2014 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 27

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m going to run a 5-mile race this morning before settling in for some food, football, and family.

For today’s prompt, write an appreciative poem.


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Here’s my attempt at an Appreciative poem:


this family & mess
of food we’re about to eat
before kicking up our feet.


roberttwitterimageRobert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and author of the poetry collection, Solving the World’s Problems (Press 53). He edits Poet’s Market, Writer’s Market, and Guide to Self-Publishing, in addition to writing a free weekly WritersMarket.com newsletter and poetry column for Writer’s Digest magazine.

He is appreciative of appreciative people. And poetry, of course. Always poetry.

Follow him on Twitter @robertleebrewer.


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143 thoughts on “2014 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 27

  1. seingraham


    Were I the praying type, I would want to say thank you
    for so many things I am fortunate to have
    I know, for instance, just how lucky I am to have that man
    right over there,
    Yes – that’s the one…he, who loves me like crazy
    Who always has and always will, and tells me so, each
    and every day
    I know what a difficult person I am, not only to love, but
    especially to live with
    Oh – I’m not a criminal, I’m not even a nasty person…but I
    do come with some pretty elaborate baggage
    And my love has not only helped me tote these bags, he’s
    been with me at many of the stops along the way
    When I’ve needed to off-load some of them, or actually
    unpack them – he’s stayed right beside me

    In addition to being thankful for this man who is my
    partner in every meaningful way,
    I’m also grateful for the father he was when we were raising
    our girls — especially during the times I had to be away,
    working on going through some of the afore-mentioned baggage
    He is still the most wonderful father, I’ve ever known, even if our
    children don’t always reflect our combined parenting skills
    — more a function of my shortcomings than anything he has or
    hasn’t done, this I do know
    My gratitude extends to being appreciative for still being alive
    and healthy enough to enjoy the love of an exceptional man

    In a complicated way, I am grateful too, for both of our children –
    two much loved daughters who I used to describe as being both
    the sunshine and the thunder in our lives
    One has had perhaps the hardest year of her young life…a divorce
    from a man she still loves but cannot stay married to, her choice:
    but not made lightly, and so not easily…and the total ostracism from
    her sister’s life because of her choice; her one-time best friend,
    her sister has cast her out of her life and out of her nephews’ lives
    as well
    Ostracism – such an ugly word, yes?
    Much as I love our second daughter, the eldest, it is she who has
    brought the thunder to our lives this year
    And while I am thankful that she is still physically healthy – at least
    I assume she is— I have no proof
    She has also ostracized her father and I, from her life, entirely
    And from her family’s as well…I give thanks for our grandsons who
    we no longer get to see
    I am grateful that we are healthy enough, I hope, to wait…
    Perhaps she will come to her senses in time to see her way out…

  2. bluerabbit47


    For every fresh
    sunrise, sweet raindrop,
    drifting snowflake,
    for every singing star
    and humming moon,
    for each fragrant
    cherry blossom of
    springtime and each
    golden forest of fall,
    for all the soaring peaks
    and the valleys they cradle
    for the sandy and pebbly shores,
    for shadowy redwoods
    and sunsoaked redrocks
    it is not enough to give
    thanks, but
    in return for such riches
    nothing is more.

  3. shethra77


    for rumbling thunder
    for drops of rain
    for when the sun
    can shine again
    for when it’s hot
    for when it’s cold
    for my youth
    and growing old
    for all my family
    and all my friends
    our many beginnings
    our many ends
    for places unseen
    and places I’ve been
    for wonderful sound
    and crashing din
    for music, poems, and stories
    and all the lesser glories.

  4. dub


    Last night’s
    rain drips
    from a gutter
    a bird may sip
    slow, and find
    peace from
    this morning,
    clouds are full,
    and holding,
    keeping the snow
    from my face
    on my long
    walk back
    to the house

    and I am grateful

    for my humanity—
    each piece
    of guilt, every slice
    of conscience,
    this overwhelming
    too thick to sink
    my teeth into,
    chunky bits
    of hope that sit
    in my pocket,
    heavy and constant.

  5. Mike

    Warm fire,
    one more piece
    of pumpkin pie,
    dog napping
    on my lap,
    shelter from
    November wind,
    good humor and
    health of family
    and friends,
    this moment
    of peace to
    inventory my

  6. jenaedwards50

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  7. IrisD

    Realization of relationship’s treasure
    Becomes more cherished when it is lost
    Year after year the rains come and we complain
    Then drought occurs and we beg for rain
    Your habits irritated and I prayed for release
    Heartache occurs and retrospect reveals
    Unsurmountable mountains have become miniscule
    I am tired of our drought and praying for rain

  8. Bhumphreys

    Life grants us all many reasons for thanks
    Many more pleasures than what rests in a bank
    A litany of joy delivered in brown bags
    Oft forgotten by data on store tags


    1. Bhumphreys

      Oops! Let’s finish this…..

