    Antimatter will have no room and be consumed.

    Just the same, if you weaken, crumble inside
    Letting the anti matters thrive,
    All that you knew, will Lose its room to resume.

    So remember my matter built friends.
    What matters is stronger than anything,
    And it’s only when you let enough antimatter in
    That you will face your anilliation.

  13. NYoung

    After the Big Bang,
    the universe was equally balanced
    between matter and antimatter—
    the same mass but opposite charges:
    positron, electron, that, if paired,
    annihilate each other,
    leaving only pure energy behind
    like us
    for whom the laws of energy
    don’t equally apply—
    too much matter in our world
    so nothing’s left when we collide,
    not even cosmic dust.

    Nancy Young

  14. MasonKelsey

    Two Springs at Camp Harney

    At the surface, both
    only seven feet apart.
    One, a nest of long abandoned
    Easter eggs, clear but full of sulfur trails,
    white, and limp trees of algae,
    softly waving in the water full
    of poison gas, flowing from
    a broken throat of rust
    and from a catacomb
    Of sleeping shells and fish bones.

    The second, artesian as the first,
    customarily turned off,
    perhaps to save the drink
    on New Year’s Day, for Pastor
    of a Baptist Church, tired of talking,
    on an unusually warm day,
    remarking on the excellence of taste,
    and “At what depth?”
    Thrice that of the first, and then
    the unconscious compass of his mind,
    flows from his sulfur mouth as white,
    “The closer to hell, the better the water.”

  15. lionetravail

    “In The Rough”
    by David Hoenig

    universal, durable
    convincing, constituting, demarcating
    embraceable, traceable, erasable, irreplaceable
    perplexing, effacing, abnegating
    rare, ephemeral

    1. lionetravail

      Nertz. This was a Diamante, and the spaces to make it into the diamond shape were auto-formatted out. (Seemed like a good choice for antonyms.) Grr.

      1. De Jackson

        liontravail, you can achieve those spaces in a repost simply be redoing the spacing in the text box, pushing the “option” button at the same time as the space bar for each space desired. I have found with centering (like your diamond), it isn’t always perfect, but usually it’s pretty close to what you’re looking at once you create the hard spaces.

        Cool poem, and a good choice of form for this prompt. 🙂

    2. lionetravail

      Many thanks, De and Ravyne! (Took crash course in HTML spacing, as no Option (or alt gr) key on my puter.)

      “In The Rough”
      by David Hoenig

                             universal, durable 
              convincing, constituting, demarcating
       embraceable, traceable, erasable, irreplaceable
                   perplexing, effacing, abnegating 
                              rare, ephemeral 

  16. J.lynn Sheridan

    “Road Trip with my Alter Ego”

    The yellow of your hair narrows into a ponytail. Mine borders between silver and nutmeg. We spend the first three hours fencing with our ages, the next two hundred miles, peeling red Twizzlers and braiding them then choking on fabricated memories. When the sun curls over the windshield, we toss peanuts out the windows into the Kankakee River singing and chasing the Illinois Central rail all the way downstate. You call me Pal. I call you Bud. Just a couple of riding mates confined by black straps and velocity. In a matter of a few miles, the road has become both freedom and iron curtain, soul mate and mugger, crony and confidant. I let loose the scare in my bones sending it into the wind. The howl of protest remains in my throat but my arms are empty of payback.

    The casket is closed.

    And we travel on.

    We travel on.

  17. Beth Browne

    We are not alone

    He dismisses the existence
    of others in the Universe
    unable to imagine a being
    made of anti-matter,
    pure energy or something else.
    How should I know
    but at least I can imagine
    something other than
    what I see and maybe
    it doesn’t matter, anyway.

  18. Monique

    Mirror House

    An endless sea of reflections
    Distorted by perceptions and thoughts
    I can’t trust what I see
    None of these mirrors show the real me

    One mirror shows this pathetic, ragged girl
    Miserable and alone, unwanted and invisible
    Building castles up on flimsy clouds
    and watches them crumble down into the ground

    Another mirror shows the bottom of the barrel
    filled with the barnacles that clung to my heart,
    parasites who fed off of my love,
    never giving any of it back to me

    I look into another mirror and see an endless loop
    constantly stuck in the same place and time
    never changing or growing, just going through the motions
    dying as a shell of wasted potential

    I run around the house of mirrors,
    disgusted at the monsters I see in my reflections
    wondering if I’ll ever find one that shows my true worth
    fearing that I never will

    Finally, at the end of this seemingly infinite labyrinth
    I come to the center of the mirror house
    I stand before a large mirror that’s shaped like a heart
    Not the Valentine kind, but the asymmetrical organ

    I almost don’t recognize myself
    The woman in the mirror is too beautiful
    with her long legs, defined waist, and long, sleek hair
    Surely this is someone else

    I take a step closer and see words etched on the edge
    “This is you. Never forget that you matter.”
    The reflection takes on a different form
    No longer do I see my body, but the radiance of my soul

    I see a woman whose words resonate like a song
    I see a deep river of thoughts that flow into love’s endless ocean
    I see my smile,my laughter, my happiness from every little thing
    I see the potential and my hidden inner strength

    All of a sudden, the house of mirrors changes around me
    No longer is the castle in the clouds, made of distorted glass
    Instead, the castle is in my heart, made out of a single diamond
    with every facet reflecting the radiance and grace of the one who created me.

