2015 April PAD Challenge: Day 28

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Here’s the final “Two for Tuesday” prompt of the month:

  1. Write a matter poem. Matter is what things are made of.
  2. Write an anti-matter poem. The opposite of a matter poem.


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Here’s my attempt at a Matter and/or Anti-Matter Poem:

“problematic equations”

for any one person
there are things that matter
& things that do not which
they call anti-matter

not one thing that matters
matters for every one
& all anti-matter
matters to somebody

& the only reason
reason never seems to
work is that one person’s
matter is another

person’s anti-matter


Today’s guest judge is…

Eduardo C. Corral (photo by JW Stovall)

Eduardo C. Corral (photo by JW Stovall)

Eduardo C. Corral

Eduardo C. Corral is a CantoMundo fellow. He holds degrees from Arizona State University and the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. His poems have appeared in Best American Poetry 2012, Beloit Poetry Journal, Huizache, Jubilat, New England Review, Ploughshares, Poetry, Poetry Northwest, and Quarterly West.

His work has been honored with a “Discovery”/The Nation Award, the J. Howard and Barbara M. J. Wood Prize from Poetry, and writing residencies to the MacDowell Colony and Yaddo. He has served as the Olive B. O’Connor Fellow in Creative Writing at Colgate University and as the Philip Roth Resident in Creative Writing at Bucknell University.

Slow Lightning, his first book of poems, was selected by Carl Phillips as the 2011 winner of the Yale Series of Younger Poets competition. The recipient of a Whiting Writers’ Award and a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, he currently lives in New York City, teaching at Columbia University in the spring 2013.

Learn more at EduardoCorral.com.


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Poem Your Heart Out, Volume 2

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Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and author of Solving the World’s Problems.

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769 thoughts on “2015 April PAD Challenge: Day 28

  1. heathertruett

    I’m feeling a little bit silly today, and all of my poems have been very serious for this challenge. This one isn’t light and fluffy, but I let myself rhyme and that always makes me feel a little lighter.

    The Had Matter
    by Heather Truett

    The Had Matter came for tea,
    and I invited him in, stupidly.

    This Had Matter was all ears
    and he poured a cup of deepest fears.

    I had mattered, I thought before
    this Had Matter knocked on my door.

    His fur was soft, but his eyes were red,
    and what once had mattered now just bled.

    Tea like adrenaline pumps through his veins,
    and all that had mattered were losses and pains.

    I fought the Had Matter with bright painted nails,
    but he laughed at my petty losses and fails.

    So I drink down his tea and swallow his lies,
    and all that had mattered is gone from my life.

  2. barton smock

    -themes for exile-

    its father tells god how it was briefly haunted by two ghosts that began to see each other. it doesn’t mention by name the who’s who of having babies. by the scar of milk in its belly, god accepts on cruelty the continued presence of the left handed coalition of something in the water. a good mother burns what’s been devoured.

  3. annell

    Something to Keep

    when all is said and done      does it matter      i sit before you

    new snow on the mountain      the sun already high in the blue sky

    you say      i am a scientist      energy always is

    you remind me      one can not destroy energy

    but you say      i wish we would get a sign      maybe we do

    when the sun shines      when there is lightening during a storm

    perhaps each day      i can see your energy      when the wind moves the wind chimes


    something remains      something is      and will always be

    like two young girls      we hug      and hug again

    it will be the last time in this place       but we will keep something in memory

    April 28, 2015

    Note: For my friend, Katherine.

  4. G.Wood

    Pink Matter

    A lollipop pink
    in the middle of the grey matter–
    that’s where I keep
    the eternal beat
    of the YMCA anthem,
    the cloying smell
    of the Strawberry Shortcake doll,
    the words Peter Piper picked a peck,
    and the memory
    of you.
    Locked away
    so I don’t have to remember
    how on a deluge of a day
    you strolled by—my sopping wet self
    hustling to my 8:00 class
    so fast, carrying biology books
    and lab notes, a diet pepsi, and cold bagel—
    and said,
    “Good morning, Ginny!”
    from under your Masters-Classic-sized umbrella
    bright yellow
    with a smile smeared all over your
    perfectly cosmetic face.

