2014 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 30

Here we are: The final day of the challenge. Well, the first draft part of it anyway. While veterans know what to do and the guidelines give a clue, I’ll post tomorrow on next steps for completing this challenge.

For today’s prompt, write an inevitable poem. The poem that always had to be, or a poem about something that was inevitable. Maybe two people getting together was inevitable, or maybe two people splitting up was inevitable. But there are so many things that seem inevitable with hindsight.


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Here’s my attempt at an Inevitable poem:

“Death, of course”

waits patiently on the doorstep
or in the closet or bathroom
to collect what is his and he
doesn’t throw a fit because
he knows what will be will be
and he will be ready for harvest.


roberttwitterimageRobert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and author of the poetry collection, Solving the World’s Problems (Press 53). He edits Poet’s Market, Writer’s Market, and Guide to Self-Publishing, in addition to writing a free weekly WritersMarket.com newsletter and poetry column for Writer’s Digest magazine.

This is his seventh year of hosting and participating in the November PAD (Poem-A-Day) Chapbook Challenge. He can’t wait to see what everyone creates this month–not only on a day-by-day basis, but when the chapbooks start arriving in December and January. Fun, fun, fun.

Follow him on Twitter @robertleebrewer.


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188 thoughts on “2014 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 30

  1. seingraham


    From beneath a layer
    of black so dark
    it could only be pitch,
    or ebony
    Crept the tiniest bits
    of something hopeful —
    Could it be possible
    after months
    of down-turned smiles
    which are after all,

    What is the lightning
    around the edges
    of the slate horizon
    Was it the dawning
    of not only
    a new day
    but something else
    After so much mourning
    and desperate dark,
    what could this be coming,
    what could happen now

    But of course,
    she knew it all the time…
    when you have endured
    so much time
    stumbling as if blind
    in dimness so black
    as to be ebon,
    as to be soot
    What had to follow…
    what had to be
    the crack under the door,
    the flash along the horizon

    Her heart swells
    as she recognizes
    the most lambent
    lights of all

    breaths away
    It is indeed
    she spend it atop
    the highest hill
    in the City of Light.
    Her eyes grow wide,
    as the plane sets down,
    she’s home —

  2. Bruce Niedt

    Still playing catch-up – two more poems to write after this. I could have recycled the Day 29 poem which actually contains the word “inevitability”.

    The Inevitability of Chocolate

    Sooner or later it comes to you,
    that fresh aroma of cocoa that tickles
    the palate with anticipation. You know
    you can’t resist the subtle and heady mix
    of sugar, milk and dark seductive beans –
    almost better than sex, some may swear.
    This temptation tends to take many forms,
    but the epitome is a box of assorted candies.
    Name your vice – dark or milky covering,
    gooey caramel, toasty almonds, creamy ganache.
    Your suggestible soul yields to the slightest hint
    of decadence, and the caffeine contained within
    is just a bonus, that lingering, euphoric high.

    [Once again I used Sunday Whirl as a second prompt: the words in their weekly word bank were fresh, palate, subtle, mix, sex, tends, toasty, soul, yields, hints, and lingering.]

  3. uneven steven


    he kept her fish pond
    beautiful and useless
    its beauty in its uselessness
    his whole life utilitarian
    and mean with hard work and grindstones

    he always expected to go before her
    she never should have left without him

    her bright life golden and flickering
    disturbing the surface
    of something deep within him

    now that it’s winter the small heater
    of his heart leaves grooved openings
    in the ice

    the fish torpid as if dead
    the dead silently secretly waiting
    for something to waken them
    some unexpected warmth

  4. bluerabbit47


    We try not
    to think about it,
    keeping busy
    keeping house
    keeping the books

    We try not
    to think about it
    keeping busy
    keeping time
    keeping our place

    We try not
    to think about it
    keeping busy
    keeping still
    keeping up the pace.

    We try not
    to think about it
    but nothing
    can be kept.

