2015 April PAD Challenge: Day 18

I’m not going to sugar coat it; today’s prompt is a little different. But hey, different can sometimes be good, right? (Crickets.)

For today’s prompt, pick 2 vowels and write a poem using words that only contain one or both of those vowels. For instance, write a poem with words that only have a “u” and “o.” Also, the letter “y” is wild–so the words “my” and “gypsy” are freebies. And I’ll allow text-speak (or maybe I should say “txt spk”).


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Here’s my attempt at a Double Vowel Words Poem:

“girl riding bike”

tell me i never knew her
yet i side with her strife

i like her bicycle life
hidden deep within my flight

she yells “bite me” & i
wish she’d be my wife

where there’s fire there’s rife
feelings ringing in my mind

& rifles riddle me blind
she fetches me her fife


Today’s guest judge is…

Christian Bök

Christian Bök

Christian Bök

Christian Bök is the author not only of Crystallography (1994), a pataphysical encyclopedia nominated for the Gerald Lampert Memorial Award, but also of Eunoia (2001), a bestselling work of experimental literature, which has gone on to win the Griffin Prize for Poetic Excellence.

Bök is currently working on a project, entitled The Xenotext (which involves the creation of “living poetry,” through the encipherment of a text into the genome of a bacterium). Bök teaches English at the University of Calgary.


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Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and author of Solving the World’s Problems.

Follow him on Twitter @robertleebrewer.


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853 thoughts on “2015 April PAD Challenge: Day 18

  1. stepstep


    Come, help me
    Perform to the zone
    Perfect tone,
    Me, me, let me be.

    Come, rock me
    Keep the gold
    Let the gems unfold,
    Set me completely free.

    Come, move me to feel the deep
    Down, on the top of every sweep
    Be there for me forever,
    On top of the world.


  2. LDeAngelis


    Tempestuous blanket,
    Every pendulum undulates,
    every rule bends.

    Hear the screams
    silent, ever louder.
    Puffing their bellows,
    ripening their cries.

    albeit frightening

    the unhinged heart.



    below starched sheets.

  3. horselovernat

    Fighting for Words

    This fight dips so low
    with its’ willowing song
    for it flows in no rows
    with its’ billowing twists.

    I look in gold mirrors whilst
    lost kings fill thin voids,
    striking down mighty blows
    with two sticks of words.

    I’m going to know
    if this sky won’t win
    in it’s fight for glory,
    tonight my will pools.

    Stop this stoic knight,
    his gory fog flows
    into spooling light.
    By morn, nobody knows
    if words miss his plight.

    Natalie Gasper

  4. MarieJason


    “Answer, please” – she beseeched.
    The Redeemer’s nearness kept her
    Heart at ease, yet she needed feedback.
    Where shall her next dreamland
    Be? She prepared herself. The call
    Came at last several weeks later:
    Tennessee became her new state.
    The ethereal stars that dangle-jangled
    Near the Shepherd’s bellwether
    Expressed transcendental tenderness –
    The earth angel’s career as warbler
    And serenader began at a new Nashvegas
    Dawn. She breathed elated cheer then
    Thanked her blessed Seventh Heaven.

  5. JMKnott

    “Vowel Poem”
    Wind shivers limbs
    flowers fade
    sliding river swirls
    home without mercy come reminders
    this wintry season
    weather wants fire against
    rain’s icy breath

  6. Katha Krishna


    She watches her sleep
    She watches her weep
    She watches her glee

    She watches her speak
    As she stammers
    She watches her freak
    At the clamber

    She watches her walk
    She watches her tremble
    She watches her talk
    Self-engaged as she ensembles

    She watches her gaze
    the beetles…all…”why??”
    She watches her…amazed
    at the stars…at the sky

    She watches her scar
    She watches her wander
    She watches her at war
    As she tastes the candy flavr

    She breathes as she breathes
    She leaves as she leaves
    She places a peck…caress her cheek
    As her eyelashes she seek

    They play…they repeat
    And she feels her heartbeat
    As the fates interlace
    She stares at her…and seeks her trace

  7. Jasdeep Kaur

    Bewitched Pines

    The silvery, shiny pines,
    lined in vivid inclines,
    hid the deceptive twines.

