2014 April PAD Challenge: Day 5

I’m glad you’ve made it over today. Over the years, the weekend has been a time when some poets fall behind in keeping the daily poetic pace (though it’s totally cool if you’re getting caught up on Monday morning). I don’t think I’ve mentioned it yet, but I actually have a little challenge going on related to my debut poetry collection, Solving the World’s Problems. The winner of that challenge gets $500. Click here to read the guidelines.

For today’s prompt, write a discovery poem. The narrator could discover an object, a person, an animal, a dishonorable deed, or any number of things. Poets can focus on the discovery, examine the aftermath, or even just mention it in passing.


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Here’s my attempt at a Discovery Poem:


in the beginning i googled diet
& diets populated the results
which was good because i wanted results

one after the other i tried them all
with some success before an epic fail
every scale had a story to tell

so i searched for new types of exercise
to combine with diets and was surprised
that the results were easier to find

when i let my body work with my mind
i’d walk then drink water with lemon twist
’til i told my old self you don’t exist


Today’s guest judge is…

Patricia Fargnoli

Patricia Fargnoli

Patricia Fargnoli

Patricia Fargnoli, from Walpole NH was the New Hampshire Poet Laureate from 2006-2009.  She’s published 4 books (including Winter and Then, Something) and 3 chapbooks of poetry and has won The May Swenson Book Award, the Foreward Silver Book of the Year Award, the NH Literary Award for Poetry and the Sheila Mooton Book Award.

She’s published over 300 poems in literary journals such as Poetry, Ploughshares, Massachusetts Review, Harvard Review et. al.

A Macdowell Fellow and retired social worker she now teaches poetry privately.

Click here to check out her most recent collection, Winter.


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Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and author of Solving the World’s Problems. He thinks the best poems are self-contained discoveries. Learn more about him here: http://www.robertleebrewer.com/.


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693 thoughts on “2014 April PAD Challenge: Day 5

  1. IndiFox


    Upon reaching the cliff
    I stare up at the sky
    As grey storm clouds
    Float by
    Distant ship sirens
    And the crashing waves below
    Do not drown the sound
    Of nearby crows

    Here, I must end my search
    The quest of a lifetime
    For years passed by
    As I slowly lost my mind
    Gazing across the sea
    I spot a flicker of green
    And my last shard of sanity
    Pops at the seams

    I hear a roar
    It sounds so clear
    The time to go
    Is soon I fear
    So with great haste
    And no hesitation
    I jump from the cliff
    To hell’s imitation

    Down in the depths
    I reach out for it
    The Loch Ness holds me
    And I submit

  2. bxpoetlover

    A Discovery

    A favorite restaurant of mine closed down that had
    the best banana pudding. I decided to make my own but
    I had to stop eating dairy. Thought I could never have dessert again.

    But thank goodness for the internet. Vegan banana pudding!
    Bought a pound of bananas and blended 3 of them
    with soymilk, vanilla, cinnamon, and cocoa powder. Chopped up the rest.
    Poured half the mixture in a dish, layered the chopped bananas. Twice.
    Sliced up strawberries and put them on top. Let it chill.

    Took pictures of it. Offered it to loved ones who took polite spoonfuls.
    More for me.

  3. TuLife

    “Lyrical Integrity”
    By: Tuere Aisha

    He gets lost in his rhymes
    and it scares the kid.
    Only the lyrics add up.

    Thump. Bass. Pump.

    His words surrender to sound –
    fears dispelled and caving in,
    the clap of his instrument is relentless.

    It’s the pitch that paints his portrait,
    the rhythm that blazes his rage,
    drums that detain his distress,
    beat pumps his veins,
    stills his tempest,
    sets his sun,

    unveils his tale.

  4. Snow Write


    My right side hurts, said she
    So get it tested, said he
    The doctor performs the tests
    Results come back
    The right’s benign
    The left is not
    What do I do, said she
    You get it treated, said he
    The doctor gives options
    Which do I choose, said she
    Whatever saves you, said he
    The doctor operates
    Treatments follow
    I feel so weak, said she
    You will make it through, said he
    The doctor finishes
    Results come back
    Long recovery
    I’ve lost my strength, said she
    Your soul holds it all, said he

  5. Phil Boiarski


    When the road grows
    familiar enough, your body
    remembers the turns,
    and as you traverse
    the old bridge and
    hang a left at the lane
    that leads to your drive,
    reminds you how long
    the trip has been.

    The latest illness
    has brought us,
    the next stage
    of decay and
    now familiar
    to all of us,
    as the frail
    have forgotten.