  5. BenBonnema

    Not quite lavender,
    You’re less like the FeBreeze I want lingering
    In my apartment, and more like 
    The purple plant left in the vase
    For too many days 
    Without water.
    Color me stupid
    For pruning in the first place. 

  6. kevinwiatrowski

    “Another Poem Written While Walking My Dog”

    What does it matter
    Where you empty your bladder?
    This corner, that spot,
    There seems not a lot
    Of difference to me.
    But you detect, obviously,
    Some passing transgression
    That requires your expression.
    So we’re out here before dawn.
    (Too early – even you yawned.)
    While you do your work, I have my own
    One more daily poem tapped on my phone
    With one thumb.
    The words don’t come
    Easily. But still, I try.
    We’re alike in that, you and I,
    Imaging our mark when the tank’s run dry.

  7. mschied

    There’s a moment

    when the twilight gloom
    becomes shot with dawn’s arrows
    and the purring in my dreams
    devolves into a haranguing
    ring-a-ding vibration
    on the bedside table
    but instead of the expected
    rise and shine
    muscles unfurl
    blankets envelop
    and I’m cocooned
    once more on blissful

    when Mother Nature
    defines summer as
    “75 degrees and sunny,
    with a light breeze”
    and I bask in the balmy
    benefits of soaking up
    rays of vitaD
    (not too long, of course)
    swinging gently in
    Dad’s old hammock
    on the patio
    book turtled on my chest
    half-guzzled glass
    of Mom’s lemonade tea
    on the stones by my side

    when performance time
    comes around
    and I find myself
    center stage and surrounded
    by a melee of harmonizing melodies
    each vying for choral superiority
    in a brilliant instant
    the chord aligns
    each note ringing
    crystal tones down the scale
    my heart is catapulted into
    another plane of existance
    where matter turns to sounds
    and only with the
    will it release and float to earth again

    when sensations overtake reason
    when the present suspends concerns
    of past and future
    when the only thing to do is be
    when that’s all that matters

  8. Michelle Hed

    Corporeal Longings

    I wish
    I could fold and blend
    my atoms and molecules
    from my human form
    into the wind
    and I would rise up
    and out
    into the galaxy
    to gaze
    at Nebulas
    and inspect their nurseries
    and mix a bit of star dust
    into my soul
    before journeying
    back to earth
    and my human form,
    now with a glimmer of polish.

  9. summersetsun


    Sensing, moving, Hericlitinean muse.
    Forever changing and deceiving Man’s many.


    Perceiving, unmoving, Berkelian immaterialism.
    Forever unchanging and revealing the Eliatic One.

  10. trishwrites

    What does it matter

    Words matter
    measure each one

    Heart matters
    when it breaks

    Feelings matter
    when they’re hurt

    Work matters
    do what you love

    Promises matter
    if they’re broken

    Honesty matters
    stand tall

    Love matters
    above all

  11. Walt Wojtanik


    A pleasant little ditty,
    a melody too pretty
    for a title so weird.
    You’ve heard it as a jingle,
    a little thing to shill
    for that Alka-Seltzer® pill.
    Round, curvy,
    slightly “swervey”,
    you’ve guessed it, when your
    digestive tract acts up.
    Turn the music up;
    no matter what shape
    your stomach is in!

    (C) Walter J Wojtanik

  12. kmmallegro

    (With deep apologies to Clement Clarke Moore and all of you; it’s been a crazy month…)

    ‘Twas the Night after Finals

    ‘Twas liquor THEN beer, not beer before liquor!
    I recounted the adage; it made me feel sicker.
    When deep in my gut there now bloomed such a clatter
    I knew all too bloody well what was the matter.
    Away towards the window I made a mad dash,
    Tore open the dark blinds and threw up.

    -Kris “look out below” Miller, 4/28/15

  13. JanetRuth


    As far as I can tell, the well
    Of poem-matter never dries
    Though I have yet to find the swell
    Wherein its pulsing Presence plies
    An ‘almost Thing’ into word-art
    In bits of ink That stun the heart

    …and steal ones very breath away
    The tempest of type-print can rouse
    On modest forum of blank page
    With naught but consonants and vowels
    Ageless arrangements of thought-jot
    Where we touch-see-taste what is not

    Pity the one who cannot see
    Beyond the box of Here-and-Now
    Nor on a verse of poetry
    Traverse, averse to it somehow
    For, though sight is a narrow street
    They choose its ground beneath their feet

    And yet, as far as I can tell,
    The well of word-spring has no floor
    Nor can a hand chain or corral
    The wonderland of troubadour
    Where ‘almost’ is a tasty lure
    That only Poem can procure

  14. Misky

    Of No Matter

    That leaf;
    That wind;
    Carried in from the west.
    Its course
    from forest,
    direction uncaring.
    What bearing has its fall on the wind —
    What matter does it make in its haste —
    To fall;
    Be fallen;
    Such rush of murmured hush.
    Shhh wind-driven
    into dry hollow corners.
    No matter.