  5. Karen H. Phillips

    Day 30
    Write an inevitable poem.


    that a man who lost love as a boy
    would push away the woman who loves him.


    that her patience would wait him out,
    yet she fears her pregnancy will drive him away.


    that sharing growing wonder inside her,
    would draw them close, ever closer.


    that baby learning to smile and coo and crawl,
    to walk, to speak, would seal emotion and commitment.


    that Disneyland fireworks would light the way for him
    to propose, and she would say yes.

    Inevitable that July would melt into fall and winter,
    and, come April, they will walk the wedding path.

  6. Domino


    Wash your car; it’s sure to rain.
    Start to diet; start to gain.
    Single socks; none will match.
    Got an itch; just can’t scratch.
    Wearing white; can’t stay clean.
    Potential date is just sixteen.
    Talk all day; food on chin.
    Sometimes one just can’t win.

    Diana Terrill Clark

  7. Meriadoc


    Softly I close the door
    on days of Beauty and Grace
    How I’ll miss my coffeesip
    when first I beheld your face

    Unveiled as the Mist did rise
    Before me day by day

    I’ve never been so sad
    to see November pass away…

    Thanks to each and every one of you for Warming my life these days.

  8. shethra77

    This has been a lot of fun! Thank you, Robert.
    And thanks to every poet who posted here. To my shame, I did not comment as often as I would have liked to, but I read and enjoyed an awful lot of this month’s work. I envy the sure voices so many here have, and hope to write as well as you in future.

  9. IrisD

    Already missing writing to a prompt and reading the poems I had time to read. This is a great poetry community and I thank everyone who made comments on my poetry. Robert, you are such a blessing and this has been the first year I wrote to every prompt! Thanks for all you do to support other poets!!!

  10. grcran

    the non-inevitable dawn

    my personal view
    (and yes, no one asked for my opinion…
    my poem maybe… maybe this is an op-in-yoem)
    is that there’s no such thing as inevitable
    I lean more towards miracles
    And magic
    Take the dawn, for example
    Is it absolutely inevitable that a new day
    Will always dawn?
    Or will it be
    (and perhaps it is even more likely)
    That our sun will go nova
    And this world will be burnt to a crisp
    Perhaps exploding, careening out of orbit
    Never to dawn again?
    Hence, magic and miracle not even needed
    To dispel the inevitable dawn

    by gpr crane

  11. shethra77

    Inevitable With Hindsight

    It was inevitable, she says, that she
    should be unconventional when,
    after all, wasn’t she
    a queen in the land of Egypt,
    a minor goddess in Phoenicia,
    Reverend Mother of a nunnery
    somewhere near Canterbury,
    Saint Catherine
    (she has a horror of wheels),
    and the madam of the finest
    house of ill repute
    west of the Mississippi.
    Unconventionality is inevitable
    if all one’s past lives are like hers:
    each life a long-tailed cat,
    each age a room-full of rocking chairs.

    Shethra Jones Hoopes

  12. Jolly2

    by John Yeo

    The inevitability of the ageing process,
    As the body begins to slow down.
    The mind continues to function on regardless.

    The continuation of maturation
    With ongoing natural development.
    Brings the added inevitable complication
    Of slow diminution and deterioration,
    Leading to insidious mental retardation,
    As brain cells enter a mode of self destruction.

    The process is slow but sure degeneration
    Forgetfulness brings further complication
    Leading to the hopeless realisation

    Getting old is inevitable.

    Copyright © Written by John Yeo, All rights reserved.

  13. Janet Rice Carnahan


    Just because I moved,
    My hand just so,
    You felt you had to fly off,
    Never to look back,
    Sure, you stayed around,
    Long enough for me to see you,
    Just not close enough,
    To make a difference,
    It was inevitable, you know,
    We not connect again,
    Given your flighty,
    Unpredictable behavior,
    So, be gone with you,
    I never did need . . .
    One more house fly!

  14. Janet Rice Carnahan


    Dreamers caught by a night sky,
    A casual moment, wondering why,

    Brighter light draws the curtain,
    Making their paths almost certain!