  19. MadPoet

    Does Matter Matter?

    Matter is of great importance.
    It is composed of particles and antiparticles.
    The antiparticles have opposite properties
    Of the positive particles contained in matter
    This gives us anti-matter.
    So if matter matters, what about anti-matter?
    That does not mean it is irrelevant.
    For without both matter and anti-matter,
    The universe, including us, would not exist.

  20. Rob Winters

    Everything I Know About Antimatter
    I Learned From Star Trek

    Antimatter is really concentrated,
    kind of like vanilla, or Brylcreem —
    a little dab’ll do ya

    Keep your antimatter
    and your matter apart —
    just like your peas
    and your mashed potatoes

    If you carefully mix matter and antimatter hot,
    you get something that really zooms —
    like warp drive, or my cousin’s El Camino

    If you mix matter and antimatter cold
    you usually get a big explosion —
    ultimately, also like my cousin’s El Camino

    Scotty can run hot blends all day long,
    aided by his extensive Scotch whisky experience;
    there are reasons for keeping him down below

    Only Spock managed an emergency cold mix once;
    it required a lot of math and eyebrow movement,
    and resulted in some “cheetah scene” time travel

      1. Rob Winters

        Thanks for all the love, everyone. I seem to have the same problem with this activity as I do watching “Project Runway” — I can never predict which outfit the judges will like.

  21. Caitix

    It Matters Not

    Take it as you will
    It matters not
    The time when things all mattered
    Is long past
    No concerns over impression
    No concerns over perceptions of being
    Shallowness is a dry bed in my heart
    It no longer exists
    Earth is now exposed
    Raw earth
    Raw truth

  22. Nancy Posey

    Mind over Matter

    How clever that she’s lived this long
    her head in firm control, her heart
    relegated to beating, pumping blood.
    She got better with practice,
    as logos trumped pathos, feelings
    ignored like children bouncing
    in the backseat chanting,
    Are we there yet?
    Are we there yet?

    Her shoulder damp sometimes
    from tears of the pitiable,
    she nonetheless stood firm
    in her advice: Let your head
    rule your heart, if you wish
    to avoid heartbreak,
    heartache. Simple, really.

    As her old rusty heart slowed
    to its final cadence, counting
    off days instead of years,
    she spent more time
    in the attic, sifting
    through boxes of all
    she’d saved and stored—
    tangible, touchable,
    far too much matter
    to fit in a pine box.

  23. Vivian Wagner

    The Physics of Ferns

    It comes from mater, mother,
    the woody part of a tree.
    The material of all.
    In the center spiral of
    a fiddlehead fern, unfurling
    in the morning woods,
    you can see it:
    the stuff, the substance,
    the wink of the universe’s eye,
    what matters.

  24. ChrisJarmick

    Have to share the other poem I came up with for this prompt.

    By Christopher J. Jarmick

    I know the earth is not flat,
    the sun doesn’t revolve around the earth
    and poetry is not dead.

    Contrary to popular belief,
    poetry isn’t anti-prose that vanishes
    when it touches anything other
    than another poet.

    Mathematics and Science
    are bedfellows
    as are Poetry and Mathematics.
    (Need I explain iambic pentameter?)
    Politicians have long feared both
    science and poetry.
    Both have survived.

    There is hope for poetry’s future.
    Carl Sagan became famous in the 1970s
    and recently so has Neil deGrasse Tyson.
    There is hope for poetry’s future.
    If every 40 years (or so) an Astro-physicist
    can become a media darling,
    there is hope for poetry’s future.

  25. Sarah

    The Space Between

    Only your breath,
    sweet from the medicine,
    fast from the work
    of learning to stand,
    short puffs of effort
    and confidence, filling
    nothing and yet all of
    it as I hold out my arms
    and ask you to
    come to me.

    I’m sure that for the
    rest of your life, there
    will be this empty
    place we have to scale,
    road trip, trek across
    to find one another

    When I’m old
    it will be you
    noticing the air
    between us, asking
    me to get to you,
    reaching slowly for
    my hands.

    Sarah Ghoshal

  26. Nancy Posey

    Music Matters
    It might have felt like rain,
    but when I waved my hand
    through the air before me,
    I came away with music
    on my fingers, half notes,
    quarter notes, eighth.