    The drifting witch’s twitch
    swiftly triggered the glitch,
    descending children in her ditch.

    She glided with her bell;
    enticing with the jingly spell
    till her besieged victims fell.

    When little Chris in the tiny vest
    entered the witch’s illicit nest,
    she shimmered & tried her best.

    Yet her tricks weren’t effective;
    she then remembered the directive:
    she’d be killed by merely the selective.

    His petite smile resplendently glimmered;
    the pines there terribly whimpered;
    in her mephitic ditch, the witch simmered.

  8. waplef


    Take a seat
    Let me make clear
    That each dream
    Can be declared
    Why fear
    See the transparency
    And act… accordantly
    Let fate make clear
    That greatness are revealed
    Be shrewd
    Let all the earth be reached
    And the anthem be preached
    That all dreams
    Has reached its peak
    Get ready
    Transfer the dreams and fly
    Yes, heavenly dreams
    Can always reach the sky

  9. papermaker76

    The Move

    Here, there, everywhere,
    nowhere or elsewhere.
    Not here.

    Now, then, tomorrow,

    Borrow from the moon,
    showered with strength from the orb.
    Go without sorrow.
    Go softly and strongly.
    Go freely.
    Don’t look beyond tomorrow.

    New Me.

  10. JayGee2711

    Why the Fish

    the fish

    swim in
    in the river

    in the evening,
    it’s mystery
    I decide

    I will
    find them
    in time
    by drifting
    their light.

    Julie Germain

  11. Khara House


    See the land beneath the sea—
    saltwater babes pressed deep
    —naked—by the clay. See them
    tangle at the knees
    taken by waves and strangers. They weep
    salted gardens—sweet yams entrenched
    here and there— watery acres farmed

    as fatherlands. Never slaves—they sank free.
    We call them Earth Salt. Black eyed peas.
    St. Helena’s—the Seeds of Atlas—keep them
    as remembrance—reverberant—
    Cypraea mappa deep.

  12. MadPoet

    “E” Rules

    Give me and “E” then
    Give me another.
    “E” rules the vowels
    I tell you brother.

    I think we are all agreed
    If you’re cut you will bleed.
    A Pug is a really cute dog breed.
    US Marines live up to their creed.
    We should all be kind in thought and deed.
    Large families have many mouths to feed.
    Everyone from tyranny should be freed.
    A miser is filled with greed.
    Good advice all should heed.
    An old term for reward is meed.
    Every living thing has need
    Even if it’s only a stately reed
    Or a sprouting tiny seed.
    A racecar must have speed.
    The cowboy rides his trusty steed.
    In golf or in anger, you’re said to be teed.
    Dogs chase cats that then are treed.
    Worsted is a type of tweed.
    Dandelion or pot is weed.

    Not to be left out
    We must include
    Those shorter words
    So often used.

    Oh, say can you see…
    Gaiety is also glee.
    Proposals are made on bended knee.
    Hear the hum of a honey bee.

    Though “O” comes in a close second
    No other vowel has such renown.
    So now you understand why
    “E” deserves the double vowel crown.

  13. Writerhoward

    “Howl: Only two vowels”

    1st try, a scowl,
    second, a frown,
    3rd try, my pen too
    close to empty,
    one why—no
    dotted bro of “y,”
    another why—no
    rhymer w/“whey,”
    the loss of both
    so clogged my flow,
    the worst foe—
    stop and go;
    Stop and go;
    Stop! Go . . .
    oy vey.

  14. A. Ault


    The earth hears
    ages pass,
    and ages fall
    Ahead we hear
    the earth lament
    and cry
    and shake away
    the hate
    All we need-
    All we have-
    And all the earth
    has ever been
    end by what
    we are.