    Here, is the path
    we will follow. We
    glimpse it, but turn
    away, who wants
    to see the last few
    turns in the road?

  6. ambermarie

    Fountain of Youth

    Oh vanity
    I seek my reflection in the great pool
    Losing the time I seek to stop
    As I listen for guidance

    Worlds apart on the same quest
    Looking for each other inside ourselves
    We once heard rumors of water
    With the power to wash away the sins
    Committed by all humanity

    Cleansing my soul with holy tears
    I sit on the seawall, patiently waiting for explorers
    So that I might lead them to discover
    The eternal spring within

  7. Anders Bylund

    I hate these stupid shots, fewer is sweeter
    A daily routine, a torment by the liter
    Now they’ve come up with a brand new regime
    Take a shot, skip a day — lather, rinse, repeat

    Sounds awesome, except that the patent is dead
    So the looser routine will just stretch out some profits
    The quicker I get this fact into my head
    The better I’ll live with a cheaper knock-off-it.

  8. Khara House

    a primer

    that each body has its own way of mourning—
    a prescribed pattern of pain: a thrust, a curvature of spine
    bending in its own sambic design back toward its norm.
    that the dance of life strums cacophonic.
    that each day is a lion: that death is merely a lion in winter,
    chilled to the bone, waiting for that triumphant
    dawn of savannah in the inner chambers.
    that pulse keeps time with the cosmic sway,
    and we are merely objects in space.
    that nothing learns us to choose life,
    to breathe—yet somehow we each know
    we are not islands but tectonic plates,
    sliding over each other in passions and rages,
    gripping and binding until eruption soothes
    the shudder within our spines and smooths our surfaces
    to soundness again. that only the body knows
    what the body can endure—what no lisping hills or rolling tongues
    have ever— until the final break. that in the end
    the earth holds our secrets, silent as the grave.

  9. azkbc


    Your teacher at day care pasted Cheerios
    on an octopus which she then pasted
    on blue construction paper
    (to represent the ocean)
    to teach you to count to 8
    but you had counted sheep
    and apples and bunnies
    (you liked the bunnies the best)
    in your books. “Cheerios are to eat,”
    you said as you pried worn out
    Cheerios from the page.

    But money! You learned to count money
    for what it was worth.
    You shook pennies and nickels
    and dimes and two quarters
    out of the fat sky-colored pig
    with the painted-on black, twisted tail
    that someone gave you when you were born.
    You said, “a nickel is five pennies
    and a dime is ten pennies”
    and I wondered if we should round up
    a load of pennies and put five pennies
    by the nickel and ten pennies by the dime,
    but we didn’t.

    Mommy helped you count the coins
    and put them back into the pig
    each night before you went to bed.
    After counting your money
    you ran to the bathroom calling out,
    “dirty money” though I watched you
    look at your fingers, puzzled,
    as you washed them.

  10. Emma

    Discovering no

    I’ve always been a little cautious;
    Overly polite, sometimes bordering on obsequious.
    “I’m a people pleaser” I say.
    It takes a lot of people to make me
    That I have a right
    To have an opinion,
    To live for myself and not for others.
    “no” – I test it out,
    Get used to the feeling on my lips,
    Let it fill my throat.
    It’s the beginning of a new age –
    One where I am strong
    And opinionated
    And very, very contrary.

  11. Jaleese Nicole

    That night I could
    smell her name on your breath.
    I knew you tasted different.
    My stomach felt off
    as if the butterflies
    had turned into birds,
    beating their bodies against
    the walls of my stomach
    trying to get out.
    That night you apologized
    for things I hadn’t known.
    That night we passed around Bacardi and
    I guess drinks weren’t the only thing
    she and I shared.
    I guess my balance wasn’t the only thing
    I lost that night.
    -Jaleese Nicole, That Night

  12. blacksnark

    the moment he discovered
    language, he called me by name
    asserting himself, carving forever
    his place as the man who stole my heart
    even as a boy
    his baby breath mingling with mine as
    we slept, side-lying
    the way the books tell you not to
    and they didn’t tell me you would love me like this
    your infant glee turned toddler tirades that left you shaking,
    thunderous in my arms
    built just for moments like those
    and these, your little boy independence
    stretching our arms between us
    power cords on a post
    you are filament
    ever brighter

  13. Julieann


    She holds her father’s finger
    While studying her mother’s face
    The mobile moving with the air
    Catches her attention
    She watches in rapt wonder
    As light bounces off the shiny baubles
    Music plays softly near her bed
    And she seems to move her arms and legs
    To its subtle beat
    Simple, everyday things, yet each one
    A moment of discovery in her newborn

  14. ehauswald

    Sunday Nights in Mount Pleasant

    Are a thrifter’s dream:
    lost syllabi washed up
    on the curb with a panoply
    of mismatched silverware and some
    custard glasses, a dismantled
    record player and a stack
    of faded restoration magazines –
    the surprise of
    warm air, still,
    like the smell of
    laundry through a vent,
    the warblers and
    nuthatches, the late-
    day light taking up
    residence in some
    clean, white room.