    Venus glowing, a true shine,
    Enlightening the heart through to the spine,

    As magic weaves a silent thread,
    Doubt disappearing as well as dread.

    Words pour forth as if on fire,
    Fueled fast by a mutual desire,

    An inevitable match, a candle lit,
    Bouncing off pages and romantic wit,

    Hearts being led to an unknown place,
    Shinning hope uplifting their space,

    Ignited passion inspiring each word,
    Love being echoed once it’s heard,

    Energy forming creates the dance,
    On this night, with this chance!

    Each poem, every breath,
    A sure denial of potential death,

    Fire longs for its expression,
    Driven for a truthful session,

    A woven fabric of layered wants,
    Not in the open yet openly haunts,

    Building momentum with intention,
    Hardly needing another mention,

    Until like fireworks, explosions rumble,
    Causing a scattering, a major tumble,

    Fantasy makes way for reality’s stare,
    Other responsibilities permanently there!

    Pull back the pen, close the drapes,
    Shut down the computer and other escapes,

    Tell Venus to continue across the sky,
    She makes the dreams we can’t deny,

    Time to allow the inevitable . . .
    To die!

  15. De Jackson

    Aubade to Inevitable Sunrise

    What remains is stardust
    and a last must
    -ered sigh.

    These streets are full
    of our goodbyes:
    that corner, this shadowed

    If I wanted to find you
    again, could I?

    Would you plea Polo
    to my Marco, mark
    my calls with your

    The moment I’m done
    yearning for this vast
    imperfect sky, I
    will beg my weary lungs
    to bring you home.


  16. Sara McNulty

    A Challenge Ends

    All good challenges
    come to an end. When we
    are finished fishing
    for words, our ten
    little poles worn
    and still, we are saddened
    to have reached the end.
    Then gladness overtakes us.
    We see Wednesdays
    in our futures. Perk up,
    do not feel your poetics
    have been pushed aside.
    We have all enjoyed the ride.

  17. De Jackson

    what goes up

    one last red balloon
    says the party’s over.
    we can let the record
    needle skip a few more
    times, dance one last
    rhyme or reason
    with the rising sun;
    the results are the same.

    it’s last call for ever-afters.

    the walls are tumbling down
    and i don’t yet know
    your name.


    1. PressOn

      I love this, notably “last call for ever-afters. That line, it seems to be, sums up the futility of the latter and the power of the former. You continue to amaze me with how much you put into so few words.

  18. Tandac

    Turn out all the lights
    And darken the room
    Sing as the cake,
    Round like the moon,
    Glows by candle flames.
    She makes a wish,
    Then blows out the flames,
    Only wisps of smoke
    Waft up from the cake
    The lights then go on,
    And it’s inevitable that
    Birthday cake
    Is shared with our friends.

  19. shellkaysm

    Lessons Learned
    (a Rondel)

    Tough tribulations and trials
    inevitably too shall pass.
    They offer up just enough sass
    to break down our faulty styles.

    Scenarios across miles
    resurge like a malignant mass.
    Tough tribulations and trials
    inevitably too shall pass.

    Remembrance scars from life’s aisles:
    badges of honor strong as brass.
    From harshest lessons, learned at last,
    come well-earned knowledge and smiles:
    tough tribulations and trials.

  20. Consuelo Montenegro

    She Had to Go

    Dark gloomy eyes
    that said to me
    I’m not feeling well today.
    She sat so still without a bark.
    Made the sunny day
    feel chill.

    A call to doc
    an appointment made
    we knew the day would come.
    But its quickness
    came to us
    and wishing want
    to slow the clock
    made ticking seem so fast.

    I cuddled her as needle in
    and in a moments time.
    The life of hers
    drained to my hand
    its weight a worldly feat.

    I cried in pain
    as the deadly gain
    brought sightless
    at my eyes.

    Years later now
    in these words
    tears fall down like rain.
    I miss you girl,
    your little sniff
    would be here right now
    to say
    it will be all right.
    But somehow
    it never is
    I struggle with
    taking your life.


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