    © 2015 M Braendeholm

  15. candy

    Moving Matters

    Each trinket and doodad
    Is carefully deliberated
    Does this matter enough
    To pack or is this anti- matter
    Pots and pans, shoes and Sweaters (wait that’s my favorite)
    Scrutinized for usefulness
    I say it matters, you- not so much
    Compromise is the name of
    This game we’re playing
    Negotiation becomes our Language as boxes begin to fill
    But I will not play along when
    We find ourselves standing in front Of the bookshelves
    They all matters

  16. Nancy Posey

    It Don’t Matter

    The idealist became a pragmatist
    by the end of the first six weeks
    teaching high school seniors–
    when the minds she planned
    to save from wasting
    didn’t want to be saved.

    In ten years or so, maybe
    she’d laugh to remember believing
    anyone at seventeen would care
    about Chaucer, Tennyson,
    Whitman or Frost,

    much less the split infinitive
    or the dangling participle,
    especially when her red ink
    flowed like life’s blood.
    She’s tried to conjure metaphors
    to show them the beauty
    of revision—evoking
    the patron saint of second chances—
    only to hear them grunt
    in reply, “It don’t matter.”

    “It doesn’t matter,” she’d corrected,
    and they’d replied,
    “You’re right. It don’t.”
    (She took consolation
    not seeing it in writing:
    “Your write. It don’t.)”

    She had to pay her dues—
    years, decades of students,
    all different, all alike—to see
    recognize that poker-faced
    defense mechanism
    they’d wielded so coolly
    in the face of her clueless
    optimism. It might matter
    later. They might figure it out.
    Some would follow
    in her footsteps—though
    not the ones she’d have guessed.

    Others, grown and wrestling
    their own teenagers
    to do their homework,
    still liked to issue a jab
    when they saw her:
    Yes, ma’am! You learned us good.

  17. Jo

    Matter Times Six

    Some days
    it feels
    like I don’t
    to the
    who matter
    the most
    to me.

    My atoms

    I don’t
    how to
    heal the
    of not
    so I just
    smile and
    that it
    to me
    that I
    don’t matter
    to them.

    Jo Aylard

  18. Undrtakr


    What is matter, does it matter?
    You need matter to make a ladder
    Falling off a ladder makes me sadder
    I like cookies, they come from batter
    Although too many, make me fatter
    Getting fatter makes the girls scatter
    What is matter, does it matter?
    Teenage girls, they like to chatter
    But when it’s too loud, I get madder
    I feel like my brain is about to splatter
    Kids make noise, clitter clatter
    Attempting to make my patience shatter
    In the end, what is matter?
    Matter is life, so let’s get at ‘er

  19. pipersfancy

    Ying Yang

    Opposites attract
    moon’s pull
    oceans swell.

    Light swims to dark
    but still aglow.

    Laughter reduced
    to tears
    by sparrow’s joyful wing.

    Ying Yang
    fused and inseparable
    of one being
    can never meet.

  20. Kimmy Sophia

    The Mystery of Matter

    I’ve always been a big girl,
    but once I knew this handsome boy
    from Nicaragua who was my buddy.
    He loved to carry me around,
    and when I started laughing
    the space between my atoms became lighter.
    In the midst of giddy giggling
    we stumbled on a secret!
    The science of matter or anti-matter
    is hidden in a laugh.
    (Kimmy Sophia Brown)

    (After I wrote this I remembered the scene in Mary Poppins when they visit Uncle Albert and laughing makes them float to the ceiling….so that proves it!)