  15. Snowqueen

    It’s delicious by itself
    With nuts…..it’s nuts
    With bacon….it leaves me shak’n
    Combine it with graham crackers and a marshmallow
    Trust me, you’ll like it my good fellow

    Pour it on ice cream, a spoon or right in your mouth
    There’s nothing better – west, east, north or south

    It adds to your joy when you’re happy
    Cheers you when you’re sad
    It even does the trick when you’re feeling a little mad

    It’s bitter or sweet
    It’s liquid, it’s solid
    It’s dark, white or milk
    It’s chocolate
    What a discovery!

  16. ERavagniCarter

    This Heart

    I reached my hand into my chest uncertain what I would find

    the jagged edges of my ribs left red drops decorating my wrist like a wreath

    then I eyed my prize in amazement
    as it shuddered and pumped its life

  17. stepstep


    Hand in hand, we walked and talked
    Followed by laughter and reminiscing
    Of old times and memories
    Our friendship ——— priceless.

    We stared into each others’ eyes
    For a moment we were kids again,
    Carefree, fearless, full of life
    Spontaneity is a second nature friend.

    We trusted without question
    We bared our souls without reservation
    To discover no matter how many years have passed
    We can always console one another.


  18. geraldbarr

    On Safari

    Vast expanses—
    diligently scoured for
    treasures great and small.
    On Safari across savanna

    a wealth unearthed—
    new species and specie
    collected and catalogued in
    pockets and pant cuffs.

    Back from safari—
    to reveal vast treasures for
    inspection and reward
    in time for lunch:

    three earthworms
    two buttons
    a twisted paperclip
    on the table by my soup.

  19. grcran

    Watergate: Watershed Moment
    By gpr crane

    Nixon lied.
    What a discovery
    For Woodward and Bernstein
    For Congress
    For America.
    On the highest level,
    In a criminal way,
    Nixon lied.
    Americans thought we were better,
    Most of us did,
    Until then.
    Our country peaked in the 1970s.
    It was the height of our leadership
    Our prosperity
    Our integrity
    Our culture.
    World civilizations come and go in their dominance.
    American civilization is now in decline.
    Everyone found out.
    Nixon lied.

  20. theDolphin

    you, Husband.
    sprawling lion in a red leather armchair,
    are reading the Times
    curling chestnut beard on chest
    stern brow
    your wife
    your baby
    can see you
    from the kitchen
    when I pass
    putting away
    pots and pans,
    how many years I spent
    secretly resentful
    of various inequities,
    the little losses
    of a little life,
    still startled by
    tonight’s discovery:
    I’m not

  21. PenConnor

    Keys (A Pantoum)

    There are keys to loving well.
    I found them tucked inside my heart.
    There is life in loving, too.
    In truth, there’s no room for regret.

    I found these truths in my own heart.
    Love in all these broken pieces,
    leaves no room for sad regret.
    My heart’s not untouched by grief.

    There’s so much love in brokenness,
    in accepting pain and loss.
    Any heart untouched by grief,
    cannot know full joy in love.

    I’ll not numb the pain of loss.
    These are keys to loving well.
    I will know the joy of love,
    find more life, in loving more.

  22. Delaina Miller


    It was hanging about
    for anyone to see
    but no one seemed to notice
    it was even there.

    Despite the chatter
    and the sonnets
    the words seem to fall
    upon deaf ears.

    Until a hand outstretched
    fingers narrow took hold
    pulling the fallen to their feet.
    Or fingers wide that broke the fall.

    A handshake, the touch
    enough to fill a spirit with hope
    add some bills to an empty palm
    and watch the wealth roll in.

    A kiss upon a scraped knee
    a hug sheltering a wounded heart
    a cool cloth placed upon the bruised
    the battered but not beaten.

    Once it’s discovery was made
    it could be seen everywhere
    to those that took the time to see
    past the hate, past the fear

    to the light that burns so bright
    in our eyes. The passion to survive
    is the same we give each other to thrive.
    The discovery that love is alive and well.


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