    A. Ault

  15. AC Leming

    In Situ

    I grin, my sun, my sin.
    My skin drinks in ur yin.
    I blink, tipsy, drunk.

    My tun tips,
    spills my blunt.
    Blind, I grin.
    My injury funny.

    My ink sinks,
    sin knits with my skin
    I spit gin.
    Drunk, my ink dry.
    But since I
    didn’t intuit u.
    my ink still drips.

    I blink,
    mix skin with ur ink.
    & still I think u r
    my sun & my sin.

  16. Jemgemini

    For He
    By Teresa G

    On word
    too be
    No to those
    For he seeks to see
    Non sense
    For he dwells
    For she smells
    For we go
    To set them
    Let them be
    Let them be
    To be the
    For smelled
    He yelled
    Hello …
    She stopped…
    Come to foot ye

  17. Jane Shlensky

    Tricky but addictive little constraint, Robert. I enjoyed toying with these.


    Blocked, my memory
    no longer stocked,
    loosened poems slog
    or fly, ebb or flood
    to remote spots,
    to old ghosts
    who choose long songs
    of blood
    of love
    of hope
    of home

  18. Jane Shlensky


    Spiting white,
    night’s bright eyes
    glitter, skitter
    inside, beside me,
    riding inky skies.

    Tides shift shells;
    winds whisper, hiss,
    invisible things sing,
    Night birds wing blindly.

    Light pinks life with
    seeding shine, with
    green tints bent,
    sending glide and smile.

  19. Jane Shlensky


    Try. Act well the part.
    Erase the past and take
    new fates, make new faces.

    What may happen?
    Aged fear may appear—
    parental—stare, warn, beg,

    then steal away and
    watch, peeved, a test.
    Try. Breathe deeply.

    Dare excellence. Be a new
    self, fearless, brave, calm,
    harmless as a hat.

    Wage peace. Let each
    breath heal and reveal
    a day always gladder

    than yesterday. Relax.
    Feel free, exhale all fear,
    then take the stage and BE.

  20. Xairos

    Sort of Song for the Snow Months of Vermont

    September, October, mellow months, when sky rolls
    her yellow orb over trees who move from tones of green —
    old moss, myrtle, Kelly on to yellows, golds, reds, bronze
    before they stop on dry browns.

    Too soon morn shows fern frost etched beyond my bed.
    Stretch, blow gently, melt spots to look beyond, then,
    try to prolong soft comfort, body folded under covers.
    Next, go down steps to new glow of red embers.
    Beyond the door, short showers of snow.

    November we feel snow drop soft flowers,
    droll dolls of the geese who fly here, blow here,
    then nest. Blossoms cover trees.
    December comes. One snow, two blow, three goes on:
    one foot of cold soon overflows boots, melts on socks.
    Next, dry feet, then sleep.

    On come months of snow dropped, tossed from sky.
    Snow ghost hovers over tree tops, drowns brown stems,
    vole holes. Hollows of goose-down snow grow, grow,
    ever deeper. Colder months drop below zero, go lower.
    Eyes peep from wool cover to thermometer: twenty-seven below.
    Sled holds compost loaded to go over snow, get left
    to rot, brown dot in corner, snow everywhere else.

    Moose, deer, rest below old trees. Now we drop onto snow,
    welter among frozen billows. Snow grows motley,
    brown weeds poke over, slowly grow green.
    We revel, the egg-yolk orb seems closer.

    May at last, rise up! Rejoice, our lean winter
    of restraint is upended: we welcome tiny hepatica,
    harbinger of warmth, laugh, dark nights remembered,
    snowy silence. Sing praise for all sounds
    that are muttered, murmured and sung
    in the fresh warmth of these days and nights.

    ~ Margaret Lee Ferry

  21. JocyMedina

    Mean land

    What a strange land!
    We went as a tale
    and came back scared.

    We walked by the edge
    and reached a water fall,
    hasty as hell.

    Then, an angel waved.
    He came as a male
    and went back a female.