  21. Pat Walsh

    dust to dust
    by Patrick J. Walsh

    matter coalesces in the
    scattered sprinkling of dawn
    when the wind exhales to
    dispel the powder of night

    the shadow takes shape
    as in the gathering light
    the contours of a memory
    form whole and immediate

    and they speak in poems
    in those few brief moments
    before the sun shines full
    returning dust to dust

  22. Kjean

    Does Matter really matter?
    When I think of all the
    “things” I am touched by in this life,
    very few are tangible.
    Of course I can see and touch my dog, my plants, my husband, my family…
    But what results from those touches
    are the tiny explosions-
    the epiphanies-
    of life that cannot be fashioned
    or formed.
    Love doesn’t require a hand to hold or lips to kiss
    Compassion and Charity don’t require
    coinage between fingers
    to know that they exist
    Breathing thrives on heartbeats
    but the difference
    one makes in living depends on
    various choices
    selected by
    what is tested
    in the heart.

  23. josephdaniel

    Ode to John Mellencamp

    What matters to some,
    may not to others;
    like beauty, it’s in the eye
    of the beholder.
    In 1979, none said it bolder
    than my favourite album title of all time:
    Nothing Matters (And What If It Did)

    Mind you, John Cougar
    had a bit of an attitude.

    (another favourite album title has always been Joe Walsh’s anthology entitled: ”Look What I Did”)

  24. writtenbymandy

    Matter and Anti-matter

    The theories of anti-matter and matter
    Cause me to transform into the Mad Hatter

    These cosmic battles make my head spin
    Good vs. Evil, who will win?

    One is important because of the other
    They explode and fight like rival brothers

    Not easy to grasp its positive and negative charge
    Or how it all began in our galaxy so large

    Together they make up the beauty of stars
    Always on the edge of forming new wars.

    By: Mandy B. Fernandez

  25. Minibusy


    The moon pinned the sky in place
    with a creamy tusk,
    wrinkling the stars so they shuddered.

    Fog was creeping in from the shore,
    but for now the sky was clear,
    a blanket of dark over the earth,
    with only a subtle hint of its dominion.

    Odd to think, surveying the stillness,
    that myriad dramas play out in this realm…
    matter and antimatter birthing and dying
    among the constellations,
    while here below, on a sliver of star,
    humanity trudges homeward amid the swirl
    of encroaching fog.

    Sharon Anderson

  26. Jaye Words

    Cloud Chamber

    Elements are the basic
    building blocks of matter.
    Granted they are built of atoms,
    which are built of even
    smaller bits of matter.
    You can see an element.
    You need microscopes of
    a very special kind to see
    any of the smaller bits, and
    some of them you cannot
    see at all. You can see
    only where they have been.


    A sage once said “Age Is mind over matter;
    If you don’t mind, It doesn’t matter.”

    I have taken this advice
    To many life areas,
    Some of them being
    Simply nefarious.
    My weight doesn’t matter,
    Neither does my age,
    Nor does dust on the table,
    But how do I gauge
    My granddaughter saying
    “Meme, I love you.
    May I have a cookie?
    Is the sky really blue?”
    As she sits on my lap
    And continues to chatter,
    In my mind all else
    Is just anti-matter.

  27. Pepe Batbon

    (W.eakly I.nteracting M.assive P.articles)

    all over out there more and less disappearing dark matter
    deep inside, and far beyond the outer most depths of space
    works anti matter, dark energy, and dark matter
    hear the stellar pitter patter dancing taking place

    on a South Pole radio telescope we hear
    “ala recherché du temps perdu” – we all hang
    cataclysmic cosmic surfers – hang ten – No Fear
    of bending waves at the moment of the Big Bang

    anti matters out there don’t know what the matter is
    a new and old cosmological situation
    since Big Bang’s rapid exponential little fizz
    gravitational waves in cosmic inflation

    underground linear accelerators glimpse
    us galactic gimps limping towards W.I.M.P.s