    Like an eager collie, cocking
    my ear, I sorted through
    the sounds, trying to tell
    cellos from fiddles,
    piccolos from flutes.

    When the wind whispered
    against my neck, I heard
    her singing high tenor
    harmony—there, then
    gone, leaving behind
    a residue, sounding
    exactly like a smile.

  27. PressOn


    Physicists have matter minds;
    economists spout mindless matters;
    politicians hardly matter
    and ministers…. well, never mind.

    William Preston

  28. ChrisJarmick

    Whatsa’ Matter You – An E = mc2 Poem.
    By Christopher J. Jarmick

    If for every particle of matter
    there is an anti-matter particle
    but gravity affects both equally
    and their meeting in mass
    created the Big Bang that begat
    our Universe, then why is
    the Universe made up of matter particles.
    (and why do split infinities and participles matter?)

    How did one particle matter more than another
    and survive annihilation?
    And what of discovered particles that may
    contain both matter and anti-matter
    that aren’t affected by gravity or
    magnetic fields?

    Concentrations of energy
    created by matter and anti-matter
    make cosmic rays
    which one of Buck Rogers
    of was it Flash Gordon’s nemesis
    threatened to destroy earth with
    and in a 50s creature feature or two
    created giant insects.
    Rays (cosmic, gamma) also made a super-hero or two,
    and become a doomsday machine
    in a lousy Dan Brown novel.

    It’s hard to make anti-matter
    since it vanishes when it touches anything.
    All of this is for scientists only perhaps
    but in a poets’ perspective. . .

    I think we’ve all had a few relationships
    where after touching someone, they seem to vanish.
    Never call, don’t answer their phone… aren’t
    ever seen or heard from again.
    Doesn’t usually happen instantaneously, I realize,
    but the delayed reaction might open up a
    whole new field of study.

    No matter?
    Isn’t matter as much an illusion as
    truth in advertising, you say?

    That’s quantum physics
    worthy perhaps of another poem,
    –when I have the energy.

  29. newdockswife

    It Matters

    I could give up.
    I could let go.
    But it matters.

    I could just watch.
    I could be silent.
    But it matters.

    I could not care.
    I could not believe.
    But it matters.

    I could fill time with
    television and movies and books
    and parties and department stores,
    running and swimming and boating
    and martial arts and concerts,
    plays and ballet and stand up comedians
    who would make me laugh
    and fill my life with stuff and fun
    and make me satisfied for about
    an hour
    that stuff only matters
    for about an hour
    and then it is gone
    like the wind—
    and the waiting for
    the next wind

    I cannot give up.
    I cannot let go.
    Because it matters.

    I cannot just watch.
    I cannot be silent.
    Because it matters.

    I cannot not care.
    I cannot not believe.
    Because it matters.

  30. carollilly

    Matter, Antimatter
    By Carolyn Lilly

    Matter, antimatter
    What do they mean?

    Or as one wise man once wrote
    “Everything is meaningless.”
    So no thing really matters except
    love for God, fellowman & self,
    and another wise man said that
    & we sing because of Him.

  31. pmwanken


    The stupid
    television is
    not tuning
    in tonight.
    “So much for digital bliss!”
    she says with a hiss.

    She fiddles
    with it some more, and
    a picture.
    “Earthquake shakes Nepal, death toll
    continues to rise…”

    Paula Wanken

  32. mcumber

    other half

    wheels up, one bag
    in the belly of the savior
    what are we to do but
    flee, dragging ragged lives
    and our babies. wheels
    down hours later, voice
    echoes in a bare room
    empty apartment
    coffee in a cardboard cup;
    peace will find me here
    with nothing, with

  33. Maeflower

    My Mattress

    I undress myself
    the sultry air of summer
    washing against my skin,
    the hairs in my braid curling
    with the close heat,
    as I slip into my underwear.
    I undress the bed
    letting the white sheets pool
    on the floor.

    I lay my flushed body
    on the coolness.
    My palms open to the sky
    pleading to be kissed by
    the air-conditioned air,
    and my legs soften outward
    while my heels anchor to the bed
    letting my toes dance above,

    A heaviness of eyes
    and mind descends as
    I allow
    the matter that
    is me
    be enveloped
    by the mattress that
    is my bed.

  34. nickbutterfield123@gmail.com

    Without Glasses

    They say the whole world lies inside our skull.