    Mad at herself
    She let me dream
    then, let me bleed.

    She made the water falls red
    she made me feeble and scared
    Harsh as a dream, that never ends.

    What a mean land!
    She had eyes that stab
    And a heart, sharp as a blade.

    By Jocy Medina

  22. JocyMedina

    Mean land

    We walked a strange a land
    we went as a tale
    and came back a quarrel.

    We walked by the edge
    and reached a dark land
    hasty as hell.

    Then, an angel waved,
    He came as a male
    and went back a female.

    Far as herself
    She made me feel
    then made me bleed.

    What a mean land!
    There were eyes that stab
    And hearts, sharp as a blade.

    By Jocy Medina

  23. foodpoet

    When I find myself
    in the present remembering
    the life lived is tiny.
    why then the veins seem
    I sing myself
    slipping in the here.

    I liked myself then.
    Drink wine
    remember less.
    climbing vines
    swing the trees free.
    Livid bees find
    sweet drink.
    I wish I might disremember
    her smile.
    Hell is the
    remembering her
    in the present
    I wish
    I wish

  24. foodpoet


    A delta
    water sand
    wander meets
    washes the sea
    earth abrades
    land unsnarls
    scenes unravel
    travel here
    water art canvas
    hangs inland dreams
    Megan McDonald

  25. mschied

    Be there

    When they go to school
    Try the toe in the pool
    Cry for lost dogs ‘n dolls
    Hogs who won’t meet for monopoly
    Or rolly-polly boys
    who’re worse when they’re young
    then grow to be lovely strong
    why them?
    ok, women too
    don’t object to them
    do they keep her contented?
    well then whoever
    the story shows to be the best
    person’s of no moment
    now dry those eyes
    convert woe to joy
    for she’ll ever be
    to memory
    mommy’s teeny tot

    1. mschied

      So I realized in rereading I didn’t even make it through the second line without messing up (really wish we could edit posts)

      Here’s my fixed attempt

      Be there

      When they go to school
      when teeny toes test the temp of the pool
      when they cry for lost dogs ‘n dolls
      Hogs who won’t meet for monopoly
      Or rolly-polly boys
      who’re worse when they’re young
      then grow to be lovely strong
      why them?
      ok, women too
      don’t object to them
      do they keep her contented?
      well then whoever
      the story shows to be the best
      person’s of no moment
      now dry those eyes
      convert woe to joy
      for she’ll ever be
      to memory
      mommy’s teeny tot

  26. grcran

    Wedded Blss

    as bells began 2 peal
    she began 2 skweal
    yes! wed me! sweet zeal be real!
    he knelt & dealt great bless-ed greet-ems 2
    elders, peddlers, every peeper, peek-seekers when
    she sped 2 meet the man at altar
    “eye dew,” they each stated
    “mated”, repl-eye-d mr preacher
    New teacher she/he each became
    Easy flame game 4 2 smart elves themselves

    by gpr crane

  27. jacquemlane

    Playing in Rain

    Always it is rain
    In a far away dream
    A kitty in a circle
    A fire in winter and fall

    Rain gives it life
    Rain makes it real
    Rain is a gift wrapped in
    Silver and gray

    Believe in ideas
    Conceived in rain
    Like a field of spring tulips
    Plants bright life in a blank space

  28. Shennon

    King Kong Is Soft

    King Kong
    Big monstrosity
    Kind of iconic
    It is odd
    For him to
    Miss his mom.
    Thinking of mom,
    Kong bit his lip,
    Did not quit crying
    ‘Til his minion
    Did howl “Idiot!”
    Now who is
    this nitwit?


  29. Alemonlot

    For Nobody

    To boys who look for snow
    on roof tops

    To crows who cry
    for worms or looks

    On top of loco-motors
    who blow for lost yo-yos

    Bow not to Lo Ocho, bow to
    ooooooh, oooohh


  30. Domino

    “Marry me,”
    he says.
    says she,
    “We already are.”
    “Ah yes, yes, yes,
    lets marry anew!”
    “Yes?” she says.
    “Ah, yes!” says he.