  28. donaldillich

    The Ghost Wonders What He’s Made Of

    When he was “born” again in this state,
    he didn’t wonder what he was. Too busy
    figuring out that he was stuck in his house,
    that the mortals he met couldn’t hear him,
    he didn’t think about his conditions of existence.
    But, after many years, he began to ask why
    he could pass through walls, how objects
    went through him, why he avoided the light.
    He received no guide, no book to direct him.
    He remembered hearing the word “ectoplasm”
    but that was from seeing “Ghostbusters,”
    which didn’t help at all. It seem like he might
    be on another plane, whatever that meant,
    but no one summoned him in a séance, nor
    did any psychic tried to contact his soul.
    He came up with a plan, but was afraid
    something horrible might happen, so he delayed
    for centuries, listening to his guests enter,
    breathe, and die. None of them stayed as ghosts.
    One night he entered the daughter’s room,
    who somehow saw him. She froze under
    her covers, unable to prevent him from coming
    to her bed. Slowly he placed a translucent
    finger on her head, and as he did, he saw:

    “A man reading a newspaper, his feet on a stool.
    Suddenly, a woman came from behind him,
    and he turned around, surprised. ‘Why are you
    here? What about your husband?’ Wrapping
    a rope around his neck, she pulled him to her,
    strangling him, shedding blood from his neck.
    He tried to pull it off with his hands, but she
    was fanatically strong. His breathing left
    his body, and his spirit rose above his head,
    passing upstairs, into the attic. She ran.”

    When the ghost came to, the daughter’s body
    was rigid. Her eyes stared immobile, terrified.
    “I am made of memory,” he told himself.
    Something horrifying was done to him.
    And for some reason the house wouldn’t forget.

  29. kelly letky

    it’s only matter if it matters

    and even a star can get pulled
    out of shape by the weight of living
    and eventually
    everything rusts
    (except plastic) and you
    can bury your heart
    in the landfill of everything
    but you will still
    hear it beating
    in corners


    you in
    and you’ll just keep thinking
    you win
    you win
    you win

    -Kelly Letky

  30. barbara_y

    Karst Topography

    I am a good, deep field
    –a pasture impacted with houses and vehicles.

    I am a long-boned, eroded ridge.
    The river that made me myself has meandered.

    I am a disappearing creek
    –odd system of sinkholes, shallows, salamanders.

    I am the night sky from the alley,
    and can’t see myself for the light.

    I am a poet.
    What’s the matter? What’s the matter.

  31. mariahewilson


    My biggest fear;
    becoming obsolete.
    Ceasing to matter
    or worse,
    becoming anti-matter.
    where I don’t matter
    so much I’ll blow
    us up should we collide.
    You, who matters,
    and me, who

  32. Maggie

    Found On An Ancient Writing Tablet
    …be who you are and say what you feel…some Roman ?

    Wish with all my heart
    that I could say I wrote this.
    Seems Seuss dug it up.

    But I’m saying here
    what is worth my repeating,
    an absolute truth:

    …those who mind, don’t matter,
    and those who matter, don’t mind.
    Take this to your grave.

    Maggie i.f.w.

  33. Jezzie


    It don’t matter if you
    don’t like my corny verse
    ‘cos I can assure you
    I’ve written far, far worse.
    I’m a writer part-time
    who prefers poems to rhyme.

    I can’t write eloquent
    words, use intelligent
    highfalutin jargon,
    and I hope you’ll pardon
    me knowing so little
    Please do not belittle.

    I’m not well versed enough
    in scientific stuff.
    I will freely admit
    that I know not a bit,
    nowt, absolute nothing,
    about atom splitting.

  34. ReathaThomasOakley

    A physics lesson

    She should have paid more attention
    when she was young
    when she was told
    antimatter is matter with
    electrical charge reversed
    that when the universe was hot
    and dense matter and antimatter
    were continually produced
    then annihilated,
    that antimatter could not be held
    in a container of ordinary matter
    because it reacts with
    matter it touches, annihilating itself
    and an equal amount of what it touched.
    She should have paid more attention
    before she knew she was matter.

          1. ReathaThomasOakley

            Groan, I fear I was too quick out of (into?) the box this morning. Might rewrite if I have time, but it most likely doesn’t matter.
            Thanks for reading, everyone.

  35. Kyusu


    Listen, the music is
    a Fibonacci sequence

    in vibration, you can feel
    the different frequencies

    here, this is how you can
    adjust the volume

    I’ll follow, we’ll twist
    into a rising spiral

    breath, slow down
    what are feeling, right now?

    relax, it’s easy to find
    a state of equilibrium

    yes, it’s a window
    and a mirror

    both/and, heads and tails
    sides of the same coin

    remember, we’re made of energy
    and cannot be destroyed

    let’s dance, energy is
    matter in motion.