    This is a grey matter and would explain why we can see when our eyes are closed and

    believe in things that cannot be seen and why dreams are more than real,

    Like tears that melt the brain, the salt returning to the sea from which it came, now so clear

    Is all that matters

  35. Patricia A. Hawkenson

    Down in a Coral Reefer

    He woke from
    dreams clouded
    with anti-matter
    where tree limbs
    morphed to octopi
    and the line
    at the bank
    twisted with children
    who clogged
    the path
    to his car
    which he never
    did find
    and stumbling now
    feeling no
    his remaining arms
    grab for a suction cup
    and the black ink
    of coffee
    is the only thing
    that matters

  36. taylor graham


    One of our errant hikes on unmarked mining
    roads pounded contour-wise up ridges, long
    overgrown by frays of mountain-misery –
    that year you grumbled we never saw anything
    new, or old enough to be interesting.
    Natural uplift and erosion too slow too notice,
    relentless incursions that matter makes into
    mind. Somewhere between Glory Hole
    and the pit you called Last Chance Diggins,
    we found what once was miner’s shack
    or homestead. I suspect the hideout for a hermit
    or spirit-medium. Ivy held things together.
    It must have taken an able arm to frame the walls
    still standing. Door off its hinges singing
    to the westerlies; glassless window gazing out
    over canyon as if on watch for lightning strike
    or resurrection. The front stoop knew bedrock
    better than we ever could. How many years ago
    was that? You say you want to go back, find
    the place again, see what hand-made home
    has done with weather. I tell you, we’ll never
    remember how we got there. It was our last
    chance, back then.

  37. dhaivid3

    An Ass is an ass is an ass

    We are all exposed
    So quit whining
    “After all
    I’ve shown mine
    What does it matter if they find yours
    Displayed in clear, millions-of-pixels
    For all the world?”

    Privacy is dead they say
    Grow up… they say
    Only the guilty are afraid
    They say
    But no!
    An ass is NOT an ass is NOT an ass
    YOU may show your ass – your choice
    Mine’s not for show
    Privacy means choice – to choose to show or not to show
    You show your ass – online – your choice
    I keep mine – private
    Danke Schon!

  38. Walt Wojtanik


    When I’m bored I work with wood,
    my builder hands demand it.
    I cut, I saw, I drill, I screw –
    if it’s rough hewn, I sand it!

    Building tables, constructing walls,
    a man-cave for my pleasures,
    you’ll find me under a pile of lumber,
    this carpenter’s greatest treasure.

    A mile trod in my father’s shoes,
    a craft he’s handed down,
    who needs Bob Vila on the tube,
    when Dad’s tricks are full blown?

    So if furniture is made of wood,
    is wood considered matter?
    And if sawing wood is really good
    would sawdust be anti-matter!

    (C) Walter J. Wojtanik

  39. uvr

    It floats on air
    filling the lungs
    with every breath
    It plants roots
    even in a barren heart
    its fragrance turning
    desert into oasis
    It populates your mind
    with hope’s flowers
    colouring dreams
    It plays joyful tunes
    in your thoughts
    spinning songs of fulfilment

    You say, show me what it is
    How can I?
    Love has neither
    matter nor mass
    It occupies no space
    I cannot show it to you
    but if you let yourself feel
    it is everywhere

    Uma Venkatraman

  40. whalefungus

    What Matters

    He left behind everything.
    The house, money and car.
    Took off like a mad-man
    With just the shoes on his feet
    And clothes on his back.

    Months passed
    And he has morphed
    Into a raggedy shambler
    Single-minded, searching
    In a universe of people,
    Most indifferent,
    Many after prey.

    He has endured all,
    Lost all,
    Stumbles place to place
    And if he does not find her,
    All this does not matter.

  41. MaryVaan

    Aunt Madeline

    She was a force of anti-nature
    Blue blood ties could be traced
    Back to the floods she said
    Way back– you know, Noah?
    He contracted with our people to build the ark
    And a fine ship that was—first recorded account
    of our family’s legacy of quality craftsmanship

    Her stories were legendary and so was
    Her heartlessness—ruthless to the core
    I am not sure exactly when it was—some
    Whiskey-sour soaked family gathering
    When Cousin Gregory nick-named Madeline
    Aunti-Madder because she could suck the life out
    Of a party or annihilate you with her critical stony eyes.

    In this universe apparently everything has an opposite
    A double with a reverse charge positive to negative
    In just the right configuration
    Suffice to say that Aunti’s doppelganger
    Will appear in the heavens glowing white and gold
    Choirs of angels singing and rejoicing

    And that doppel will reach out a finger
    Stretching down down down to where Madder
    Resides and with a touch launch
    Big Bang II, the sequel
    A spectacular show with surprising results
    Aunti-Madder wouldn’t have it any other way

  42. TheBlueGnu


    There’s been some chatter
    On the intake of matter
    The size of your platter
    If lathered in batter – can spatter
    And make one fatter
    The ridicule of latter
    creates internal shatter
    from hater to ratter
    to plate with a smatter
    for a look that is flatter.

    by Kim Watermeyer


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