      Life grants us all many reasons for thanks
      Many more rriches than what rests in a bank
      A litany of joy delivered in brown bags
      Oft forgotten by data on store tags

      With the bleed of life from one day to the next
      Intentions veiled behind an email or text
      Emotions leave our hearts and minds vexed
      Yearning for something to happen

      Appreciate the simple moments in life
      A simple night spent with a lover, alone
      A call from mom at Christmas by phone
      Cuddling by the blaze with a favorite tome

      A wonderful forest of garnet majesties
      A home filled with many aromatic cheeses
      The best friend at work full of teases
      A warm bubble bathe always pleases

      Cherish the moments that come to you
      Rejoice in the plethora of simple pleasure
      Live with your eyes open to what is new,
      While holding tight to what is your’s forever.

  9. Doakley

    Childhood Memories

    I am grateful for
    my childhood dreams
    I was allowed to chase
    and learn from.

    The mutt dogs,
    adopted loyal followers,
    the many bicycles
    with cardboard
    spoke motors.

    All the wild critters
    I brought home
    to domesticate,
    yeah, right!

    Countless weekend
    camping, swimming
    and fishing trips,
    campfires by the lake,
    sleeping in the old
    school bus, with
    the dented side,
    my father converted
    into the family camper.

    The wonderful horse
    every child wishes for,
    I had, we were
    inseparable for years.
    She would wait behind
    the pool hall for me
    and drank Pepsi from
    the bottle, I always
    brought her the last half,
    she didn’t drink neatly
    enough to share
    the bottle with.

    Even a rock and roll band
    and race cars I tried my
    hand at, so, yes
    I am eternally grateful
    to my parents for
    allowing/making my
    childhood of memories!

  10. Karen H. Phillips

    Day 27
    Write an appreciative poem.


    for wedding to plan,
    Thanksgiving to eat,
    holidays to decorate
    and celebrate and socialize
    daughter and fiancé,
    granddaughter and son,
    husband and parents,
    writer friends, church friends
    high school and middle school students
    sponsored by our Kiwanis
    down comforter on cozy bed
    pumpkin pie whip cream-topped
    roof and heat and hugs and laughter
    all God’s good and perfect gifts
    most of all His Son, perfect Lamb of sacrifice.

    Yes, I’m thankful.

  11. tunesmiff

    G. Smith (BMI)
    Spend a little time in the city
    With its flashing neon lights.
    And you’ll apreciate the old home place,
    With its dark and starry nights.

    Or spend a little time in the mountains
    With the winding roads and woods,
    And you’ll apreciate how the rolling hills
    At home can look so good.

    Get back to the old home place,
    With its familiar faces.
    It’s a sacred space,
    Filled with uncommon graces.
    Let the pace slow down,
    Put your feet on that holy ground;
    And appreciate the things you thought you’d lost,
    But have now re-found.

    Sitting on Grandmama’s
    Front porch swing;
    Listening to the cardinals
    And cicadas sing.

    Blue bonnets blooming,
    And bobbing in the breeze,
    Pasture grasses
    Past your knees.

    Get back to the old home place,
    With its familiar faces.
    It’s a sacred space,
    Filled with uncommon graces.
    Let the pace slow down,
    Put your feet on that holy ground;
    And appreciate the things you thought you’d lost,
    But have now re-found.

    The finer things aren’t things,
    When you get down to it;
    Like the cedar tree and the way the sun shines right on through it.

    The way the wind whispers through
    The grass on the fence line;
    The memories of family
    And friends left behind.

    Get back to the old home place,
    With its familiar faces.
    It’s a sacred space,
    Filled with uncommon graces.
    Let the pace slow down,
    Put your feet on that holy ground;
    And appreciate the things you thought you’d lost,
    But have now re-found.

    Appreciate the things you tthought you’d lost,
    But have recently re-found.

  12. shellcook

    Daily Surprise

    I went to the window today,
    to watch the fall of golden leaves,
    but jumped back suddenly, laughing,
    at the fall of acorns, that sounded like a Gatling gun
    in a war movie, missiles dropping all around,
    under the white oak trees.

    In the distance, the high school marching band
    practices diligently for the Christmas parade,
    as golden trumpets catch the evening glow
    of the first lights of the season.

    I am constantly amazed by life in general.
    The simplicities astound me,
    it’s complexities confound me.
    As I continue to count each day,
    for what it is, I treasure it.
    I cherish it.

    It surprises me,
    this love of life,
    this daily gratitude.
    Even on my darkest days
    when once, I thought
    those days would end me,
    instead of define me.

    What a ride!


  13. Sally Jadlow


    Of long-term neighbors
    who have become like family,

    Of loving family
    who are also friends.

    Of Christian brothers and sisters
    who share a common goal and Lord.

    Of the Living One who gives eternal life
    through His sacrifice and rising again.

  14. De Jackson

    “…double and treble reason for loving as well as working while it is day”
                                                                                    -George Eliot

    She’s wanted something greater
    than this slow and steady song;
    wished for some stanza worth
    shouting to the sun. Give her a
    treble clef, a sharp left turn. Give
    her the long and lonely burn of a
    strand rescued from the ashes.
    Hold that note. Hold her heart.
    Show her she’s beautiful.
    And start all over again.


  15. Janet Rice Carnahan

    Just a note . . . to Robert and all the poets on PAD! I am most appreciative to write, read, listen, learn, notice and experience this wonderful space. Not as much free time this month to certainly read as much as usual yet we are all in it together and I like that! I appreciate PAD, the prompts, Robert and all of you. Thank you for being poets, for the kind comments and for being here. Happy Thanksgiving and thanks each time for giving!


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