    Alison Williams

  36. Linda Rhinehart Neas

    Butterfly Petals

    They float on air so light
    they seem part of the spring breeze.
    Twirling, lifting, drifting down
    towards the upturned faces
    of pansies, who only wishes
    such feats of grace could be theirs,
    the cherry petals vie for airspace
    with the butterfly.

  37. Valkyri

    by Valeri Paxton-Steele

    most of the universe
    is made up of dark matter
    that cannot be seen
    felt touched heard by anyone
    and no one knows what it is
    except that it exists
    in the universe
    the universe is like me
    made up of dark matter
    that no one else knows about
    that no one will ever be able
    to see feel hold hear
    (any of it, ever)
    because it is my dark matter
    and it is my universe
    and it exists in me

  38. PeanuttyO

    State of Matter

    A state of matter
    Observable in everyday life
    One of four, each distinct

    Solid state one
    Stoic and strong
    denying the pain
    Resolute against sorrow

    Tears form liquid
    Matter state two
    shed as the pain
    crashes like waves
    over the soul

    Gases state three
    in the form of air
    So hard to pull into
    your lungs, the body
    suffers, weakens
    Collapses in pain

    State of plasma
    Matter state four
    Neutral in positive
    and negative, your mind
    begins to even

    Four states of matter
    Four states of grief
    Science is the same
    Whether of the heart
    or the universe

  39. jimmiesner

    I should never have opened that door,
    Knocking the scientists machine to the floor.

    Suddenly there was a loud crash.
    Then a pop, and a bang and a flash.

    Now standing in front of me,
    was myself with a bizarro goatee.

    We reach our hands out in surprise,
    the scientist yelled, “Stop you guys!”

    But it was already to late,
    our hands touched and we met our fate.

    That’s how we died I reckon,
    Cause next thing we we’re in heaven.

    And as I stared at this man with flair,
    I regretted never growing facial hair.

  40. mohinipuranik

    What Matters For A Happy Life

    what matters to you most
    your ego

    what matters to me most
    my ego

    does it matter to you
    conflicts are growing?

    does it matter to me
    conflicts have grown?

    the matter isn’t that serious

    the conflict isn’t that serious

    but what doesn’t matter to us
    the outcome

    what doesn’t matter to us
    the loss

    what doesn’t matter to us when ego swells
    happy moments

    just rethink about all those
    conflicting matters

    what does matter for a happy life
    happy moments
    just happy moments

    what matters for the peace and harmony
    dip that ego
    in the sweetness of kind thinking and kind acts

    what’ll matter to you then
    my feelings

    what’ll matter to me then
    your feelings

    what’ll matter to us then
    peace and joy

    smile and let’s forget those
    conflicting matters

    – © Mohini Puranik

  41. Jezzie


    “What is the matter? Please don’t cry.”
    It wasn’t my fault, honestly.
    I swear by my headless duck I
    didn’t kill that big bumble bee.
    And I swear by my duckless head
    I really tried to set him free
    but he flew in then dropped down dead
    and lay there right in front of me.
    His legs were wiggling all akimbo.
    I picked him up but he kept wriggling
    He stung my mouth, boy it hurts so.
    Have you something for a bee-sting?

    Another Doggy Ditty using my theme “Almost Human” Read more at https://jezabelmyschka.wordpress.com/

  42. lucydbrown

    My head is a space of tangled significance
    Millions of lives
    of experience
    Squashed into a tiny section
    of a tiny body
    In one small part of one immensely large dimension
    in amongst an infinite amount of others.

    Lucy Dowling-Brown

    1. Athomasc365

      Before the eyes

      Right before the eyes, between the clearing of the tree’s
      leaves floating and soaring light speeds. Just as fast disappears
      from the glaring Daytime Sunlight or Moonlight at Night
      vanishing with a trail euphoric like;
      the revolution of man, ascending from a descendant form of thin air.
      Unfolds Jurassic as Dinosaur, Alien in Nature,
      oblong u.f.o. shapes tell a tail as comets out of space,
      nearor then farther out,
      Reigning: It comes and goes, raining unsuspecting.
      Something; clear movements, mysterious energy took flight,
      translucent glimpse of images; i, believe with time!


      Does It matter


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