    And freshly re-wed,
    zeal renewed,
    regard lasts,
    tenderness blesses
    neglect all past,
    happy at last.

    Diana Terrill Clark

    1. grcran

      I like this poem!… and coincidentally, about the same time yours was posted, I was finishing my very similar poem using the same vowels… I promise you, I’d not seen yours before… rusty

  31. clliedekev

    The Remains

    White street lines meet scars,
    We are masters at play,
    We are harvesters at dawn,
    Smiles carry day meets dark.

    Bikes scratch road surface,
    We greet the forest scrambling
    Over trees and trash,
    Deep silence meets the teenager.

    The hornets have stolen the face,
    Spikes over the spent shape,
    Head misshapen flower opening,
    Red hands past failed surrender.

    We ran hell fire soaring,
    Bikes under asses dashing,
    Parents ask questions,
    They carried the figure, broken consequence.

  32. zwrite1

    Magical Ring

    I await a Fairy King
    carrying trials and pain in a pail
    if a Fairy King will call,
    he can grant my wish
    wings with a kiss.
    I scan a lapis mist
    birds flit, alight, fly
    I’m afraid
    this plight
    this night
    with all this pain in my pail
    trials I fail
    I think I can’t stay
    I pray
    I tarry ‘till dawn
    at daylight I pay
    a kiss brings wings
    and a vacant lilting sky.

  33. StephanieMiller

    Mighty Miss Bitsy

    My terrier digs
    Digs, digs, digs
    Life’s intent and will
    Digging, dig, dig
    Tires and sleeps
    Feet twitching
    She digs deeper still
    Leveling levees
    Drilling, drill, drill
    Digging piles higher
    When sleeping still
    She finds China
    Drifting, bereft, weeping
    Desists with her digging
    Her twitching feet still

    (Corrected version to eliminate the “o”)

  34. kissingtheshoreline

    “lost or won? don’t know” by Drea O.

    sorry when they go +
    sorry not to be the one for them +
    sorry for every moment
    we do goodbyes.

    me – them = lost

    no correspondence +
    no hope +
    no love.

    them = not someone for me to hold.



  35. Kaylast


    Below we go
    To depths unknown
    Entering into prisons of stone
    To beat the heat
    We strive our best
    To follow the rest
    Keeping beat, so tough to time
    We go, we go, below.

    -Chose the vowels e and o. It was so hard not being able to use and.

  36. stargypsy

    No More
    by Annie





    Copyright © 2015 Annie – Original Poetry
    Always…I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
    As Ever, Annie

    Today’s prompt was to choose 2 vowels and write a poem using words only containing those vowels … my two were ‘e’ and ‘o’

  37. therankspoon

    Two halves.

    To feel complete
    one should know
    the feeling of being broken.

    To feel shattered
    one should understand
    the hellish weight
    of satiety.

    No give without take.
    No prospect without reward.

    The universal scale should be kept balanced always.

    Matt MacDonald
    “Give me money and I’ll write whatever you want”.

  38. Connie Inglis

    Teeny Ants

    The teeny ants crawl
    and search freely—all the feet,
    every path creates
    a new way. They seek, they eat.
    Me. My spray ready. Defeat.

  39. mcumber

    so so late…

    Napoleon Complex

    All was war, he decreed, he,
    a feeble jackal, fake shaman;

    she was detached, her vacant heart
    already ransacked.

    Leave strewn and thwarted
    the defenseless, best them,

    revel at the fray! he pestered, adamant.
    Jaw tense, he eyed her; she yawned.

    The pretender festered and snarled
    pledged a reckless new battle. She,

    shrewd, knew the bastard was weak,
    lacked nerve, wasn’t what he seemed.

    Sweet revenge plan brewed, scandal
    wreaked elsewhere, lewd and cheap

    all sweat wet and clench, a cheater.
    When she revealed the scheme’s

    end he wept and seethed…
    war, he decreed.


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